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Elena Koshka Unleashed

Studio: Twistys » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 3/18/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The splash of the main menu in this showcase.
The special features menu.

      Another clear case plastic DVD box clearly showing Twisty’s is a brand that must care for the collector.  I am someone who is completely unfamiliar with the Twisty’s product so this is so far a great first impression. It’s the little things that count. There is a nice dose of pink in the color scheme of the box art. The Twisty’s logo is infamously stylized in the same color fitting the art direction of the DVD case. We have a very nice set up for a box shot with the LOVELY Elena Koshka sitting on a wet surface in spread eagle showing us her own pink. The logo of “Elena Koshka Unleashed” sits next to her dreamy gaze. The “Unleashed” written in blue cursive breaking the primary red and pink that encapsulates this glamorous box shot. A decent sized cast list is found underneath the logo of the film. With a star-studded line up that contains: Jennifer White, Briana Banks, and Aubrey Sinclair. Flip the DVD around to see snippets from some of the scenes. The three main female performers are pictured in some sex stills from the actual feature. The layout further continues with some sexy shots of Jennifer White’s scene on the DVD, you have Brianna Banks with Elena Koshka in some screen captures as well form their girl/girl scene. One final larger collage under Aubrey Sinclair’s is of Elena Koshka riding cowgirl.  Underneath this larger layout is a list of DVD features such as “Chapter Index”, “Trailers”, “Photo Gallery” and a web URL to the Twisty ’s site written in small text.

     Bubbly sounding techno graces your ears as you navigate this Main Menu of the Elena Koshka Unleashed DVD. A very complex montage of the entire feature rotates behind the logo written in large purple and white font as the backdrop for the Main Menu. Underneath that, you have the options to “Play Movie”, or slide over to the “Scene Selection” to browse the five scenes, and lastly, you have the “Special Features” menu. This menu contains an interview by Jelena Jensen with the Twisty’s treat herself, Elena Koshka. It covers much-needed background info on the sweet Russian tart as this reviewer is unfamiliar with her admittedly. Plus, Jelena Jensen is a great interviewer for this revealing one on one that is a little under 20 minutes long. They cover aspects of Elena’s entry to the business and even some tips for the viewers regarding oral sex. Also, both ladies are in very nice two piece lingerie get-ups that eventually have the tops discarded so we can stare at their tits while they talk. The Trailers section which is also accessible in this Special Features menu was a chaotic collection of very short trailers. Besides what Twisty’s web series they were attached to, these wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am trailers did little in revealing who the performers were or how recent the scenes are. I would have appreciated a menu displaying what DVDs these scenes can be found on(if there are any).  

Cast:  Aubrey Sinclair, Briana Banks, Elena Koshka, Jelena Jensen, Jennifer White, Damon Dice,
 Tyler Nixon.
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 32 mins
Number of Scenes:  5
Behind The Scenes:  Yes (interview)
Condoms: No

Twisty's Treat
  I wish Twisty’s cared as much about their directors as they did us, collectors. I appreciate the fanservice with a glam focused studio taking a stride in the right direction by snagging up the gorgeous Elena Koshka for an inviting compilation.  But studios like Twisty’s who don’t properly give credit to directors take a major step back in my book.  To my understanding, this is a common practice among certain studios which is something I’d like to see changed. I’d like to know who helped curate these visions besides the content owners so a director credit on the box or the disc itself would have been appreciated. Yet if I had my way I’d have mainstream caliber credit rolls at the end of porn.

   One shining aspect of this Twisty’s DVD is the interview between Elena Koshka and Jelena Jensen. It’s strong enough to be considered a standalone BTS chapter with how revealing and well filmed the interview is.  An interview in a compilation like this was much needed. Since I’m not familiar with Elena Koshka’s work I’m the perfect example of why having such an interview is important. Now I have a focused vignette of her scenes along with this interview which is serving the direct purpose of making a possible new fan. Which is exactly what a compilation should be about. 


   Hitting “Play Movie” starts an interesting montage of animation and brief teases of the scenes from  Twisty’s intro to this DVD.  More upbeat-sounding music starts off a very fun intro of Elena Koshka being caught masturbating with a brightly colored dildo. The candy-colored dildo is quickly flung out of the window in a reaction of feeling embarrassment.  The hijinx are inflamed when the rubber dildo lands on the windshield of Damon Dice’s car after it’s thrown out the window by Elena Koshka. In a scene very akin to an Austin Powers bit with a penis pump, we now have Elena Koshka demonstrating various uses of this plastic contraption to a confused Damon Dice.  This sex toy is definitely not a drain stop or nifty suction-cup coat rack. It’s a sexy little dildo that eventually gets flung away as Elena is confronted with the real thing that is Damon Dice’s flesh. I guess “Plastic isn't that fantastic after all..”

 The Dildo flying on the windshield of Damon Dice's car.

DVD Glitch Alert: The fun during these trailers takes an abrupt halt as I lost video at about  1:11 all the way to the timestamp of roughly 2:15 minutes into the DVD. It occurs if you select “Play Movie” to start the feature and let it play through the intro. Rather unfortunate on Twisty’s part since performers as elegant as Elena Koshka deserve better even if it’s just a compilation of scenes. Let’s hope this glitch is exclusive to my copy of the disc which was tested on three different DVD compatible devices.

  The compilation itself starts off with a compilation of the trailers posing as an intro/opening from the very movie you are about to watch. The one trailer missing which was completely blacked out on my copy of the DVD was the one with Tyler Nixon.  You’ll see all the scenes advertised to you before the actual first scene with Damon Dice and Elena Koshka gets the compilation actually going. 


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  We’re at the scene where  Elena Koshka is adorably interrupted during her masturbatory session. She sensually plays with her pussy on her bed as she enhances this intimate experience with the colorful dildo we were shown in the intro of the DVD. The same dildo that gets flung out the window after a lost Damon Dice alarms Elena with a doorbell ring to her house. Of course, he’d be at the wrong address. Why else would he interrupt Elena Koshka getting herself off?
Lost Dice.

  When Damon Dice returns to his vehicle his confusion is further instituted as the dildo Elena Koshka threw out the window after he rang her doorbell is now firmly planted on the windshield of his vehicle. Disgusted and confused about the whereabouts of the sex toy Damon Dice storms back to the house to plant the dildo on the door. Elena Koshka of course appalled at the sight of the mischievous dildo upon opening her door. “I have neighbors! I have a reputation in this neighborhood..”, She decries. 

  The goofiness ensues as Elena yanks Damon Dice into her abode in fear of being spotted by her neighbors. This is when she attempts to hide the fact that this dildo is even hers, or a dildo at all for that matter. The little skit is hilarious as Damon Dice hardly believes this. Some comedic music fittingly accompanies this funny scene as the tall and beautiful Elena Koshka sells the fact that this dildo is also a sponge rack for a shower. Finally, the two are in a living area with blood red couches in the background. Elena eventually slams the dildo on a glass table to demonstrate what it’s really for. Damon Dice is, of course, acting stunned by all of this. She lifts up her skirt revealing that she isn’t wearing panties as she squats down on the dildo.

 Elena Koshka squatting on a dildo attached to a table.

  Damon Dice starts to get hands-on after he realizes what the true purpose of the mystery device was for all along. He kisses Elena’s neck and plays with her pussy as she rides the plastic toy up and down. Lifting up her shirt he gives her tits some love too. Suddenly Damon rips the dildo from underneath her to give her the hint he wants his cock sucked. This is evident as he whips his dick out for Elena Koshka to service.  Next Damon throws Elena into doggy to give her a few slams in this position. It doesn’t take much to compete with a piece of plastic but Damon is definitely trying as he rails away on Elena Koshka’s queefing pussy (music to my ears).  
Elena Koshka in doggy.

  “Who are you?” , Elena randomly asks during the heated encounter.  She gets a hilarious answer in the form of  “I’m a concerned citizen..” Coming from a man that randomly rang Elena’s doorbell who now has his balls in Elena’s mouth. Elena Koshka is, of course, appreciative of this encounter.  As Damon Dice sits on a red sofa Elena hovers over him allowing him to slide her skirt down. The towering beauty then mounts Damon Dice for a rewarding cowgirl sequence. She jiggles her butt playfully as she sits on the dick. Seeing a tall Elena Koshka arch on a dick with an ass like hers is a treat to see from this Twisty’s treat.  She then bounces up and down as the position demands.  Damon then lays her down on the table facing the couch to really get the demons out of Elena as he fucks her hard. “Scramble my insides!” Elena yells brutally.  Some intense pussy play happens as Damon fingerbangs Elena voraciously.  After eating her pussy Elena rewards him with some really good deep throat sessions by making that cock disappear into her throat.  Damon also wrangles Elena into a pretzel with her long legs behind her head so he can eat her pussy out a little bit. Then the rapid fucking reinstates as he plows away with Elena laying on the couch legs held back. The rampant pumping finally leads Damon to dispense his  load with a few droplets under Elena’s nostril and lower lip.

 All three of them in the car riding around.

       This scene starts off during the casual affair of house hunting with a real estate agent. Jennifer White is driving around Tyler Nixon and Elena Koshka who are playing the couple tagging along for the ride.  The on-screen dialogue is the usual banter you’d expect between a real estate broker and her clientele. One thing that I really loved though was the obvious look of infatuation Elena Koshka had as she stared at Jennifer White driving her and Tyler around. It shows how Elena is naturally sexy in her scenes with her gazing eyes of pure arousal. The little hints of attraction went even further as the trio enters a house to browse.

     “Let’s check out the bedroom..”   Says Jennifer White in a voice that is the essence of what true porn dialogue is all about. They eventually do enter the bedroom following Jennifer White’s lead. Soon enough the girls can’t keep their hands off each other as they start to full on make out and remove clothing. Tyler Nixon eventually turns around from being enthralled by the home décor to be rewarded with this sizzling sexual sight. Both girls already look great in their outfits as it is. Jennifer White with her real estate attire gives her businesswoman look that’s masking the ultra porn queen she really is. Especially, underneath that tight black mini skirt wrapping her lower body brilliantly.

Three way with Jennifer White on top as Elena rides Tyler.

   The sex starts to take off when the girls reach for Tyler Nixon’s cock. It’s unzipped from his pants for the girls to play with and suck on. He’s of course very excited for this. Elena then leaps onto Tyler’s face as he’s sitting down on the couch being fellated by Jennifer White. A very nice camera angle happens to show the three of them connected in this interesting sex position. They flip-flop allowing Elena to get a few sucks while Jennifer White sits on Tyler Nixon’s lucky face. When Elena mounts reverse cowgirl  Jennifer is still hovering over Tyler having her pussy serviced. Next, the girls rotate again to allow Jennifer White to ride Tyler Nixon in standard cowgirl. Which is the perfect set up to see Jennifer White’s amazing butt while she rides a dick.


  The girls bounce around in position changes as Tyler bangs both babes in doggy. The particularly hot segment was when Jennifer White was being fucked in doggy while laying on Elena Koshka. This allowed both girls to kiss each other as Tyler Nixon excitedly pumped away at Jennifer White’s pussy. Elena Koshka gets pounded in missionary as Jennifer White masturbates over her face. A very heated threesome session as all their bodies were tangled in sexual passion with the various position changes that took place. After Jennifer White is thoroughly fucked in spooning with Tyler Nixon the girls then get down on their knees for the semen ritual. The camera is zoomed in on their faces as they serenade Tyler Nixon’s cock with their lips. Unfortunately not a good camera angle for this cum shot as I noticed multiple video edits with the different camera views before Jennifer White finally jacks the cum out of him. Tyler’s pop was good I just wish there would have been more cum play with the girls instead of Jennifer White jacking the load all over the place.


A bad ass looking Brianna Banks.

  Nothing sexier than seeing an industry veteran like Briana Banks poolside in a bikini with a young Twisty’s treat like Elena Koshka. The dynamic of the MILF vs Teen/Tart is strikingly apparent between these two babes. This also brings the importance of porn pairings. This scene is so hot that it starts off almost instantaneously. Just seeing Briana Banks check out Elena Koshka’s ass while she’s walking by in a bikini is enough to get me going. Both of them very beautiful girls in their own right and to see the immediate interest of the girls with each other is a huge turn on. I stress the importance of porno-pairings between the right girls and you get a well put together scene it’s a flawless equation. Especially when the girls are friends off of the set.
Elena sucking Briana Bank's pussy.

  Except Briana and Elena aren’t playing friends in this scene. Their roles constitute playing a stepmom versus stepdaughter day at the pool. What started like an innocent request for some lotion on Briana Bank’s back ends up being an embattled exchange of adorable quips. Elena playing the bratty stepdaughter celebrating a liberating day at the pool.  While Briana Banks plays the agitated stepmother just trying to peacefully get a tan. They eventually clash as Elena constantly teases Briana Banks even splashing water on her from her adventurous day at the pool. After Briana Banks has enough she attempts to punish Elena Koshka which of course ends up leading to hot lesbian sex.

   Various sex positions take place such as Elena Koshka slurping Briana’s pussy as she sat on her face in a kind of reverse cowgirl squat. There were nice close-ups of that enthusiastic pussy eating sequence as we got to see Elena’s mouth merge with Briana Bank’s pussy. Next Briana wants a taste so she has Elena Koshka on her back with her ass in her face so she can rim it.

Scissoring between the girls.

  They, of course, rotate positions to keep the pace going with Elena now fingering and exploring Brianna’s pussy. By now the girls are fully on the same page and no longer butting heads instead they’re sliding fingers into pussies and sucking boobs like a good stepmother and stepdaughter. Also in this scene, I have to say I’ve seen some of the most hardcore scissoring I’ve ever seen as the girls battered their pussies into each other in this leg-locked position.  Eventually, the girls wind down the intensity as they sensually make out. Agreeing to keep this a sudden secret between the both of them.


Elena Koshka solo in a small pool.

   Elena is dazzlingly playing in a small pool in this short snippet of a striptease. Her erotic gaze constantly gripping you as she stares into the camera. Her long beautiful body outstretched on the edge of the pool. The camera capturing every one of her lustful curves as she lets the water drip down her body. Like the essence of water in this scene, Elena Koshka’s beauty flows through as she slowly starts to toy with her pussy.  You can hear her whisper to herself in Russian as she toys with her pussy which is extremely exotic so I recommend wearing headphones during this scene to make it more intimate. The climax slices through with screaming from Elena Koshka as she stimulates her pussy rapidly. A rewarding close up of Elena's gooey pussy makes this solo scene a worthy effort.

Solo pussy play from Elena Koshka


   Another girl/girl scene on the disc adding a balanced palette of scenes on this compilation. It’s time for “Elena Koshka Unleashed” to express it’s artistic side as we enter a scene with Aubrey Sinclair facing a blank canvas while surrounded by different art implements in what looks to be an art class. Elena Koshka enters the scene as Aubrey’s art instructor in adorable little overalls that have paint spackled over them. The girls discover the artistic values of their beautiful bodies as Elena is the first to start the initiation by painting a flower around her nipple. Aubrey is inspired by her instructor to allow further discovery of their beautiful bodies.
Aubrey's booty painted.
   By the time the girls have their hands all over each other, they’re covered in paint. As a result of playfully filling a canvas with paint-soaked tits or sitting on it to make angel wings with Aubrey’s amazing ass. The girls are bottom line having a good time as you see Elena Koshka sit on Aubrey’s face while twerking to get her pussy eaten out. More sensual paint sessions occur as the girls play with their pussies in the mix. I really enjoyed seeing Aubrey’s ass jiggle as she had it covered with paint. This also happens when Elena Koshka has Aubrey's pussy in her mouth.

  The girls then enter a shower to clean themselves off. Allowing the flow of water to permeate on their bodily canvases as it washes away the paint. Elena Koshka sponges off her pupil in the shower focusing on her supple butt cheeks. Elena then sits down on a sink level surface in this elaborate shower to have her pussy played with and eaten by a horny Aubrey Sinclair. The chemistry is ever evident as Aubrey digs into Elena's pretty pink pussy with her tongue. Aubrey invoking genuine orgasmic groans from a pussy drunk Elena Koshka. Now naked and clean the girls embrace each other while kissing and sucking each other's boobs. I truly saw the appreciation Elena Koshka gives her art students in this scene. "You're a fantastic artist..", Elena declares to Aubrey Sinclair in between kisses and pecks.

Elena Koshka Art Instructor


   Elena Koshka is a gorgeous girl with glam appeal. There is no denying that. She has that supermodel vibe with the way she carries herself in her scenes. This is something I hoped that Twisty's would acknowledge with a true PERFORMER SHOWCASE with newer scenes focused on a particular director's vision. Yet in this compilation, I'm faced with a DVD glitch and lack director credit. This is simply something I cannot recommend to a consumer. Normally I'd say you can watch this collection of scenes On Demand but as a first impression, this DVD actually steered me away from the website. Most consumers wouldn't notice the glitch at the beginning of the DVD just as they wouldn't notice this is just a standard compilation rather than a performer showcase with NEW scenes.  This is another reason why I can't recommend this DVD to an average consumer. If you really do love Elena Koshka as a true fan you'd hunt down some of the stuff she has currently out today for another studio.

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