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Joanna Angel + Small Hands Fuck Young Whores On Vacation

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/15/18

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Genres: 18+ Teens, Alt-Girls, Public Sex, Tattoos, Threesomes
Director: Joanna Angel


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Cast: Janice Griffith, Charlotte Sartre, Joanna Angel, Alessa Savage, Small Hands  
Length: 2 hours 16 minutes
Date of Release: December 22, 2017
Extras: Gallery, Inernet Info, 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Good. HD Capture, anamorphic widescreen presentation. Wind noise present in the scenes filmed on the bluff.
Overview: Joanna Angel and Small Hands literally fuck girls while on vacation. There are about 12 words in the whole production, so no story to follow.
Scene 1: Joanna Angel & Charlotte Sartre

Joanna & Charlotte
Our starlets enjoy some time together in an outdoor shower, Charlotte mainly using her tongue between Joanna's thighs and Joanna opting to concentrate on finger work come her time to reciprocate. They seem to have fun but it seems as if they waste the opportunity to soap each other up before moving to a tree-lined courtyard. Charlotte's cunnilingus continues as Joanna sits atop her face and then Angel pulls her into a position for some deep finger probing. Charlotte gets off during a three-fingers-inside/second hand outside technique and Joanna decides to see what four fingers inside can accomplish. That gets her worked up, an orgasm builds up that requires two hands over Charlotte's mouth to muffle a scream.

Joanna & Charlotte

Joanna gets her own probing at Charlotte's hands, only her probing is anal. At first, it seems a bit playful and as it continues; Charlotte seems to turn it into an exploration, four fingers wide, amazing herself at the ease with which she can shove her fingers in and out of Joanna's butt. Joanna doesn't seem to notice, she's too busy rubbing her clit and making herself cum.
Scene 2: Joanna Angel & Janice Griffith

Joanna & Janice
Our bikini-clad ladies are on a grassy bluff at the side of the sea, palm fronds and a hammock swaying in the breeze behind them as they get topless and then nude. The sky is overcast, there are drops of moisture on the lens, the wind blows their colored locks around and rumbles across the microphone. All in all, you get the feeling that it's a cold, dreary day to be having sex on the beach. Cut, black edit. Towels have appeared for the ladies to lie on, Joanna's teeth and lips attaching themselves to Janice's nipples. Both ladies have their high beams on, further enforcing in my mind that they are troopers willing to forgo comfort to get some lesbian footage and fun in a picturesque location, weather be damned!

Joanna & Janice

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The camera moves in and around the ladies as they paw one another, probably in an effort to not only find a good angle to shoot from but also one which lessens the wind noise. Angel lies back, Janice planting her face in her crotch, her bright eyes locking onto Joanna's. Joanna giggles as she thrusts her hips toward her love hole licker, a gleam of mischief visible in Griffith's gaze. Joanna rolls onto all fours, Janice's fingers, thumb, and tongue exploring her holes. Joanna also enjoys a box lunch, twisting her fingers inside of Janice's shaven slit. Janice's eyes roll backward, her leg reaching skyward, her tanned, lean body looking good against the backdrop of the grass. When Joanna's second hand joins the party, Janice lies back squirming while Joanna coaxes her to cum all over her fingers, which she does. Joanna immediately does some muff diving to enjoy some of that creaminess, sharing it through a kiss. It looks as if the ladies are about to try tribbing and abandon that idea midway, without a word to each other, Janice instead opting to sit on Joanna's face one more time. It looked to me as if it dawned on them simultaneously that a concrete picnic table top might not be the best place to be grinding.

I think this scene might have been better had the weather been just a tad more cooperative. It's not like it was stormy, but it was either coming in or heading out and anyone who's been to the beach during times like that can tell you it's not the best time to be getting naked on the shore!
Scene 3: Charlotte Sartre, Alessa Savage, Small Hands

Charlotte & Alessa
After a quick shower tease, the ladies join Small Hands as he sits outside on a chaise lounge. The ladies share some pole smoking time, giggling happily, and Charlotte climbs onto Small's face. The sight of her ass atop him seems to turn Alessa on and she abandons her cock sucking momentarily to lick Charlotte's butt. A quick repositioning has Charlotte jerking the dick as Alessa munches box. Small Hands seems to get an idea and soon he's drilling into the English lass from behind. Small Hands gets up, pulling the ladies with him and ushering them into the house where the lighting is better and the temperature not so hot. Savage sits on his face while Charlotte contents herself with some slurping and jerking. Alessa makes Hands laugh as she bounces and jiggles herself on his face. Charlotte climbs onto the cock and Alessa spins around exclaiming "Kiss Me Bitch", moving her head to Charlotte's ass afterward for a closeup view of her ass fucking.

Charlotte & Alessa

Moving to the side of the botty banging, Alessa positions herself for Charlotte's fingers and tongue to service her, the trio growing louder with dirty talk, moans, and thigh slapping. Hands jumps up, yanking Alessa to him so he can pummel her pussy. The ladies arrange themselves in a stack and it becomes a screaming frenzy as Small Hands uses both of Charlotte's holes while she fingers Alessa. Charlotte moves aside and Hands has his way with Alessa as Charlotte kneels to work his balls with her tongue and hands. Charlotte moves up to Alessa's chest just in time for Small Hands to pull out and spray them both.

I think this is my first time seeing Alessa and she's a beauty that has a lot of fun in her scene! Will be looking forward to more of her!
Scene 4: Janice Griffith & Small Hands

Janice Griffith
Janice rolls around in the sand, splashing a bit in the tide pools during her tease and then Small feels up her sandy body as she kneels to harden him with her mouth. Obviously, the pair is aware that sex on the beach isn't as great as you might imagine, so they head off. Rinsed off and ready, the pair get busy on the lawn by the sea. The weather is nicer today but it's the same bluff and like most seaside bluffs, the wind is present again. Janice spreads her legs wide as Small Hands stands beside the ottoman she's on and starts hammering.

Janice Griffith

His thrusts are hard and determined, as is the momentary rug munching during a coital pause. Janice throats him during a position change into doggie and then the pair abandons the furniture as they explore their flexibilities during a face in the grass fucking that rolls into a spoon. Small Hands grips at her throat and leg as his relentless log jamming continues, Janice grabbing his hair as her tits sway with each rapid stroke. Small Hands rolls onto his knees, Janice's legs reaching skyward, her eyes glazing over in ecstasy as she prays and begs him to cum all over her. She gets her wish as he sprays her leg and chest and leaves her lying in the grass.
Scene 5: Charlottes Sartre, Janice Griffith, Joanna Angel & Small Hands

Our foursome is lounging ina and around the pool, paired off. Janice and Charlotte share some kisses and Joanna and Small decide to join them. Before you know it, the trio of tatted tarts is trading sword swallowing time. It's a tossup as to which of the four have the biggest smile on their face. Charlotte drops her bikini bottoms and Small Hands takes the hint, shoving his cock inside of her as the ladies gag her with Joanna's bikini. Some quick towel arranging on the porch makes a play area for the gang and it becomes a sea of inked flesh that should be familiar to Burning Angel fans.


Joanna and Charlotte enjoy each other while Hands works Janice. I always enjoy the contrast between Joanna and Charlotte, Joanna's ink is heavily colored, While Charlotte's milky skin sports black ink. Apparently Small Hands like the visual too and starts ramming the goth girl as she licks some punk rock pussy. With his dick dripping from the other ladies, Hands takes some time to enjoy his real-life wife's hole, Joanna muttering, "What a great vacation". He pulls out to work her hole with his hands, Charlotte covering Joanna's mouth to stifle a scream. Lying back, Small enjoys Charlotte on his face and Joanna on his dick, Janice happily pawing at Joanna's ass. Charlotte enjoys some cowgirl time, followed by Janice. Joanna enjoys a box munching from Charlotte, her chest heaving, her breathing shallow and rapid. Small Hands enjoys another round in each of the ladies and then distributes his load fairly equally to each of their smiling faces.
Final Thoughts: The title really says it all. There is no setup to anything, no scripted parts. Joanna and her husband literally fuck young whores while on vacation at the beach. Those whores are mostly familiar faces in the Burning Angel realm, Janice Griffith, and Charlotte Sartre. Alessa Savage appears for a second time in a Burning Angel flick, her resume indicating that most of her work is across the pond. Well, I can tell you she's welcome on this side of the ocean anytime! Frequent readers know I'm a fan of Joanna's work in front of the camera as well as her directing. Charlotte and Janice work really well in this title, although I would have liked to see a BTS to see just how much sunscreen Charlotte slathered onto her milky skin before hitting the pool and beach!

As usual, Small Hands gives it his all with each girl, a burning intensity that lends itself to fil really well. Again, as usual, his music is used during the tease sequences and credits. The tease sequences were oddly short, I thought but that's not a deal breaker by any means. Small Hands also did the editing on this one, and in an unusual moment, he left that one weird cut to black thing in when it would have been easy enough to eliminate it. One thing that did surprise me came during the end credits when Alex Ladd's name came up as the camera operator. That's only surprising because it is usually Mike Quasar's name but I suspect that Mike probably couldn't fit a multi-day shoot in away from the LA area as he shoots a lot of stuff! Alex is an award-winning cinematographer himself, and his work here was pretty solid. Overall, it's a fun gonzo title from Burning Angel. It probably won't be a favorite of the ravenous fans but I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be. It's worth a look, especially that Alessa scene! Check it out On Demand.

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