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Creamy Teens

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/17/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 8 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teen; Creampie; Alt Girls; Cumshots

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Joanna Angel

Cast: Vanessa Sky, Rina Ellis, Kristen Scott, Leigh Raven, Sadie Pop, Mr. Pete, Xander Corvus, Tommy Pistol

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Gallery; Trailers for Who Doesn’t Love a Teen Creampie, Joanna Angel’s Anal Training Camp, Gamer Girls, Dykes Takin’ Dick, Dysfucktional Family Reunion; Website Information


What a flick! Joanna Angel’s Creamy Teens is a steamy and edgy movie full of great fucking that culminates in creampies for each cum-starved starlet. Vanessa Sky, Rina Ellis, Kristen Scott, Leigh Raven and Sadie Pop have hard, rough sex with their prick partners, making each scene hot to watch. These girls are inked, horny and know no boundaries when it comes to hosting a hard cock. Mr. Pete, Xander Corvus, and Tommy Pistol are the cock and cream contributors, filling each girl’s stretched out pussy with hot spunk. The hottest sex and creampie scene is Kristen’s red rose fuck with Xander. She opens her scene lying on a bed of rose petals and finishes it with a stuffed and cum-filled pussy that squirts. She cums multiple times in this scene as Xander’s cock controls her tight cunt. Leigh’s round with Tommy is incredible. These two push the envelope together, spit and cum-swapping throughout. Leigh sits on Tommy’s face and squirts in his mouth then watches him gargle her squirt and gladly accepts it when he spits it down her throat. I highly recommend this movie. Joanna mixes a hard edge with soft, cream-filled pussies, making this flick a pleasure to watch.

Scene 1:  Vanessa Sky and Mr. Pete

Vanessa Sky opens this energetic flick in a rough fuck scene with Mr. Pete. The beginning of the scene flashes back and forth between quick looks at Vanessa. The brunette has on her red and black lingerie and she crawls her way to Mr. Pete who’s sitting on the couch. He turns her around into doggy position, squeezes and spanks her big ass cheeks and tongues her pussy and ass hole. Then he tells her to play with her pussy while he kisses her. Vanessa fingers her cunt and waits in doggy position while Mr. Pete watches her and jerks off. He teases her pussy and ass hole with his dick, putting it on her clit and then on her ass hole and back again. She drops to her knees in a hurry in order to start sucking his cock. She is a greedy cock sucker, swallowing his balls while she jerks him off. Mr. Pete opens her throat with a round of throat fucking followed by face slapping. Vanessa spits up bubbles on the head of his cock as she gags. She stands and takes her panties off then sits on his cock cowgirl style. Vanessa spreads her ass cheeks open as she bounces up and down on his pole. She gets her pretty little face slapped again while she rides his cock. “It’s your fucking pussy,” Vanessa tells him as he spanks her ass. They kiss then he sucks her nipples while fucking her. Vanessa wants him to bruise her ass cheeks, telling him to spank her harder and harder. Her ass cheeks turn red as she begs him to please fuck her.

Now their sex games get even rougher as he ties the thick, studded black leather around her neck. He pulls it tight then lies her on her back, missionary style on the couch. He slams her cunt with his cock and tightens the noose around her neck. She screams out louder and louder, “fuck me!” She likes being fucked hard and having her pussy used. She likes being spit on even more. He spits down her throat as she says, “fuck my little hole, please.” He spreads her legs open and tongues her pussy and ass hole, keeping her satisfied.  He pulls her up by her dog collar and puts her in doggy position to fuck her some more from behind. Vanessa can barely breathe from the tight leather noose around her neck. Mr. Pete slams her cunt hard, drilling her hole until it creams. “I’m gonna cum,” she screams out as he goes into overdrive on her snatch. They fuck in spoon position, slowing the action down then she sucks her pussy cream off his cock. She’s back to riding him now, bouncing up and down on his pole in reverse cowgirl position. Her wet pussy is still lubing his cock. She’s back to being fucked missionary style and this time, Mr. Pete fills her with cum. He pulls out, watching his cum drain out of her pussy. Vanesa pushes the rest of the cum out then runs her fingers through it then licks her fingers clean.

Scene 2: Rina Ellis and Xander Corvus

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Rina is a naughty seductress in her scene opener and she’s in for a hard fuck from Xander. Her scene opens with her dressed in black and gray lingerie and holding a whip. She lies on a black ottoman and teases us as the camera zooms in and out. Xander soon joins her and quickly puts her in doggy position to eat her pussy and ass from behind. He fingers her cunt with three fingers, making Rina’s eyes roll back into her head. She bites her lips in pleasure as he makes her pussy drip. All his fingers are in there now. He spits on her pussy then spanks it, making her twitch. He drops his pants and sticks his cock in her hole. The doggy style fucking has begun and Xander is fucking her with deep, fast strokes. He takes the leather belt and wraps it around her neck like a dog collar, pulling it tighter and tighter while he stretches her pussy out. Rina holds her ass cheek open and bites her lip as she screams in euphoria. “Don’t stop,” she screams. Xander spanks her ass and fucks her. She lies on her stomach for a deep penetrating round of downward doggy.  He pins her down yelling, “Spread ‘em!” Rina shouts, “fuck me!” She has reached nirvana from the incessant pounding of her pussy. Rina gets on all fours to suck his hard cock, tasting the flavor of her cunt. Xander wraps her leg around his neck, pinning her down, making her deep throat his dick. “Ride that fucking cock,” he orders her as she sits on him cowgirl style. Rina chokes herself by pulling that dog collar tight around her neck. She uses his pole for her own pleasure, wrapping her cunt around it. Xander is lying on his back, over the edge of the ottoman while she rides him. He turns her over into a squat thruster and stretches her tight hole. Rina’s tight pussy keeps squeezing Xander’s prick out. He sticks it right back in there and drills her.

The squat thrust goes on for some time with Rina gasping for breath and screaming in ecstasy. When Xander pulls out, he finger fucks her, making her cum. He spits on her pussy then fucks it some more. This is one of the hottest parts of this scene and of the flick, watching Rina’s pussy get stretched open in this position. Cowgirl and standing doggy all come next followed by Rina’s rousing cock sucking. He orders her into downward doggy position again, this time on the floor, and he pumps her pussy in balls-deep fashion. Rina is transported to a new place from the pleasure of his prick. She lies on her side for more drilling, looking up at him intently as he pounds her pussy. She moves into missionary position temporarily before getting on all fours again for doggy style. Xander slams her pink little hole with his prick until he pops inside her. He fills her pussy up then pulls out, watching his load squirt out of her cunt.

Scene 3: Kristen Scott and Xander Corvus

Kristen is a rose if ever there was one. Her whole opening sequence features her on a bed of rose petals, lying there in her sexy black lingerie as more and more petals fall all over her body. Soon, her red rose fantasy is heightened when Xander shows up with more roses for her. They kiss as she accepts his gift. She bends over doggy style so he can taste her pussy from behind. He pulls her panties aside and licks her clit, making Kristen’s mouth gape open. Xander spanks Kristen’s ass while he tongues her pussy and ass hole. She grabs a handful of his hair, holding his head in place between her legs. Xander drops his pants and uses his hard cock to tease her holes, sliding it back and forth between her crack. Kristen is eager with anticipation, wanting his cock. She spreads her pussy lips open while he penetrates her doggy style. Kristen looks back at him with a horny longing that only his cock will fulfill. He drills her pussy from behind, stuffing her in downward doggy. Kristen grips the edge of the ottoman as Xander pins her face in place with his foot and pummels her pussy. His balls spank her hungry clit in balls-deep action.

When Xander pulls out, he spreads Kristen’s pussy every wider with a four-finger fuck that makes her body shake. Kristen turns around and sucks his creamy cock, swallowing her own pussy juices off his pole. Xander quickly turns Kristen’s cock sucking into face fucking as he drives his dick down her throat, making her spew streams of spit all over herself. They spit swap then Kristen kneels for more throat banging. She sucks and swallows his sack then opens her mouth wind for more throat banging. Kristen is flexible and is soon upside down as Xander squats over her, fucks her pussy and slaps her face, making her say please. She fingers her clit until she cums, screaming out in pleasure. He sits on her face so she can lick his balls and take another round of face fucking before more squat thrusting happens. Kristen has another orgasm, leaving her legs quivering. The doggy style that follows is hot to watch and it makes Kristen reach another peak. She sucks his cock clean then sits on his face to enjoy the pleasure of his tongue lashing her clit. Kristen rides him cowgirl style then lies on her back on the ottoman to get her pussy filled with cum. Xander slams her hole hard and deep, sending her over the edge again in endless ecstasy. Xander does his duty, cumming in her wet pussy and filling it up. He pulls out, leaving Kristen with an oozing creampie as she watches more cum shoot out of his cock. This is the hottest sex and creampie scene of the flick.

Scene 4: Leigh Raven and Tommy Pistol

Inked delight Leigh Raven has a sexy opener. She does a slow tease, showing off her tattooed body and forked tongue. She walks up to Tommy who’s waiting for her on the couch and she greets him by sucking his toes and licking his feet. She kisses him then reaches for his hard cock, squeezing his balls and deep throating his pole. She uses her forked tongue to lick up and down both sides of his dick simultaneously. She makes a spitty mess of his cock, lubing it all over as she sucks it. Tommy stands up to feed her throat some more, thrusting in and out of her mouth as she opens it wide for him. He squeezes his balls together and stuffs them down her throat then orders Leigh to open her mouth wide for more cock. She’s a hungry cock eater and loves using her forked tongue to keep Tommy turned on. Leigh bends over the edge of the couch in doggy position to experience Tommy’s fingers and tongue in her pussy. He orders her into doggy position next and pounds her pussy. Leigh holds her ass cheeks open while Tommy slams in and out of her hole. “That feels so fucking good,” Leigh moans out of her gaping mouth. He spanks her ass again and again as he fucks her pussy. “Oh, fuck yeah,” she screams.

Tommy pulls out and skull fucks her again, pinning her arms behind her back while he bangs her throat. “Bite it, bite it, bite it,” Tommy tells her. She bites her dick just like he wants her to. Tommy fucks her some more then stuffs his finger in her ass hole and tells her to taste it. Leigh sucks his dick some more as she sits on the couch. She deep throats his pole while Tommy wraps his legs around her head, locking her into cock sucking position. She bites his pole, even more, driving Tommy crazy. The chemistry between these two is hot to watch and the scene gets even wilder when Tommy pulls off Leigh’s wig, revealing her shaved head. She uses his cock to fuck herself in the eye then she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, grinding back and forth on it until she cums in an uncontrollable squirting shower. Tommy stands and fucks her eyes again then they get into 69 position on the floor with Tommy on top, chocking Leigh with his cock. More reverse cowgirl makes Leigh cum again and it’s hot to watch these two contort their bodies until they experience new rounds of pleasure. Leigh squats over Tommy’s mouth and squirts down his throat. He gargles it in his mouth and spits it back down Leigh’s throat. Leigh is having so much fun, she has a case of the giggles for a while. Tommy stuffs his cock and his fingers in Leigh's pussy at the same time and fucks it, grabbing her shaved head while he does. This round of fucking leads to his popshot inside her. Leigh squeezes his cum load out of her cunt, showing him her creampie. She wants even more. “Give me that fucking cock,” she screams. She sucks his balls while he jerks off and cums in her eyes.

Scene 5: Sadie Pop and Xander Corvus

Sadie Pop closes out the flick in this scene with Xander. She is having a lot of fun teasing us with nothing but sexy pantyhose. She dances around showing us her pussy and tits until Xander joins her. “Spread your ass,” he tells Sadie. She leans in standing doggy position and moans in pleasure, watching him finger fuck her wet pussy. Xander stuffs Sadie’s snatch with four fingers, slamming them in and out of her hole and spitting on her cunt at the same time. She keeps her ass cheeks spread open as Xander feeds her face with his big cock. His cock makes Sadie choke. She spits on his dick then sucks it some more. “Suck it like you fucking mean it,” Xander tells her. Sadie stays in standing doggy position as Xander quickly moves behind her and starts fucking her doggy style. Sadie holds on to his arm, moaning in ecstasy as he slams her cunt. “Fuck yeah,” she says, biting her lips as her pussy gets stretched open. He pulls out and fucks her throat some more while she keeps her pussy lips spread open. Sadie covers his cock in spit then spanks her ass just as Xander fucks her pussy again. “It’s so good,” she moans.  

He lifts one of Sadie’s legs over his shoulder and continues his standing doggy assault on her cunt. Sadie’s pussy is fully stretched out now as Xander sends every inch of his pole deep inside her. He chokes her with one hand and fingers her cunt with his other, keeping her turned on. “You like that pussy, baby?” she asks him.When he pulls out, Sadie quickly drops to her knees to enjoy his cock down her throat. Xander slams her tonsils with the head of his dick, making her gag and spit. Sadie sits on his dick next, riding it in reverse cowgirl position. She fingers her clit while bouncing up and down on his stick. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Sade screams out. She cums then climbs off his cock and sucks it clean of her pussy juice before sitting on it cowgirl style. Xander grips her ass cheeks and helps guide her up and down on his cock as she rides his dick. She kneels again for another round of skull fucking then she lies back, puts one leg over Xander’s shoulder and takes a long hard round of pussy-pumping until Xander pops inside her, filling her cunt with cream.

Final Thoughts:

Multi-nominated director Joanna Angel brings us an incredibly edgy, turn-on-of-a-flick in her movie Creamy Teens. The inked starlets in this flick like their sex hard and rough and topped off with an oozing creampie. Vanessa Sky, Rina Ellis, Kristen Scott, Leigh Raven and Sadie Pop star in this five-scene all-sex flick and each scene is a thrill ride on its own. From leather belts turned into dog collars to forked tongues and squirting cunts, this movie turns up the volume in many ways. Cock and cum contributors Mr. Pete, Xander Corvus and Tommy Pistol fuck each cunt until fully stretched then load them with spunk. Each starlet squeezes the hot cum load out of her creamy pussy. I highly recommend this movie. Joanna brings a hard edge to each scene with girls who want it rough and guys who aim to please. All the popshots are internal and Leigh adds a bonus when she gets her pussy filled with cream then kneels for a shot of cum in her eyes.

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