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Angela White Is The Chiropractor

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/18/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Angela White, Mia Malkova, Georgia Jones, Carter Cruise, Chanell Heart, Karlie Montana, Jayme Langford

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: Feb. 9, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 40 min.

Extras: 18 min. BTS, one trailer and a slideshow


Overview: Construction workers Mia Malkova and Georgia Jones seek the help of chiropractor Angela White and her therapeutic hands in the latest collection of scenes from Girlway. We're also treated to Carter Cruise displaying her skills to potential employer Chanell Heart in The Interview, while perverted psychologist Karlie Montana makes new comer Jayme Langford “open up” to her subconscious yearnings in Gyno Psychology. Needless to say it's another winner from the fine, very talented people at Girlsway and yet another example that the true art of performance is not dead in this industry.


Scene One: “The Chiropractor Pt. 1” starring Angela White and Mia Malkova


We start off with a scorcher of scene in which Mia Malkova plays a construction worker who goes to see chiropractor Angela White to treat her sore neck. She starts rubbing it, Mia getting aroused by Angela's touching and her amazing boobs. In a truly wonderful deadpan serious performance she instructs Mia in how to massage her tits by pulling hers out and allowing Mia to feel and rub them. Mia is totally turned on now and shows a certain over exuberance. They start kissing and Angela starts sucking on Mia's tits. They both start to get undressed and Angela goes down on Mia's pussy, sucking on her clit and fingerbanging her until she cums.


After orgasming on Angela's fingers Mia motorboats her tits and proceeds to eat her beautiful bare pussy. Mia sucks on Angela's cunt and fingers her to orgasm and then gets on all fours to let Angela eat her out from behind. She sticks her beautiful perfect ass in the air and Angela fingerbangs her with her thumb. After making her cum Angela gets underneath and eats Mia's pussy, all the while masturbating her own, her hand furiously working her clit until they're both cumming. Mia then climbs up on Angela's pussy and they start tribbing, Mia banging her pussy against Angela's, making Angela's amazing tits bounce until they're both furiously cumming on each other.


Mia climbs off and rubs Angela's clit to another orgasm before laying back and pinning her ankles behind her head to give Angela perfect access to her pussy. Angela runs her tongue all up and down Mia's crack covering her pussy and asshole before devouring her clit and fingerbanging Mia until she cums again.  Angela then climbs up and they trib again, both of them bumping their pussies together until they cum again. Angela then sits on Mia's face, Mia getting her whole pussy in her mouth bringing her to another orgasm before Angela falls forward and they 69. They make each other cum again and then Mia sits back in Angela's arms while Angela rubs her pussy. Mia cums again and then goes down on Angela, sucking her clit and fingerbanging to another orgasm.


Angela then gets on all fours and Mia eats her out from behind, eating her ass and rubbing her pussy until she cums on Mia's fingers. After all of this intensely hot fucking they slow things down a bit as Angela teases Mia's pussy, licking her vulva and nether regions before centering again on her pussy and simply devouring her cunt as Mia orgasms in her mouth. Mia then sucks on Angela's boobs and plays with her pussy while Angela does the same. They cum on each others hands and then they trib one more time, rubbing their already soaked pussies together until they have one more thunderous orgasm together. Clocking in at just a little under and hour this is an AMAZINGLY HOT scene with two of the greatest performers in the biz today. I'll give my complete thoughts later, but this is a scene that shouldn't be missed.


Scene Two: “The Interview” starring Carter Cruise and Chanell Heart


In this funny, well acted scene that takes sexual harassment in the workplace to a whole new level, Carter Cruise is ecstatic about potentially getting a full time position at the record company she's been interning. She just needs to pass the interview with employer Chanell Heart. Chanell asks all of the mundane questions (“Are you a team player?”, “What can you bring to the company?”, yada yada), before crawling under the table and removing Carter's panties. The very befuddled Carter asks what's happening, to which Chanell tells her that she's the boss and to just answer the questions as she licks her pussy. Chanell works her tongue all over Carter's cunt and Carter struggles to answer her questions as Chanell's cunnilingus brings her to the edge and she cums in Chanell's mouth. 


Chanell then asks if Carter will do ANYTHING for the company climbing up into the table pulling her panties to the side for Carter to eat her pussy. When Carter shows resistance Chanell asks if she's a team player and reminds her that she's the boss. So reluctantly Carter goes between her legs and and eats her out, Chanell reminding her that her job is at stake as she orgasms in her mouth. She then makes Carter get naked and tells her to sit on the table as she goes down on her. Carter's resistance is fades aways as starts to enjoy Chanell's advances and soon she's having intense convulsive orgasms in Chanell's mouth.


Chanell then has Carter sit back in her chair and they start tribbing, Chanell bumping her pussy against Carter's until they both explode on each other. Needless to say Carter gets the job, so there is a happy ending. Terrific performances from both Chanell Heart as the dominating boss and Carter Cruise as the befuddled applicant.


Scene Three: “Gyno Psychology” starring Karlie Montana and Jayme Langford


The very talented Karlie Montana is a psychologist, who's also a horny perverted lesbian with a thing for redheads. We see her jilling off to porn on her computer when her next appointment knocks on the door. To her delight it's fresh faced redheaded new comer Jayme Langford. Karlie asks her to lay down and on the couch where Jayme tells her about her relationship problems she's having with her boyfriend. When Jayme mentions she's a gynecologist Karlie sees this as an opportunity, and suggests her problem is with her looking at pussy all day it's made her into a lesbian. Karlie tells her to act on her subconscious desires and to give her an exam, acting on her subdued lesbian tendencies. Karlie undresses and spreads her pussy for Jayme who inserts her fingers in her pussy. Karlie tells her she's always wanted to know what it tastes like and makes her go down on her. And eventually Jayme is sucking and licking her clit while fingerbanging Karlie until she cums in Jayme's mouth.


Karlie then tells Jayme they're going to take it to another level and asks if a woman has ever gone down on her. She tells her to sit back on the couch and starts kissing her, and Jayme is more than willing now to let Karlie eat her pussy. Karlie licks and fingers Jayme until she cums and then she tribs her, bumping her pussy against Jayme's until Jayme cums before Karlie.  Really terrific perfomance from Karlie Montana, coupled with the sheer hotness of Jayme Langford makes this scene an absolute scorcher,


Scene Four: “The Chiropractor Pt. 2” starring Angela White, Mia Malkova and Georgia Jones


Mia tells her construction co-worker Georgia about fucking Angela and tells her about how she DTF! Of course Georgia starts complaining about her neck and before you know it they're both in her office. Angela realizes right off the bat what going on and lambastes Mia, telling her what they did was private and what she thought was special. Mia tells her she thought she would be down for it, to which the outraged Angela tells them if they want to see her tits that they're going to have to fuck. They tell her they're both butch lesbians and not into each other, but Angela quickly reminds them that SHE'S in control here. So Mia starts feeling Georgia's tits before Angela makes them get naked and kiss. She then tells Georgia to suck on Mia's tits while she takes out her own, and then for Mia to eat Georgia's pussy. Mia reluctantly starts licking it while Angela pinches Georgia's nipples and licking her neck.


Angela then bounces her boobs on Georgia's face, all the while Mia still eating away at her pussy, her perfect ass in the air which Angela slaps as she climbs up and sits on Georgia's face. Georgia tongues Angela's pussy as Angela starts 69ing her. She bounces her ass on Georgia's face as she rubs her pussy until eventually Mia fingerbangs Georgia until she cums. Angela then gets Mia on all fours and tells Georgia to eat pussy from behind. Georgia tongues Mia while Angela gets behind Georgia and does the same to her. Mia and Georgia cum and then Georgia rolls over for Mia to sit on her face while Angela fingerbangs her. Mia then falls forward and they 69, Georgia cumming on Mia's hand as she rubs her clit to orgasm. Angela then gets between them and they both suck on her boobs, Mia rubbing Angela's pussy as Angela slaps them both with her amazing tits! Angela then lays down and Georgia sits on her face while her and Mia take turns eating her pussy.


Georgia keeps riding Angela's face while Mia devours her pussy until they both cum, Georgia not missing the opportunity to get two handfuls of Angela's tits. Mia then climbs up and starts tribbing Angela while Georgia sits behind her and plays with her boobs. After they both cum on each other Mia sits back in Angela's arms with her legs in the air, Angela spreading her pussy open for Georgia to chow down on. Georgia devours Mia's pussy while Angela smothers Mia's face with her tits until Mia is cumming in Georgia's mouth. Angela then fingerbangs Georgia and soon she's have a convulsive orgasm on Angela's fingers, her body twitching even after she's pulled them out. She and Angela then switch up and Angela starts munching on Mia's pussy, giving her multiple orgasms while Georgia licks her asshole and fingerbangs her from behind.


After Angela cums on Georgia's fingers they all switch around and Angela starts tribbing Georgia while Mia sits on her face. Angela forcefully bangs Georgia's pussy, her tits flying everywhere while Mia cums on her face. After Angela and Georgia cum on each other Angela climbs off and fingerbangs Georgia while Mia pinches her nipples before she beats her clit with her boob, rubbing her nipple against Georgia's clit giving her one last tremendous orgasm. This fabulous scene ends with the three kissing each other and Angela reprimanding the two, telling them no more friends. Simply terrific.


Final Thoughts: Anyone who follows my reviews knows just how much of a fan I am of Girlsway. They along with Bree Mills' other Gamma Media studios always deliver quality adult entertainment because they don't compromise things like performance. And performance takes the center stage with release. Of course they are truly hot scenes with blistering lesbian action. But the hotness is because the amazing performances these terrific actresses give us. Karlie Montana for instance is terrific, giving a great deadpan comedic delivery to her scene coupled with the blistering sex her and Jayme Langford have. The same goes Carter Cruise as the befuddeled and confused interviewee to the dominating and drop dead beautiful Chanell Heart, who took a simple pussy eating scene and made it a scorcher. But it's the star of the disc, the always amazing Angela White, who steals the show. Her incredible beauty and absolute raw sexuality along with her right out fearlessness shows the viewer why she's one of the most celebrated performers today. And even though she is the star, she's willing to share the spotlight with her co performers, letting Georgia Jones shine as the wonderful and very sexy butch lesbian, along with Mia Malkova, one of the most talented actresses in the industry today. Girlsway did an excellent job in putting this vignette collection together, even though, excellent as they are, “The Interview” and “Gyno Psychology” are mere fillers coupled with the title story. It's a terrific release I Highly Recommend probably more than any other Girlsway comp yet. Truly fantastic.


Oh, and don't forget, “LADIE'S LOVE THE GEORGIA!”



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