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Behind The Mask

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Domination, Fetish, Cuckold
Directors: Bree Mills & Craven Moorehead
Writer/Producer: Bree Mills

Chapters Menu
Cast: Penny Pax, Melissa Moore, Derrick Pierce, Karlo Karrera, Dick Chibbles (Non-Sex)
Length: 1 hour 45 minutes
Date of Release: January 15, 2018
Extras: 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers, 2 Slideshows

Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. HD Capture and an anamorphic widescreen presentation.
Overview: Two non-related stories brought to you by Pure Taboo. Behind The Mask is a tale of an unknown caller that turns into a fantasy fucking. The second one is a double-cross cuckolding story. Normally, I wouldn't tell you that but it's pretty evident from the Chapter Selection Menu what happens in the story. Fans of Melissa Moore and Penny Pax will have some fun with this one. Dick Chibbles and Karlo also play their roles well, Derrick exists only as a prop for the storyline although he gives Melissa a good hammering.
Scene 1: Melissa Moore & Unknown Caller/Masked Man "Behind The Mask"

Melissa Moore
Our hot Latina starlet has been receiving phone calls from a "heavy breather" and suspects it's her boyfriend playing games. She's getting a bit annoyed with the game but decides to play along, letting the breather hear only her moans while she masturbates. Once her parents are in bed she ups the game by telling the caller if he can find a way to sneak in, he can have her any way he wants. She gets woken in the night by a masked man, her mouth impaled on his cock forcefully as he grabs at her naked form. She's forced to suck his thick but limp dong in the brightest lit midnight bedroom you've ever seen. As his erection grows, he shoves it farther down her throat, her head pinned to the side of the bed, slobber dripping from her lips.  

Melissa Moore

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She literally gets thrown on the bed and fucked, his hand pressing her face to the mattress as he bangs her hairy box. She's a pretty loud fuck doll for someone that has parents sleeping right down the hallway. She lies there, taking his cock and his occasional slaps to her face or body as he has his way with her. The pounding seems relentless and machine-like. Again, she's forced to fellate and then pulled onto his cock for some cowgirl, a finger getting inserted into her ass. By now, her ass cheek is sporting a nice red set of handprints from the smacks she's been getting but she turns around to show off her bush for the viewer during the banging. Her D-cups bounce wildly as the pistoning continues. After another round of fellatio, the duo moves to the hallway where she gets puts through her paces braced against the stair banister. She gets a load delivered to her face and is cast to the floor, the mask landing behind her.

This is a hardcore fucking that many fans will appreciate while others may find it a bit too rough.
Scene 2: Penny Pax, Karlo Karrera, Dick Chibbles (NS)"Divorce Bait"
Karlo is a Handyman that Penny leads through the house from non-existent problem to non-existent problem as she scopes out his muscular physique. He manages to "fix" the electrical, the shower, and the garbage disposal in a matter of minutes, blaming the problems on weather and trees waving. As he gets ready to leave, she puts the moves on him.

This is all part of a roughly twenty-minute setup that has good acting from everyone involved but I won't get into it, although the episode title pretty much clues you in as to what's going on.

Penny Pax

Once in the bedroom, Penny's curvaceous body is on display as the fiery redhead licks and slurps on Karlo's fat cock while talking dirty, her eyes lighting up the screen with a fierce intensity. Karlo's fingers diddle at her crotch, warming it up so it's nice and wet when he takes her from behind. Her narration of the action is hot and steamy, filled with naughty words as her alabaster body pumps back toward Karlo. Her D-cups sway with each stroke, her fiery locks bouncing along with them. She shows off her sparse patch as she rides in reverse, dirty words continuing to fall from her lips. Karlo has no problems pulling Penny's tiny frame around as he pumps into her slutty little hole. Penny shows off her rodeo skills, both performers seeming to enjoy their moments together, the sex falling somewhere above lovemaking but not getting all out hardcore. The camera gives ample screen time to Penny's face, which is nice as her smile and eyes light up the screen. After a spooning session, Karlo drains his dragon all over Penny's tits, Penny cleaning off the last drops with her mouth.

Penny Pax

Fans of Penny Pax and/or fans of dirty talk will really appreciate this scene as she narrates pretty much every moment of sex with naughty words. There is as much story here as there is sex which I'll discuss in my final thoughts.
Final Thoughts: This is two separate stories from the Pure Taboo website that got put together on one disc. They are not related in any way. Personally, I preferred the second story but that could be entirely due to Penny Pax, she really grows on me each time I see her (and I see her quite a bit). Her acting here is a bit over the top at the end of the beginning setup but I think she did that on purpose to accurately display her startled and confused emotions to the setup.

I'm a fan of story-based porn but here's my main gripe with this type of disc in general. I get that it was originally a web scene and is intended to be viewed as a single story in a single session. However, once you put it on physical media and people watch it multiple times sometimes, they like to skip to their favorite part of a scene or put it on a loop play. That's where chapter stops come in and this disc has none. The only two it has separate the two stories or you can jump to the end credits. It would take a very minimal amount of time while producing the DVD to put a few in each scene. Okay, with that out of the way, I think this disc will have fans that may not be members of the website but the MSRP on it is fairly high and the individual scenes are priced at a premium also so watching on demand may not be your best option. What I think is your best option is to be a savvy shopper and you can find this disc new in the box for less than watching two scenes individually online. Either that or you could rent it for a couple of days. Since I do know there are physical versions of this at a good price I'm going to Recommend it even though the only extras are a slideshow for each story and two trailers. It's shot well which is the norm for this studio and the plots are interesting even if predictable.

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