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Angela White is Titwoman

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/21/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Elegant Angel has long brought the fans of the XXX world something that they can cheer about. Sexual icons and roles that simply make us drool as much as they make simply watch in a manner that rivals the way we watch drama, action and intense sequences of horror and comedy. Titwoman has been something that has always appealed to a certain genre of fan. I think it is safe to say Buttwoman and every other creations that the folks at Elegant Angel have created, have long since become something that is just an industry standard for fans to see and collect. How do you keep things fresh? How do you keep fans spending their hard-earned money? Seeing Angela White on the cover taking over the role, it simply had me step back and give the production company a round of applause. To see that they chose the 2017 AVN Female Performer of the Year as the title role shows that they were invested in bringing the fans the best of the best. What I want to find out, was how much would Elegant Angel let slide on their part of creation and how much would Angela? This is a film that is not just beautiful faces and XXX royalty starring. No, this is a film of joint views, joint opinions and something that simply fans do not get to see. A creation that simply has the best in business all fighting in the best of ways to bring you excellence. Now it is time to see how well they all did.

Titwoman Cover 

Film Duration: 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Director: Dreadneck

Condoms: No

Behind the Scenes/Extras: A wonderful look into the post-sex humor and play that is simply what this industry is about and showcases the performers doing what they do best. Short but sweet in every way. I wanted them to be longer, I will not lie but a very cool peek into an adult film set with a woman who loves sex and sexuality in ways that few show in public, but everyone yearns to. The drone footage is fucking cool as hell! 10 Minute Photo Gallery, Trailers, this is how extras should always be people!

Don Juan’s Phyla: Dirty Talk Galore, Anal, Squirting, DP, Oil Play and Lots of it, IR, Threesome, Great Scenery, No Condoms, Wonderful Camera Work, Great Casting and Chemistry, Aggressive Sex, Heavenly Head, Flawless Scene Editing, Girl/Girl, Glory-Hole

Glory Hole Scene 1: Angela White, Isaiah Maxwell and Moe The Monster

Scene Features: Seductive Strip-Tease, Masturbation/Solo, Glory-Hole, Toys, Amazing Duel Oral Action, Titty Fucking, Deep Throating, Spit, Spit and More Spit, Ball Slurping and Sucking, Dirty Talk Galore.


The Reveal:

The LA flood channels that have been used in Hollywood mega-million-dollar films like Last Action Hero, truly get a jolt back into the limelight and never have they looked sexier. The walk, the strut of Titwoman coming into focus with some of the most gorgeous aerial shots you have seen in a film’s opening sequence are just mind-blowing. Trench coat in hand, leather boots that seem to stretch for miles, the booty, the bosom, the style, it creates something very sleek and very elegant, no pun intended. It seems as if Angela must first accept the terms to becoming Titwoman, to see if she is worthy of donning the title. The white room is very sterile, but not in a way that takes away, no. It is like seeing the insides of a CIA think tank, or interrogation room. It has mystery and when the sex does come into play, Angela grabs a hold of our attention and our emotion in ways that only she can. The dance and move of seduction is what dreams are made of people. Angela’s booty looks fucking amazing. Geeze here I am trying to report on her incredible bust but that derriere, it has simply never looked better. The panties, the bra, belts and supports, they are something beyond words. You will not be able to look away. As I pause this film to write my notes, I simply want to tune back in and get the writing over with, that is the flare within your imagination this woman and production team create with the stylish hip-hop score and Angela’s curves moving to the beat of the music like an ocean breeze running through your hair and body. This was superbly done. Just amazing the way you get sucked into the start of the this film.

Angela White (Titwoman) 

The Sex:

It has been a long fucking time since this critic has seen a solo scene have this much pizzazz! Angela takes control with her patented aggression and lust. The fact that you see Angela just getting hot with her own fantasies that rest within her imagination is enough to please any fan. It does not matter if you like solo scenes, this one will simply get you revved up and going a thousand miles an hour. This is one of the hottest fucking masturbation scenes you will ever see. Angela is having fun, this is not acting. You see it in ways that are wetter than wet, as well as her body motion. The camera goes tight and then back, giving the fans something that is what the “reveal” was meant to be in adult cinema. The up-close shots are stunning. When you see all that creamy cum begin to drip down her slit, mixed in with a sound that is music to every romantic’s ears when it comes to toys and a woman playing solo, this action is a fucking 9.7 on the Richter scale. Los Angeles was feeling waves that day, because I know Angela was. When you see the many members come to join the action, this a glory hole that I have never been witness to. There is boob action, amazing oral and some of the sexiest visuals I have ever seen designed in this style scene. Angela told me this was something fierce, but I had no idea.

Angela White (Titwoman) Ever heard that old porn analogy, “side boob?” Well, it is done to perfection in this fucking scene. Angela is on full display, showing off that killer body in the most glamorous way possible. I will just say this porn fans, when you hear the male talent simply moaning with pleasure at a muffled level due to the wall, especially when she swallows Isiah’s manhood whole and you can tell he twitches with pleasure, you will be sent to a place that few solo scenes and glory hole extravaganzas ever can. The rotation is amazing, the camera angles and editing take you right in the middle of the action blow by blow. Some of the more unforgettable parts of this film are seeing a POV style shot as she swallows the Monster whole, then watching her worship every square inch of both men’s manly meat at lightning speed. This is what every fan wants in terms of nastiness in a glory hole scene and it brings a never before seen aspect of beauty and grace. Yes, I said grace, because this scene is as sexy as it gets in this business and I can not believe it got this steamy without any bump and grind. The length of this scene is not a huge factor. Some will see on paper it’s length, and look to skip over it. I implore you, do not. This is something that is one of a kind, that satisfies the most lust filled porn fan and the hopeless romantic. It has vulgarity, yet it is classy as ever. It is unique in every way and just like the filmmakers who started this business, their aim was to give fans something they had never seen. Now that is adult filmmaking!


Scene 2: Angela White and Markus Dupree

Scene Features: Mouth Fucking, Anal, Gaping Assholes, Fast and Furious Fucking, Squirting and I Mean Lots of SQuirting, Chocking, Slapping

Angele White and Markus Dupree The Reveal:


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As we fade to black, the films cover comes to life. The outfit is a mix of seductress meets assassin, as Angela showcases why she got the role with style beyond belief. The camera angles, the brick wall, the sexy go-go boots they create the fantasy in the most perfect way. It is that vacation pamphlet that sends your mind into a daydream. Angela’s make-up is natural and gorgeous, nothing too heavy and that mixes so well with the lighting in this scene. Markus Dupree is cool as can fucking be. His presence creates this type of living artistry that is simply sleeker than hell, and dazzling to the eyes. It is straight out of a comic book, mainly one written by Garth Ennis. The shots are very mesmerizing. It has you are thinking how the sex is going to go from the moment you see that 38 Smith and Wesson ready to fire in his trousers and I do not mean the pistol ladies and gentlemen. The carnal senses begin to go crazy as you see this very dilapidated warehouse become the backdrop for the next scene. There is intrigue everywhere as you see Angela take control of the man in black as they go from a wickedly cool game of Russian roulette, to this sultry game of flesh, sweat, curves, and cunningness. Watching Angela and those amazing curves guide Markus into this room of forbidden pleasure, it is erotic and sexy beyond belief. There is a tension and when you see her instantly become undressed, all the stress just melts away just as fast as Angela’s attire.

Angela White and Markus Dupree 

The Sex:

The sex is aggressive, but it is Angela in control. This is once again, something so unique in adult cinema. You are seeing something that I do not think too many porn fans know exist. This is Angela enjoying the rough play no matter if it is oral or anal. It is aggressive but not too much for the senses. Markus showcases something that truly made him the award winner he is in this business. He has that aggressive, European flavor to him, or at least that is what the industry has come to classify it as. He showcases something that indicates he is Russian and he is creating a new category of sturdiness in this business.


The tempo is fast, and when you see Angela pushing those massive breasts into Mr. Dupree’s mouth you had better pace yourself or you will not make it through this scene. Steamy is not the right word for this chapter of the film. The up-close anal shots are out of this world. Thrust for thrust and pump for pump, you can see Angela’s hot box getting a workout beyond belief.


The way the camera swings around the opening part of the scene so that you can see everything is simply why these two performers won the trophies they did this past year. When things go into cow-girl position, let’s just say fans that you have never seen Angela White’s booty look this good. As Marcus sucks on her massive breats, you see the action take another step up in terms of something just beyond aggressive, yet beautful. Their movement is ferocious, I mean they literally bring the house down, the freaking furniture is moving they are fucking so hard.

Angela White and Markus Dupree

I will admit, I have never been the biggest fan of anal. It sometimes gets a bit too clumsy on film. But this action, this is enough to turn any non-believer into a child of light, or should I say a sinner? This is wonderful, sexy, slow yet passionate and speedy. It is hard to describe an anal scene that has this much oomph! Markus manhandles her just the right amount and when you see her squirt unexpectedly you know you are watching real sex. The squirting at multiple moments are just what I wanted to see in the flow of this action. Markus knows exactly where to move the curvaceous beauty so that the fans simply get to be right there in the action. Hope you wore your goggles XXX viewers, this one is wetter than wet.


The ultimate part of this performance is Angela’s eyes and her expression. She basically makes this fantasy come to life. Every red-blooded male has had his woman simply melt him into a puddle of goo as she cums during rogh sex and then is sent into the stratosphere. As you see Angela give into pleasure as her eyes widen then simply glaze over in awe, it is simply wonderful beyond belief! You want to talk about a finish, my God, I do not think I have ever seen one like this climax, let’s just say, that for a change, the female talent is not the only one tasting the fruits of one erotic sex session. This was simply the scene of the film, one of the best of the 2017 and one that is simply award-worthy beyond belief!


Scene 3: Angela White, Alexis Texas, James Deen

Scene Features: Oil Action, Threesome Boy/Girl/Girl, Tit Fucking, Dirty Talk, Unique Positions and Angles, Face Sitting, Kinky Orgasms, Agressive Sex


The Reveal:

Alexis Texas, James Deen and Angela White

As we move to the pool after needing a cool off and some after scene two. The shift goes to a rather more natural look and setting. I have not seen Angela’s hair this natural in this style of film. It is something once again, new for the Angela White fan. To see her looking like this is simply another stylish cloak for one of the best damn performers this industry has ever seen. The swimsuit is simple. Angela is gorgeous enough, she makes any damn line of clothing look surreal and sexy no matter how Much of her is covered up. As Alexis floats by feet first, the audience is open to another stage of lighting and beauty. Alexis Texas, her look of sultry seduction is simply like Michael Jordan’s fadeaway, it is the stuff of pure legend, that will simply never be forgotten about in this industry. As the girls play and caress, Alexis’s look just grabs ahold of you as they tease each other will the brilliance that is porn’s true reveal. Buttwoman versus Titwoman is about to happen folks, and when it does, this opening simply has the allure to have you begging for buttermilk and that is no bullshit! I see why Angela chose Alexis. She simply keeps the fans heartbeats going with touches, gazes, licks, and laughs. With the pool reflection and color adding even more in terms of artistic erotica, I think we are in for another scene that may take a few weeks to get through, there will be so much action to watch and enjoy for any fan. Those big tits are in your face once again. The camera going in and out with a tight shot is simply yummy as can be. As James Deen casually makes his appearance the scene begins to take shape, as does a few other things with every audience member who appreciates this kind of star power brought together.

Alexis Texas, James Deen and Angela White The Sex:

Angela has stated before that this was one of her favorite scenes to shoot in all of 2017. The unique way to which it starts is just the tip of the iceberg. These three reek of aggressive tendencies and have the reputation to push the audience to their sexual limits with grace. The way that this scene unwinds to the audience it is once again beyond unique and beautiful as ever.


The orgasmic oral, the aggressive pass off from performer to performer, it will have fans of all three of these actors drooling and begging for more. Ladies and gents, I simply must say, this is one of the baddest tag teams you will see in adult cinema these days.


It is not enough that you will be hooting a hollering as these babes suck Dean’s manhood dry with precision and technique that is every bit as sexy as it is perfectly timed and performed. Heavenly head mean anything to you? It will after this fantasy.


The unsung hero of this scene is James Deen. His dirty talk is the spark that lights up the engines of these high-octane sex machines. The ladies are smiling almost every frame and that is what makes any sex scene stand out and is what adult movie magic is all about. I love that Dreadneck allowed the curvaceous twosome to come together in this scene. Angela ad Alexis, they create something that is beyond empowered sexual women.

Alexis Texas, James Deen and Angela White 

This is something that shows that the women can be every bit as aggressive and passionate as the male leads. That says a hell of a whole lot when you are talking James Deen is in the scene. I don’t know if this was the director’s intent, but Dreadneck takes scenes that are simple sometimes put on the back burner and he the adds a twist that simply is one of a kind to something most fans would call basic, never with this director. To see the Angela White's zest within the mix was something that I really enjoyed. It is the coming together of two worlds and once again, the action is aggressive yet sexy as fuck! The biggest branding upon your brain will be all the amazing positions. I was just enthralled with how many ways this threesome has at it. Very stylish and cool. When you see Angela get her turn as the signal caller, the dirty talk gets that much sexier and the scene simply explodes into this wonderful realm of unique cinema once again. The climax is something to be marveled at in this one. I must say that when you have a scene that stretches this long, and you are not checking the clock, that is the best of things. That is the way that Angela grabs your emotions. One of the best damn threesomes of 2017 once again.


Scene 4: Angela White, Isiah Maxwell and Prince Yahshua

Scene Features: Threesome Boy/Boy/Girl, Anal, DP, Amazing Deep Throat Action, Spit

Angela White, Prince Yahshua and Isaiah Maxwell 

The Reveal:

I do not know if this woman has psychic powers beyond belief. One thing Angela and I have talked about a few times is the beauty of woman her ability to caress and stroke a man’s imagination without ever taking off a stitch of clothing. Angela goes one beyond that. She showcases exactly what it would be like to wake up next to the AVN Female Performer of the Year. The way that the music takes you off your feet and into a dream is surreal. I love how Angela keeps the camera in her view and teases the fans at every chance possible. The lingerie is sexy, and the innocence theme is large and in charge when it comes to the presentation of the opening of this film. When you see the rose pedals come out you will be in a trance that no hypnotist will be able to snap you out of. When both leading men walk into the room, the action is a go from the start and one thing is for damn sure, Angela always puts on one hell of a show with these two gentlemen.


The Sex:

Angela White, Prince Yahshua and Isaiah Maxwell 

This is DP, Three-way action at its finest. First off, Prince Yahshua is the guy you always want involved in a threesome. He makes the performers cum and cum again and then has them turn into putty in his hands. No matter if it is his eye contact or his smooth delivery, Prince Yahshua simply makes Angela look her best and has the fans eye bugging out of their heads as Angela creams and creams again showing off her orgasms with the most scrumptious facial expressions. Now, don’t look past Isiah Maxwell, this fella is having one hell of a 2018 so far and with these types of jaw-dropping escapades, he is certainly in line for some hardware come next January. The way that these two hit Angela’s stride from each side is just wonderful. It is slippery and sexy to watch Angela swallow Isiah’s meaty manhood whole and the Prince pounds her pussy into submission while whispering sweet something in her ear. Hos frim tone is so commanding in this scene and adds some spunk to an already engaging sexual encounter. Ladies, I am going to tell you this, Isiah, he is one hell of a specimen, fuck going to see the male dancers at some smoke-filled bar, all you have to do is pop this bad boy into your DVD player and you will be set for an evening indoors. My goodness, you hear it all the time that this industry is about the big dicks, the big tits, and the hard bodies, well, Mr. Maxwell, he is simply putting on one hell of a show for his lady fans I do see why the ladies of the business love him themselves. The camera angles they get nice and tight in certain spots and they always seem to be something gets Angela’s booty involved every single time. These two have done this before and you can tell but the sex is not staged nor is it boring. The slow is constant from start to finish. Dare I say that this scene follows the most standard of positions and views and says a hell of a whole lot being as this scene contains Prince Yahshua and Isiah Maxwell. When you see the look on Isiah’s face as he gets Angela’s tongue stroking all over his shaft with Prince hitting it from the backside in the rear-view mirror, this scene goes into ultra-kink mode and the fans who were waiting for Angela’s D are going to be pleasantly surprised with how sexy it all turns out. I think that when you see this one climax you may have to stay in bed for a week. This is simply the perfect end to the perfect film. I simply have to say bravo to this trifecta for one hell of an end climax.


 Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Don Juan DeMarko

The attention to Angela’s breasts is what made this film so good, so true to form and something that honestly is one of a kind. XCritic pick is written all over this films cover. I can not explain how unique this cinema is. Angela speaks without words in so many scenes and makes her character come to life with just the sway of her hips, and the bounce of her amazing breasts. You can tell that there was so much compromise and that each performer yielded not only the things that they love most and perform so well, they even ventured a bit into territory that has never been seen. You must love a film that makes a veteran fan stand up and cheer. This is a film that is not boring and the same old bullshit. Angela is not a woman known to every put out such films, but it says a lot about an actor, a performer when you can stay this fresh after doing this for so many years. She keeps her fans minds spinning into orbit. Everything in this film is top notch. The editing never misses a beat, I dare you to find more than two moments where you can tell that shooting stopped and then resumed. Hell, it could be that this cast simply had way too much damn fun and there were almost no damn stops throughout the entire film, either way, would not surprise me. You get a few films that get XCritic Pick by the skin of their teeth. This one ladies and gents it has it all, complete with amazing behind the scenes action and something that I saw very few films had in 2017, a unique feel and vibe from the moment the root title pops up on your screen. When you get such understanding and the molding of two brands, you get something far beyond an adult film. You get art, you get kink, and for you the porn fan, you get something that you will cherish forever and have in your porn collection just as long. This film is simply for everyone. This film is one that has thought behind it and investment. I hope that this is something that contniues in the industry, for this is a film that is defined in one way, trend setting.





"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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