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Girls With Guns

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/22/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Feature, Sci-Fi
Director: Dick Bush
Writer: Ginny Rex Producer/Production Designer: Danny D


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Cast: Kenzie Reeves, Giselle Palmer, Tina Kay, Alyssia Kent, Danny D, Michael Vegas, Ryan Ryder
Non-Sex Roles: Alex Donald, Axel Aces, Dean Van Damme, Josh Watkins, Sam Bourne, Ben Kelly, Luke Warm
Length: 2 hours 22 minutes
Date of Release: February 27, 2018
Extras: Photo Gallery, Web Info
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Quality, High-Def capture, and presentation in an anamorphic widescreen format. The dialog is clear. Stylistic lighting may turn some viewers off as it alters skin tones as they move from one color to another.
Overview: "The Agency" has been developing a group of beautiful androids trained to kill. Their problem is they have a nemesis, a subversive faction that is looking to put an end to The Agency and its nefarious ways. Digital Playground does what they do well, they grab some hot ladies that can actually spit out a few lines before and after their sexual encounters and they toss in some practical and digital FX along with some stylistic set design and form-fitting attire for the ladies along with good costuming for the guys.
Scene 1: Giselle Palmer, Ryan Ryder

Giselle Palmer 
Our buxom blond starlet (2018 nominee for Best New Starlet at XBIZ and AVN), Giselle orally ravishes Ryder. She then gets a cock-crazed look in her eyes as he bends her over an office chair to take her in a standing doggie, her ass bouncing with excitement. She grunts and groans as she gets methodically pounded, Ryan pulling up a seat to allow her to show off her bush in a high-octane reverse cowgirl romp. (I actually checked my playback speed thinking I had inadvertently sped this scene up but it was normal, she really does fuck him that fast) That furious fucking results in a body-shaking orgasm for her, Ryan giving her a reach-around to induce a second one.

Giselle Palmer

She gives him another round of oral before they move to a nearby bed where Ryan gives her a titty-shaking shagging as she stares into his face, his lips and teeth clamping onto her nipples. Her body again shakes in orgasm as he jams away and I again check my playback speed...nope...still just her. He crams a couple of fingers into her mouth and they roll over for another fellating at light speed, her lips resting on his balls.Climbing into cowgirl, she gives him an intense fucking, easily the most intense ride I've seen so far this year! He whispers something to her and she slows a bit, Ryan repositioning to have a snack from between her legs and Giselle again taking him balls deep in her mouth as she throws a leg over him into a 69. Another round of titty-jiggling spoon fucking ensues, her nipples getting coated with Ryder's man juice at the end.
Scene 2: Tina Kay, Danny D

Tina Kay

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Tina Kay may be one of the hottest, nearly unsung starlets around. She was born in Lithuania but is living in the UK these days which gives her a very nice voice for her role here as a government agent but that's not what most viewers will tune into. Rather, they will be mesmerized by her shiny black skirt and shiny red top that reflect the stylistic lighting in the government control room where she gets busy with Danny. Her lithe, lean frame and high cheekbones also catch that light very nicely as she demonstrates her slurp and jerk skills. That body is showcased as she gets the Big D while leaning against an industrial shelf unit while spouting dirty words, her red lips immaculately painted.

Tina Kay

As evidenced while she lies back in a chair, this is a starlet who is not afraid to get her knees dirty and banged up. I'm not sure who the janitorial staff is at the "government facility" but they might want to drag a mop around once in a while. Danny has a tough time with the angle as she sits in the chair, so he pulls up his own chair and she jumps on his jock. Her ponytail flails around as she rides, Tina reaching back to play with her ass, Danny inserting a finger into it momentarily. She's like a sexual whirlwind, her box barren and reddened. That could be razor burn or it could just be the bluish light making it appear redder than it is. Falling to the floor, the duo rub at her crotch and Danny plows into it, a hand wrapped around Kay's throat, her leg and then a second over his shoulder. Like a ravenous best, she inhales his manhood, ripping off her top as the camera sits inches away from her gleaming eyes. She goes for another round of bump and grind on top of him and he lifts her, carrying her back to the chair where they again try to find a suitable position for their play. A quick round of doggie and she's back on her knees with Danny unloading a series of streams across her smiling face.
Scene 3: Giselle Palmer, Kenzie Reeves, Michael Vegas

Giselle Palmer, Kenzie Reeves
Michael takes the ladies to the shower to clean up a bit, the ladies exploring each other's bodies and then exploring Michael's. Their mouths work in tandem to bring him erect. Vegas works Giselle's crotch with his fingers as Kenzie keeps smoking his pole. Once everyone's nice and clean, Michael shuts off the water (safety first) so Giselle can get busy with her rodeo-riding while she licks Kenzie's crack. She stops to give some head while Vegas busies himself with Reeves who is squatting on his face and straddling him so he can double-hand diddle her. The sex sounds echo around the tile enclosure and Kenzie takes a perch on Michael's pole.

Giselle Palmer, Kenzie Reeves

Giselle rubs Kenzie's crotch as she rides, wide-legged and eyes rolling back into her skull. Vegas fingers Palmer, driving her wild and prepping her for the standing nailing she's about to get. Kenzie's tiny titties sport fully erect nipples, silhouetted nicely as she licks at Giselle waiting for her turn to be drilled and licked simultaneously. Our startlets stack themselves in doggie and Michael goes from hole to hole, a position which seems to be awkward but not a challenge for him to accomplish. Some more oral work goes down as the ladies restack themselves at a different angle and then receive some more dick while standing. They share his load as they kneel before him, passing it back and forth.
Scene 4: Alyssia Kent, Kenzie Reeves, Michael Vegas

Alyssia Kent, Kenzie Reeves
Alyssia is a svelte Romanian just getting into the biz, this being her first DVD credit sitting atop a dozen web scenes. Here, she works Michael with her lips after strapping Kenzie onto a table with a fucking machine installed on it. Kenzie seems to be enjoying the slow pistoning from the machine while Kent gets hammered from behind. The ladies moan in unison, their skin tones contrasting as Alyssia bends over the blonde. The contrast is even more evident when the raven-haired starlet straddles her and Michael drills her from above. The fuck machine gets turned off at some point, the ladies concentrating on oral work with Vegas, Alyssia's lipstick obviously of the waterproof variety and Kenzi opting for the smear-it-everywhere look.

Alyssia Kent, Kenzie Reeves

Michael is prepped for another round in the Romanian, who squeals and moans as she shakes her rump while getting hammered from behind. Come Kenzie's turn, Michael lifts her and places her gently on the bedframe which is sans mattress, so is probably less than comfy to lay on but she enjoys some tongue lashings from him as Kent places some foam bricks beneath her, making sure to save a couple to kneel on herself while she straddles the blonde's face. I have to wonder what's with those foam bricks? I'm assuming they probably cost more than tossing an old mattress on the bed but I could be wrong. Kenzie approaches bobblehead status as Michael gets busy with her in doggie and then decides to take a break, carefully lying on an assortment of foam. That leads the ladies to a final round of fellatio that results in a finale in Kenzie's mouth which she drizzles into Alyssia's.
Final Thoughts: It's an android flick, the androids, of course, having bodies built for sin. Giselle Palmer and Kenzie Reeves both appear in two scenes, Alyssia Kent and Tina Kay each featured in one. It's a stylized feature similar to other Digital Playground flicks. The lighting designer for this company seems to have a preference for certain gel colors - mostly blues and deep pinks. Back in the day, I could've made an educated guess as to which Lee filter numbers those correspond to but that would be way too nitpicky and I'm way out of touch with gel swatches these days.

I'm normally a Michael Vegas fan but he seemed "off" sexually in this flick. Perhaps it was because even though he was having sex with hot ladies, neither of those sets were designed with comfort in mind. A tile floor and a steel frame. Danny D also seemed to have to improvise his positioning and finally opted for the concrete floor. Ryan Ryder fared better with his hardcore romping from Giselle. I applaud Digital Playground for continuing to take hot girls and put them in scripted features with at least a decent effort to provide them with some quality guys and more than a modicum of thought given to the production design and special FX. Here, they did a nice job with old-school practical FX, including blood squibs and prosthetics along with the requisite contact lenses and digital effects necessary for a hacker/android flick. To me, Tina Kay was the attention grabber and scene stealer here and I'll watch that scene again a few times. Giselle made me check my playback speed not once but multiple times because her romp is that fast and furious! Those two are what keep this disc from getting a lower rating than I'm going to give it. However, keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the fact that this disc has no extras worth mentioning will force it to the low end of a Recommended rating. If Tina Kay isn't your cup of tea then you might want to watch this on demand, I however really like listening to banging looking Euro babes spout dirty talk while they get shagged.

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