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Ultimate Fuck Toy: Jill Kassidy

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 3/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 56 minutes

Cast: Jill Kassidy, Jules Jordan, Jessy Jones, Prince Yahshua, Bella Rose, Markus Dupree, and Steve Holmes

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Star Showcase

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes, photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: After lying dormant for a couple years, Jules Jordan's "Ultimate Fuck Toy" DVD series is back, with its overarching goal still in mind: showcase a rising starlet in porn by giving her a well-shot, cornucopic showcase her versatility. For Jill Kassidy, who has had a meteoric rise in the industry at the tail-end of 2017, with momentum sustained well into the new year, this means having a scene with two guys, one with a guy and a girl, her first interracial, a loose narrative-based scene, and a well-maintained gonzo scene all on one disc, amazingly kept under three hours. Ultimate Fuck Toy: Jill Kassidy is one of the many DVD showcases the 21-year-old breakout star is bound to get, but they also bear the lofty challenge of living up to the standards of Jordan's latest home-run.

Scene 1: Jill Kassidy, Jules Jordan, and Jessy Jones

The titular superstar-in-the-making has a gentle but spirited solo to kick off her showcase, as she rocks revealing lingerie against the angelic light of a window. She arches her back on a nearby bed, flashing us a better look of her blue eyes, long legs, and jiggly booty. There's no other way to say it; Jill Kassidy is a stunner.

We then cut to Jill being embraced, her body rubbed all over by the likes of director Jules Jordan and Jessy Jones. Their brief love affair with her alluring figure is ceased by Jill's forwardness in getting them out of their drawers and their cocks in her mouth. She devotes equitable attention and oral prowess to both the men as they stand, sometimes idly, at other times actively, trying to find new ways they can assist Jill in her already exceptional blowjob technique.

Jules is the first to insert himself from behind while the two stand; he trades with Jessy, who does the same, during this time, the other man has his dick stroked. When Jill's on her back, legs parted, Jessy gets in her snatch at a better angle while Jules stuffs her mouth to keep her busy at all times. The men enjoy her like this, but later indulge when she takes a seat on Jules' lap, riding away while stroking and fellating Jessy. Jill's rounded hips are intoxicating to watch, and in the process, she slides over to award Jessy the same treatment she was giving Jules before, only this time, lurching over him in missionary to suck Jules's cock. Oddly enough, it's in this position her oral prowess is at its most impressive, with deepthroating and teabagging both occurring within a matter of moments.

Later on, Jules drills Jill in reverse cowgirl while she twiddles her pussy until being faced with Jessy's cock, which causes her to devote her uninterrupted attention to him. A similar situation happens when Jules opts for doggystyle, going deep initially causing Jill to show off her O-face, priming Jessy for another oral-entry. In response, Jill slobbers and drools all over him and eventually then eventually lets Jules have a go when his time comes. Both men paint her face simultaneously with long strands of cum, as if to thank her for her tireless work and her uniformly strong opening scene for her very own DVD. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Jill Kassidy and Prince Yahshua

Jules starts off by claiming Jill is going to do "wonderful things with [her] amazing body." She certainly dressed for the duty, boasting a dark black lingerie set with long strands of fabric that ride up her waist and crotch; see-through panties and bra round out the aesthetically gorgeous outfit. We soon learn this will be Jill's first interracial scene, with the charismatic Prince Yahshua nonetheless. He enters after Jill teases us to exhaustion per Jules' instructions, making his entrance with hungry eyes, going right for her butt while she's in mid-arch.

Prince, in predominately softspoken but suave-fashion, tongues her ass and pussy while Kill's eyes flutter in bliss. He takes his time admiring every corner of her body. At least, he let's her pull down his pants to see what' he's packing. "All yours," he tells her. "I'm so lucky," she says, trembling a bit before diving in head first. She favors the head of Prince's shaft but never ceases stroking what she can't wrap her mouth around. She also doesn't neglect his balls and tries a variety of speeds on the veteran star, coating him in drool to prepare him for what's to come in the best possible way.

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Prince gives Jill her first dose of interracial sex while she lies on her back, hiking her leg in the air while he reciprocates by giving her all he has right off the bat. Jill giggles, as if to break up the feeling of fullness she's experiencing, but his methods show to be reliable once again, as they result in an orgasm for her early on. In missionary, Jill dribbles her butt up and down Prince's lap, having fun tossing her hips about; the bigger the dick, the more impressive she handles it, so it seems. Shifting into reverse cowgirl with legs spread and a brief masturbation technique quick enough to cause carpal tunnel, Jill sees Prince doesn't hold back here either. He redirects her on her side, where the rapid finger-work returns fora  moment and both let loose on another.

This continues in doggy. Jill shimmies her hips around Prince's dick while he gives her even strokes in return, grabbing a hold of her lingerie for added support. He finds his grove in this position enough to subsequently dump his load directly into her mouth. An authentic little monologue from Jill comes at the end, with her expressing hope that viewers liked what they saw. You can't fake this kind of sincerity and professionalism gift-wrapped at the end of a well-done, well-shot scene like an Easter egg. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Jill Kassidy, Bella Rose, and Markus Dupree

Jill and Bella Rose stand at attention in low-cut white-tanks and the shortest of mini-skirts. Jill initially takes the lead in initiating some soft foreplay, but Bella doesn't take long to find her footing. The petite beauty has just as much fun grabbing a handful of Jill's butt as Jill does lusting after the nipples of her friend's perky breasts. "It tastes so good," she says with a wide smile after licking Bella's ass and agreeing to be "extra naughty" for the viewers.

The two put on a show for the handsome Markus Dupree, who watches the women play with one another, cock in hand. Jill, again, takes the lead, at least until Markus invites himself into the picture prematurely, with Bella in doggy. The young lady's erotic pose has him going for her vagina right away, stopping only to be intermittently fellated by Jill. The girls have lovely chemistry together, even early on, as they do things like provide one another with spit for lube, widen their partner's mouths with their fingers, or aid in their friend's ecstasy in some way.

Markus gives it to Jill on her back with Bella cleaning his shaft when he breaks. Markus then has his choice of lady when both Jill and Bella arch their backs to initiate their individual ride. He begins by pummeling the thin Bella with back-breaking penetration before moving to test Jill's dick-taking ability by slamming her booty wildly. Once again, seeing the girls band together to achieve mutual satisfaction is the cornerstone of this scene. Bella uses her fingers on Jill's pussy later as she watches her girl-friend collapses on Markus in reverse cowgirl. The two are great at sucking dick together later on, with these moments recalling Jill's powerful statements in Swallowed.com Volume 11 and Sperm Diet 2 showing that she had oral capabilities like few other starlets in this industry.

Afterwards, it's Bella's turn in reverse cowgirl, and Markus makes it worth the wait. He gets her in a gentle headlock, which serves as Jill's cue to eat pussy. Jill then selflessly allows Bella to continue riding in missionary, even moistening Markus's dick for her. The position turns into Markus hoisting her in the air while Jill laps his balls. Bella is so in the moment, I'm not sure she notices, at least until it's impossible to ignore.

In the home-stretch, Markus abruptly hounds Jill to the bar, where she submits by bending over to be taken by his forward propositioning. Bella holds her friend and plays with her mouth. He splashes a messy load on both of their faces, though Bella gets nailed the most before the two kiss and relish what a great time they had showing off their zealous sexual experience. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Jill Kassidy and Steve Holmes

Now, for the most unrealistic scenario of the disc: nice-girl Jill Kassidy has found herself in detention, reprimanded by Principal Steve Holmes, who informs her not to use her phone during her punishment period. Of course, when he briefly leaves, Jill disobeys his orders by snapping a barrage of selfies of her crotch and ass, only for him to return upon seeing some of the shots posted on Twitter. He tells her that he cannot tolerate her nor the school getting into trouble, which forces him to paddle her ass with a ruler. Steve then finds Jill's underwear is wet and sees a go-ahead signal in her eyes. "I won't tell if you won't tell," he bluntly states. "Sounds good," she responds.

At the sight of his cock, Jill sinks to her knees and gives her principal a deepthroat-heavy blowjob. He gets a better look at what Jill's hiding under her skirt by perching her on his desk and massaging her pussy with her panties. He even stops to enjoy the scents of her heels and her socks. Jill then hangs her head over the desk to get her principal's cock down her throat. After taking his time scolding her, eating her out, and shoving his fingers inside of her, Steve slides his cock into her while she's still on her back. With her leg resting on his shoulder, Jill stares at his size making room for itself in her pussy, wearing a face of pain and pleasure when he uses his fingers as his penetration intensifies.

Steve sinks his face into her behind before proceeding to rhythmically hump his student; this coming right after Jill undoes her skimpy top for him, revealing her medium bust, and slipping out of her skirt for a little ass worship and spanking to commence. Steve then seamlessly shifts from doggystyle into reverse cowgirl, where Jill flares her crotch to fall deep down onto his lap and give him a slow ride from behind. This even allows her to snap a mid-sex selfie for her friends to see.

The home-stretch shows effective multitasking on Steve's behalf, fucking Jill missionary with fingers in her butt and vagina all at once. He then scoops her off the desk and pile-drives hr on the floor, which is the happy medium that allows him to spray a load on her mouth and face. It might've been an interesting move to include more narrative-based scenes in this compilation to show how talented Jill is when she's faced with a bit of a story, but as it stands, her ditty with Steve Holmes is more than effective entertainment. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 5: Jill Kassidy and Jules Jordan

It's cool to see Jules Jordan more explicitly branch into gonzo directing, as the setup for this disc's closer is substantially different in style than the previous scenes. Jules picks up Jill in his luxury car, and he lauds her impeccable ability to tease on social media like she does in person. She's in high-riding neon-pick volleyball shorts and a tight top, which she pulls up to snap photos of herself riding shotgun. The sun kisses her skin as her and Jules make casual small-talk while they rides topless down a suburban street.

Jill confess to giving a lot of "road head" in her day, prompting Jules to express interest with her agreeing to show him what she's got. He pulls over, reclines his seat back, and lets Jill work her Houdini magic. She does all the work, whipping his dick out and proving to him she's a woman of skill and exhibitionist desires by loudly slurping his dick. Jules' handheld camera finds a variety of workable angles in a tight space, all of which capturing closeups of Jill's mouth and eyes that fuel such an arousing bout of blowjob action. Things soon transition to the backseat where Jill trots her ass on Jules' lap, throwing her butt on his shaft, yet again showing her vehicular talents are quite limitless.

Their rendezvous in the car concludes only to "finish what they started" in doors, as Jules puts it. He follows Jill inside, him and his camera ogling her booty as it sashays upstairs and on ottomans while she strips. Jill then proceeds to wolf down Jules' cock, allowing her mouth to sink down on his shaft like it's nothing. He keeps the gonzo perspective when he enters Jill's pussy while she perches herself on a small bed, her legs separate wide to permit easy entry.

She bites her lip as if to conceal her unmistakable smile, but her facial expressions are at least left to the imagination in a subsequent session of doggystyle where she backs her ass onto Jules' penis. A closeup POV blowjob rivals the "road head" sequence for sizzling intimacy, and Jules then strokes as Jill eases herself onto him in reverse cowgirl, again, as seen from his point-of-view. These angles and this kind of passion prove to be enough to cause Jules to spurt his load in her mouth, concluding things by lauding her flexibility in having sex in a variety of different ways in a variety of different places. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Ultimate Fuck Toy: Jill Kassidy lives up to the title of the ongoing series because it showcases Jill Kassidy's flexibility as a performer, as well as her willingness to push herself to the limit and do a barrage of different scenes. It would've been nice for her personality to be communicated in the scenes more. There's so much potential here to go behind the smiley, effortlessly charming young woman and see her as a gifted performer with a lot of talent when given scenes with even the slightest narrative (something that's shown during her scene with Steve Holmes). Her highlights come out throughout the disc in glaring moments of her teamwork with fellow starlet, Bella Rose, and her unmatched sincerity during the course of her first interracial scene — a scene she knows her growing fanbase will appreciate. There's a lot to admire about Jules Jordan's showcase, including his continued desire to experiment, but first and foremost, the presence of someone who will hopefully be in the industry for a long, long time.

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