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Studio: VIP Digital Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Fetish, Femdom, Vampires
Director: Jersey Black


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Cast: Courtney Taylor, AJ Applegate, Mercedes Carrera, Masked Men
Length: 2 hours 25 minutes
Date of Release: October 2017
Extras: 1:15 minute BTS
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k. Uses old-school transitional screen wipes and some very basic special FX to convey some things. Shot gonzo style which turns to POV at times. Not quite shakycam but not the most fluid camera handling on the planet. The audio levels vary with the distance to the on-camera mic which picks up moans and slurps much better than the dialog. The disc offers a TON of chapter points, so you can FF and REW to your heart's content without missing an entire section.  
Overview: It's a femdom disc. There's no reason for me to do a play-by-play description in any scene because they all pretty much just involve our starlets jerking and blowing our guys until they are nearing explosion and then backing off for a bit before letting them release. The twist to "traditional femdom" is that these chicks have fangs, they are vampires that live off cum rather than blood. Each lady gets a number of chapters on the disc, all menu-selectable so you can jump right to your favorite outfit on your favorite lady, which is kind of cool.
Scene 1: Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera

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Mercedes really plays up the vampire aspect, with long fangs. She addresses the viewer directly, breaking the fourth wall with her dominant narration. One by one, she gives her subs handjobs and blowjobs, teasing them to the brink and then backing off momentarily, until she is ready to zap their energy and drink their cum. One of the scenes comes complete with cheesy special FX that illustrate the power she is obtaining from the men. She mostly stays clothed, but there are moments where her assets do get showcased. It's Mercedes, she looks great as always.

Mercedes Carrera
Scene 2: AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate
AJ's eyes are hypnotic, any porn fan knows that already but here they get special FX that illustrate their hypnotic ability. Like Mercedes, she also breaks the fourth wall for a bit at the start and then turns her attention to her guy while showing off her goods. AJ spends a good deal of time with dirty talk as she teases, so many fans will want to check that out as the fanged seductress grinds on her guy. She's very seductive looking in her white outfit, playing coy and looking pretty until she starts dominating with an evil laugh as her sub reaches the brink and she forbids it. Once it's allowed to happen, his cock is between her ass cheeks and he explodes like Vesuvius, his load skyrocketing up and back all over him. Two of her subs get to unload this way, the other two rocketing into her mouth.

AJ Applegate
Scene 3: Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor
Courtney's the only one who starts off with an unmasked man. Right before the FX kick in, she flubs her line and doesn't seem to notice or care. She only breaks the fourth wall when the shot turns POV, never really addressing the viewer at other times. She uses her hands, lips, and tits to tease her men into their final countdowns. She seems a bit more dominant than the others and if you are a sub male then that may appeal to you more than the others. 

Courtney Taylor
Final Thoughts: Let me be clear, Femdom isn't my thing. Neither is POV filming. So, this disc really didn't appeal to me, personally. Now, let me throw in some modifiers to that statement. I am a Mercedes Carrera fan and also an AJ fan. To me, those two are what makes this title appealing to a bit more than a very niche group of viewers. Without the star power this disc has, this would be for a very, very narrow target audience. Not a lot of casual viewers want to see guys in masks get jerked off for two hours. Between the three starlets here, that's what changed my mind about my final recommendation for the disc. Each of them has been around for quite some time, have received plenty of accolades, and gathered tons of fans. That's what makes this work, I reiterate.

Now, obviously, there's a niche group of people that this is geared towards. For them, they may want to up my recommendation. For seriously casual viewers, downgrade it. For those fans in the middle that are casual-to-heavy porn viewers that have a thing for these starlets, this might be a title that catches your fancy because it's not something you come across every day in your local porn store. In fact, it is not widely available online yet as it is done by a brand new studio, Women On Top. If you're a collector or want to see one of these hotties really play to the camera (ie. the viewer) in a way that they usually don't get to, definitely check this out. Personally, I really liked AJ's performance here and Mercedes really worked her scenes also. Taylor's performance may appeal to those that like their femdom a bit more dominant as she seems a bit harsher to the guys verbally. With all that in mind, I'd say Watch This On Demand when you're craving something just a bit different than your standard porn fare.

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