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True Anal Love

Studio: TrueAnal.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/4/18

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The main menu of disc 1


  ANAL IN EVERY SCENE! is loudly advertised in the upper-middle point in the box. This celebrated phrase is surrounded by the gorgeous girls who can be found on this DVD. You’ll find Alex Grey ’s cutting gaze as she brandishes a pink fishnet outfit with her hands firmly on her hips. Mia Malkova’s pretty smile is centered right next to her credit which is directly under the “ANAL IN EVERY SCENE!” line in this frontal collage. Expect a lot of light colors spilling around the portraits of the girls emanating the brightly themed design. “True Anal Love”, the title of the film sits at the bottom of the box art with a proper director credit to Mike Adriano.  Right at the bottom corner, you’ll see it’s a two-disc set as indicated by an emblem with two scenes per disc.  Look up to the left top corner where you’ll read Anya Olsen’s name with “ORAL ONLY” written in a show of honest marketing. Which is something you’ll see more of if you open up the box and look at the discs themselves. On each of the two discs, you’ll see a picture of the girls taken from the box art. For example, on disc 1 you’ll see both Lana Rhoades and Mia Malkova on the artwork of the actual disc which features both of their scenes acting as a visual aid for the viewer.

  Flip the box over to get a slew of hardcore snaps from the actual feature.  Explicit images of close-up anal penetration pictures coupled with alerting phrases like “GAGGING AND GAPING FUN!” fill out the back box. On the very bottom back you’ll see legal jargon stationed right above the microscopic descriptions of the “Runtime”,  “Multiple Chapter Stops”, “Cumshot Recap” and an advertised “Photo Gallery”.  You can also read (if you have a magnifying glass handy) that there is no regional coding and a video format of 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen displays.

Special features menu on disc 2
A  bar of moving montages streams across the screen of the main menu. It splits the TRUE ANAL LOVE logo in an interesting design move.  Three main options greet you at the bottom of the main menu screen with “Play Feature”, “Scene Selection”, and  “Special Features”.  Disc 2 has the actual access to the Special Features which you’ll find out if you try to access them yourself on Disc 1.

Cast: Anya Olsen , Jillian Janson, Alex Grey, Mia Malkova, Lana Rhoades, Mike Adriano.
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Approx. Runtime: 4 hours and 10 minutes
Number of Scenes: 4
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No


Do you love anal? If so you just discovered True Anal Love. The name Mike Adriano should be familiar to you if you are indeed a butt fuck freak. The man specializes in the slamming of sphincters with his colossal catalog of signature colon crushing scenes. It’s a fact that girls in the industry fall in love with his fat phallus upon first being fucked by it. Is it because of the shape of it? It seems his dick was designed to split butt cheeks. And if that’s the case then the True Anal line of scenes are filmed for the purpose of capturing Mike’s phallus plowing through a plethora of porn girl’s pooters. Chances are if you have a favorite performer she may have worked with Adriano in some shape or form.

Thankfully, now we have DVDs serializing the website of True Anal’s awesome catalog in collectible vignettes.  Each one creatively titled instead of the usual series enumeration which is a common facet of the adult biz. With True Anal, you have a feature subtitle like True Anal “Nymphos” or True Anal “Addiction”.  Obviously, in this film’ s particular moniker you’ll find “LOVE” as the title to the disc.  As a collector, the first scene thing that caught my eye was the iridescent gaze of Lana Rhoades.  It looks like a Lana lover’s dream cum true when you have her paired with an anal focused studio like True Anal. Everything from how long the scene is to just her overall look it’s sure to be a favorite among the Lana legions. Mike Adriano tends to stock up his films with sought-after stars because he has fans on his mind when he makes his movies. This iteration of butt blasting scenes is no exception as you’ll also see Mia Malkova’s marvelous butt get split open as well in honor of total fan service.


  Lana Rhoades has an active fan base that loves and supports her with loyal fervor. At one point this gleaming starlet was that doe-eyed new girl just waiting to blossom in this biz. I remember hearing her on a podcast when she was barely known, now  Lana is in full bloom with some of the best butt stuff I’ve seen in the world of anal (and much more). So when I see Lana Rhoades arching that immaculate ass of hers on the box cover, as a collector, I just want to reach and snag it up for my collection.

 Lana is a true beauty.

 Mike Adriano is just as happy to have Lana Rhoades on board as well. The intro/interview covers her active anal life during the beginning of the tease. The minute she got up from on the couch my jaw hit the floor. The camera toys with her fantastic frame as it scans her during the brief interview.  “You like these tits?”, Lana says as she bounces up and down. “Tell me you like them?” She once again presses. Mike Adriano obviously complies by praising her tight titties.  She does great preliminary butt winking at the camera as she speaks with Mike. While she’s back laying on the couch Lana has her legs in the air with a full spread showing her pussy and ass. She adorably begs for Mike Adriano’s participation during this tease.

Lana is ready for anal.

“I’ll suck your dick first then I’ll let you fuck any of my holes that you want..” Lana sets the itinerary for this intense scene that’s truly about to take off when she starts swallowing that cock. The way this sweety slams cock down her throat is something every Lana fan is lucky to have. I understand Mike fighting off the premature ejaculation in this scene as the devouring of his penis takes place. Her eyes piercing through our screens, just imagine how (good) Adriano felt when he witnessed this first hand. Next Lana dives right into rimming with her tongue slammed directly into Mike Adriano’s rectum. The camera gets in position for perfect close-ups where you’ll have Lana Rhoades’ head taking up most of the screen as she munches man ass. At one point Lana reaches for the couch to arch her ass out eagerly expecting the anal to be activated at the scene. This was extremely sexy to me as it showed how excited Lana Rhoades is. Soon enough we will have her butt split but not after a few more throat pumps from Adriano.

The anal pumping proceeds finally for Lana after she administers lube up her ass upon her own request. She then gets what she was waiting for all along, Mike Adriano’s fat dick piston pumping her tight asshole. She’s on her back in anal missionary in a camera view that’s again in close up to capture the “pretty little gapes”, as she describes. 
Seeing Lana Rhoades belt out lines of extremely dirty dialogue is absolutely poetic. These sleazy stanzas being recited as this absolute beauty is getting her butt reamed. More beautiful poetry occurs in the form of Lana’s pink gapes being pulled wide open after Mike ejects his cock. She’s got the infamous Gape Gloves on (knitted gloves for added effect) so you know it’s serious.

Lana rim inhaling Mike's ass.

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Time for the anal cowgirl! Lana intimately describes how she “wants to sit on that dick and let it sink all the way into her asshole..” while mounting Mike Adriano like a feline seductress. I once again can’t express how excited I am to have this DVD in my collection as one of my favorite sex positions is about to be instated. Why do I like to watch anal cowgirl so much? It’s the best set up for an ass fanatic to see the desired star of his choice get her cheeks split. I’d like to know if this favoritism reaches the cameramen/camerawomen who bring this delighted sex act to my sight? It must be as fun to film as it is to watch because time after time I see the performers bring out some of the most energetic displays of sex as they bounce up and down on dick.

When the gape gloves get put on Adriano himself that’s when the real graphic action starts. I understand gaping isn’t for most porn fans but if it’s your thing this anal cowgirl segment is full of them. The camera gets up close and personal during the severe cheek spreading. But when Lana’s butt is being spread wide open it’s being beautifully speared by the chubby lance of Adriano.  Now it’s time for a great camera angle framing Lana’s bubbly booty being bopped in doggy. Mike’s cock gets “absorbed” as he describes while sliding in-and-out-of-her dick in doggy. During the poundings, Lana Rhoades heralds the deep penetrating action as Mike’s balls slap against her clit. The next position set up after the doggy is a type of “anal lap dance” as it’s so accurately described by Adriano. Sitting reverse cowgirl is another variation of the title but this position shares one thing in common with the others as it contains a healthy dose of gaping. Gape-o-holics are taken care of in this Lana Rhoades scene. Some sideways spoon anal is also revealed to us with the action-oriented camerawork. Adriano does some ass to pussy transfer as Lana is slid into missionary in view of the camera. During the trade-off of orifices, Mike almost ejaculates before his cue which is again understandable.

Great Gapes

Time for the infamous speculum to come out which is an Adriano staple for the anal nuts out there. This just skyrockets the quality and nastiness of this Lana Rhoades rump reaming fest. A speculum is a device designed to inspect certain orifices of the human body. It’s a plastic contraption with a light built in that illuminates whatever hole it is prying open. In this case, it’s a butthole thankfully. The inner views are almost alien as the camera does extreme zoom shots of the graphic scene. The scene ends with an ass filling of Mike's cum which gets secreted into a martini glass for Lana to drink out of. Again if this isn’t for you I’d put on a Twisty’s DVD which is for tamer tastes. For extreme tastes, this scene is nothing short of a classic Lana Rhoades anal scene that should be watched in regimen if you’re a Lana lover.


The always glowing Mia Malkova shares her excitement as she explains why she is here: “To get her asshole penetrated by Mike Adriano’s dick.” Expressing playful worry at the size of the phallus that will penetrate her butthole she quickly laughs it off as both performers exude this genuine excitement for the anal assembly today. The minute Mia turns around during her modeling in this tease/intro the momentous glory starts.  “Bubble butt”,“plump rump”, etc.. All of these phrases can be thrown at the ass of Mia Malkova but nothing can capture the visual beauty of this booty in words. To see it tearing through an anal feature like this only entails one thing: Mike Adriano’s cock being suffocated and inhaled by those two superior butt cheeks. 

The glorious booty of Mia Malkova

“This is the perfect way to die!” Mike Adriano maniacally claims. He’s of course high off  Mia Malkova’s phenomenal butt. This is stated after his ass worshipping segment which had Mike stuffing his face between Mia’s cheeks and slightly kissing a bulbous booty cheek or two.  The tease worship segment takes us on a treadmill where the camera will film the mesmerizing feat of a simple walk. When you have cheeks that move like Mia Malkova ’s expect to fall under the spell of this simple walk-tease, especially if you have a fetish for bubble butts. Mike Adriano sure does! Mia loves it as she moans while Mike tongue fucks her ass. The camera almost right in there with him as he laps up her rectum. Some discussion of gapes happens during the feasting on her ass. This should excite any viewer watching this already hot scene. Sure enough, we see a giant purple butt plug inserted into the cheeks of Mia. It’s pulled out by Mike’s mouth in an impressive display of a gape betwixt two mountainous cheeks. Mike gets a few licks with his tongue into Mia’s delicious abyss. You can expect the camera to capture all the right shots of this opening. 

When Mia gets the cock in her mouth the gagging almost starts immediately. She’s hungry for Mike’s dick and this is apparent as her head bobs up and down. Blowjobs are very important in anal scenes like this as it’s a natural lubricant for Mike’s penis which is scheduled to slay Mia’s ass later in the scene. You also have to keep in mind aside from the importance of his teases Mike is BJ focused as well. I’ve noticed this after watching MANY of his scenes including his lauded Swallowed line of BJ films. Having an exceptional dose of oral action is what causes these scenes to be so massive. You can also expect to see Mike almost lose his load a few times as Mia Malkova devours his dick.

Mia demonstrating some stringers.

After Mia is soaking wet from her own saliva after that sloppy BJ. Now it’s time for her to dry off with some scalding hot anal fucking with Mike Adriano. This is truly a treat to see Mike tear into Mia’s rectum for our viewing pleasure. Mia is a darling of a performer you’ll see this as her smile shines while she gets ready for that cock to enter her ass. Legs up in the air and a close up shot of her spread we see Mike ease his phallus into her butthole. That beautiful smile of Mia’s slowly turning into a focused look of orgasmic intensity. Mike is now sliding in and out of her big beautiful butt as Mia sings in moans of approval.  Some gaping happens as Mike methodically pulls out to allow the revealing openings to occur.  All this pounding is happening in anal missionary with the detailed close-ups that we need. When Mia Malkova is arched in doggy it’s for the purpose of Mike Adriano to inject her ass with lube via an injector. This is done right before she mounts him in anal cowgirl which will be very exciting to watch if you love seeing that classic Mia hang that her cheeks of mastery exude.

Mia's beautiful smile behind a gape.

“Are you kidding me? This asshole feels just as good as it looks..” Mike heralds as Mia is hopping up and down on that dick in anal cowgirl.  If you have headphones on or a decent sound set up for your TV you’ll hear the intricate sliding sound of dick sliding up Mia’s ass. The cowgirl anal is the perfect fit for Mia Malkova in this hardcore butt-fuck scene but now it’s time for her massive butt melons to be arched in doggy and fucked by Mike’s dick which is now sopping wet with lube. More lube is poured on creating puddles of it around Mia's asshole which is plugged full of Mike Adriano’s penis. More lube is injected into Mia’s butt before Mike once again plows it in this position. The lube play is flowing in this scene and what better booty to administer it to than Mia Malkova’s. At one point  Mike has a red plastic up collecting the seepage of lubricants leaking from Mia’s delicious asshole. Some twerking happens during these breathtaking butt-tricks.  After some more pumps in sitting cowgirl Mike fires off an impressive load all over Mia’s smiling face.


If that often used term “tart” had a poster child it would be Alex Grey. She’s commanding of her sexuality yet retains that innocent look with her hypnotic gaze and that atomic blonde hair of hers. At the young age of 21, she carries herself like a performer who’s been in the business for 12 years! This is also Mike Adriano’s first time working with Alex’s ass in one of his features. Another high point for fan service in True Anal Love.  The incessant background noise during the outdoor tease is something I couldn’t help but pick up on. Expect crude noise in the form of landscapers in the distance buzzing away to planes flying over at the most inopportune times. It’s really not the fault of the director but I couldn’t help notice some zappy editing because of this. A minor hiccup as the scene starts to escalate into some serious butt fucking for Alex Grey.

Alex's pretty smile and gape.

When Alex’s tight ass is extended in doggy the magical gapes start to happen. That purple butt plug from previous scenes is firmly implanted in her ass as she is prepared to gape open for the camera once it’s removed. Great preparatory segments of extreme butt play always help with opening up the butt before Mike himself fills it with his hard dick. The pump shots are pictured perfectly as Mike Adriano pounds in and out of Alex Grey’s tiny little asshole. Her anus gulping every last thrust in this doggystlye sequence.  “I love having my ass filled like that..”, explains Alex Grey as she’s ass fucked to oblivion by Mike.  Various positions like Alex riding Mike in cowgirl anal which is a great go-to position for these anal bashing scenes found on this True Anal Love DVD. Every girl gets properly split in this revealing position and Alex Grey is no exception.

Mike urges Alex to speak dirty as he bangs her ass out. She mentions how “her tight little teen ass was begging to get fucked like this for so long..”, which is very exciting to hear to Mike as eagerly humps away. This is especially evident when  Alex is laying on her side as Mike Adriano is slamming her ass open to gaped glory.

The rimming of Alex Grey

After constant gapes, Alex Grey jumps down for a few oral stabs to her throat from Mike’s erect member. This adds flavorful variation to the perverted sex we are witnessing with this top tier tart. Alex Grey's scene had its fair share of audio hiccups but that didn’t stop the mega gapes from coming out of this tiny hole of hers.  I also really liked when Mike Adriano graphically tongue fucked Alex Grey ’s stretched open gapes.  Finally, ass to mouth happens right before Mike gets his shit-cutter rimmed and ravaged by Alex Grey in the name of summoning some seed. After Alex drops to her knees he drops a few nuts on the top of her tongue then inseminates her throat seconds later in another attempt. 


Porn pairings are important. For various reasons one of them being the compounding of energy from two particularly enigmatic babes. Or in this case two contrasting styles in performing between the girls. Jillian Janson and Anya Olsen are working together for the first time. Jillian being introduced to Anya doesn’t realize she doesn’t even perform anal yet as she is shocked at this revelation (at the time of this filming). So it’s going to be fun seeing how well they trade off sexual styles in this anal fuck fest with Mike Adriano (one anal only and one oral only).  Both bright beautiful babes with beaming rays of sexual energy make a great porno pairing further cementing this DVD as a pick for my collection. 

Porn pairing of Jillian Janson and Anya Olsen


“I’m going to be cleaning your dick off after it’s been in her cute little asshole..’, Anya admits as she has the task of lubricating this scene to keep its sloppy flow going. I call these scenes “sidekick scenes” where you have a female performer aiding another female performer during anal with the oral support that involves lots of salivae. Great dynamic to a threesome scene when you have another girl there to make sure that cock is constantly serviced.  The sleaziness starts after some inspections of Jillian Janson’s holes. They go right into oral as both Mike and Anya dig into Jillian’s genitals. 

This oral session migrates to Mike rimming both girls in tandem as they arch their butts in front of his face. Jillian then mounts Mike’s cock in anal cowgirl as this will also allow Anya Olsen to aide in the debauchery by sucking on Mike Adriano’s balls as Jillian bounces in anal cowgirl. The camera is right next to Anya’s face for a view of this.  It’s also Anya’s job to suck the dick once it pops out of Jillian Janson’s asshole while she’s on top of Mike.  The camera always has somewhere to go in this sloppy little threesome.  Expect them to return to oral with an intense double blowjob after those few anal cowgirl pumps to Jillian. Saliva and drool will fly as both girls double bang their heads into Mike’s now spit lathered cock.  The spit play is ever flowing, especially during the part where Jillian has her cutie booty arched for Mike to puncture. Anya is right there ready and waiting for those gapes that indeed are aplenty. Our hungry little nymph voracious digging into any gape that comes into sight as Mike fucks Jillian Janson’s ass wide open.  As Anya devours she also makes sure to leave a decent amount of spittle in her mission to also lather and lubricate. 

A ring of spittle over Jillian's penetrated asshole.

If things couldn’t get any wetter Jillian starts to squirt while she’s laying on her back in anal missionary with her little spit-succubus sidekick Anya Olsen close by. You see Mike Adriano briefly attempt to catch some of Jillian’s squirt blasts in a small wine glass. Anya then steps into feast on more gapes as Jillian is laying down on her back in this anal missionary position giving Mike access to her ass.  Both girls get arched so their asses are sticking out to get some enema action going. The wine glass is brought back to catch the fluids flying out of the girls' assholes.  Some extremely graphic gape farting happens during the enema sequence which is greatly appreciated as it indeed escalates the hardcore nastiness of this awesome scene.  The anal pile driver with Jillian leads us to the end which is the ultimate way to close a butt-tastic feature like this: a cumswap!.  Anya acts as a cum crane dropping her payload into Jillian Janson’s agape mouth from a formidable height. The girls roll around hugging each other while giggling in a victory.


This is more than a recommendation this is required watching if you love to pray to the lovely posteriors of these ass goddesses. The cast is worth a look on many merits alone. Alex Grey a titular tart in the business gets to really shine in Mike Adriano's True Anal Love which is guaranteed to get her new fans. Lana Rhoades by now has all the fans she could ever ask for and scenes like what's found in this DVD is what established that. More bases are covered when you have porn pairings like Anya Olsen and Jillian Janson closing the feature out on Disc 2. From start to finish you're rewarded as a porn fan with some of the best babes in the biz doing some of the hardest butt stuff out there. The True Anal series had a mission of satisfying fans with girls who are satisfied with getting their sphincters stuffed. That mission was accomplished. This should be on rotation and revisited frequently for whatever reason. As a collector, you're bound to run into something you like in this two-disc collection.

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