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Second First Date

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/1/18

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Genre: Couples Dramedy


Cast: Mercedes Carrera, Angela White, Whitney Wright, Ivy Wolfe, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London, Ricky Johnson, Tyler Nixon, Kyle Stone (non-sex)

Writer/Director: Mike Quasar

Release Date: Feb. 28, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 9 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three bonus scenes, eight trailers, a photo gallery and a Wicked Pictures promo reel



Overview: In Mike Quasar's erotic masterpiece for couples, Mercedes Carrera's and Derrick Pierce's marriage has come to the end of the road. Unfortunately, riddled with debt, the two can't afford to get divorced. So they come to a War Of The Roses type of agreement, to be separated but still cordially live in the same house while seeing other people. It's a terrific story from the pen of Mike Quasar supported by one of the most amazingly talented casts of performers I've seen in a while.



Our story starts in Mercedes' and Derrick's lawyer's office filing for divorce. The bickering couple has had it with each other and their hapless lawyer, played by the great Kyle Stone, informs them they have zero money and that they're stuck with each other until they can raise some capital to afford a divorce. So in the meantime, they agree to separate while still living in the same house (which always works right?) They also agree to see other people while they're separated. Mercedes' BFF Angela White tells her about a dating app to find a new guy before leaving to meet a guy she just met, Ricky Johnson.


Scene One: Angela White and Ricky Johnson


Angela and Ricky's date is at a hotel so the scene starts in the room Ricky got for them. Angela enters while Ricky is laying on the bed for her and after some sweet romantic talk, the two start making out, sensuously removing each other's clothes while exploring their bodies. Once the beautiful Angela White is naked Ricky kisses down her body, so very sweetly and tenderly going down on her pussy. He laps at her pussy while undoing his pants and stroking his cock under his underwear, Angela loving his tongue as it flicks over her clit until she has a shaking, leg stiffening orgasm in Ricky's mouth.


Ricky then takes off his pants and lays back for Angela to suck his cock, the head of which is already glistening with his pre-cum. She very sexily makes sweet love to his cock with her mouth, sucking and titty-fucking it with her incredible all naturals, when she climbs up and lowers her pussy over its rock hardness.  She rides on his cock, her tits slapping him in the face while Ricky gently chokes her. He gives her some love taps on her ass as it grinds on his cock until she's cumming. She then gets on her back and they fuck missionary. Angela remarks how much she loves watching his beautiful cock as it moves in and out of her pussy which makes Ricky fuck her even harder. He puts her legs together and fucks her tight pussy while slapping her ass before bending her legs into a pretzel and fucking her until she cums again.


Angela then bends over the bed and Ricky fucks her from behind. He pounds away at her pussy until Angela cums again, her ass visibly clinching as her pussy orgasms on Ricky's cock. She twerks on his cock as he slams his cock into her making her cum once more before he pulls out and cums in Angela's mouth and on her tits, Angela swallowing every drop as she looks up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers. Another amazing scene from the wonderful Angela White that shows why she's hands down one of the best performers today, delivering a performance that is both sweet and sexy.


Back at Mercedes' and Derrick's, Derrick has just told his best friend Marcus London and his girlfriend Ivy Wolfe of their arrangement. Marcus tells Derrick about the dating app. It's where he met Ivy who's mature beyond her years, and the same can happen for Derrick if he just looks.


Scene Two: Ivy Wolfe and Marcus London


Later back at Ivy and Marcus' place, they joke about Ivy's “daddy issues,” which leads to their make-out session. Marcus plays with Ivy's pussy, getting her juices flowing while kissing down her thin body, sucking on her huge nipples and making his way to her sweet pussy. He munches on her box and it only seems like seconds before she's cumming in his mouth in an intense convulsive orgasm. He gives her a couple of more with his mouth before she gets on all fours and Marcus is licking her asshole and rubbing her pussy, eating her out from behind, giving her another intense eye rolling orgasm. Marcus flips over and Ivy frantically and furiously sucks his cock, giving him incredible head before climbing up and sitting on his cock. She furiously bucks on his cock and he furiously fucks her from underneath making Ivy cum what seems like dozens of times, each time Ivy tensing up and convulsing on Marcus' cock.


Ivy then gets on all fours and Marcus fucks her doggy. She cries out with every pound of Marcus' cock until she has veritable screaming orgasms. She then flips over and Marcus fucks her missionary, Ivy rubbing her pussy while Marcus kisses her foot, making her cum over and over again until Marcus pulls out and shoots on Ivy's pussy. Man, all I can say about this incredible scene is WOW! This is my first time reviewing the amazing and sexy Ivy Wolfe, and I so hope it isn't the last. She is like a walking erogenous zone who lives for the orgasm. And each one is a true sight to behold. So intense and eye-rolling, it's almost spiritual. A truly incredible performance that can not be missed.


Derrick downloads the app and meets up with the gorgeous young Whitney Wright who plays the self-absorbed millennial to a tee! He explains the situation between him and Mercedes and they head back to his house. When they get there Mercedes teases them about their age difference and then calls Angela about the app.


Scene Three: Whitney Wright and Derrick Pierce


Derrick apologizes to Whitney about Mercedes, but she informs him that her generation feeds on drama and in fact it kind of turns her on. This starts a very funny and sexy scene with some of the best dialog I've heard yet in a Quasar film, some scripted, some ad-libbed by Whitney, but all of it joking about Derrick's age, which trust me I can more than relate to. I will forgo most of it and leave it for you to witness. Whitney pounces on Derrick, Derrick sucking on Whitney's pretty brown nipples before she straddles him and calls him daddy. She pulls her pants down and tells him spank his dirty little girl because she's been “bad.” She eats up every smack she makes him give on her ass and then she gets on all fours and Derrick starts eating her out from behind for a little bit before she flips over and he goes down on her pussy. He licks and sucks on her pussy, Whitney enjoying every lap of his tongue on her clit.


After cumming in his mouth she sucks on his cock for a little bit and then she rides on him. She keeps calling him “daddy” as she rides his cock to Chicago, bouncing and twerking her hips on it until she grinds her pussy to another orgasm. She then gets on all fours and they fuck doggy style, Derrick smacking Whitney's perfect ass as he slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy. He gives her a screaming orgasm and then they fuck missionary, Derrick pounding away at her pussy while Whitney rubs her clit making her cum once more before Derrick pulls out and cums on Whitney's dark patch of pussy hairs. As always another great performance from the terrific Whitney Wright. She is not only so sexy and beautiful but a great personality to boot, always turning in a fabulous scene. And I'm telling you, the great lines she wonderfully delivers in this scene are not to be missed.


Scene Four: Mercedes Carrera and Tyler Nixon


Through Angela's app Mercedes has met the younger Tyler who asks to take a selfie with her while lying in bed. Tyler can't get over how truly sexy Mercedes is and they start making out, Tyler sucking on Mercedes amazing tits before flipping her over and burying his face in incredible ass. He eats her ass out for a little bit before turning over and Mercedes starts sucking his cock. She gives him some terrific head, expertly sucking his cock and balls before she straddles him and they 69.


Tyler fucks Mercedes mouth before she gets on her back and he goes down on her. Tyler simply devours her pussy making Mercedes cum numerous times, almost giving her whiplash with how she snaps her head with each orgasm. He then sticks his cock in her and they fuck missionary, Tyler holding Mercedes' long beautiful legs as he drives his cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. Mercedes grinds her pussy on Tyler's cock and then rubs her clit as Tyler fucks her to numerous orgasms. They then start spooning, Mercedes cumming over and over as Tyler fucks her tight pussy from behind. He grabs her tit while she rubs her clit with each orgasm. Mercedes then gets on all fours and they fuck doggy style, Mercedes' truly amazing ass stuck up for Tyler to pound with his hard cock. He gets her down and grinds her into the mattress with his cock, Mercedes' backing her ass up to him until eventually he's shooting his load, coating her ass with his jizz and the scene ending very sweetly as they kiss and embrace.



Scene Five: Whitney Wright and Tyler Nixon


The next day Whitney and Tyler are still at the house, their faces buried in their phones in which Mercedes and Derrick can't get them to put down. When they find they're watching the same video Tyler invites Whitney back to his play for video games. Once they get there they immediately start making out, undressing each other and Tyler feeling and sucking on Whitney's tits. He undoes the fly on her cutoffs and starts masturbating her, rubbing her pussy and getting it wet. He gets all of her clothes off and goes down on her, sucking and licking her sweet young snatch until she's writhing on his mouth, squeaking with every wave that hits her clit as Tyler's tongue dances on it.  He pins her legs up and after giving her several orgasms his pants are off and she sucking his cock. Mike Quasar has a spectacular POV shot the gorgeous Whitney as she gives Tyler superlative head.


She then climbs on top and they fuck cowgirl, Tyler driving his cock into Whitney from behind and Whitney twerking her hips on Tyler as she grinds her pussy to orgasm after orgasm on his cock. He then gets behind her and they start spooning. Whitney begs Tyler to fuck her and cries out when her young tight pussy cums on his cock. He makes her cum several times when she gets on all fours and they fuck doggy style, Tyler grabbing a handful of Whitney's raven black hair while he drives his cock in and out of her pussy.

5-2 She backs her ass up and fucks his cock until he makes her cum again before shooting his load on her ass which Whitney points at the camera and shows us the glistening cum as it drips down her pussy.


And in the end Mercedes and Derrick realize they're not cut out for today's dating scene, and decide to have another go at their marriage, throwing away all of the old baggage and starting fresh. And the film ends beautifully as they engage in their SECOND first date. A beautiful ending to what is quite possibly the best film Mike Quasar has made in a while.



Bonus Scene One: “Hollywood Ending” starring Mercedes Carrera and Jay Smooth



Bonus Scene Two: “Friends and Lovers” starring Angela White and Donnie Rock


Bonus Scene Three: “One Step Ahead” starring Maya Kendrick and Tyler Nixon


Final Thoughts: This is nothing short of the perfect Mike Quasar film. It's funny, it's romantic, it has terrific performances, it's beautifully shot. I remember Mike once remarking his terrific film Ingenue as being his masterpiece. Well, in my opinion, this one takes that honor. It's one of the best and sharpest screenplays he's written in I don't know how long, with each one of the characters delivering his words with such zeal and enthusiasm. For someone who just hit the half-century mark in his life, I for one deeply appreciate Quasar for still creating terrific storyline erotica for those of us who still love it. And of course, a terrific script is only half as good as the terrific cast who performs it. Starting with the incredibly talented and beautiful Mercedes Carrera, she portrays the mature older woman so wonderfully here, delivering a performance so rich and realistic that she takes us to depths that are almost unfathomable. I'm just so happy to see her simply killing these lead roles like she has this year. Whitney Wright is simply fantastic as the self-absorbed, air-headed millennial and brilliantly reciting some of Quasar's funniest lines with even batting an eye. Then you have the just plain flat out sexiness of the extraordinary Angela White, delivering yet again another amazing performance in her terrific library of stand out scenes. And finally, I have to mention just how pleasantly surprised I was with the extremely energetic and intense Ivy Wolfe. She simply commands her scene with Marcus London, giving back everything that he gives her in spades. Like I said, I was introduced to her with this film and I so hope I get to see more of her. This is without a doubt Mike Quasar's most dynamic outing yet. If you're a fan not only of storyline porn that has it all (MILF, interracial, older/younger, teen, etc.), then this is a brilliant, can't miss feature that I have absolutely no reservations in giving the coveted XcriticPick! Big congrats on what is truly one of your best films ever Mike.

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