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Natural Beauties Vol. 7

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 48 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: 18+Teens; All Sex;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Elena Koshka with Arya Fae, Ivy Wolfe, Scarlett Sage, Mick Blue, Sean Lawless, Jean Val Jean, Chad White

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Elena Koshka covers Greg Lansky’s Natural Beauties Vol. 7. She’s a naturally horny beauty who plots to fuck her sister’s French boyfriend, Jean. She hatches her plan when her sister leaves the house and lands herself in rounds of balls-deep pussy pumping action that keeps her cunt cumming. Ivy Wolfe’s flick opener with Mick Blue is the hottest fucking of the film. Her standing doggy in the foyer is fiery hot, rekindling her nympho tendencies. Natural beauty Scarlett Sage fucks her stepdad Sean Lawless right before she leaves for college. His cock stretches her cunt, making her daddy’s little cock-hungry girl. Arya Fae closes the movie, banging Chad White after an unexpected visit to his house. The doggy and downward doggy at the end of scene send Arya into uncontrollable orgasms until Chad pulls out and sprays her face with cum. I highly recommend Lansky’s latest in the Natural Beauties series. His cinematic style of porn making is never dull and the great chemistry between performers makes this worth watching.

Scene 1:  Ivy Wolfe and Mick Blue

Ivy is a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac. It’s one of the more polite terms, but for Ivy, she just likes to fuck. Things had gotten so bad that her parents sent her to a shrink, Mick. He gave her his phone number in case she ever needed to talk. Ivy needs to talk, so she calls him up and meets him at his house. He opens the door and Ivy makes it clear that she’s here to do more than just talk. She grabs his dick in his pants, pushes him against the wall and throws herself at him, kissing him. Mick fingers her pussy until she drops to her knees and pulls down his pants. She puts his hard cock in her mouth and sucks it. Ivy is back to her old cock-sucking days and hasn’t skipped a beat. She spits all over Mick’s dick and jerks it in and out of her mouth while kneeling in front of him. She bobs her head up and down on his prick like she’s bobbing for apples, except Mick’s dick is sliding further and further down her throat each time. “I want to fuck your brains out,” she tells him. “Now fuck me like a man,” she orders. Before he does, Mick eats her pussy as she leans against the wall in standing doggy. He spanks her supple ass cheeks while spitting and tonguing her pussy.

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“Spread ‘em open,” Mick tells her. Ivy spreads her ass cheeks open and Mick enters her slowly. He thrusts in and out of her then pumps faster and deeper. Ivy has made it no secret that she wants to be used by her shrink. Mick drills her pussy up against the wall, making her cum. “Pull my fucking hair,” Ivy screams. “Don’t fucking stop!” He pulls out and eats her creamy pussy then Ivy sucks her pussy juice off his cock. The action continues in the bedroom where Ivy sucks his cock some more before riding it reverse cowgirl style. His dick is just what the doctor ordered for Ivy. She cums again then turns around to ride Mick cowgirl style. He pumps her pussy, making her cum another time. She begs for more pussy stretching from Mick and he gives it to her doggy style. She orders him not to stop fucking her. Mick drills her snatch missionary style then quickly pulls out and pops on her face and in her mouth. Ivy swallows then tells Mick they should do another session next week.

Scene 2: Scarlett Sage and Sean Lawless

Scarlett is just starting college and she’s moving into her dorm room. She has been waiting for this moment for a long time, but there’s one thing left that she wants to do before leaving home. She has always been attracted to older men and she wants to fuck her stepdad, Sean before she leaves home. Sean has offered to help her move and Scarlett is ready to make her move. Once the two of them are alone in her bedroom packing, she tells Sean she wants to fuck him, and she promises not to tell her mom or anyone. “I know you want it,” she tells him as she kisses him, rips his shirt open, and rubs his cock in his pants. Scarlett wins him over and is soon begging him for his cock. She unzips his pants and jerks his big dick back and forth. Scarlett’s fantasy of fucking her stepdad is about to come true. She licks the head of his cock then puts it in her mouth. Sean encourages her, telling her “suck that dick.” She aims to please and spits all over his cock then sends it down her throat. Sean gets more comfortable, taking off all his clothes. Scarlett licks his balls and continues to give him head. She jerks his dick faster and faster, keeping it hard.

Scarlett strips for him then sits on his cock cowgirl style. “Yeah, ride that dick,” her stepdad tells her. He grips her ass cheeks while she bounces up and down on his cock and creams all over it. They slow the action down as Scarlett sits all the way down on his prick. Sean stuffs her twat with cock, banging her balls-deep. “Yes, pound my fucking pussy,” she says. She sucks her own pussy juice off his cock then rides it reverse cowgirl style. There are lots of close-up shots of Scarlett’s hairy pussy getting drilled. She screams out, cumming on his cock again. She takes her stepdad’s orders to stroke and suck his dick then she gets on all fours and gets her pussy stretched out further by Sean’s cock. He pulls his stepdaughter’s hair back and fucks her, slamming and drilling her cunt. Scarlett lies on her back with her legs up in the air and enjoys Sean’s cock deep inside her as he pumps her pussy some more. She screams out in pleasure, begging for his cum as he pulls out and blasts her face in jizz.

Scene 3: Elena Koshka and Jean Val Jean

“I always get what I want,” is the way Elena starts her scene. She does whatever it takes to get her way. Her sister blames her parents for spoiling her so much as a kid. Elena is jealous of her sister because she has been dating a really hot French guy, Jean. Elena knows that all she needs is an hour alone with him to get what she wants. Elena’s sister has no clue what her sister has in mind. Once her sister leaves for the day, Elena hatches her scheme. She goes into Jean’s bedroom where he’s sleeping and pulls the covers back, exposing his naked body and hard cock. Before Jean can react, Elena is jerking his dick and telling him to shut up. “Don’t act like you don’t like this,” she says. Jean admits that he always wanted Elena to do this to him. She pulls off her panties and stuffs it into Jean’s mouth then she stuffs his cock in hers. She worships his cock, licking it all over and sucking it. Elena licks his balls and asks him if she does it better than her sister. She is doing much better than her sister, especially when she gets on her knees and lets Jean fuck her mouth. He bangs the back of her throat with his cock until she gags and spits all over his cock. Then he uses it to beat her tongue.

Elena sits on Jean’s dick in cowgirl position, bouncing her big ass up and down on his pole. “That’s balls-deep inside of me,” she tells him as Jean bangs her pussy. Her pussy juices drain down his shaft as Elena cums. She immediately sucks his dick to taste her cum then she rides him some more, cumming again. Reverse cowgirl is next for Elena and she takes another balls-deep pounding deep inside her. Elena gets on all fours next and gets her pussy drilled by Jean’s dick. He pounds her twat, making her scream and cum. She slumps into downward doggy and Jean keeps pounding her pussy. She lies on her back for missionary fucking. She cums again and this time Jean pulls out and sucks her pussy, swallowing her cum. He stands up, telling her to open her mouth as he shoots all over her face and down her throat.

Scene 4: Arya Fae and Chad White

Although Arya loves her best friend, she describes her as a bitch. It’s mostly because of the way she treats her boyfriend, Chad. “Total bitch” are the words Arya use to describe her. Arya’s goes over to Chad’s house to pick up her girlfriend’s stuff after she dumps him. Arya realizes that Chad is actually in a good mood. He is disappointed his girlfriend left and he starts hitting on Arya. “We could fuck right here,” he tells her. Arya is strangely attracted to this incredible moment and starts kissing her best friend’s ex. They run off into the bedroom where Arya strips down to her lingerie and makes out with Chad. Soon, Arya is on her knees sucking Chad’s big dick. She goes hands-free and he fucks her throat. Arya gags on his cock, keeping it lubed. “Jess never told me your dick was this big,” Arya says as she gobbles more inches of it down her throat.

She lies on her back and her body shivers in ecstasy as Chad tongue whips her pussy. He holds her legs back and starts drilling her cunt missionary style. Arya goes on a cowgirl ride next, taking a full stuffing of cock in her cunt. Chad grips her around the waist and uses her pussy like a target, pumping and plowing in and out of it until Arya cums. Her tiny wet twat takes another round of drilling, but this time doggy style. Arya can feel herself cumming again as Chad’s cock disappears into her hole. He pumps her pussy a mile a minute, sending Arya into Euphoria. The downward doggy is next, and it gets hot and nasty as Chad pins Arya’s face to the pillow while he pounds her cunt. She crawls to her knees to catch Chad’s cum as it showers her face and coats her tongue.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Greg Lansky’s Natural Beauties Vol. 7. Elena Koshka is the featured starlet who graces the cover and she has a cunt-cumming scene with French stud Jean Val Jean that’s a pleasure to watch. His balls-deep drilling deep inside her twat makes Elena cum again and again. She’s not the only natural beauty to have hot sex in this flick. Ivy Wolfe opens the movie in a nymphomaniac rage, fucking her shrink, Mick Blue, in the foyer of his house. She creams all over his cock in standing doggy position and Mick drops to his knees to lick it all up. These two have incredible sex together. Scarlett’s daring tryst with her stepdad, Sean Lawless, pays off in euphoric orgasms that surprise even her. Arya Fae shows that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure when she fucks her best friend’s ex, Chad White, until they both pop. The doggy and downward doggy toward the end of the scene are sizzling hot. Lansky’s cinematic production style coupled with the chemistry between partners always keeps his flick’s hot and fresh. Natural Beauties Vol. 7 is another example.

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