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Sadistic Rope Vol 12

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Fetish, Rope Bondage, BDSM
Director: John Paul


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Cast: Cherry Torn, Bella Rossi, Katharine Cane, John Paul "The Pope"
Length: 3 hours 2 minutes
Date of Release: April 4, 2018
Extras: Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth Bio, Web Info
Condoms: N/A
Audio/Video Quality: Video is great, covering the ties and the tarts in both wide and close up shots well. The audio, as usual, comes in and out with a bit of reverb as it's all shot in a dungeon.
Overview: The Pope immobilizes Cherry Torn, Bella Rossi, and Katharine Cane with ropes and then torments them with a number of techniques. After torturing his rope bunnies for a bit, he allows them to get off, usually with the aid of his handy Hitachi. Unlike many kink.com titles, this series is pure BDSM with no actual sex, just toys, and tools.
Scene 1: Cherry Torn & The Pope

Cherry Torn
Cherry's been in the biz for almost a dozen years at this point, much of her work credited to kink.com so she is well aware of what's going to happen today. In fact, she's appeared in this series a number of times before so she's ready, willing, and able to deal with the fact that she's strung up, only her knees touching the platform as JP places the ball gag into her mouth and starts demonstrating the differences between two canes, how they sound and how they feel as they strike her flesh. He adds some toe ties and nipple clamps for good measure and uses his knitting needle on her feet. Her body quivers as he surprises her with an electrical zap to her foot and follows it up with the Hitachi to her clit.

Cherry Torn

Next, our little tart is tied down, face up, legs skyward. She's treated to some gloved fingers inside of her and some nipple clamps that are tied to her trussing. Once she's securely strapped into a precarious position, out comes the flog. And then the shocky thingy. Her voice pierces the air as he teases and shocks her nether region, trading the electricity for a cane to tap on her clit. He swaps through a number of stinging methods on her crotch and feet and then breaks out a "dick on a stick" to ram in and out of her while holding the Hitachi to her clit, allowing her to cum.

Cherry Torn

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For her third scene, shes tied down to the floor face down and ass up. Tha allows the flog to strike her entire backside. The cane makes its appearance next and JP explores some pressure points under her arm and behind her ear. He introduces her to a disorienting clamp placed on her eyelid and then vibes her clit with the wand.
Scene 2: Bella Rossi & The Pope

Bella Rossi
Bella is another frequent visitor to the Kink dungeons, in fact during this shoot it's her second day there in a row. My research tells me that she's done over 250 scenes and there's maybe only a dozen reviews of her work total because she does so much web-only work for member only sites. For anyone unfamiliar with her, she a pretty American with long auburn hair. That hair gets tied up in her first tie-down which has one leg suspended as she sits on the platform. JP starts with a wooden paddle to her foot sole, adding a cane to the mix after a toe tie is added. Our ball-gagged babe gets vibed until she whimpers, JP adding a few fingers inside of her to turn the whimpers to muffled shrieks as her suspended body jerks to the side.

Bella Rossi

Round two is a suspended backbend, legs and arms bound to the platform below. JP flogs and pinches all of her girl parts, waiting for her to get nice and wet. Some caning of her ribcage seems to aid in that quest and he rams the dickstick into her. She screams as she begs to release herself, waiting for his okay.

Bella Rossi

Gagged and dangling like a pinata, her body gets explored with JP's cane. He pays particular attention to her feet and shins, Bella on the verge of tears. She wails as he works her with the dick stick and the Hitachi, JP walking away to leave her spinning in mid-air.

Face down and bound, JP adds a suspension rope, hoisting her into a position like a rocking horse, relieving the weight from her chest. He slaps at her tits and face, throttling her throat until she coughs and he backs off to observe her. He returns with cane in hand, to work her feet, her wails growing louder, her teeth gritted. A hand on her throat and a Hitachi between her legs brings her to an orgasm multiple times.
Scene 3: Katharine Cane & The Pope

Katharine Cane
Katharine has amassed about three dozen credits over a five-year span in the industry, all of them BDSM titles so if you are unfamiliar with her work it is understandable. Her first position has her suspended with a breast and arm tie from the ceiling, straddling a miniature pommel horse and getting flogged, her screams muffled by the ball gag. She gets the cane and some hand slaps, the Hitachi making its appearance at the end.

Katharine Cane

Next up, she's bound on her back, tied to a bench. JP flogs her, pinching at her pierced nipples and pounding her chest with his fists. She's okay with marks being left, so he makes sure to leave some with his caning efforts. A wand-assisted finger fucking closes it out.

Katharine Cane

Face down and dangling in mid-air, our starlet is totally helpless as JP decides to fuck with her feet some. He then spends some time rigging an array of clothespins from her skin to the floor. It takes a good amount of time but she's all good with it so he yanks them all off in one fell swoop to make her a bit uncomfy before breaking out his bang stick and delivering a series of shocks. The ones to her nipple bars seem particularly effective. She's entered a different plane as he starts to fuck her with the stick dick, her body squirming, JP keeping her from spinning by holding her hair.

Finally, Katharine is tied face down on the floor and whacked with double flogs. I mean whacked! He then switches up to a different flog, one which he uses quite a bit but I don't know the actual name of. It's a flog on the end of a whip, a whip flog if you will. (If an expert in the BDSM community wants to let me know what this thing is called - or any others that I make up terms for, please tweet me!) The cane follows, her ass reddening quickly as he decides to tie her hair to a hook that gets placed in her ass. That probably makes the Hitachi orgasm a very interesting experience
Final Thoughts: Even though I'm a Cherry Torn fan, I just didn't find this disc that innovative compared to some of the other predicaments JP has come up with for the girls. As always, it's more about how well the girls deal with (or don't) the psychological aspects of extreme bondage situations while being subjected to whips, flogs, canes, and pressure point manipulation. Members of Kink.com will be familiar with what goes down in this series and non-members won't, which is why I try to cover the consensual pain infliction fairly well. It boils down to pretty girls getting restrained to the extreme and taken to their breaking points. These ladies don't ever seem to approach their breaking points which is kind of odd for this studio, JP usually brings them right to the point of (or past) tears. That doesn't happen here, these starlets are all BDSM veterans and it seemed as if JP just didn't have anything new up his sleeve to push them farther than he's pushed them before. For that reason, coupled with the fact that these titles are usually expensive, I have to say Watch On Demand if one of these girls is a fave of yours but if you are familiar with them, the series, or JP's techniques in general, it won't seem very fresh to you; at least it didn't to me. If you are new to the genre or just looking to explore it, there are other titles in the series such as Sadistic Rope 11 that I reviewed and highly recommended.

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