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Police Harassment

Studio: Alex Romero » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 7 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Alex Romero

Cast: Featuring Cherie Deville with Lucy Heart; Rebecca Volpetti, Ninel Mojado (non-sex), Kathy Fuckdoll, Lola Taylor, George Uhl, Lauro Giotto, Sabby

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow


Spanish director Alex Romero brings us Police Harassment, a flick where starlets Cherie Deville, Lucy Heart, Rebecca Volpetti, Kathy Fuckdoll, and Lola Taylor get their pussies’ inspected by the law. These inspections involve the prick police, George Uhl, Lauro Giotto, and Sabby, and these cock officers engage in strict pussy-stretching enforcement. Alex Romero has been bringing us great European Gonzo flicks starring some of the best Euro starlets for some time, but he also collaborates with American porn stars. In this flick, American starlet Cherie Deville is the featured actress and she has a hot, three-way scene with Rebecca and Lauro that shows her love for both pussy and cock. Lola’s prison cell face fuck with George is hot and she goes all the way in a two-cop DP with George and Sabby that’s steamy. This is the best treatment Lola has ever gotten, in or out of jail. Kathy’s passport is expired, and George is about to deport her until she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. There may be an exception for Kathy after all. Overall, I recommend this movie. The multi-nominated Cherie Deville has always been a crowd pleaser. She’s hot to watch in this movie. Lola’s closing scene where she bangs two cops’ cocks is a turn on. This flick is shot in HD and the overall production quality is good.

Scene 1:  Cherie Deville, Rebecca Volpetti, Ninel Mojado (non-sex), and Lauro Giotto

As the scene opens, Lauro is doing his daily check of the cells and wakes Rebecca up for a full review of her quarters. He takes Rebecca to doctor Cherie for a cavity search. Cherie orders Rebecca to lie on the bed and opens her legs wide. It’s time to inspect her pussy and ass hole for any drugs. Cherrie begins fingering Rebecca’s cunt and hears her moaning. “This is a very serious inspection,” Cherie reminds her. She should not be moaning. Cherie goes back to stuffing Rebecca’s twat with more fingers. Rebecca moans out in pleasure and Cherie realizes she is enjoying this cavity search. She fingers her harder then Cherie sits on the bed, spreads her legs open and tells Rebecca to eat her officer’s wet cunt. Rebecca fingers and sucks Cherie’s snatch. Cherie calls Lauro back into the room, telling him Rebecca needs a deep, hard inspection in her pussy. Lauro drops his pants and takes out his hard cock. He inspects Rebecca’s pussy with it, banging her from behind in standing doggy position while Rebecca eats Cherie’s cunt. Officer Ninel, who is sitting at the front desk, watches all the three-way action on the security camera.

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Lauro spanks Rebecca’s ass and forces her face into Cheri’s creamy pussy. He pulls out of Rebecca’s gaping pussy to check if there are any drugs inside. There aren’t any, but Cherie tells him to keep checking. She gets on her hands and knees and sucks Lauro’s cock right out of Rebecca’s pussy, looking for the taste of drugs. Rebecca helps Cherie inspect Lauro’s cock and balls. It’s officer Cherie’s turn to get fucked and she takes Lauro’s cock standing doggy style. She sits on his cock and rides it reverse cowgirl style then orders Rebecca to rub her clit. Cherie cums on Lauro’s cock and watches Rebecca swallow her cream off Lauro’s cock. Cherie’s ass hole is up next for a hard cock inspection and Rebecca stands by for ass-to-mouth cock sucking. Rebecca gets her pussy stretched cowgirl style then lies on her side for a spoon fucking session with Lauro. Cherie sits her pussy on Rebecca’s face, feeding her that warm snatch. Cherie gets spoon fucked up the ass and cums once Rebecca starts fingering her pussy at the same time. Cherie lies on her back for missionary style banging that leads to a big popshot from George. He cums all over Cherie’s pussy then orders Rebecca back to jail, seeing that they found no drugs.

Scene 2: Kathy Fuckdoll and George Uhl

Kathy is having trouble getting through customs. George inspects her passport and discovers that it is expired. He searches her bag and based on its content, he suspects that she is a whore. He tells her she will be exported. Kathy begs him not to deport her. George explains that there is nothing he can do. She begs him again. He pulls her body close to his and says there may be one thing they can do. He starts kissing her and caressing her body, telling her they just need to have a few minutes of fun. Kathy will do whatever it takes to stay in the country. Kathy drops to her knees and starts sucking George’s hard cock as he begins to strip out of uniform. For Kathy to stay in the country she’s got to get her cunt inspected by George’s cock. He bends her over in standing doggy position, across the inspection table and drills her tight twat from behind. Their bodies slap against each other, making Kathy moan in the inspection room.

Next Kathy goes on a cock ride. She’s fucked in standing cowgirl that has her holding on to George’s neck and creaming on his cock. He lies her on his desk and eats her wet cunt, tongue lashing it. He stands up and pumps her pussy, keeping it stretched out. Kathy places one leg over his shoulder while he pounds her twat. George pulls out and cums on her cunt, then he puts his hard cock back inside her pussy and keeps pumping it until she cums. Kathy stays on the desk but moves to her side for a little spoon fucking up the ass as George’s cock inspection continues. She sits on him cowgirl style followed by reverse cowgirl and is left cumming again when he fingers her clit and stretches her pussy out. George finger fucks her wet pussy next, making her cum and squirt all over his hand. There’s more standing doggy that keeps Kathy cumming. She licks her own cum off his cock when he pulls out and fucks her throat. A final round of hard pounding standing doggy sends George into another pop shot. He pulls out and blasts cum all over her ass cheeks. He tells her he’s sorry that she has to be deported.

Scene 3: Lucy Heart and Sabby

Prisoner Lucy is sick, and she gets a checkup from officer Sabby. He tells her everything checks out and she’s fine. Lucy still doesn’t feel well and tells him to check her again. She doesn’t want to go back to her prison cell and is faking an illness to stay out. Sabby soon figures out this plot and tells her she needs to go back to her cell. When she refuses, he comes up with an idea. “Do you want to be my bitch,” he asks her. If she is very nice to him and his cock, he promises her she can stay out of the cell. He puts her hand on his cock, and Lucy gets the message. Lucy will do anything to stay out of the cell so she agrees to be his bitch. She jerks his cock then sucks it, asking him if he’s sure she will get to stay out of jail. Sabby assures her as he fucks her throat. She gives him a blog job and when he tries to pull down her orange prison uniform, she stops him saying she thought she only had to suck his cock. Sabby says no, there’s more.

Lucy bends over the bed in standing doggy position and Sabby pulls her prison uniform all the way down and starts fucking her pussy. He holds her arms behind her back as he slams his cock deep inside her. Lucy’s pussy is a prisoner to Sabby’s prick. He bangs her hard, enforcing his pussy stretching techniques on her cunt. “I love to feel it inside,” Lucy tells officer Sabby as she gets on all fours on the bed for more doggy style drilling. She lies on her back and spreads her legs wide open for missionary flogging followed by a hot round of spoon fucking. She sucks his cock then rides it cowgirl style, keeping her satisfied. She grips the edge of the bed as Sabby pounds her wet pussy. A few more dick drilling moments missionary style makes Sabby blow his wad. He pulls out and cums all over Lucy’s naked pussy.

Scene 4: Lola Taylor, George Uhl, and Sabby

Lola has the hottest sex scene in the flick. It’s a double bang with George and Sabby. She is behind bars in her orange prison uniform when she starts asking for something to drink. Sabby tells her to keep it down and he brings a bottle of water to the bars of the cell. “Get on your knees bitch,” he tells her. Lola kneels and grips the bars of the cell. “Open your mouth,” George orders her. She opens and George pours water on her tongue. It splashes down her body. He throws the bottle aside and tells her he’s going to give her something more. He grips the back of her head and puts his cock in her mouth. Lola sucks it through the prison bars. “Do your fucking job,” George tells her. Lola is a prisoner hungry for prick and officer George feeds her his.

Lola stands up and unzips her orange suit as George drops his pants. She bends over in standing doggy position and press her ass against the bars. George walks up behind her and fucks her pussy hard. Sabby watches the action on the security camera video. “Just fuck me,” Lola tells him. Sabby decides to be very nice to his horny prisoner. He opens the cell and takes her out to Sabby’s office. George invites him to join them. Lola bends over standing doggy style to suck Sabby’s cock while George plugs her pussy from behind and slams it hard, making her choke on Sabby’s dick. Lola’s two-cock pussy slam is making her cum. The guys trade places and now Lola takes a hard, standing doggy drilling from Sabby while she sucks the taste of her own pussy off George’s dick. It’s time for Lola’s ass hole to get inspected and George is first up. He stuffs her anal cavity as she lies across the desk on her back. She keeps Sabby’s cock in her mouth while George plugs her ass hole. The guys make her fantasies come true when they put her in a standing cowgirl DP. She wraps her arm around George’s neck while he pumps her pussy and Sabby pumps her ass hole, making her scream out. A cowgirl DP continues on the bed, keeping both of Lola’s holes filled. The guys plunge her rectum some more in reverse cowgirl then put her on her back for more anal romance. Sabby blows his load in her mouth while George fucks her cunt missionary style. George then goes from pussy to ass hole to pussy then he pulls out and tells her to drink his sperm. She kneels to suck his cock until he cums in her greedy mouth.

Final Thoughts:

The bad girl starlets in the Alex Romero flick Police Harassment are in hot water with the prick police. These enforcers harass the girls’ pussies with deep penetrating cock for their bad behavior. In the end, this is the best treatment these girls have ever had. I recommend this movie that features Cherie Deville with Lucy Heart, Rebecca Volpetti, Kathy Fuckdoll, and Lola Taylor. Cherie’s movie opener is a hot threesome with Rebecca and Lauro that begins as a pussy inspection. Officer Cherie is searching for drugs in Rebecca’s snatch. She inspects with her fingers at first then calls officer Lauro in to go even deeper inside Rebecca’s pussy using his cock. After pounding Rebecca and Cherie’s pussies and ass holes with his pipe, it turns out there are no drugs to be found after all. Cherie and Lauro send Rebecca back to her jail cell. George Uhl, Lauro Giotto, and Sabby enforce the harshest pussy-stretching tactics on the girls, especially the hard pounding DP between Lola, George, and Sabby in the end. That’s the hottest sex of the flick.

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