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True Anal Addiction

Studio: TrueAnal.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/12/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Main Menu of disc 2.


I like the standard TrueAnal.com black title bar that the DVDs seem to carry. It’s found at the top of the box. The True Anal title bar adds prestige to this brand new anal site helmed by the king of butt-fucking himself; Mike Adriano. The box art for True Anal DVDs has a level of bright colorful design that matches the outfits the girls are wearing capturing an overall theme. Neon pink stockings and fishnet ensembles decorate the girls in True Anal Addiction. Mike has an idea how his fans work having them constantly cumming back for more. You’ll find the proof with the girls found on the box art, powerhouses like Angela White are on the disc. And Adriana Chechik who is paired with Megan Rain further augmenting this amazing cast of all-stars. If one porn pairing wasn’t enough this time around you’ll have Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey teaming up on Mike’s dick. Karlee Grey has an ORAL ONLY appearance being that as of this writing she doesn’t perform anal. “ANAL IN EVERY SCENE” is a message that is honestly advertised in the middle of the box which is a necessary reminder if you want to catch the eyes of a consumer.

On the other side of the box, you have more organized columns of smaller screens that promote the hardcore sex on these two discs. True Anal DVDs are usually two-disc collections since these scenes are massive hour-long affairs of anal exploration. This is indeed fan-service as Mike Adriano wants his fans to spend as much as time as possible with these porn babes on their screens. Thankfully his casts are decked out with in-demand performers who have fans salivating at the thought of them sharing a feature with other stalwart starlets. Once again in a very small font at the bottom of the box art, you’ll see what the discs entail as in “Multiple Chapters Per Scene” (this function is exercised on certain DVD players), “Cast List”, “Filmographies”, “No Regional Coding”, and the “Movie Run Time”. When the actual discs are spinning in your players you can expect the main menu to have a functional design to lead you to these options:  “Play Feature”, “Scene Selection”, and “Special Features” which is accessible on disc 2.  A lineup of the girls is superimposed over a moving collage as the main menu that houses these options. Hyper-active techno music will thump along as the soundtrack to your browsing in the menus of True Anal Addiction.

Cast: Megan Rain, Adriana Chechik, Angela White, Karlee Grey, Keisha Grey, Anya Olsen, Mike Adriano
Directed By: Mike Adriano
Approx. Runtime:  4 hours and 20 minutes
Number of Scenes: 4
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No 


 Angela’s award-winning ass kicks start this scene with Mike Adriano in True Anal Addiction. Mike can’t help himself as he begins to lick Angela’s anus almost immediately. Angela loves it as Mike Adriano’s tongue is shoved deep in her cheeks. The teasing turns to the “ass on her chest” as Mike describes. Angela White’s 32 GGs get the necessary attention during the opener-tease. She eventually fully whips them out so that she can show us the sheer beauty and size of them. Mike can barely contain himself as the tit play continues. The camera catches some really close up shots of Angela’s lovable knockers. Having such a voluptuous babe like this in a hard anal scene is a true treat to behold. Angela White is the full package and the excitement builds when I see her in a scene like this.  Angela White then reiterates why she is here to the camera; “to get fucked in the ass..” she simply states.  Her massive boobs are on the table as well since Angela says that nothing is off limits for today’s scene. Mike Adriano stands behind her and begins to massage her massive mounds as they do some porno-kissing during this erotic embrace.

Both Angela and Mike sucking her tits.

Mike Adriano then has Angela White arching on a couch with her ass in his face so he can start rimming it. He spreads her cheeks apart to administer more licks to her anus. All a part of the tease as Angela White playfully jiggles her breasts for the camera after her butt gets licked for a little bit. The intricate tease takes Angela’s ass for a walk as the camera darts along with her for the jiggling we witness. This is a standard Adriano move for his teases where he has the girls pace around with the camera affixed on bulbous butt cheeks bouncing into each other as the women’s legs move in motion. In between her pacing, Mike Adriano would catch up to her and munch on her ass even more. Her tits keep getting love during the ongoing teasing which adds balance to the foreplay in this scene. After Mike makes a funny quip about the GOP being in power and not being able to drink Angela’s pee on camera we then get a shot of a butt plug firmly inserted in Angela White’s ass. Mike Adriano removes it out of her asshole to institute gaping. He then licks and sucks her asshole as she gape-farts. This leads the tease into a blowjob part.

An Angela White scene with titty fucking is a COMPLETE Angela White scene. The camera in this particular True Anal Addiction scene is right in on the action of massive boobs engulfing an erect member. Earlier in the tease, you noticed spit play I’m sure. Well, it’s here again in the form of Angela White coating Mike’s cock with saliva for lubrication as she tit fucks him. She pops the cock right into her mouth after toppling Mike’s dick with her towering tits. The cock sucking turns into rimming in typical Adriano pacing. Angela White even has some awesome stringers eject as she mashes her face in and out of Mike’s ass cheeks.  And from Mike’s asshole, she goes right back into sucking dick again in this ultra nasty oral sequence. The sucking of the dick is a sloppy affair for Angela as she continually induces her saliva to keep things wet and slimy. Her spit constantly flowing even during another tit fuck part in between the head that Angela is giving Mike. I really like it when Mike Adriano makes out with Angela as he pumps his penis between her tits.  A little taste of cum is sprayed on Angela White’s tongue after all of this. We still have anal to go so Mike backs off a little before he starts to fuck some titty again.

Angela White’s massive ass is arched out for Adriano’s taking. He slowly inserts his fat cock to part the huge booty of Angela getting the pounding into full swing. The camera showing Mike Adriano delicately spreading the massive booty cheeks of Angela as he slams into her rectum.  This arched doggy sequence gets some gapes going as Mike will suddenly pull out to see the cock-warped orifice.  “She’s talking to you..” Angela hilariously says as she gape-farts in Mike Adriano’s face.

Angela's ass talking to Mike Adriano

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After some intense enema play which had induced butt blasts of water from Angela’s ass, she finally mounts his cock for some reverse cowgirl anal. Her asshole swallowing Mike’s dick as she goes up and down on it. The camera almost penetrating Angela itself with how close it’s being held during these piston-like penetration shots. Next, you see Angela White’s bodacious butt unfurled for Mike Adriano to further pierce in anal missionary.  This is another perfect position for pulsating gapes that Mike will activate as he thrusts in and out of Angela’s anus. Her legs held behind her head while she’s on her back as her tits brilliantly quake with every bump.  Angela White’s butthole is lubed up for the sideways anal splitting she is about to receive.  Mike Adriano goes balls deep as he drops dick in this position with Angela laying on her side taking the dick. After more gape attention Mike eventually unleashes his load upon the smiling mouth of Angela White. A lovely finish to this prestigious porn star’s True Anal Addiction. 


If you watched True Anal Love you know all about Anya’s spit summoning skills. She was teamed up with a juicy Jillian Janson as a spit inducing sidekick in that feature. Well, this time around in True Anal Addiction you’ll finally see her anal side of performing in True Anal Addiction. This is another collector’s perk having Any Olsen's scene on the disc. We should cherish an anal performance from a flower like Anya.  Everyone is excited to be working for True Anal today and Anya Olsen is also excited to be sharing this moment with her fans as well.  The tease is a pretty quick interview before Mike starts tearing into Anya’s tits. He stuffs her boobies in his mouth sucking on them fervently. The camera takes a step back as Anya’s shorts get pulled down to her ankles. A blood-red thong is then parted to the side to reveal her sweet ass and taint. Mike goes in for the kill as he worships Anya’s deliciously creamy ass.  She even gives him a hand as she spreads her cheeks to give him free reign on ravaging her rectum. When she’s on her back legs up he starts diving into Any Olsen’s delicious pink pie. Slurping up her pussy right in front of the camera. Close-ups during oral on a vagina are very helpful if you want to learn some pussy eating techniques. Mike Adriano also is a very good pussy eater if you pay attention to his scenes.

Anya is awesome.

Some really thorough rimming takes place as Mike Adriano eats Anya’s ass like it’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Mike is going back and forth between licking both of her holes as her ass is arched in his face for him to dine on. It’s now time for Anya Olsen to start some feasting of her own as she eagerly reaches for Mike Adriano’s dick to suckle on. I know certain “fans” don’t like it when Mike Adriano nearly pops too early or sometimes even loses his load early in his scenes. I don’t mind it one bit as it shows the level of energy he brings out with the girls he works with. Plus it adds a bit of humility to his scenes as most normal guys wouldn’t last two seconds with the babes he brings on set. Plus a lot of the girls react to it by getting a kick out of it. Anya Olsen scene is no different as it’s filled with fun energy as the two have sex with each other. The oral continues as you’ll see big bubbles being blown off Adriano’s dick as Anya Olsen bobs on it. She’s finally ready for that dick in her ass as she begs for it.

Gaping in teamwork.

The beginning of the butt stuff has a big blue butt plug versus Anya’s tiny little gapes. The camera hones in on these hot holes being plowed open by the anal toy. The butt plug is reinserted after it’s taken out to get the gapes going. Mike pulling out the butt plug with his mouth, he then starts sticking his tongue into Anya’s gaping butt.  Now Anya is laying on her side with her ass hanging over the couch allowing Mike to profusely pump her.  The gapes that come along as a result of this butt fucking with Anya are some of the most SOUND gapes I’ve seen in awhile. Both Mike and Anya equip the gape gloves to each a get a cheek to spread in this wonderful display of teamwork. Mike Adriano using his God-given gape inducer of a cock to get these gapes popping for the spread shots they both get a hold of.  It doesn’t take a blind man to see that Anya Olsen has a tight butthole.  Mike Adriano’s lucky cock is stuffed in there good with the procession of poundings he dishes out on her asshole.  Both of them repeatedly grab a cheek of Anya’s in the teamwork gaping action that was fun to watch.  “Dude, that hole is so tight..”, says Mike Adriano as he reminds himself and the viewers of the obvious.  Legs go behind Anya’s head to for an agile anal missionary camera view. Any Olsen’s  Gape Gloves still being worn while she yanks her cheeks open to induce some more impressive spreads for the camera to suck in. A crushing cowgirl anal segment is finally brought into play as you see Anya’s squat down on dick. She helps Mike Adriano with landing in that tight fit of a butthole. In no time she’s bouncing up and down like the sodomy sprite she is.  The amazing anal cowgirl takes us home to Adriano inseminating Anya’s throat capturing her beautiful smile along with this act. After the scene, both director and performer naturally celebrate one of the best anal experiences of late. Anya Olsen’s bubbly and uplifting personality still present during the finish.

Anya mounting Adriano in cowgirl.


This scene here is a perfect example of what a proper porno pairing can do. Marrying two massive fan bases of Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik’s in the double disc feature of True Anal Addiction. Mass distribution of satisfaction occurs when you have a coupling of girls who happen to be friends and are both energetic performers that like working with each other. Twice the explosive fun so that means you’ll get twice the blowjobs, cowgirl anal, and doggy anal in this scene.  Clad in the ensembles necessary for this theme capturing the ultimate beauty of these girls. Their smiles beam brighter when they’re clad in neon fishnets or jet black cut-offs. Megan and Adriana laugh and joke at how Megan’s anal fisting virginity was taken by Adriana Chechik. Mike Adriano also makes a celebratory joke about double the anal happening on set today with these two anal allies. 

Adriana and Megan are allies.


After the teasing and posing the girls finally drop down to their knees to sloppily suck on Mike Adriano’s wiener.  Adriana taking care of the balls and Megan starting with the tip in her mouth but they rotate throughout the oral exposition which is pleasantly expected. Soon enough stringers of saliva will be coating cheeks. The girls are almost reading each other’s minds with how seamless the cock trading goes on during the slobber fest. Both heads bouncing in tandem as they wildly attack Mike Adriano’s cock in this blowjob. Seeing the girls laugh with joy as stringers of spit dangled from their chin was a genuine facet of the scene that brought joy to this reviewer as well. The camera jumps under Mike Adriano where the spit starts to soak the screen itself in this daring camera angle. The view is of the girls raining down streams of slimy spit as they mouth-fuck Mike Adriano. Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik make out while playing with the spit they’ve ejected showing the true chemistry between the two. 

 Adriana drooling in Megan's ass.

Adriana Chechik gets ready to sit on rigid phallus for anal cowgirl but not before Megan Rain throats the cock giving it a spit sheen. Once Adriana has that dick up her butt and riding it you can expect to see Megan Rain rimming her fucked hole during the action. Megan also gives Mike’s balls some love she’ll also rip the cock out of Adriana Chechik’s ass to suck on it in quick bursts.  She’ll rim a gaped open butt as well for good measure. This cowgirl anal segment with Adriana on top was very hot to watch especially when I saw Megan Rain spit on Adriana’s asshole during the ass plowing. Megan continually goes back and forth between asshole and dick in this searing hot session.  Megan swaps positions with Adriana and is now on top of Mike Adriano in anal cowgirl. Adriana Chechik has front row seats to Megan Rain squatting down and slowly sliding that dick into her petite butt.  Adriana will enhance the situation by gagging on Mike’s dick before strategically reinserting it into Megan Rain’s sweet cheeks in this sloppy cowgirl anal position.  Those bright white gape gloves are on so you know the gapes are about to start popping open. When Adriana Chechik does get one in her face you can bet she starts to institute that tongue of hers firmly between Megan Rain’s open hole. Tons of slobber fueled pounding occurs which then leads into speculum play. A device designed to illuminate graphically open holes.

Overhead Speculum Shot

The details of the speculum are further acted out by Adriana Chechik, who says the collection of spit that accumulated in Megan Rain’s ripped open rectum is now warmer than it was before she spits it in there. After the mass of saliva that Adriana Chechik deposited into Megan Rain’s ass oozes out Mike proceeds to fuck it in doggy style anal.  Adriana will help with the gaping as she holds up the walls of Megan Rain’s anus. The camera seemingly diving into the gaping hole for the graphic close-up. After’s Megan’s butt poundings it’s time for the speculum to slide into Adriana Chechik’s anal cavity.  The same techniques of spittle collecting are instituted here with it eventually bubbling out of Andriana’s gaping butt upon Megan’s supervision. Next Adriana will get her butthole pumped by Mike in arched doggy once again in a swap up of positioning.  There is a segment here where both girls have their asses arched out for Mike Adriano to trade off on their turd cutters.  The pipe sharing continues as Mike hops back and forth between the girl's buttholes as it happens with their legs up in missionary too. Plenty of descriptive dirty talk and gory oral takes place in these final segments.  At one point the girls are stacked atop one another giving Mike access to all of their holes. He travels up this tower of flesh before he finally inseminates Adriana’s cum hungry throat.  A “throat creampie” as Mike Adriano describes.  Adriana Chechik drops down a wad of cum on Megan’s tongue closing this explosive scene out with a slimy cum swap.


Another krushing porno pairing for the True Anal fan to indulge in. This two-disc collection harbors some of the hottest girls in this industry today. And the beginning of this scene you will see Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey power-paired together giving you the feeling of quality that’s about to pop off in this  Mike Adriano directed endeavor.  The brightest outfits adorn the Grey girls on this disc in my opinion. The tease starts with two pairs of jiggling titties filling your screen.  The gorgeous girls proceed to model their immaculate asses. It’s typical to see Kiesha Grey twerk in her teases and we should thank the porn gods for that.  As the girls advertise the goods Mike asks if Karlee performs anal off camera in result receiving the answer, “No I don’t.” If you paid attention the box cover there was an advertised ORAL ONLY notification with Karlee Grey. Similar to Anya Olsen from True Anal Love the unofficial prequel to True Anal Addiction. Keisha Grey’s insane booty is modeled for the tease segment even further as the camera focuses on her tasty looking cheeks. When they get the camera on Karlee’s booty we then realize truly how amazing the Grey Girls are going to be in this anal scene.

Get ready for anal Greys

The anal is on the way but not before a bodacious double BJ sequence where both girls gag on Mike’s dick. I loved how the Greys coaxed each other’s cock sucking skills while uttering phrases like “No spit goes to waste..”, during the slobbering affair. Trading places with either having the penis in their mouth or making out with Mike this oral part was a perfect setup for the butt blasting that is sure to cum. Rimming is visited to keep the nastiness level of this scene going up. With Karlee Grey digging into Mike’s asshole starting off the rimming exhibition. Keisha is close by sloppily servicing Mike’s erect penis.  They switch spots so Keisha can coat Mike Adriano’s anus with her spit. Right above Karlee Grey is making sure Mike’s cock is sucked. After this wildly satisfying oral session, the girls get Keisha ready for an ass pounding as her legs fly right up in spread-eagle anal missionary. Her immaculate ass being pierced with Karlee Grey close by dropping salvos of spit to keep things lubricated. Adriano pumping away with the camera sitting up close scanning Karlee supplying some pussy eating during all of the anal intrusions.  Time for Keisha’s cheeks to get split in anal cowgirl as her butt brilliantly lets the dick slide in it. Karlee Grey is downstairs sucking the balls as Keisha bounces on the hard penis of Mike Adriano.

Karlee Munching on Keisha's ass getting fucked.

“Do you wanna see inside my butthole?”,  Keisha Grey kindly asks. The camera pulls out with her head laying down on a pillow and ass in the air. The speculum is back for this scene and is firmly inserted in Keisha Grey’s open asshole. We’re on tap to seeing a well of slobber fill up in Keisha Grey’s pried open orifice as Karlee Grey’s head hangs near.  After Keisha’s ass drinks Karlee’s spit it’s seeped out into a glass after the speculum is removed. The cum negotiation leads to the Keisha Grey once again going into anal cowgirl this time squatting on the dick of Mike Adriano. The goal finally achieved of milking Mike’s nut after they pull into a final sloppy double BJ session.  Mike inseminates Keisha’s mouth giving way to cum swap with the other Grey concluding this scene.


Just based on the porn pairings alone collectors will go after this two-disc collection. Adriana Chechik and Megan alone have enough ass appeal to turn the head of a casual consumer walking by this DVD on a rack. They’ll be rewarded to find Angela White’s scene as a part of this pooter pounding package. A now award-winning performer in True Anal Addiction’s cast is another collector’s call to procure this film. Even a casual porn viewer stumbling on this two-disc set will uncover the treasure trove of awesome anal goodness that is True Anal  Addiction. Sure  I can direct you to the TrueAnal.com site but this is highly recommended as a disc you can loyally spin for the rump reaming rewards every time. I can see die-hard anal nuts falling in love with Anya Olsen’s scene the way I did. Casuals are sure to have a favored performer to lead them into the arms of True Anal Addiction. They’ll also find reasons to come back to the True Anal name after seeing the type of casts they put in their colon cruncher series. 

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