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No More Fairy Tales

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/8/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian, MILF, teen, Family Roleplay, Orgy


Cast: Syren De Mer, Scarlett Sage, Mindi Mink, Jenna Foxx, Alexis Fawx, Alex Grey, Jelena Jensen, Georgia Jones, Katrina Jade, Sarah Vandella, Cadence Lux

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: Feb. 9, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 47 min.

Extras: Two trailers


Overview: Step mother Sarah Vandella comforts a frightened Cadence Lux in the titular story from the latest Mommy's Girl collection No More Fairy Tales. It's one of four scorchingly hot stories that also include Syren De Mer under the spell of Scarlett Sage's magic diary, Jenna Foxx attending her step mom Mindi Minx's knitting circle that turns out to be more than she expected and evil step mother Jelena Jensen schooling her bickering step daughters Georgia Jones and Katrina Jade. Yet another amazingly hot collection from the very talented folks at Mommy's Girl.


Scene One: “The Magic Diary” starring Scarlett Sage and Syren De Mer


Scarlett is going through her aunt's old things when she comes across her secret diary. She reads about how she wishes to win the lottery. When she does she wishes to just disappear, and she does. Scarlett realizes she's in possession of a magic diary that grants the wishes of whatever is written in it. She wishes for a car and her step mom Syren gives her the family station wagon. She wishes for a movie date with Syren and it happens. It's when Scarlett decides to wish that Syren becomes horny for her that things get interesting. In a fantastic comedic performance Syren comes running into Scarlett's room all hot and flustered and Scarlett tells her to lie on the bed. Scarlett starts seducing the hot and giggly Syren, hiking up her dress and sucking on her big mature tits. Syren tries so hard to fight off her feelings but the power of the diary's magic is too much for her as Scarlett pulls off Syren's black panties and licks her pussy.


She gently flicks her tongue over Syren's clit and sucks on it making her pussy even hotter. Syren still tries to resist but Scarlett makes her feel her tits. She then sucks on Syren's big boobs some more before forcing her tits in Syren's mouth to suck. She then goes back down and eats Syren's pussy again, Syren giving into her urges by now and telling Scarlett how much she wants her. Scarlett furiously rubs Syren's pussy and Syren has a beautiful silent, twitchy orgasm on Scarlett's hand. Scarlett then climbs up and tribs her, bumping her pussy against Syren's until she cums. She then sits on Syren's face and Syren licks her to a couple of more orgasms as Scarlett reaches behind her and rubs Syren's pussy at the same time.


She then gets Syren on all fours and licks her asshole as she rubs her pussy, fingerbanging her to another orgasm. They then switch up and Syren licks Scarlett's asshole and rubs her pussy until she has a leg shaking orgasm while Syren masturbates herself. Syren then climbs up and they bump pussies again. They trib each other until the cum and then Syren goes down on Scarlett, giving her a couple of more orgasms by fingering her pussy and rubbing and licking her clit. A truly great scene with a terrific performance by the drop dead gorgeous Syren De Mer as the completely flustered and befuddled step mom coupled with sexy Scarlett Sage's intensely orgasmic style.


Scene Two: “The Daisy Chain” starring Mindi Mink, Jenna Foxx, Alexis Fawx and Alex Grey


Jenna Foxx is home from college and her step mom Mindi Mink invites her to join her knitting circle with Alexis Fawx and her step daughter Alex Grey, called The Daisy Chain, while she's down. After the usual small talk Jenna notices something just isn't right when Alexis and Alex start to kiss passionately. Alex then takes off her dress and Alexis takes off her bra showing her magnificent tits, which prompts Jenna to tell the group about how uncomfortable this is making her. Mindi tells her it's all ok, that this is what mothers and daughters do and tries to kiss her. Jenna tries to leave but Alexis grabs her and tells her to relax, and that she must have experimented with another woman in college, all the while Alexis feeling Jenna's body and pulling down her top. While this is going on Mindi takes off her clothes and starts sucking on Alex's tits.


Jenna starts to get into it and Alexis gets her completely naked and goes down on her pussy while Mindi does the same to Alex. Mindi licks Alex's pussy while Alexis fingerbangs Jenna, making her rub her clit while she fingers her beautiful fat little pussy. Mindi does the same to Alex, fingering her pussy just like Alexis while she pokes and licks her pussy until they both cum on their fingers. Alexis keeps fingering Jenna giving her more orgasms while Mindi fingers Alexis from behind and Alex fingers Mindi. Jenna then gets on her knees and bends over the couch and Alex, Mindi and Alexis make a daisy chain licking each other's pussies while Alexis eats out Jenna from behind. The ladies then all switch around and Mindi makes out with Alexis while she rubs her pussy and Alex eats out Jenna.


Mindi then climbs up and sits on Alexis' face and rides her tongue until she has a convulsive orgasm in Alexis' mouth.  Meanwhile Alex is playing with Jenna's pussy, gently teasing her clit with her finger which drives Jenna crazy. Mindi and Alexis then start making out and watching Jenna as she sucks on Alex's puffy nipples and makes her way down to her pussy. While she's eating it Alexis crawls underneath her and fingers Jenna's pussy while licking her clit and Mindi eats out Alexis. Alex, Alexis and Jenna all cum at the same time and they switch up again, this time with Alexis sitting on Jenna's face while Jenna fingerbangs her pussy and Alexis eats out Alex while Mindi sits on her face. After they all cum more or less together Mindi, Alex and Alexis all turn their attention to Jenna, kissing and feeling her for a little until she starts sucking on Mindi's boobs and rubbing her pussy. Jenna then sits back and spreads her legs for Mindi, Alex and Alexis each feeling Jenna's boobs and cheering Mindi on as she sucks and fingers Jenna to one last orgasm. After making Jenna cum Mindi then sits back and Jenna takes her pussy in her mouth and sucks and licks it until she gives Mindi a very powerful and convulsive orgasm. Incredibly hot lesbian orgy action from four of the sexiest ladies in porn today. A truly great scene.


Scene Three: “Evil Step Mother” starring Jelena Jenson, Katrina Jade and Georgia Jones


In this funny well acted scene, the gorgeous and always wonderful Jelena Jensen is scolding her two bickering step daughters, Georgia and Katrina, about not giving their pussies away to just anyone and to always remember that family comes first. Jelena tells Katrina that she needs a refresher course in eating pussy and that she wants to watch her eat Georgia's. She makes them get naked and Katrina then goes down on Georgia. The sight of Katrina licking and slurping on Georgia's pussy starts to turn Jelena on and she begins to play with her amazing boobs. Georgia then starts berating Katrina, hilariously criticizing her technique, much to Jelena's chagrin, which makes Katrina determined to make Georgia cum.


She buries her face in between Georgia's legs and before long Georgia is cumming, grinding her hips against Katrina's face as she orgasms in her mouth. Jelena then tells Georgia it's her turn to eat Katrina. Georgia starts licking her, but Katrina won't stop with the insults. Jelena tells Georgia to kiss her to make her be quiet. They then make out for a little, but Katrina won't stop with the insults. So Georgia goes to town on Katrina's pussy, slurping, licking and sucking on it which drives Katrina wild. Jelena starts rubbing her pussy while watching Georgia make Katrina cum.


Katrina then grabs Georgia and the two start tribbing. Katrina grinds her pussy on Georgia, slamming it against hers until they're both cumming on each other, the whole time Jelena masturbating to the spectacle. Jelena then tells them about how exhausting it it to play with her own tits and and rub her own pussy. The two girls both volunteer and they each take a boob and suck on it. Jelena then lays back they each take turns licking her pussy. After getting her all hot and horny Katrina starts tribbing her while Georgia sits on her face. Georgia rides her face until she's cumming Jelena's mouth while Katrina grinds her pussy against Jelena's, bringing Jelena to orgasm. Georgia and Katrina then switch up and Katrina climbs up on Jelena's face while Georgia bumps her pussy against Jelena's until she's cumming again while Katrina cums on Jelena's face.


The beautiful Jelena Jensen is always great playing these bold strong female roles like she did in Vampires, even when they're played for laughs like this one. Coupled with the barbs the very sexy Georgia and Katrina throw at each other and you've got a great light and witty play on the classic wicked step sisters theme. Really a good and funny scene.


Scene Four: “No More Fairy Tales” starring Sarah Vandella and Cadence Lux


The final titular scene has step mom Sarah Vandella reading a bedtime story to step daughter Cadence Lux. When Sarah tells her it's about witches it scares her. But Sarah tells her it's just a fairy tale and that it isn't real, and that she's here to protect her, all the while petting and stroking Cadence until her hand reaches her ass. Cadence tells her she's still afraid which leads Sarah to assure her she won't read the story but tells her she can't always get what she wants as she smacks her ass. Sarah then undresses the confused Cadence, telling her to trust her and that she won't do anything to hurt her. The young naive Cadence gives in and Sarah makes her suck on her boob. Sarah rubs Candence's pussy through her panties before taking them off and revealing one of the prettiest golden patches in the industry. Sarah then goes down on Cadence, stuffing her mouth with her pussy and simply devouring it until Cadence explodes in her mouth.


Cadence then says she wants to do the same to Sarah and Sarah lays back while Cadence licks her pussy. Cadence licks and sucks until Sarah has a convulsive leg shaking orgasm. Sarah then surprises Cadence when she pulls out a purple strap on. Sarah straps it on and Cadence climbs up and rides it cowgirl, gliding her pussy up and down the shaft of purple plastic. She then spins around and rides it reverse cowgirl, grinding her beautiful pussy on it while Sarah rubs her clit and sucks on her tit until Cadence furiously cums on it. They then remove the strap on and Cadence sits on Sarah's face while Sarah rubs her pussy until Cadence cums again in Sarah's mouth. Cadence then climbs off and they start tribbing, Cadence grinding her pussy against Sarah's first in regular cowgirl then in reverse until they're both cumming on each other, Cadence licking her own juices off of Sarah's pussy. A very nice whimsical scene with fine performances.


Final Thoughts: I'm going to take this opportunity to say that I think Cadence Lux is one of the most underrated actresses in the industry today. Time and time again we see her giving terrific comedic performances. And while she has done some fine dramatic scenes she has yet to get that one one dramatic role that I believe she will shine in. I think a performance in a good Pure Taboo scene will be extraordinary. Just saying. OK, I'm stepping down from my soap box now and saying that overall this dvd is yet another great release from Mommy's Girl. The opening scene with the incredibly gorgeous Syran De Mer as the overly flustered step mom and the incredibly cute and sexy Scarlett Sage is terrific. Then we're followed by a scorchingly hot orgy scene starring two of the drop dead sexiest MILF's in the industry today, the incredible Mindi Mink and Alexis Fawx, teamed up with the very cute Alex Grey and the extremely hot Jenna Foxx. The hilarious banter between Georgia Jones and Katrina Jade at the hands of the always fantastic and oh so beautiful Jelena Jensen is terrific. And lastly we're treated to the great Sarah Vandella and the VERY talented Cadence Lux in a very hot and horny scene of whimsy. Overall another winner from the Mommy's Girl all under the masterful direction of Stills By Alan. Highly Recommended.

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