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Club VXN

Studio: Vixen » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 4/9/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All-Sex

Date of Production: February 2, 2018

Director: Greg Lansky

Club VXN

Cast: Riley Reid, Kendra Sunderland, Nia Nacci, Uma Jolie, Ariana Marie, Sofi Ryan, Mick Blue, J-Mac, Xander Corvus

Length: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Extras: Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Greg Lansky has been hailed as one of the most detail-oriented artists in modern porno. Filming scenes that feel more like fashion shoots, models love him for crafting films that make them look stunning. Club VXN is no different in that it features impeccable HD Shots and crisp audio.

Lansky makes use of music as a storytelling element during his intros. It’s the furthest thing from cheesy porno music and conveniently fades out during sex acts. This gives way to the gentle coos and moans of the main event which are captured cleanly without echo or background noise.

Overview: Club VXN is a collection of four artfully shot Vixen.com scenes ranging from soft girl/girl to a hardcore threesome with BDSM elements. There are no toys in use and every pop-shot ends with a facial, often with some cum-play. VXN is shot in that bright Lansky style, with the exception of the title scene--a foray into porn noir that is both beautiful and unique for a Vixen scene.

Riley Reid licks Kendra Sunderland

Set design is paramount to Vixen titles and this is no different. You’ll find visions of sexiness in mansionesque homes featuring temporarily well-dressed people. It all makes for an excellent backdrop, but Club VXN does suffer from some set reuse.

For fans demanding a solid story, Club VXN is a bit disjoint. The title refers to a BDSM club that Xander Corvus belongs to, but is only referenced in the fourth and final scene. Instead of a main story, Club VXN offers four unrelated porn scenes with a splash of storytelling in the setup. It’s a little strange as Uma Jolie’s scene clearly alludes to a broader story that we are left to wonder about. Like most Vixen products, watch this one for the wonderful sex bits, not the plot.

Scene One: Retiring “library girl” Kendra Sunderland returns in what will be one of her final DVD’s in a girl/girl tryst with superstar Riley Reid. Reid has been developing feelings for her roommate and takes advantage of Sunderland’s recent breakup to show her how she feels.

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Kendra Sunderland licks Riley Reid's pussy

The music and dialogue suggests a hint of drama, but Sunderland and Reid are anything but. All the conflict comes from Riley Reid’s internal sexual tension, and she plays it convincingly!

It is Reid who makes the first move, first with a kiss and then working her way down to those breasts and then daring a taste of even more. Riley Reid once stated in an interview that she’s just a normal girl but becomes this raw sexual being when the cameras start rolling. Lansky captures that Werewolf-like transition perfectly.

Bright colors dominate with light-skinned beauties set against a brilliant white backdrop. It’s a solid setup for an artist like Kendra Sunderland whose skin regularly ignites cherry-red whenever she approaches orgasmic bliss.

While their scene is mostly soft and loving, Girlsway fans are bound to rejoice at a little anal play and a particularly sexy squirt from Reid.

Scene Two: Nia Nacci is a new and underrated beauty. Her African and Native American heritage have gifted her with glistening tan skin, a voluptuous figure, and high cheekbones that kill. All that beauty is wrapped up in a sultry performer that is destined for greatness.

Nia Nacci on Mick Blue

Nacci has the hots for her friend’s father and finally makes her move on Mick Blue. She convinces him to send his daughter off on an errand to make time to get freaky.

She opens the scene with an inspired and lengthy blowjob. Nacci is perfectly at ease delivering dialogue throughout while keeping her eyes lustfully locked on her new boy-toy, but it’s her sex that is on fire.

The vision of Nacci’s firm body and natural double-D’s pounding Mick’s prick is matched only by her sweet and sexy moans. It’s almost enough to make you ignore the elephant in the room--why does Mick have a twin mattress lying in the middle of the kitchen?

Penetration is where it's at and Lansky’s lens lingers on pure pussy worship throughout. The nineteen year old newcomer is gifted with firm and shapely labia crowned by a proud clit that evokes memories of Asa Akira’s pretty piece.

Watch for intense O-faces, a creamy orgasm (wow) and sultry dirty talk. Nacci’s performance and Lansky’s sweeping angles make it this film’s top scene.

Scene Three: Uma Jolie is internet-famous, but she wants more. She has taken matters into her own hands by banging her way to the top. This time, J. Mac is in her sites. The plot is stereotypically porny, but it sets the scene for a delightful boy/girl romp.

Uma Jolie sucks J.Mac

Uma’s a gorgeous hardcore queen with bedroom eyes and fashion-model looks. The Lansky crew specializes at showcasing the beauty of their models and the hairdresser and makeup artists deserve credit for giving Jolie that natural and glowing look.

Oral is centerstage and it is clear that Jolie is a graduate of the Sasha Grey school of BJ. She all but chokes herself on J. Mac’s package while Lansky captures her mesmerizing eyes in closeup.

Strangely, J. Mac seems to be living in Mick Blue’s house. He walks Jolie over to the bed which is naturally right in dining room. Who are these people sleeping with the cookware?

Both performers bring their own lust to bare, fluidly swapping the dominant roles. There are times where Jolie is on top and on the verge of destroying J. Mac’s cock. But once he gets Jolie against the wall, Mac gets his turn in the driver’s seat. In each case, it’s lovely and lots of fun to watch.

Scene Four: In a total departure from Vixen, Lansky explores dark BDSM themes in an Andrew Blake-esque threesome with Ariana Marie, Sofi Ryan, and Xander Corvus. The whole thing is sleek, fashionable and mysterious.

Ariana Marie, Sofi Ryan & Xander Corvus at Club VXN

Ariana unexpectedly brings a friend to Club VXN (pronounced Vee Ecks Enn), a BDSM sex club. For violating the rules, she’s going to be punished.

Xander is perfectly at ease as the dom--a role he’s had plenty of experience playing throughout his XXX career. He directs the duo to undress and punishes Ariana by forcing her to drink wine from Sofi’s ass and later eat her pussy.

While there’s some collar play, the scene is less bondage and more fashionable domination. Corvus doesn’t waste much time standing by and throat fucks Sofi Ryan something fierce.

This is one of the most beautifully shot scenes, not just on this DVD, but from Vixen.com as a whole. It carries the perfect blend of fashion and sexuality, sitting nicely with the set design and color palette.

Sexwise, Marie and Ryan are dynamite together and Corvus diligently keeps pace like the human Sybian that he is. While Ariana steals the show with her red-hot orgasming glow, you’ve got to acknowledge Sofi Ryan’s outrageous mid-scene orgasm. Is it fake? Possibly. Over the top? Certainly. Must-watch-entertainment? You bet!

Nia Nacci penetration

Final Thoughts: There’s a good reason as to why Greg Lansky has been the darling of the AVN’s since launching his porn empire. The director creates nothing short of pornographic art and this is no exception.

It isn’t perfect. As a DVD there is nothing that ties the film together. Instead, you’ve got a random collection of Vixen scenes. It’s very entertaining, especially that Nia Nacci scene, but there are other Lansky collections that are more cohesive and solid.

Club VXN is a cut above the majority of modern porn productions. This is not a raw gonzo fuck-fest and features relatively tame sex by today’s standards, but that’s not the point. Lansky aims to create something beautiful, and in that he succeeded. For that reason, I highly recommend this film.

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