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Shopping For Anal

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/13/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gina Shopping For Anal


You hear the term tart thrown around a lot these days (especially by me) but a girl like Gina Valentina is just a simple cutie.  It’s a good thing to have such a cute girl in the form of a solid adult performer. Gina is a girl that epitomizes this uniqueness in her own cute way. She fits the petite performer category like a glove yet stands out on her own. Small and fiery in her approach which you’re guaranteed to witness if you slap on anything she’s done recently. Gina Valentina was one of those performers that had fans salivating at the thought of seeing her tight little ass being taken by anal sex. Yet she made them wait and it wasn’t exactly about exclusivity at that point either it was more like: FINALLY! Well, now you have her behind a very (in)famous lens which is the untouchable Tushy. Where else would you go to see her perform the dirty deed than a studio that specializes in the glamorizing of anal? It is indeed an art form when you see a girl like Gina Valentina spread those tight ass cheeks for a director like Lansky. 

Cast: Gina Valentina, Mick Blue
Director: Greg Lansky
Studio: Tushy
Condoms: No
Release Date: 4/06/18
Approx. Run Time: 35 mins.


Gina fitting Mick.

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Gina is playing a wardrobe manager or “personal shopper”  in this scene.  For Mick Blue, he’s playing a big shot character in this Tushy setup.  She has the simple task as it seems first to fill up Mick’s closet with stylish clothing items. The back story that unfolds then starts to envelop Gina as she narrates a montage of a fitting between the two. The subject of the narration being Mick Blue’s divorce cleaning him of his belongings. Mick even further fleshes out the tale by leading it to a simple request. He seems to be shopping for something more than the latest fashion item. He’s shopping for ANAL SEX as he bluntly admits to Gina Valentina while she sits opposite of him on a couch. The answer shouldn’t shock you as you get a healthy dose of porn logic. Gina’s response as Mick Blue’s personal assistant is  “In my country, Brazil, all women love to take it in the ass..”.

Brazilians love anal.

The sizzling sex starts immediately as Gina Valentina typically narrates why she wanted her boss’s dick all along. Mick grabs the tiny Gina close to him as their faces dig into each other in a heated make-out session. The brief yet passionate kissing leads to Mick’s dick being flopped out of his pants and into Gina Valentina’s ready mouth.  The slathering of her own saliva on Mick’s dick is precisely caught by the close-ups of the camera work. I always get excited about the oral sequences in Lansky’s films. They are hypnotically filmed while retaining a gritty sloppiness. You’ll see that in this scene as stringers dangle off Mick’s dick and Gina’s lips.

Then sexiness escalates as Mick excitedly grabs Gina to throw towards a bed. She arches over in her submissive throes of passion to allow Mick Blue to grab her tiny little butt firmly. He then rips off Gina Valentina’s daisy-duke cut off denim shorts to bury his face in her petite booty.  Stuffing his mug deep in those ass cheeks of Gina. His goal: To get her pussy and ass all sloppy and wet before he starts inserting himself into her in a doggy style stance over the bed.  The lines of Portuguese that are spoken by Gina in her orgasmic daze are extremely sexy to hear. Mick Blue agrees with this as well while railing away on her vagina. When Gina lays on top of him in cowgirl Mick Blue continues his signature piston pumps while she continues to speak in her native tongue. Mick wonders what the words coming out of her mouth mean as Gina finally reveals it while still riding on top of him. The translation is really not far from what you’d expect because in plain English it meant; Gina wants that cock up her butt. Mick’s dick gets slid into the sexy little Brazilian’s booty while she’s still in anal cowgirl.  Gina helps him land into her butt with a close-up shot revealing this anal care.

Mick ass deep.

In no time the anal pounding is being fully instituted by Mick’s hard dick. Gina then gets in squatting cowgirl for the camera to brilliantly grasp more close-ups of the butt banging.  Squatting cowgirl anal and oral are my favorite to see in Tushy films. At one point during the cowgirl anal with Gina bouncing on top, she decided to trade off the dick of Mick between her open holes. I thought this particular segment was very hot in this prolonged cowgirl ride. She flips around to reverse anal cowgirl with some gapes in tow. Mick pounds out some tight ones as Gina Valentina’s asshole gets fucked open. The camera honing in with such precise shots of the opened ass in this Tushy scene is greatly appreciated.  Down doggy is the next position as Mick Blue drops his dong into Gina Valentina’s arched ass. More lines of Portuguese can be heard from Gina’s horny lips. The close-ups still providing the service of graphic penetration shots which is thankfully a standard.  The climax is brought in after a spooning anal segment with its fair share of close up penetration shots still going on. Mick’s nut is fired off over Gina’s lips as she siphons the remainder of the seed with some tip sucking. The scene closes off with Mick Blue making the obvious remark that she is the best clothing shopper there is.

Gina Gape


Hearing the same Portuguese phrases that my other favorite Brazilian performer Monica Santiago expels was very exciting to hear as a fan of Brazilian babes in general. Gina Valentina is on top of her game so to see her and a major anal studio together in tandem is another treat. The hungry camera angles hugging these two bodies in anal harmony is something I have to recommend. Any butthole freak should witness an upgraded petite like Gina Valentina perform with a butt banger vet like Mick Blue. A very healthy vignette of anal goodness in a glamorous package.

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