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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/15/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Couples Feature


Cast: India Summer, Jojo Kiss, Anna Bell Peaks, Ella Nova, Ryan McLane, Jay Smooth, Chad Alva

Writer/Director: Hank Hoffman

Release Date: Jan. 31, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 54 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: 3 Bonus Scenes, A Photo Gallery, Eight Trailers and a Wicked Pictures Promo Reel



Overview: Writer and director Hank Hoffman exercises his usual brand of storytelling with great style in his latest venture Flawless. Grifter couple India Summer and Ryan McLane, along with India's daughter Jojo Kiss and a couple of cohorts plan to steal a valuable necklace from gem trader Jay Smooth. It's a twisted tale of sex, lies and intrigue as every character has their own objective in a web of secrets, and it's yet another fine example of storyline porn from the talented and very stylish Hank Hoffman. Since the story is so intricate and complex I'll forgo the plot and instead fill you in on the very hot and extremely well shot sex scenes.


Scene One: Anna Bell Peaks and Chad Alva


In the film Chad Alva plays India and Ryan's co-conspiritor and cheating boyfriend to Jojo Kiss with Anna Bell Peaks. In this scene, after nearly getting caught by Jojo, Anna Bell and Chad get a motel room tearing each other's clothes off in truly firey passion. Chad stretches out on the bed and Anna Bell goes down on his cock. She swallows his hard veiny cock for just a minute before her pants are down and Chad's eating her pussy. Anna Bell wraps her legs around his head and pulls him into her as he simply devours her cunt, licking, slurping and sucking on her pussy while she writhes with pleasure. He licks her clit and finerbangs her until she's cumming on his fingers and then she puts the condom on before he drives his dick into her.


She is absolutely loving his cock as he pounds it in and out of wet pussy, Anna Bell rubbing her clit as he fucks her until she orgasms again. She sucks her juices off with a great shot of Anna Bell fingering her pussy from behind as she cleans his cock. She then climbs up and starts riding him. She screams with pleasure as Chad fucks her pussy from underneath until they start grinding together, Anna Bell taking Chad's cock all the way balls deep in her pussy. She then spins around and she rides him reverse cowgirl, Anna Bell looking absolutely beautiful as she bounces up and down on Chad's cock.


She fingers her clit until she cums again and then gets on all fours and Chad fucks her doggy style. He pounds her dripping pussy and Anna Bell begs for more as Chad pistons his cock in and out of her. He slams her pussy until she squirts and then rolls over and masturbates herself as Chad shoots a load of cum on her tits.


Scene Two: Ella Nova and Jay Smooth


Chad, who's profession is a pilot in the film, tells Ryan about a conversation he had with Jay while he was a passenger on his plane. He relates the story of when he met Ella Nova at a gem show and the sex they had, starting with them making out at his hotel room. They each undress, both of them feeling each other's bodies along the way, until they're both naked and Ella starts sucking on Jay's cock. The very sexy Ella Nova makes sweet love to Jay's cock with her mouth. After giving him exquisite head she sits back for Jay to go down on her. He licks and tickles her clit, bringing her to orgasm with his hand patting and rubbing it. She then climbs up and rides him, grinding and bouncing her pussy on his cock, first in regular cowgirl and then reverse.


They both fuck each other, Jay slamming Ella's pussy from underneath while Ella bounces on his cock giving her several orgasms which she sucks off of his cock. She then gets on all fours and Jay fucks her from behind, slapping her ass as he drives his cock in and out of her sweet pussy. Ella begs him to keep fucking her until she cums while she rubs her clit to another orgasm. She then flips over and they fuck missionary, Jay pounding her pussy until he pulls out and shoots a stream of cum on Ella's belly.


Scene Three: India Summer and Ryan McLane


In a truly top notch performance, India, who went blond for this feature, tearfully begs her ex-con boyfriend not to go through with the plan. Ryan promises and the two start making out. This leads to the bedroom where where clothes start coming off. Ryan caresses India's totally slamming body, sucking on her tits and reaching down inside her pants to stir up her juices. He peels her pants off and goes down on her pussy. India is the absolute queen when it comes to displaying passion in her sex scenes, giving off the perfect balance of subtlety and sweet intensity in her performance.


Ryan licks and eats her pussy to one beautiful orgasm after another before she sucks his cock. She sucks and strokes it like the pro she is before they fuck missionary, India whimpering as Ryan enters her pussy. She grabs at the bed and clinches the sheets as Ryan stabs her pussy with his cock making her cum over and over. She then climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his cock, grinding her perfectly toned ass on his dick as Ryan fucks her from underneath.


She then climbs off and they start spooning, India rubbing her pussy to one orgasm after another as Ryan fucks her from behind until he pulls out and his jizz comes spilling out of his cock onto India's pussy. A beautiful passionate scene from the wonderful India Summer and Ryan McLane.


Scene Four: Jojo Kiss and Chad Alva


In another display of deception we learn that Jay has been trying to get India to have sex with him, while Ryan goes through with the plan after lying to India. Meanwhile Jojo is with Chad back at his place (remember, their boyfriend and girlfriend despite the fact he's sleeping with Anna Bell) taking his pants down and sucking his cock. She gags and chokes on it for a little bit, getting it nice and hard before he's pulling her pants off and eating her pussy. She loves it as he fingerbangs her cunt while sucking on her clit and she cums on his fingers. She asks him if it's his FAVORITE pussy, giving off the indication that she knows about Anna Bell. That doesn't stop him though as he sticks his dick in her and fucks her missionary. He furiously pounds his cock in and out of her and Jojo rubs her clit to another orgasm. We then get a sort of a jump cut to Jojo riding Chad.


She bounces up and down on his cock and Chad rubs her asshole as she grinds on him and mentions how much he loves little sluts. Yeah, she knows. She then gets on all fours and Chad fucks her doggy style, Jojo backing her ass up to Chad as he plows her pussy until he shoots his load of cum on her ass.


Scene Five: India Summer and Jay Smooth


With India and Jay back at his house, Ryan is hiding trying not to be seen. He still doesn't know it's India he's with as Jay takes her to his bedroom. Jay and India make out for a little bit, passionately undressing each other and Jay exploring every contour of India's incredible body. He tenderly removes her panties to reveal her beautiful pussy. He sweetly kisses it making India breathe harder and sweetly whimper as the tip of his tongue dances on her clit.


The sweet feelings of pleasure charge her pussy when he becomes more forceful and sucks and eats her pussy. He then moves up and kisses her as he fingers her clit giving her one of her sweetly intense orgasms. He then stretches across the bed and India starts sucking his cock, using her tongue to get it nice and shiny wet before he lays her down and fucks her missionary. He grabs her by the neck and stabs her pussy while India rubs her clit making her orgasm again.


She then jumps on top of him and rides his cock cowgirl style, bouncing her hips up and down on his cock while he fucks her from underneath. He lays her down sideways and spoons her from behind, India rubbing her clit as he jabs his cock in and out of her hole, giving her multiple, beautiful orgasms until he pulls out and jerks his cock, making his cum shoot out on India's pussy.


In the end I'll just say the heist don't go quite as planned, but things end well enough for India and Jojo as they ride off bringing and end to this very well made film.


Bonus Scene One: From “My Girlfriend's Mom” starring India Summer and Connor Kennedy


Bonus Scene Two: From “Hide And Peep” starring Jojo Kiss and Tommy Gunn


Bonus Scene Three: From “Axel Braun's Bush” starring Ella Nova and Ike Diesel


Final Thoughts: The talented Hank Hoffman has always been a great stylish filmmaker, weaving wonderfully pulpy and intricate stories much like this one involving characters with secrets. Stories of sex and deception that never let the viewer rest as he leads them from one twist and turn to another. It's only fitting that his stories fit so well in erotica. In contrast he keeps his sex scenes very minimal, with a limited number of positions from his performers and great pacing, never leaving the viewer board. It helps also that he has such a good cast. The very beautiful and mature India Summer always delivers a remarkable performance with her very sweet delivery, while Ryan McLane turns in another great performance as well. Despite just a few minor little technical flaws (mostly in the editing), this is still a great adult film that's truly made for adults. And I have to applaud Wicked Pictures for being a studio that still cares about quality adult films, for those of us who still care. Flawless is a very good, well made, well acted and very stylish feature, and I Recommend it.

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