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Lil' Squirts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/17/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, Anal, First Anal, Petite, Squirting
Director: Aiden Riley
Writer: Keira Croft  


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Cast: Haley Reed, Leigh Raven, Charlotte Sartre, Keira Croft, Owen Grey, Tommy Pistol, Bill Bailey, Mr. Pete, Aiden Riley (Non-Sex)
Length: 3 hours 22 minutes
Date of Release: February 26, 2018
Extras: Cumshot Recap, 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Cast List, Filmographies, Websites

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Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Good on both counts. The audio could have been a bit more well-captured but no biggie. The Hi-Def filming does border on too much movement but that movement results in great action capture so it has to be forgiven.
Overview: Evil Angel and Aiden Riley bring us four short stories written by a newcomer, Keira Croft. Each story has its own little setup and is followed by hardcore sex, some of which I guarantee will make even seasoned viewers sit up and take notice. Viewers looking to push the envelope will definitely want to add this to their collection, more casual viewers may just want to check it out for kicks. The choice is yours but it's jam-packed with over 3 hours of crazy-good sex preceded by interesting setups.
Scene 1: Haley Reed & Owen Grey 'Garden Sprinkler'
Miss Reed is tending her flower garden which isn't living up to what she envisioned it to be. Owen shows up showing off the lemons his tree is producing and she decides to step up her gardening game, dropping her daisy dukes and squirting into the flower pot, her flowers magically springing to life. That made her horny and Grey uses that moment to start shoving his cock in and out of her mouth as she squats, rubbing herself to another squirting of the grass.

Haley Reed

The leggy blonde moves to a bench and braces herself against it and the fence behind it, so Owen can ram her from behind. Each time he pulls out another stream pours forth from Haley. Owen takes up position on the bench, Haley happily bouncing on his boner in both forward and reverse, showing off her tiny tits and bald snatch as they pause to rub her to another gusher all over his cock.

Haley Reed

They move inside the house where the banging and squirting continue on a massive wooden table, Owen really pumping away now that he has some better leverage; Haley moaning dirty things off an on as she tries to keep her head from bashing into the wall behind her. Grey climbs on the table to force feed her his dick and then slam her in a spooning in which they share great eye contact. The duo explores some innovative positions to get their grooves on, the pair using pretty much every square inch of table surface as Haley covers the floor in squirt while Owen concentrates on covering her face with his load.

Scene 2: Charlotte Sartre & Bill Bailey with Aiden Riley (NS) 'The Big Sister'
Bill & Aiden have a long conversation about Aiden's fear of losing his friend if he "likes" his sister. This type of thing worked really well in the cult classic movie 'Clerks' for a number of reasons which ultimately came down to no budget to do anything else and Kevin Smith's dialog writing that straddled the line of inane and genius. Here, it suffers from the lack of the latter but is a valiant effort from Miss Croft (which I'll get to later).

Charlotte Sartre

Once Charlotte enters the picture, the dialog no longer matters as she commands the viewers' attention from step one into the frame, in which she drops her keys (complete with mini-vibrator on the ring) and shows off her bare ass and crotch while picking them up. A simple plot device gets Aiden out of the room with his request for Bill to ignore his sister at any and all costs. Charlotte exits stage left and heads off to play with her Hitachi. Bailey quickly tires of the fidget spinner Aiden gave him upon his exit and peeks in on Charlotte who is at the point of drenching her bedroom floor and sheets. They decide to become friends and get to know each other better, the goth-porn fave sporting a stylish new haircut and explaining that she likes things in her ass. Bill's quick to start fingerbanging her and Charlotte reciprocates with some dedicated oral servicing. With the foreplay out of the way, She jumps on his cock and he starts going to town.

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Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte gladly gives up her ass, her face smiling even as she talks. She asks him to step on her face as they roll into doggie, Bill complying as he bangs her booty, Charlotte rubbing herself continually. The pair roll through a few positions, including a standing bang that has them straddling the floor from bed-to-bureau. Charlotte shows off her contortionist skills as Bill continues his anal spelunking excursion in even more acrobatic positions, Sartre's screams getting louder and more frequent as she drizzles more juice around the bed. Bailey uses her holes at will, one after another in no particular order, Charlotte's sphincter pulsing prominently when he isn't occupying it. When Aiden shows back up looking for his fidget spinner, Charlotte crams it up her ass and offers it to him.
Scene 3: Leigh Raven & Tommy Pistol 'The Squirting Artist'
Leigh is painting, a blue wig adorning her head, chanting fills the air while she is busy creating a cock picture on her easel. Her forked tongue licks her lips as it starts to take shape. She thinks something is missing and comes up with the idea to shove her watercolor brush up her ass for a final stroke. Enter Tommy who is sporting a wig fashioned after 80's band members of 'Nelson'. The two consciously overplaying their roles as artiste and art lover, Tommy paying particular attention to his wig even while Leigh squirts blue dye from her ass, creating a yellow smiley face on the canvas in her second studio. In her third studio, she breaks the fourth wall as she kneels before him to work his cock to hardness with her mouth; Tommy exploring the capabilities of her forked tongue inside of his foreskin and practicing his karate chop in it because he's Tommy Fucking Pistol.

Leigh Raven

As he stiffens, Pistol places Raven's artist palette around his pole because why the fuck not? Raven rolls with it, using her slobber and her fingers to activate the paint to some degree and wiping it around his belly and her face. Lying backward, Tommy places a potted flower on his crotch as Leigh's lips continue their assault, joined by her teeth. Tommy grins and bears it as she jams her pinky into his pee hole and smears her makeup all over her face while prompting him to fuck her eye socket. She declares him a fraud as he whips off his wig and stuffs his cock and balls into her mouth. It doesn't phase him at all as Leigh climbs onto the table and squirts all over his face and into his open mouth, he just gets up and starts hammering her hole as she begs for him to put it into her ass. As he does that, she surprises him by whipping off her own wig but he doesn't care anymore because he's busy drilling deep in her derriere.

Leigh Raven

She kneels on the floor and together they make her squirt all over the floor while she licks his eye, then sucks up her squirt and spits it into the foreskin he holds open for her. She goes for a ride and tries to do some ATM but Tommy starts spinning on the floor in her puddle challenging her to catch him first. The pair gets freakier moment by moment, the sex getting rougher and more innovative at one or the other's command/request. When I say innovative, I mean things like Tommy even shines the bottom and top of her boots with his boner. At one point Tommy's yelling something about "some fucking yoga shit" as Leigh laughingly grabs her first painting so she can squirt all over it while Tommy talks about "paint magic" as he hammers her anally. I'm not even going to tell you what goes down with the pop shot...you'll just have to watch this.

Okay, very little Tommy Pistol does surprises me any more but this is one of those times where I'm pretty sure there was a plan at the beginning and then at some point Tommy and Leigh just let their biggest freak flags fly and the camera just kept rolling despite the abandonment of the initial plan. Or, Keira Croft wrote the whole thing out and Leigh and Tommy just said: "fuck yeah, let's do THAT because why the fuck not?!".
Scene 4: Keira Croft & Mr. Pete 'Singing Pussy'

Mr. Pete's putting some final touches on a new track he's producing when Croft busts in to show off her rap skills while spitting rhymes into her Hitachi and breaking the fourth wall when he questions her dyslexic lyrics which she rebuts with referencing the fact that if she sang them like he suggests that it would be trademark infringement that can't be associated with porn. Okay folks, here we go. Hang on tight, our pornstar debutante seems to be making her first scene a memorable one.

Keira Croft

It gets more memorable as she starts inhaling his cock, Mr. Pete pulling aside her panties to reveal that not only does she have a bush but her ass hair is fully intact. That right there goes to show you that she isn't joining the industry to conform to any preconceived notions that might be present. Once Mr. Pete grabs her hair and starts throat fucking her it is fucking "game on", Keira unblinking and steadfast.

Keira Croft

I'm not even going to attempt a play by play here. Let's just say that Hall-of-Famer Mr. Pete puts this newbie through pretty much every porn possibility common in today's world. She gets both holes reamed in a number of positions, she floods the floor with her juices, she gives up every hole without hesitation and with a look of determination on her face. Choking, spitting, face-slapping...he gives it all to her on a chair and then on a bed after a tease sequence while they transition. She occasionally smiles but mostly has the look of "what else can you come up with" as he tries trick after trick to see what her limit might be. Even as he fucks her stockinged feet, she is able to rub herself to a squirt while maintaining eye contact with him and glancing at the camera knowingly.

Let me sum this up for you: Newbie? Yep. Good eye contact? Yep. Dirty talking ability? Yep. Rough sex? Check. Squirting? Check. Great face? Check. Tiny, firm body? Check. Gives up all holes equally well even though it is her film debut? No problem. Active rodeo rider? Yes.
Final Thoughts: Okay, I admit I've been sitting on this title for far too long. Yes, I'd heard the buzz about the new "It girl", Keira Croft. Yes, I was waiting to see how the buzz played out for a bit before I cracked open this disc to check it out. As it turns out, social media has been flooding with producers and directors tweeting BTS shots of this girl for a while now so I figured I better give it a spin. Much to my surprise, each little story on the disc was written by Miss Keira Croft, in addition to her being the PA behind the scenes. Aiden Riley's name sits in the director credits but I'm here to tell you that I think he just kind of sat back and let Keira run this fucking show from ding to dong.

Let's start off with Keira herself, she's a 23-year young fucking newbie! I'm not here to hold that against her nor anyone else. What I am here to tell you is she's that rare sports car that pulls up next to you at a stoplight and you wrongfully assume it's one of the regular production models with 8-cylinders and fuel injection until you hear that distinctive whine that tells you there's twelve cylinders under the hood with 3 perfectly synchronized carbs delivering fuel to them just waiting for the light to turn green so you can see the tail lights in the distance. As I watched her scene, it was almost as if Mr. Pete (a Hall-of-Famer as I mentioned) had nothing that even phased her slightly even though he himself was a finely-tuned machine. I also mentioned that she made an attempt at long-form, dialog-heavy writing which in itself is an art form that even seasoned writers/directors rarely partake in because it's difficult to write and almost impossible to capture on film without numerous cuts. I can't fault her for that attempt at all. Beyond all of that is the fact that she's stunning, with that distinctive face shape similar to Pat Benatar that seems to be universally adored. Never mind the untrimmed nether regions, that's just a fucking statement she is making consciously, an act of young rebellion against industry norms. Who cares? It works.

Tommy and Leigh...let me go there...I really have nothing to say other than I was surprised that scene didn't happen with a different studio (yes, that one). Those two were like a pair of giant breed dogs that grabbed the holiday ham off of the counter and busted out the screen door with it, devouring it before you even noticed it was gone.

Charlotte, Bill, and Aiden. Great casting. Nice execution. I love the haircut, Charlotte. The smiles from you just keep getting bigger and brighter during your scenes and Bill seemed to work well along with you in your acrobatic endeavours. Nice work.

Haley & Owen. Again, what is there to say? You two dominated the scene, utilizing every square inch of that fucking table in innovative ways! Rock on!

With all of those accolades out of the way, let me get to my recommendations. If you are a casual viewer that likes "vanilla sex" between "vanilla performers" you will definitely want to downgrade my rating but for those of you freaks that want to see sexual acts pushed beyond their norms and are familiar with what Evil Angel pushes out on a consistent basis, you won't go wrong with this one. This will be a hit with you! I don't recommend taking the whole thing in as one marathon viewing because the scenes are long but each one is fun in its own particular fashion and most deliver some ass blasting fun, one of which involves blasting watercolors out of Leigh's ass. Highly Recommended. Pick this one up for the collection.

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