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True Anal Nymphos

Studio: TrueAnal.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Main menu of True Anal Nymphos disc 1


The first thing I noticed upon picking up this box for True Anal Nymphos was Ava Addams bodacious body exploding out of a red fishnet skirt-ensemble. Our Ava has been dormant in the anal game as of late. So to see her on a box cover of True Anal Nymphos should immediately alert any collector’s observant eye. Another screaming detail is seeing Anya Olsen yet again in a True Anal DVD. This should excite anyone that stuck around for Mike’s other True Anal excursions such as True Anal Love or True Anal Addiction.  “ANAL IN EVERY SCENE” is advertised properly in the collage of beautiful bodies. These portraits of fantastic frames are a part of a lighter colored collage with the babes modeling about their quaint outfits. Haley Reed and Chloe Cherry sit on the top right of the box next to Chloe are the “ORAL ONLY” tags reminding viewers of her role in the scene. With glowing smiles, they’re also wearing bright pink bikini two pieces loyal to Mike’s colorful palette on his sets.  Arya Fae is standing in the “porn-star” arch with her delectable butt cheeks on display. Anya Olsen’s beautiful stare being modeled right under Arya’s pose. The logo of the actual feature sits at the bottom left corner of the box with a director’s credit firmly planted underneath it.

special features of True Anal Nymphos

Out of the other True Anal DVDs I’ve reviewed (Love and Addiction) this has got to be the most stylishly animated of the all the menu designs so far.  You’ll see a large still of a selected model (Arya on disc 1 and Ava on disc 2) imposed over a flame-red gash where a moving montage repeats. You again have rave sounding techno music beating behind in the background. The “True Anal Nymphos” logo sits largely above your navigation options of “Play Feature”, “Scene Selection”, and “Special Features”.  A decent supply of options will follow if you select the Special Features option on disc 2 such as a “Cumshot Recap”, “Feature Trailer”, “Website info”, and rotating stills from the scenes in the “Photo Gallery”.

Cast: Haley Reed, Chloe Cherry, Arya Fae, Anya Olsen, Ava Addams, Mike Adriano
Directed By: Mike Adriano
Number of Scenes: 4
Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time:  3 hours and 55 mins.


As I see Ava Addams upgraded form adorning a firm position on this DVD box I think right away to myself, “Where has this anal MILF-queen been?” She’ll introduce herself as a recently dormant anal performer during the intro of her scene in True Anal Nymphos.  Any sane collector would realize the potential in such a scene where a voluptuous Ava gives her fans new anal to watch. By now you should know the theme of titular stars bringing their asses in for hard fucking as the True Anal way. True Anal Nymphos is no different from previous entries where a big draw is guaranteed to be found on the disc. I also applaud the slightly shorter duration of the feature allowing for in and out viewing habits for porn fans who want action quick. Don’t worry though because those elaborate teases where the women’s bodies are intricately scanned and played with by Adriano are still here. Also, expect to see that cheek splitting goodness that Adriano fans keep coming back for.


Chloe and Haley legs up and asses open.

The scene starts with a sweet greeting from both Haley Reed and Chloe Cherry as they are sitting down with gorgeous grins. They both are speaking about how this isn’t the first time they’ve worked with each other but it is the first time they’re going to share a cock together. Chloe describes how she’ll suck off Mike’s fat cock clean after it pops out of Haley Reed’s gaping asshole. The girls get very descriptive as they portray what they plan on doing to Mike Adriano. By now the viewer should get excited as the tease moves to Chloe’s ass being played with by Haley Reed as she gives Chloe an ass wedgie to her bikini bottom.  As Haley does this it causes Chloe’s creamy white cheeks to spill out and jiggle to Haley Reed’s delight. Haley Reed peels off Chloe’s bikini bottom with a pretty smile on display next to Chloe’s naked ass. She then begins to toy with it as she sticks her finger up Chloe’s butthole then pulls it out to lick it upon Mike Adriano’s request. Haley Reed gets in the position now for her ass to be teased and toyed with. She couldn’t spit some dirty talk fast enough as the camera pulls out to reveal some spread cheeks. Her proud proclamation of, “ I want a big fat cock in my ass!” leaves her lips as the camera hones in on Haley.  Chloe gets a turn to probe Haley’s now naked booty with her fingers.  The girls switch off worshipping each other allowing more rimming during the sexual exchange.

Butt-play continues as Haley Reed is on her back with a spread open ass in Chloe Cherry’s face as it is her turn to play around down there with constant rotations of foreplay. This then leads into Mike Adriano finally stepping in to give himself a taste of some asshole. With the Gape Gloves equipped his tongue is cheek deep in Chloe Cherry.  He switches off between both girl’s buttholes as they sit next to each and kiss in a sloppy manner. Mike takes his liberties with more rimming and ass spreading before the girls take turns on each other once more during this very hands-on tease.

Chloe Cherry up close and personal for some anal insertion.

The girls suck each other's tits before they start tag teaming Mike’s ready penis. Chloe goes down deep throating that dick right away. Haley Reed’s head is close by flanking the balls in her service.  The girls can’t keep their hands off each other as they kiss passionately in between piling on Mike’s piece. Next, it’s time for Chole to lick Mike Adriano’s asshole while Haley takes over the cock sucking duties. Spit and slobber will be properly instituted during this sloppy ass eating session with Mike’s legs spread to give girls easy access.  Speaking of which it’s time for Haley Reed to access that man-ass while laying down facing it she begins to dig in with her tongue. Streams of sticky saliva will coat Mike Adriano’s taint. This causes stringers to attach to Haley Reed's mouth and lips as she licks up the butt.

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A big blue butt plug is finally in the frame in this next segment. These toys are usually used to warp open the buttholes of the performers so they are ready for the pounding they are about to receive. A common practice in Mike Adriano scenes especially during the teases.  Another staple in Mike’s tease sequences are the lube injections into the anal cavities of the girls. Chloe is happy to help Haley Reed during the application via the injector.  Once the lube is deep in Haley the sphincter-slamming starts in spooning anal.  “My cock is just eating it!”, Haley reiterates as Mike is sliding in and out of her tight asshole. While the penetration persists you can expect Chloe to supply spit to keep the butt pumping seamless and slimy. It’s time to make some gapes happen as they all agree upon.  This further being solidified since Haley Reed is wearing one of the Gape Gloves while Chloe is wearing the other. This will allow for some maximum gaping. After the relaxed positions where Haley was mostly laying on her side or back, we get a great arched shot of doggy anal soon after. Mike proceeds to poke Haley Reed in this positions as Chloe once gain supplies lube in the form of spit and lubricant oil. The seed of Adriano has dispensed down Haley’s throat which is another signature move in his is scenes. Some long stream cum swapping closes out the scene as the girls play with his nut.

Chloe smiling in front of Haley's gape.


Mike Adriano welcomes Arya Fae for this anal excursion. He mentions the last visit with Arya was centered around oral which is mostly like referencing her Swallowed.com appearances. Well, today she’s getting her butt pipe thoroughly plowed by Mike’s famous cock. She’s wearing a super small plaid mini skirt with super sexy black stockings that match her bra. Her large hoop hearings accessorize her outfit. She’s also decorated with beautifully placed tattoos.  The 21-year-old beauty introduces herself to the camera with her unique stage name. She states that she hails from Tennessee in this interview with Mike Adriano.  They explore her enthusiasm for erotica and how it led her to the business to build her brand.  Arya without hesitation hikes up her skirt revealing a strawberry fur thatch of brilliance. She plays with her naked pussy briefly. She then migrates her beauty to the wall to model her arched booty for the camera. Mike Adriano investigates the origin of this ass with Arya Fae revealing she was in professional dancing for 12 years. More pristine booty arching during the modeling in this tease will occur. Lifting up her skirt again to playfully show us her pussy even more before Arya sits back on the couch in missionary with legs in the air for more spreading and winking.

Arya and Mike having a fun time.

It’s time for Mike Adriano to feast on some ass. As Arya is up against the wall Mike is down under tearing away at her spread open cheeks with his tongue. Singing in praise of her butt getting pulled open and gaped Arya Fae wails to the camera how she “ loves Mike's tongue up her ass.”  She gets arched in a doggy spread for Mike Adriano to further lap up her open butthole. With his gape gloves equipped, he continues to dig in. We will continually receive close up shots of Mike Adriano’s tongue burrowing into Ayra’ s open ass which is rewarding for rim job fanatics like me.  After this, the penis is put into play so expect a slobber show from Arya’s mouth to happen. Rightfully so, as it is standard for the spit-filled cock sucking sessions to be found in Mike’s anal epics. The next frame is Arya arched in doggy pornstar-arch with the large blue butt plug firmly implanted between her hot butt cheeks. This device is used for the purpose of gaping Arya’s ass open. Mike does this accordingly with the proper camera angles nearing diving into Arya Fae’s itself.  Adriano helps himself to some bush munching as he delights himself to Arya’s strawberry pussy.

precise anal piercing of Arya's ass

Arya finally hops on Mike’s cock in anal cowgirl for some really fun butt-fucking bouncing. Mike will allow her to go at almost turbo speeds in this jumpy anal cowgirl before he can only take any more. Arya Fae is totally turning up the energy level in True Anal Nymphos she nearly rips the load out of Mike's cock prematurely a few times.  Back into arching doggy  form, Arya coerces Mike Adriano to ” fuck her ass hard until he cums.” He reinserts his swollen cock into Arya’s tight hole in doggy anal for some more butt blasting. Squatting anal cowgirl is what gets Mike’s seed brewing enough for it to blast. He stands up to finally insert his semen on Arya’s willing and wide open mouth. The beautiful smile that closes the scene is the ultimate reward for any new Arya Fae fan that was made this day.


Mike Adriano sucking a sloppy tit.

Two huge set of tan brown boobs kick this scene off, which is a close-up shot of Ava Addams tits naturally. A tight blood-red fishnet piece barely contains Ava Addams exploding body. She’s back with even more beautiful bumps and mounds for her fans to marvel in. Her ass is now bigger and better and it’s on an Adriano set to get completely anally open.  Ava’s ass is back in business. “Today is an anal day”, both Ava Addams and Mike Adriano agree upon this as she models her massive butt that will be banged later in the scene. She reveals the secret to the all-natural augmentation of her bodacious buns was a steady diet of Southern Texas food. Mike enjoys what he hears as he lifts up Ava Addam’s tight red mini skirt. Two massive butt cheeks spill out for a very close up shot of them from the camera. As the shot pulls out Mike presses when the last time Ava Addams performed anal sex. She explodes with a resounding; “Months!” She also reveals that she’s been turning down offers to perform anal as of late. This is about to change in this professional True Anal setting. More teasing is due as Ava grabs handfuls of her big booty to jiggle and sway.

Mike Adriano is in a playground of flesh as he grabs Ava’s boobs during the teasing. He even admits this will be a long tease due to the sheer amount of ass and titty that needs to be covered in this intricate intro with Ava. The caressing of ass takes place while Mike Adriano is nursing a fat tit in his mouth. The camera will hover at different angles so you can see some exceptional ass worshipping.  Back and forth Mike Adriano will go from licking ass cheeks to sucking on some titty. The rimming sessions with Ava’s asshole are detailed. Mike Adriano is face deep in her big butt cheeks to dine on her rectum.

Pooter poking.

Ava needs some cock so that entails for her to get on her knees as Mike Adriano steps into view with an erect penis. She gets the cocks into her open mouth promptly as it’s time for the dick to get sloppily slathered with saliva.  Ava Addam’s boobies are constantly getting love in this scene which is much appreciated. Soon enough after the tit sucking Mike’s cock gets rammed back down Ava Addam’s throat. The camera does a precise job of catching Ava’s brilliant butt cheeks being chopped open by Mike Adriano’s hard wiener. Mike will constantly slide his dick out to show the gaping caused by him fucking Ava’s big butt open. The camera is right there to capture every wink from the piercings.  Expect the camera to be there for the great gaping in this solid anal scene. Keep in mind this is from a performer who hasn’t done anal in eight months.  Ava Addams is due for an injection of water into her asshole. Mike Adriano steadily inserts the injector to fill her up. Lo and behold we get a walking-tease as Ava Addams gets right up after getting that butt of hers filled up with watery lubricants. Her giant cheeks jiggling with each salacious step as the camera is close behind. This sudden burst of teasing isn’t over yet as Ava sits down in arch doggy to fart out the water in a cup.  

Ava's Gape

“Baby, I’m having a seven-course meal in your ass!”, Mike Adriano hilariously exclaims. He says this as he laps up some remnant ass juices lingering in the gape he fucked open out of Ava.  These final piercings are severe and gape inducing as Ava Addams is arched in doggy for her booty to stick out. Mike is pumping away as he grabs each end of Ava’s ass cheeks to tear into.  He makes another comedic quip about needing a straw while slurping up an open gape.  Surprise! A titty fucking segment. You’ll see Ava Addams rapidly oiling up her boobs for some quick jabs of Mike’s hard phallus between them. It’ time for a colossal cowgirl session to take us home as Ava’s big-ass booty bumps up and down engulfing Mike’s thick dick. Every one of these butt fuck positions that Mike Adriano institutes on Ava Addam’s open asshole is guaranteed to give you gaping.  It closes off with a classic throat insemination leading Ava Addams to play with the gobs of semen she ejects from her mouth. She’ll playfully coat her massive knockers with the nut while promising to come back for more.


Anya is ready and willing for anal.

Anya Olsen is back for more as she starts the scene off revealing this. The gorgeous girl also makes light of how she wants to be on Mike Adriano’s sets more. This is her third time in a True Anal release and her second time filming anal for them. She’s constantly brought back for a reason as she’s a fan favorite and an obvious favorite of Mike’s. Anya is in a jet-black three piece lingerie outfit where she’s wearing dark stockings and a bra. She’ll slowly spin in 360 motions at the beginning of this tease to show us her remarkably tight body.  Mike Adriano will step in to kiss and caress Anya’s ass. Mike will step back out a bit to allow the camera to tease more with Anya Olsen. This is where her bra slips off to show us her scrumptious tits.  Mike will then proceed to describe “it’s not every day he gets hard by looking at a chick..” which is one hundred percent understandable in Anya’s case. This beautiful anal angel then models her arch as she sits back on a white chair with butt cheeks protruding out. Mike Adriano will step in to spread her cheeks open giving him access to graphically rim it. The oral is now in full effect as Mike eats out Anya’s pussy.

With her hair tied back and a ready smile, Anya Olsen is facing Mike’s dick point blank. It’s in her mouth being sucked in no time as she slurps on the tip. There will be spit play as they both make out in porno-kissing fashion while also allowing Anya to lap up some scrotum as she doesn't forget the balls. This is a varied oral segment as Anya returns to the cock after kissing Mike with her standard fare quacking and slobber. Anya slings saliva very well in her oral takes, it’s needed in these True Anal epics as it adds pace to a long scene that needs lubrication.  It can easily become drawn out but Adriano keeps it fresh with how many sex positions he switches out of at any given point in his scenes.

Anya Deep throating dick

Legs in the air and booty cheeks spread to give us a great view of Anya’s taint and ass. It’s time for some butt fucking to ensue. Both parties are ready for the taking of the pooter.  Anya’s ass is poked in this anal missionary with Mike sliding in and out of her hole.  “Nice and deep.”, is the motto as Anya Olsen is moaning in a dick drunk haze. She then reaches for the gape gloves to get some proper openings to be filmed. Anya will then squat down on some dick for a position change as Mike slowly a lands up her butt cheeks.  A lot of bouncing up and down happens on top of  Mike Adriano who’s boxers are now soaked in lube. The cock rocking that Mike is getting is apparent as Anya’s hole is inhaling it with all the humping that’s happening. Always expect Anya’s scenes to skyrocket as they progress.  Also, expect more gaping in this cowgirl anal thrust-fest. An enema is played out in this meaty scene and will have Anya Olsen fart out water into a plastic red cup. Anya happily receives the cum after more thorough ass intrusions from Mike Adriano. One thing that is undeniable is the sheer enthusiasm and joy you’ll see Anya drip with in front of the camera as the scene closes.

Anya cup fart


The Ava Addams scene is more than enough to have any collector jump on board and add both of these discs to their collection of ass fucking movies.  And by now if you’re a casual viewer who doesn’t collect, you ’re probably back with True Anal for a reason. These reasons probably include: Mike Adriano constantly bringing powerhouse starlets to perform hard anal, long intricate scenes that give you all access to the most prized anuses in the booty trade, and finally, Mike Adriano continually collecting these endeavors on large two-disc collections. It seems everyone is covered when it comes to True Anal Nymphos. You even get a newer performer in the form of Arya Fae rounding out a true reward for any True Anal fan. How could we forget Anya Olsen a True Anal Nympho in every respect as she is constantly brought back for Mike’s awesome butt bangings.  So the theme for True Anal DVDs is COMPLETE PACKAGES. You should find yourself surfing these discs often which is a recommendable offense on sheer replay value alone.


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