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Axel Braun's Bush

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Bush
Director: Axel Braun
Videographer: Chris Streams


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Cast: Karlee Grey, Ella Nova, Avi Love, Maya Kendrick, Leigh Raven, Mr. Pete, Seth Gamble, Ike Diezel, Justin Hunt, Ramon Nomar
Length: 2 hours 9 minutes
Date of Release: January 5, 2018
Extras: Photo Gallery, 6 Menu-Selectable Trailers, 3 Bonus Sex Scenes
Bonus Scene 1: Avi Love & Ryan Driller
Bonus Scene 2: Karlee Grey, Carter Cruise, Damon Dice
Bonus Scene 3: Maya Kendrick & Phoenix Marie

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Condoms: Yes
Audio/Video Quality: No problems. Hi-Def capture, anamorphic widescreen presentation with audio that is captured without problems.
Overview: Five scenes (8 if you count the bonuses) of hot girls getting nailed by top male talent. Each girl and each guy have different appearances and techniques so it turns into a pornucopia to choose from. It's really not designed to be watched in one sitting I don't think, it's a pick and choose kind of disc that offers a nice variety of ladies and gents. Axel Braun directs while Chris Streams is the man behind the cam, so you know it won't be some crappy B-footage, it's straight-to-the-point, quality porn that is worth a gander.
Scene 1: Karlee Grey & Ramon Nomar

Karlee Grey
Karlee Grey, who hails from Boston, should be familiar to most viewers as a multi-award nominated actress that sports long, brunette locks and a curvy body. Here, she teases in red & black lingerie, sauntering over to the multi-award winning Venezuelan, Ramon Nomar. He immediately enjoys a boxed lunch and she unleashes his cock from its tent trap to show off her own oral abilities, taking his thickness balls deep. After a nice, good slurp session, Ramon gloves up and Karlee climbs on in reverse to show off her bush in closeup, her boobs swaying as she bounces, Ramon managing to toss her shoes off so as not to pierce the leather couch.

Karlee Grey
Grey's an active rider, quickly working herself up to a sweat, the pair sharing kisses as she slides into a spooning. Her eyes inspect the insides of her head as Ramon goes into Powerstroke mode, Karlee twirling and yanking her pubic hair. He senses she's gone to another planet and yanks her around, jamming his fingers into her love hole and causing her to gush. With her orgasm out of the way, he just starts fucking the shit out of her until he has to adjust his condom. That's when she takes control and starts twirling and whirling on top of his pole, Ramon sliding a finger into her ass hole as she does. Ramon commands her to stand up and jams his fingers back in her as she does, causing another flood to stream past Streams' camera lens. The pair explores some sidesaddle ride variations which seem to really work for Karlee, as does the legs wide open missionary variation which leads Ramon to a finish from tits to twat.
Scene 2: Avi Love & Seth Gamble

Avi Love

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Avi Love's teasing in pastel colors, her hair falling over her eye in a fashion that made me think of Dani Daniels for a second but that went away when she started kissing on Seth softly, seductively, while brushing her teal (aqua?) nails along his jeans. Her nipples stood firmly atop of her A-cup tits as she lay back so Gamble could remove her pink short shorts and taste her hairy hole. Even as she engulfs his whole length with her mouth, her moves are soft and calculated right up to when they aren't and she starts gurgling his engorgement. A crossfade brings us to a closeup of Gamble's sheathed sword sliding in and out of Avi's love tunnel and then the camera pulls out to reveal them both naked, Avi's pierced navel shining in the light. Her breaths and moans echo off the walls as Seth pumps into her, his tempo varying from time to time.

Avi Love

Her body writhes as he wraps his fingers around her neck and slides in and out of her slowly, Avi deciding it is time to show off her throating skills yet again. She yanks her pubes as she rides cowgirl in front of the door that will be familiar to many viewers, the one that I always expect a silhouetted delivery guy to be seen in dropping off a package and ringing the bell. Chris' camera work is slow and deliberate, each pan or zoom carefully calculated to offer the viewer differing experiences throughout the plowing that results in Seth unloading all over her bush as Avi giggles.  
Scene 3: Ella Nova & Ike Diezel

Ella Nova
Ella's tease goes down in a glass-walled bathroom, with a roaring fire centered in the background. Ike enters the picture by drying off her legs with a fluffy purple towel before munching her hairy box. She licks her lips and pulls on her boob as he does that, her face and moans expressing her enjoyment at the addition of his fingers. Kneeling on the marble above the tub, she shows off her rapid-fire sword swallowing skills. They make eye contact as they move into a spoon, Ike's balls starting to slap against her ass and Ella proclaiming "so fucking good" as her eyes seem to realize something outside of the moment (did I leave my charger at home?) briefly. It's just a momentary digression and she's back into the moment quickly, rubbing herself, mouth agape and moaning softly.

Ella Nova

Once she has mounted Ike, it's her ass slapping against his thighs for a bit and then he takes control, pounding into her with abandon. They trade slam duties back and forth, Ella tossing her hair from side to side when she isn't trying to keep her boobs steady while Diezel hammers her from below. Ike stands in the tub, drilling Ella who lies aside from it, her nipples erect, the fireplace showcased in the background. She coaxes him to cum and he unsheaths himself, to drain his dick on her triangle.
Scene 4: Leigh Raven & Mr. Pete

Leigh Raven

Leigh's tattoos are on full display as she teases in see-thru lingerie from a balcony. The tease fades to her rubbing her patch as Mr. Pete kisses her and then roughly fingers her to a squirting orgasm. He's intrigued with her forked tongue and wants to see what she can do with it so she licks up and down and then inhales his rod, grabbing his balls with her lips and teeth which seems to impress him. He trades back with a four finger insertion as he licks her love hole, letting her taste his fingers. There's a cut to her bouncing and sliding around on his fuck pole while shrieking and grunting. Her strapped, patent leather shoes get displayed briefly as they transition to spoon, her inked arm wrapping around her leg as she plays with her tongue.

Leigh Raven

Her pierced nipples jiggle around as Pete jams in and out of her, Leigh begging him to pull on her bush hard, harder, harder. He searches for a place to brace himself as he bangs her from above, Leigh screaming her appreciation of his efforts and flicking her tongue around. She cums and they chatter about him making it happen again, Mr. Pete repositioning himself so he can jam into her harder and follow it up with a squirt-inducing fingerfucking. He lets her show off her ass shaking skill before taking her in doggie which I was positive would end in him blasting on her ass but they manage to roll back into missionary for another patch pop.
Scene 5: Maya Kendrick & Justin Hunt

Maya Kendrick

Maya reminds me a lot of a girl that lived next door to me many years ago, probably before Maya was born and I was too young to really know what a first crush was but here, I can now think about how that might have played out if we both weren't like 7 at the time. (That girl's twin brother btw looked a bit like a young Justin Hunt but this movie isn't about twincest, that's a different genre altogether) Here, the two get down to business on a couch that looks like a third-row seat in an extra-wide cargo van. She coos as he snacks on her coochie. Like some of the other girls on this disc, she too seems to enjoy yanking her pubes, her nipples ready to take over duties on the next glass cutter's shift. The guy in charge of the Spank Bank Awards honored her with a nomination this year for prettiest pussy...watch this and you'll understand why.

Maya Kendrick

She puts her red-highlighted head in Hunt's lap and kisses him before unbuckling his belt to lick his lollipop. She spends some time doing that, watching streams of drool drip onto his shaft as she plays with it and a cut takes us to her getting nailed from behind, only the whites of her eyes visible. She mutters incomplete words, never mind sentences, as she licks her teeth while aiding his dick with her pink-nailed fingers. Justin watches her face attentively as he delivers his package, smiling as they kiss before moving to a reverse rodeo ride. Her eyes continue their zombie-like movements as she gets pounded in missionary while again yanking at her bush. She seems to really enjoy Justin's cock, Justin smiling as he rams in and out of her until blasting on her bush.
Final Thoughts: This is what I like to call "shampoo bottle porn". It is literally 2 hours of lather, rinse, repeat. Each scene is fairly short and plays out just like the last one. It's marketed to the viewers that just want straight sex with no frills. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that because when you include the bonus scenes you have a total of 10 hot ladies to choose from with your remote and you don't have to waste time with plots or extended tease sequences. That's exactly what this disc is for and with 8 scenes total it's cheaper to buy it then stream it so that is what keeps it at a Recommended rating. No, this will not be the title that sweeps the awards next year, nor does it pretend to be. It is what it is. Axel Braun directs and Chris Streams handles the videography, which tells those in the know that it is a quality product all around but it's definitely not an Axel Braun feature with all the bells and whistles. It's worth a watch...if it weren't for all the bonus scenes with great girls I'd say rent it but then you'll spend more money and why would you want to do that?

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