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Never Forgotten

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/21/18

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Genre: Romantic Couples Feature


Cast: Ella Nova, Maddy O'Reilly, Casey Calvert, Katana, Robby Echo, Seth Gamble, Ryan Driller, Michael Vegas, Kyle Stone (non-sex)

Writer/Director: Stormy Daniels

Release Date: Feb. 15, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 33 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: 3 bonus scenes, 8 trailers, a photo gallery and a Wicked Pictures promo reel



Overview: Writer and director Stormy Daniels paints a truly heartbreaking portrait of a man who must live his life with the memories of a lost love. Kyle Stone gives a truly powerful and heartbreaking performance as Robert Thompson, a poor soul who must live with the ghosts of his past and the memories of the girl he lost. Told mostly in flashbacks, this is such a beautifully heart wrenching story that's unlike anything Stormy has made to date, and it's definitely the career defining role for the great Kyle Stone.


Kyle plays Robert as a sweet old man who hobbles around his big lonely house with a cane and struggles to get dressed with his arthritic hands. It's his birthday and he reflects back on his past through his photo album containing all of the aspects of his life. As the clocks in his house tick each second away, he remembers his love Elizabeth, wonderfully played by the beautiful Ella Nova, and the wonderful idyllic birthday they once shared together. Lost in his thoughts he's awaken by the phone. It's his niece Maddy O'Reilly who promises to come visit. She hangs up the phone and her boyfriend Seth Gamble sneaks up behind her.


Scene One: Maddy O'Reilly and Seth Gamble


Maddy leads Seth by the hand tot he living room and they start making out. Seth removes her top and bra and kisses her tits as she keeps getting undressed. After getting her panties off he goes down on her, making sweet love to her pussy with his tongue until she cums. After she orgasms there's a crossfade to Maddy sucking Seth's cock, giving him sweet romantic head and making love to his cock with her mouth. She climbs on top and starts riding him, gliding her pussy up and down his cock and embracing each other as she orgasms again. We then see her on all fours as Seth fucks her from behind. His pace quickens and soon he's pounding Maddy's pussy with his cock giving her several more orgasms before they go into a missionary. Seth rubs Maddy's clit and makes her cum over and over while making love to her pussy until he pulls out and shoots his load on her tits and belly. This is a very simple love scene that typifies the beautiful nature of the feature as a very simple straight forward love story.


As Kyle goes about his day he is constantly haunted by the mistakes he's made in his past. He sees Elizabeth at the door with a birthday cake for the young Robert, played by Robbie Echo, before sadly snapping back to reality and reminding himself that Elizabeth is dead. He goes about his day as usual, looking at old photos with tears welling up in his eyes, contemplating what could have been if he only done the right thing way back then. In a very well made flashback sequence we see reflections of a much happier time for Robert. He and Elizabeth enjoy a wonderful day as boyfriend and girlfriend, holding hands, Robert pushing Elizabeth on a swing, and capping it all off under the stars as Robert professes his love to Elizabeth with a heart shaped locket under a fireworks lit sky. Everything is so perfect, until Robert's hormones start flaring up. He starts to make unwanted advances towards Elizabeth, and proposes to her just to get into her pants. Elizabeth storms off, making Robert decide that if she won't give it up he'll find someone who will. That someone turns out to be Casey Calvert, who looks terrific in the costume and make-up of the era.


Scene Two: Casey Calvert and Robbie Echo


Robbie takes Casey to the spot where Elizabeth turned him down. They have a quick make out session when town floozy Casey starts rubbing Robbie's crotch through his pants. She gets his pants off and moans as she goes down on his cock. She gives him great whorish head as Robbie takes her dress off and she keeps sucking him in her underwear. Before long she's on her back with her legs open for Robbie to return the favor and eat her pussy. He devours her cunt and asshole as she grinds her hips against his mouth. She asks him to put it in her and he t-bones her, Casey's leg draped over Robbie's shoulder as he fucks her pussy. They then start spooning and Casey cums as Robbie fucks her from behind. Casey then gets on all fours and Robbie fucks her from behind, Casey backing her ass up to him and fucking his cock with her pussy and having several more orgasms before Robbie pulls out and cums on her ass.


As Kyle sits outside enjoying the sunlight he reflects more on his life. Elizabeth has given his locket back to him, and thinking there's nothing to keep him in his small town he joins the Navy. He gets sent overseas to the Orient where he's approached by a beautiful Asian hooker played by Katana. With the memory of his true love still on his mind he turns her down and drinks himself into a stupor. Katana turns her attention to Robbie's shipmate Ryan Driller, who's MORE than happy to get a taste of the Orient.


Scene Three: Katana and Ryan Driller


As Robbie lays passed out on a table, the picture of Elizabeth in his hand, Ryan and Katana undress each other and Ryan goes down on her pussy. The beautiful Katana's cries of pleasure are incredibly hot as Ryan fingers her pussy and licks her clit. After making her cum she starts sucking his cock, flicking her tongue on the tip and running her gorgeous Asian lips over the shaft. He then lays back and Katana rides his hard cock, kissing him as he fucks her pussy from underneath before she sits straight and bounces on his cock until she cums again. She then gets on all fours and Ryan fucks her doggy style, his balls slapping against her clit making her cry out all the more as she arches her back and orgasms on his cock. They then go into a missionary, Ryan pinching her nipples as he fucks her while her beautiful face looks up at him as she cums over and over on his cock. He holds onto her leg and fucks her until he pulls out and jerks his cum on her belly. Beautifully shot scene with wonderful newcomer Katana.


Kyle struggles to get dressed and looks more at his photo album, perusing the medals he earned while in the service and stopping with tear filled eyes at the Elizabeth's wedding announcement to another man, played by Michael Vegas, Kyle's tortured mind imagining their honeymoon as he must have many times before.


Scene Four: Ella Nova and Michael Vegas


Still in their wedding garb, Michael carries Ella to the bed. They kiss and undress each other, Michael kissing the back of Ella's neck as he peels off her wedding gown revealing her beautiful tits. He kisses his way up her legs to her tits, tenderly sucking on her nipples before working his way back down and engulfing her pussy in his mouth. She's loving the feeling of his tongue on her virgin pussy and she writhes with pleasure as he fingers her clit while sucking on her tit. After getting her pussy nice and wet she starts sucking his cock. She makes such sweet love to it, slowly gliding her lips up and down it and stroking it while they kiss. She now ready to consummate the marriage and Michael enters her missionary. He slowly guides it in and the look on Ella's face is priceless as Elizabeth takes a dick for the first time. As Ella's pussy becomes more accommodating Michael's pace quickens and soon his cock is gliding in and out with greater ease in her wet pussy. She then climbs up and starts riding him, Elizabeth now loving the feeling of Michael's cock pussy, and she bounces on his dick while Michael fucks her from underneath. He then fucks from behind for just a second or two before they start spooning. As Michael fucks Ella from behind, Elizabeth tells him she's starting to feel something happening. He tickles her clit while his cock works in and out of her pussy and she tells him she's cumming as she orgasms for the first time on his cock. He makes her cum again and again before pulling out and shooting off on her pussy.


Not to give away too much I won't go into what happens to Elizabeth here, only to say it's followed by Robert visiting her gravesite and apologizing for not visiting sooner, even though a day hasn't gone by that he hasn't thought of her. And as the day ends, and the clocks keep ticking, we see Robert asleep in his bed and he is joined by his true love. He is back to his youthful self and his beautiful Heavenly angel takes him away, wearing the locket he gave her and lamenting about how long she's been waiting for him. Finally his days of torment are over and they are together again.


Scene Five: Ella Nova and Robbie Echo


In a beautiful room of white the two lovers kiss, sensuously undressing each other when Ella starts sucking on Robbie's cock. She plays with her pussy as Robbie fucks her mouth and stands up and kisses him. She tells him she's waited so song to be together as they embrace each other naked. The next thing we know she's on the bed and Robbie is making love to the beautiful pussy he's longed for. Passionately his cock works itself in and out of Ella's pussy, Ella rubbing her clit and looking into his eyes as he makes her cum. The passion is so high between them and Ella's orgasmic reactions are just so priceless. Ella is then riding Robbie's cock, bouncing and grinding her beautiful ass on his shaft before going into a doggy style. Robbie fucks Ella from behind, Ella crying out that she's cumming as she rubs her clit with Robbie's cock fucking her. Robbie cock is like a piston as he keeps fucking her until he shoots his cum on her ass.


You can pretty much guess the ending. I'll just say it's a very fitting one to one of the most beautiful and heart breaking films I've seen this year.


Bonus Scene One: From “Jessica Drakes Guide To Wicked Sex-BDSM for Beginners” starring Maddy O'Reilly and Steven St. Croix



Bonus Scene Two: From “From Beyond” starring Ella Nova and Ryan Driller



Bonus Scene Three: From “Conflicted” starring Cassidy Klein and Ryan McClane




Final Thoughts: Regret. It's one of the hardest things we all must endure as we get older. Regret over mistakes we've made. Regret from the outcomes of bad decisions. All of it is encapsulated in the exquisitely brilliant performance from Kyle Stone. As we look into his watery eyes we see a man who only wishes he could turn back time and make the right decision way back then. But alas, the clock keeps ticking, with every second reminding him of what he's lost. We feel nothing but remorse for him as he shambles about his daily routines as Robert has done for too many years. The best scenes for me are when there's no dialog, when the actors take you on a roller coaster of emotions without hardly ever saying a word. The scene where the older Robert curses the younger for trying to force himself on Elizabeth. The look in his eyes as he fights back the tears while gazing at the photo of his beloved. The gravesite scene where apologizes to her and pronounces his undying love for her. It's performances like these that don't just break your heart, it obliterates it, ripping it right out of your ribcage. I also have to praise Ella Nova for her terrific performance as the lost and confused Elizabeth, especially in her wonderful dialog free scene on her honeymoon where we feel her happiness, sadness and regret, again without saying a thing. In this reviewer's humble opinion, this is my favorite film Stormy Daniels has made since Wanted. She has given us such beautiful bittersweet love story that truly deals with the human condition, and goes beyond your typical porn film. It's just such a gorgeous piece of work and I give it the XcriticPick. And let me just say that I know it's early in the game and there are many more wonderful performances to come this year, but if Kyle Stone doesn't win his second AVN Award for best non-sex performance two years in a row, I will be absolutely shocked and mortified.

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