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Weight of Infidelity, The

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 4/23/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Feature, Vignette, BBW

Director: Bree Mills Produced By: Bree Mills & Craven Moorehead
Writer: Angela White
DP: Matt Holder Editing: Woody All-In


Cast:  Angela White, Karla Lane, Tommy Pistol

Length: 55 minutes

Date of Release: April 20, 2018

Extras: N/A

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Stunning on both counts when viewed at Puretaboo.com. Excellent hi-def capture with anamorphic widescreen presentation and nice audio layering.


Angela White teams up with Pure Taboo to tell a tale that is as fresh and pertinent today as similar tales that have been handed down since time began. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but it will go down in history as a groundbreaking piece of adult cinema. Tommy Pistol gets to nail not just Angela White but also Karla Lane and enjoys cupcakes in more ways than one along the way while Angela shows off her dramatic side and Karla Lane steps into a spotlit role.

Cinema has many “rules”, most of which are there not as barriers but guidelines to help performers and craftsmen ultimately tell a story in a clear and concise manner. Once in a while, a director decides to break all those rules to confuse and confound the audience, taking down their guard in order to present something in a way that will make people think about and discuss a film. This is not one of those times. There’s no need for that parlor trick here, as Angela White penned a tale that revolves around a timely, yet heavy subject matter...body shaming, or worse. She took that idea to the team at Pure Taboo and together they crafted an “adult film” using traditional cinematic techniques like multi-camera setups, long shots with inanimate objects fuzzily displayed in the foreground with focus maintained on the performers, and the use of light and shadow to convey positive or negative energies and emotions. Modern film also relies on the use of subtle audio cues to build suspense or lighten the “air” in the story. Film buffs will appreciate the careful use of all of these cinematic techniques that Pure Taboo shows off masterfully in this hour-long story.

Angela White

Here at XCritic, we decided to cover this tale that Angela White and Pure Taboo have made freely available to the public, in a slightly different manner than what we usually do. What started off as an idea for a collaborative review morphed into another idea along the way, to let many of our reviewers weigh in on the film as a whole and then stitch all of those thoughts into what you are reading now. Even though we sit thousands of miles from one another, somehow the film struck everyone in a similar manner, yet each reviewer saw bits of it in a different, more personal way. That just goes to prove that even “fuck films” can be crafted into an engaging story that people can understand and relate to no matter their location, their background, or their beliefs, as long as someone takes the time and effort to do so.

We didn't set out to "avoid spoilers" of the film because the whole script is available online right next to the free viewing but somehow none of us got sidetracked into giving away too much of it.

James Sharp:

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In the world of adult entertainment today it's always good to take risks. To just roll the dice and see what comes up. Angela White and Bree Mills are two of the most courageous minds in the field today. In The Weight Of Infidelity they take on the issue of body shaming to such an auspicious level it's almost disturbing, but you would never expect less from Pure Taboo. Written by Angela and directed by Bree, Angela is married to Tommy Pistol who is constantly nagging her about her figure. After an amazing sexual encounter with Tommy in the kitchen, Angela makes the mistake of grabbing a tub of Rocky Road ice cream. The controlling Tommy berates Angela and throws the spoon into the sink. Angela tearfully promises to do better, but slips in the office, binging on sweets and then throwing up in the bathroom. Later, Angela returns home from her jog when she hears Tommy and adorable BBW star Karla Lane having sex in the bedroom. Angela sits in disbelief and rage as she listens to them, Tommy forcing Karla to eat cupcakes while he fucks her. She runs out of the house, her confused mind questioning why he wants Karla when he's constantly fat-shaming her. This leads to her imagining what sex with Karla is like, first Karla licking cupcake icing off of Angela's pussy and then Angela eating (literally) Karla's. Angela and Karla then meet over a plate of ribs where Karla tells Angela she didn't know Tommy was married and that he's a “feedie”, someone who gets off on forcing someone to eat. This is where we learn the gist of the story. That it isn't about fat or skinny. It's about control, and the way Tommy manipulates them both to get what he wants. And in the end, well, let's just say Tommy gets his “just desserts”. This is such an important film that everyone, especially those who feel ashamed of their appearance, should see. Beauty isn't what people see on the outside, but all in the way that you carry yourself on the inside. The more confidence you exude the more attractive you are, bottom line. This is a yet another great outing from Pure Taboo, with exemplary performances from everyone, and it joins their roster of important message themed films such as Nerd's Revenge. Very impressive.

Angela White

Apache Warrior:

In "The Weight of Infidelity", the complex characters bring a genuine honesty to the heavy subject matter. By watching this film, we know that Angela White put much painstaking thought into the storyline as well as developing characters that are real in society. When I was dating BBWs, I had known men who were cheating on their wives with lovely BBWs while their beautiful wives were at home not knowing what was going on. These guys had BBW fetishes while body shaming their wives just like how Tommy Pistol's character did in this production. These men were charmers and no one ever knew that they had this manipulative dark side to them. As for Angela White's portrayal as the victim, we feel bad for her in the situation she is in. She does not deserve it. She wants to please her man so badly that she loses herself for him. I have known women like her character too. As for Karla Lane, she shows that BBWs have a sexy and fun personality and not the typical stereotype that they are usually thought as in society. People are complex in real life and real life situations are complex too. Angela White and Tommy Pistol showed it very well with true emotion. A lot of credit goes to Bree Mills in filming this film and offering it free on her http://PureTaboo.com site so people can watch, enjoy, and even learn from it. Society will be a better place when everyone recognizes that women are beautiful regardless of their weight.

Tommy Pistol

Don Juan DeMarko:

“My God, ……” That is usually a line used in mainstream films to promote an actor’s depth and ability to speak to an audience. It takes true command to utter such words, at least, that is what past generations believed. It is a new age that proves to be upon us in so many ways. In a world that has NFL football being doused with politics, books and “mainstream” films becoming watered down due to copyright, piracy and fear of creating a likeness too bold, one may lose everything they have in a court of law due to the fact that they made something original, daring and thought-provoking that simply made us uncomfortable. There was once a time when horror movies were looked at as this style of shock storytelling that gave a bit of a true look into man’s reality and fear at the start of the 19thcentury. This was celebrated in ways that seem to be forgotten in our modern world.

Tommy Pistol & Karla Lane

Angela White and Bree Mills have created something that is far beyond what taboo is. This is a film that showcases a subject no one wants to talk about but honestly, only the bravest of souls have endured. The Weight of Infidelity is a story that may truly be what defines a generation in certain ways but also is something that may simply break the barrier that so many believe exists within the adult film industry and its members. This part of my contribution must be short and sweet and the only thing I can say that summarizes this film, is that this is what once made storytelling the thing that inspired change, gave the person with the smallest stage, the biggest of voices and most importantly, shows sex, sexuality and honesty in a way that will make you stop and think after just watching the first ten, heart pounding, nail-biting, intense, yet honest and lovely creations that this industry has always been capable of. I must not reveal anymore but what I can say, is that if you see this film at its core, it will open your eyes to things you never knew existed.

Moutasem “Mutantmo” Seyam

"Want a rib?" Porn is daring enough to face the problems that it actually faces in real life. In the 'Weight of Infidelity" that glaring problem of mental illness is played into by believable characters that are portrayed by some of the industry's brightest. A sordid affair that starts with a casual sex session in a kitchen with Angela White and Tommy Pistol. The tale takes a twisted turn once the sex starts. Tommy Pistol plays a character he wasn't comfortable playing as he revealed on social media. Becuase right after the passionate sex between him and Angela White he begins to fat shame her as she treats herself to post-sex ice cream. It's a harrowing turn from what looked like a vanilla B/G scene. A plot like this gives us the chance to see Angela White act in an environment where she'll excel beyond our wildest expectations.

Karla Lane & Angela White

Mental Illness is the set of horns that 'The Weight of Devotion' grabs and director Bree Mills tackled those set of horns that were written by Angela White herself. You have a performer and writer that can shine brightly in her own dark vision. It means something more to a viewer when you see her emotional breakdown during harrowing scenes. Angela was brave enough to carry on elements for this which cover the aspects of fat shaming, fetishes like being a "Feedy", and good old-fashioned infidelity. Karla Lane who plays Tommy Pistol's BBW mistress compliments the raw performing so well. She get's a cupcake-filled sex session where Tommy is there to delve into the dark desires of a "Feedy". An exploratory approach with a dark tone is taken to fetishes like being a "Feedy", which is a person who gets sexual pleasure from seeing a woman gain weight. Why would Tommy Pistol's character cheat on a woman that is larger than the woman he is actually with that is trying to LOSE weight? Your mind will open some odd doors in this terrifying Pure Taboo affair. Seeing porn take a left turn is exactly what we need at a time like this.

Patrick Parker

It’s not often that a porno makes you think. But Bree Mills and Angela White’s concoction of sex, control, and revenge shines a light on the very real issue of body shaming. It’s a smart script that tackles the issue from two sides: being shamed for being “too fat,” and cleverly, being shamed for not being “fat enough.”

Angela White

The Weight of Infidelity goes beyond porno fetishes and explores the unhealthy effects of body shaming. You really feel Angela White’s anguish as she’s manipulated and Mills does a great job of writing in Karen’s (Karla Lane) unhealthy side effects--gaining fifty pounds just to satisfy John’s (Tommy Pistol) feeding fetish.

Pistol deserves special recognition for his manipulative character. He’s a despicable villain, but you can see how he controls his wife supposedly for her own good, and it’s believable as to why she sticks with the guy. It’s a challenging porno to watch, but it’s the sort of statement piece I’d like to see more.

Final Thoughts:

Well, there you have it, folks. You aren’t going to get six reviewers contributing to a single review anywhere but XCritic. People worldwide are slowly discovering this scene and contributing their thoughts all over social media and at PureTaboo.com. Like all of their projects, it has many people asking “but is it porn?”. Well, ultimately that’s up to each viewer but I can tell you one thing. It is cinema, good, conversation-starting cinema at that. Angela White is a tiny little thing when you meet her in person but is larger than life onscreen and I don’t think she’s even really begun to build out her empire yet. I’ve never met Bree Mills but I’m pretty sure that she’s here to not only build an empire but once it is built she’s going to push the walls out farther just because she can. The two of them together have created something fresh and poignant yet steeped in mankind’s history. The crew at Pure Taboo tossed in their individual expertises and pulled the whole thing together as a cohesive whole. Ultimately, I think we all agree here that Angela White and Tommy Pistol should get some nods for “Best Actress/Actor” here come awards time with Karla Lane also deserving of a nod for “Best Supporting Actress”. It’s a trailblazing piece of film that has Karla taking a pivotal role moving from a “niche” genre into the porno spotlight due to the way this film is being made available.

Giving a recommendation on it is hard. It is a tough subject matter to deal with, especially in an erotic film. Here at XCritic we try to weigh each title against their peers but unfortunately this doesn’t have any competition at this point so there is nothing to compare and contrast it to in modern adult cinema and it wouldn’t be fair to dig back to the age of porn where movies had theatrical releases but it might be a time to think that perhaps that age is upon us again. Is society ready to put down their phones and spend money and time at the cinema for an hour or two of social commentary fuck flicks? Maybe it is. Maybe it should be. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production, it’s a gem but you already know it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. For those open-minded porn viewers, and definitely for film buffs, we have come up with a Highly Recommended rating. It’s free, go watch it. ~cyber5

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