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Anal Dreams

Studio: Airerose Entertainment » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The extras menu of Anal Dreams


The Airerose Entertainment logo sits on top of this DVD box in standard fare design. What isn’t standard is Abella Danger’s massive booty taking up nearly the entire bottom half of the box art. ‘Anal Dreams’ is written in smaller font on the top right of the box. It definitely gives scale to Abella’s big butt cheeks in her cover shot of ‘Anal Dreams’.  Unfortunately, the cast that supports her is written in very small and nearly transparent font at the bottom of the box art. Abella Danger is understandably the focus of this DVD box cover yet she has a full cast of buxom booty behind her. If you flip the box around you’ll see an organized set of snapshots that reveal Abella Danger, Carter Cruise, Nekane Sweet, and Rose Monroe as the full cast.  There are two scenes with the act of double penetration and both being different types of DP. First is Abella Danger’s infamous first “double-vaginal” which isn’t advertised properly as it's described as “2 guys share her holes!” as the caption. The other DP scene with Carter Cruise is a proper DP with anal and vaginal penetration that is advertised correctly on the back of this box.

The main menu of Anal Dreams

The main menu of ‘Anal Dreams’ serves its purpose as a streamlined approach to leading the viewer to these options: “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”, and “DVD Extras”.   The scene selection menu has a different level of organization that I really appreciated as it divides each scene into chapters depending on the sex act.  For example, if you select Nekane Sweet under the scene selection menu you have the choices of  “Play Scene”, “Blow Job”, “Sex”, and “Cumshot” under her chapter selection.  This is the case for the other three scenes as they are divided up in the same way. Don’t forget to swing by the trailers section to see what Airerose as a studio is up to. Each menu had its own musical theme which I greatly appreciated adding flavor to the disc.  There is a bonus scene with Rachel Madori and Marco Banderas in the extras section of Anal Dreams. It's a brief scene that hits all the right spots. You'll see the necessary dick riding positions like reverse-cowgirl with Rachel Madori bouncing on top. It's a welcome tidbit of a bonus scene for strokers needing something extra.

Madori's pop shot.

Cast: Carter Cruise, Nekane Sweet, Rose Monroe, Abella Danger, Ralph Long, Ramon Nomar, Toni Ribas.
Directed By: Unknown
Number of Scenes:  4
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 21 mins. 


Anal Dreams title shot.

A compilation can be an honest affair with how a certain studio wants to represent itself to a new consumer. In the case of Airerose a lesser known studio compared to the bigger fish out there, it is do-or-die for any attempt at getting the attention of a collector like me. I'm constantly looking for reasons to come back as a returning buyer to a studio. I know I have a handful of studios I frequent. Airerose works with the upper echelon of girls just like those bigger studios it competes against. So it’s time to see what they can do with the same palette of porn performer in this compilation constructed around big booties. Speaking of BOOTY seeing Abella Danger on the box art alone is sure to capture an eye of a casual butt nut. But will the other girls like Nekane Sweet or Rose Monroe make them stay? My wager is yes, but being that I’m a fan of both of those fiery young latina performers I know what I’m in for. It’s a collector’s perk to have more big butts on a disc in case they plan on adding it to their library and a perk to an average fan to see more than one large ass in an anal feature. 


The title to Abella Danger's scene.

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After the brief intro montage showing the girls in action and their credit Abella’s intro will start. This is after you select the “Play Movie” feature on the DVD disc. Hard rock seethes as Abella Danger dances and models her exotic outfit for the camera. You will get bouncy shots of Abella’s hypnotic gaze as the raunchy guitars rip through the background. Soon enough Abella is slowly walking to a large white bed where Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas are waiting.  A double BJ takes place as all three talent hops on the very large bed to engage in sex acts. Abella Danger will juggle the cocks between her mouth while still wearing remnant of her scantily clad outfit of a hanging jewelry and beads. Underneath that Abella is wearing nothing but a T-back/Whale Tail thong giving easy access to her wet pussy for Ramon to munch on.  A brief ass smacking spree occurs with the excited male talent as they spit roast her. This will have Ramon and Toni switching positions from either getting their cock sucked or pounding Abella Danger in doggy.

Anal insertion during cowgirl riding.

Her anal poundings were thorough during the cowgirl mounting. This is a very fast paced and intense given the male talent Abella is paired with. These two Spanish bulls constantly flip Abella Danger in rotation of the raunchy sex positions.  Abella Danger moaning in genuine ecstasy as both men fit their cocks into her vagina. This double vaginal penetration happens when Abella Danger is on top in cowgirl. The rough intensity of the scene persists as both men pump inside of her vaginal cavity. For a brief moment outside of the DV Ramon Nomar attempts anal insertion but Abella nods her head "no" keeping this a double vaginal affair. The scene goes back to anal once Abella Danger leaves the double vaginal setup to allow Ramon to thrust into her ass a bit in doggy. While this is happening Abella makes sure she has Toni Ribas’ penis in her mouth.  We return to DV once again after the rapid succession of other slamming positions. The slimy finale has Abella catching both of the loads lobbed in her direction. They hit the target that is her mouth which allows her to play with the gobs of nut dripping from her open mouth.


Nekane's Title Tag during the intro.

Seeing this sweet Spanish babe move her body in the intro to this scene is a special treat. I really adore seeing Nekane Sweet’s beautiful booty in any way I can. I’ve noticed the work of this European beauty for other American studios and I’d like to see more of her. As a collector having Nekane on this DVD is a reason enough to run it right into my player. I was a curious fan before now I’m an established loyal after seeing Nekane’s work for studios like Brazzers. More studios need to jump on this young booty just like Airerose did with 'Anal Dreams'.

Ralph Long slides into view after Nekane is done teasing us with her beautiful dance. He grabs her booty first to make out with her. She’s still wearing the blue mini dress from the intro while she was dancing. Now with her dress partially lowered to reveal Nekane’s tits as she hovers down to unzip Ralph Long’s pants.  Her sucks are slow and sensual as she gives Ralph head in this BJ oral sequence. The sex begins promptly with Ralph attacking that ass in doggy first before he switches it up to the other standard fare vanilla positions. You’ll see Nekane’s vagina get split open for a decent duration of time for this quick scene. The slow anal insertion starts when Nekane is laying on her side spooning with Ralph Long. He proceeds to pump her poop chute in this position as a fixed camera angle captures this. They both rock this position for quite some time as Nekane lays on the couch to get anally pounded.  

Nekane playing with cum.

Next, the camera shifts and we’re in a very fun cowgirl segment where Nekane is getting fucked hard by Ralph Long. She’ll wiggle and wag that brilliant booty of hers on Ralph’s cock during the excitement.  Ralph and Nekane are resting in spooning again but this time it’s vaginal rather than anal. This final position is what takes us to the pop after Nekane sucks on Ralph’s balls while he jacks his cock. The load that is secreted is a like a double-barrel shotgun blast of milky white nut. It lands sloppily into Nekane’s mouth concluding the scene.



Rose Monroe's Title tag

Another luscious latina booty is about to adorn your screen. Rose Monroe is a beauty with ass cheeks that are colossally acute with a curvaceous hang. The scene starts after an extremely short tease where Rose is wearing very tight purple booty shorts to tease the camera with. It’s not long before her big and beautiful brown butt is oiled up and being fucked with a small purple dildo by Ralph Long. He’ll put the toy away to get some munches in on the actual asshole. The oral is already taking place as Ralph toys with Rose’s ass.  Now we’ll have Ralph Long start humping Rose Monroe in missionary through vaginal. Anal is close by in what feels like a rushed scene to me so far. Ralph is in her asshole slamming away in spooning during the beginning of the scene.

Rose Monroe's bad ass booty.

Some oral is brought back into play after the slamming of the pussy and asshole from earlier. Rose will bend over and suck Ralph Long’s cock as he’s laying down on a bed. It’s good to have this oral segment in between the fucking as it added much-needed pace to what felt like a rushed scene at first. Now you’ll have Rose Monroe arrive in a hard-hitting cowgirl for our viewing pleasure. The loud “Thwap” of bodies banging into each other in full form here. Ralph reaches what was thought to be the climax of this scene with a usual loud finish of semen blasting everywhere. Rose Monroe’s eyes, cheeks, lips, and all the way down to her chest are coated accordingly with Ralph Long’s cum. But don’t expect the scene to be over as it returns to another oral segment with Rose sucking on Ralph’s penis a bit longer.

A load of cum hitting Rose Monroe's nose.

The scene continuing thankfully leads to more anal as we get a down doggy camera angle of Ralph lowering his penis to insert into Rose’s tight asshole.  This camera is welcome as it’s closer to the action but unfortunately not long enough as we’re back into spooning anal once again.  Another abrupt position shift happens to where Rose Monroe is on top in reverse cowgirl taking anal still. She’ll get flipped over in cowgirl again in this reaming session. With more odd editing in tow, Rose is returned to the oft-visited spooning position with both performer’s bodies laying into each other as they fuck. The second cumshot has Ralph Long splotching semen all over Rose’s snatch with him yelling in submissive exhaustion as the fucking of today has worn him out. 


Carter Cruise title tag.

Some rocking music will introduce Carter Cruise to us in a montage of her playing with her sun-baked body. Her piercing blue orbs will gaze at you during the tease before she flips over to reveal her sweet booty cheeks. She’s wearing a glamorous bikini and has the perfect body to fill out this golden laced piece. Her blonde hair bouncing on her shoulders as she turns to look at the camera. Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas prowl into view wearing very nice suits as they help Carter Cruise out of the pool awning she is sitting under.  

Toni Ribas stuffing Carter's hair into her mouth.

A double blowjob occurs as both men drop their pants for Carter to consume their cocks. It is a decent double BJ segment for Carter as she drooled and slobbered on these two excited studs while they stood ready. They eventually go inside as they all further strip-down during the oral sequence. Toni Ribas will face fuck Carter as Ramon steps off camera to further undress. Time for Carter Cruise to get spit roasted by the two men as Ramon will be sitting on the couch getting his cock sucked while Toni fucks her vagina in doggy. Carter then hops onto Ramon’s lap to get cowgirl going. She’ll hop onto both men in this position as they sit next to each other for the purpose of taking turns fucking Carter Cruise. We’ll see anal insertion during these cowgirl bumpings. Hole switching and position changes happen aplenty on this silver couch where the sex is going down. Once the double penetration starts there’s an attempt at catching the heated action with a camera doesn't zoom in close enough ultimately leading to camera angles that aren’t revealing enough for me. Then again it's not easy keeping up with all three of these highly energetic performers who make up for what the camera may be missing.

Carter Cruise in DP

Ribas starts to anchor in reverse cowgirl DP in Carter’s ass as Ramon rolls into the vag on top in this DP. They fire this off for a few moments before going on the floor to enter double vaginal keeping the maneuvering of DPs in place. Eventually, the semen must be expelled and this happens as each load is sloppily fired off all over Carter Cruise’s hungry face. 


Title Tag

Not even two DP scenes can save a compilation that clearly had no direction. It touts itself as an anal comp it the title 'Anal Dreams' yet it doesn't convey enough anal to even be considered a full course compilation. Being with an emaciated four scene menu. Stagnant camera angles from directors who are unnamed are what you'll see frame to frame. Rose Monroe's scene is an example of this unorganized attempt at an anal compilation. Shifty editing leads to two pop shots confusing the usual formula because of the zappy editing in that scene. Abella Danger on the cover is sure to move a couple of boxes of 'Anal Dreams' but don't let that fool you into thinking that there isn't solid bench behind Abella on this disc. Both Nekane Sweet and Rose Monroe are searing hot latinas that draw in fans like me. 'Anal Dreams' isn't where I'd look though. This is just a disc I'd have any buyer or collector pass up. There is more anal to be had elsewhere.

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