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Lisa Ann Back 4 More

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/27/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Star Showcase, Big Boobs, Brunette
Director: Lisa Ann
Cameras: Holly Randall & Chris Streams


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Cast: Lisa Ann, Prince Yahshua, Isiah Maxwell, Johnny Sins, Markus Dupree  
Length: 2 hours 1 minute
Date of Release: April 18, 2018
Extras: Cumshot Recap, A Message From Lisa Ann (18:51 minutes), Cast List, Filmography, Websites, BTS (6:50 minutes), Menu-Selectable Trailers

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Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Great hi-def capture, anamorphic widescreen presentation. There's a bit of mic handling noise here and there but it's not a dealbreaker. I mention a problem with one of the disc extras in my final thoughts, again not a dealbreaker but annoying.
Overview: Lisa Ann is back...back again. Isn't this her 2nd comeback? After 2 decades and hundreds upon hundreds of scenes, I can't even remember now. Here, she showcases not only herself but her newfound love of the creative control she has grabbed ahold of at Evil Angel. She hired some of the best male talent in the biz, and some of the best photographers/videographers on the planet to put it all together and make a splash with her first outing this time around. Fans will definitely want to check this one out.
Scene 1: Lisa Ann & Johnny Sins

Lisa Ann
We find Lisa in the bathroom, getting ready to go out and squeezing into a sexy blue dress, Johnny admiring her from the doorway and helping her zip her dress up. Harp music strums in the background at first but fades as they enjoy some kisses, the dress coming back off after not even a minute of being on. Johnny's large hands paw at Lisa's ass, her own hands pawing at his pants and then reaching into them. Soon, she's on her knees, working his meat in and out of her mouth, her eyes big and bright as she bobs.

Lisa Ann

They start banging on the counter, Lisa's stocking-clad leg stretched along it. Their skin slaps together, Lisa panting to the pounding. They trade some oral favors and then go at it in a standing position, Lisa balancing on one leg, the other held skyward. Lust fills their eyes as they stare at each other, the pair moving to the floor for some reverse cowgirl, Lisa looking directly into the camera. She rotates around to show off her ass in cowgirl, Johnny slamming into her from beneath and then stopping for a snack between her thighs. He plows into her from above, pumping himself to a finish on her chest.
Scene 2: Lisa Ann & Prince Yahshua

Lisa Ann

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Strings and percussion play as Lisa thumbs through a planner and snacks on berries. Prince stops by, having been invited over for an impromptu porn audition. He seems up for that idea and they move to the couch to get busy, his tongue lapping between her legs. She rubs her crotch as he undresses and then she wraps her lips around his log. They do the boner bounce, the hillside highlighted behind them in a large picture window.

Lisa Ann

They move to a standing doggie and then a leg-stretched missionary. I'm not sure if all of Lisa's leg stretches are for camera reasons or she just really likes the extra couple of inches of penetration it allows, probably both. Her jugs jostle about as they lie in a spooning slamfest, Lisa grabbing them to steady them a bit. Being the consummate professionals they are, they check off the porn position boxes one by one, a final doggie drilling leading to his dragon drain on her chin.
Scene 3: Lisa Ann & Markus Dupree

Lisa Ann
Propped on the back of the white couch, wearing red panties and matching bra, sits our featured starlet as Dupree explores her slit with his tongue. He peels the panties off and she stretches her legs again, her shoes featuring silver and red highlights. Markus moves to banging her in his trademark tempo, their faces pressed together. Markus moves to the floor, propping his legs on the couch and drilling her from below, her bra coming off in the process.

Lisa Ann

She rotates around, the camera moving to his POV, her ass jiggling as he pumps furiously. After a bit of a blowie, which has Lisa again looking into the lens, they do it in doggie, Markus starting to work up a sweat. Doggie gets transformed into a standing face-to-face fucking, her leg stretched skyward. The passionate pounding continues on the couch, Markus sliding a finger in her booty as she rides in cowgirl. They roll from one romping position to another, Dupree enjoying some oral from her and even sliding his cock between her boobs. His eyes start to glaze over in about the 30th position they perform which leads to a massive facial splattering.
Scene 4: Lisa Ann & Isiah Maxwell

Lisa Ann

In black and blue, Lisa gets felt up by her formal wear clad co-star. She ditches the blue to show off her lingerie ensemble, her bra more of a cradle than a covering. Oral favors are traded, Lisa again stretching her leg out during Maxwell's mouth work. Bracing herself against a large column, she gets the cock in the foyer, a look of determination on Isiah's face.

Lisa Ann

They decide to move things over to the stairs, where she straddles his schlong, her pearls bouncing to and from as she rides. He seems to be enjoying it, even if the position looks less than comfy, his lips exploring her body as they move to a standing position against the rail. The wide shot showcases the whiteness of the walls, which sounds like an odd thing to notice but if you've ever stood in a paint aisle and tried to pick out "white" paint, or a wedding dress, you'll understand. During another leg-lifting logjam, she instinctively drops to receive a massive load to the chin but they aren't done yet. They head to the shower where after a bit of cleanup they make out passionately and grab a nearby glass dildo for some wet fun.
Final Thoughts: Lisa Ann is back. This time around, she's in full control of everything. Not only is this her first title released since her return, she decided to hang her hat at Evil Angel where she seems happy with not only the platform but the control she has over her content. Watching the BTS and her message portion (which I'll address in a moment) she explains how hard she thought about returning to the biz and what made her decide to jump back in. She also thought long and hard about who to shoot with first and decided to call up performers that she is intimately familiar with in Isiah Maxwell, Prince Yahshua, and Johnny Sins. She also called up Markus Dupree, who landed upon our shores just a bit too late to get his wish of shooting with her and decided to make his dream come true.

With an all-star cast like that - you really can't go wrong. She put together 4 solid sex scenes that span two hours nicely. In those two hours, she also shows off some great shoes, fantastic lingerie, and of course perfect hair and makeup. Longtime fans may wonder what happened to her boobs, or all of her curves...she gets into that in the BTS. Personally, I think she looks great! Between the four guys, she manages to pull off pretty much every porn move there is, minus anal and some circus acts. Whether you're a fan for her front, her back, her side, her legs, her eyes, you'll be well served here.

Now, onto that Message portion of the special features. I saw the first 8 minutes of it. The disc looks fine, it just aborts 8 minutes in on every player I tried (although admittedly I didn't toss it in the blu-ray player which will probably read it fine when I get around to doing that). This is not the only Evil Angel disc that I have had this issue with and here's my theory on that: Evil Angel crams a shit ton of material onto a disc to make it a good value since they tend to be priced a couple bucks more than most discs. All of their directors seem to add a bunch of BTS material above and beyond the scenes themselves and that's good. However, it does seem to up the probability that one section or another of the disc will decide to abort randomly.

Overall, it boils down to the basic question of is it worth buying this disc? Yep. It's good stuff. It's shot by Chris Streams and Holly Randall, who for those unfamiliar with photographers are both kind of a big deal. It's pretty much straight-to-the-point porn, with sexy lingerie at the beginning. Not quite your average "porno dance tease" but enough to get motors running. I'm not gonna say you definitely MUST add this to your collection but I think old-timers and newcomers will appreciate what she's doing here and look forward to more. This one gets a solid Recommended from me.

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