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Upper Floor, The

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Fetish, BDSM, Electrical Stimulation
Director: Uncredited 


Chapters Menu
Cast: Marica Hase, Cherie DeVille, Amara Romani, Veronica Avluv, Anya Olsen, Phoenix Marie, Tommy Pistol, Ramon Nomar, Xander Corvus   
Length: 3 hours 35 minutes
Date of Release: 2018
Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth Bio
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Very good overall. There are some random jerky camera movements during intense sequences but they are few and far between.  
Overview: This is Kink.com's series that is not dungeon based BDSM. It is also somewhat scripted in that there is a bit of storyline to set up the basic roleplaying premise in each scene. As usual with this studio, this is a curated collection of scenes from their members' site and each scene runs about an hour including the pre and post-scene interviews. Each scene explores the concept of BDSM in its own manner, in a well-lit room for Kink standards, as it is not in the basement but The Upper Floor. It features an all-star cast exploring whips, chains, clamps and a lot of electrical play. Everyone here is a frequent visitor to The Armory where it was filmed except for Anya Olsen who gets taken through her first ever BDSM experience by Xander and Phoenix. It's a good collection of scenes and if you are interested in electrical play than it's definitely one to check out. That voice-activated one during Phoenix's scene is really interesting!  
Scene 1: Cherie DeVille, Marica Hase, Tommy Pistol (Upper Floor 41228 - 2016)
Tommy plays the head asshole of the house, Cherie his subservient wife, and Marica the foreign exchange student they are hosting. He's pretty much a dick from word one and Marica isn't quite sure how to take that as she is dismissed from his study after relinquishing her cell phone at his demand. With her gone, it is time for Tommy to dish out some punishment to his wife for breaking the no visitors in the study rule. That punishment comes in the form of her being stockaded, caned, nipple clamped, and more while Pistol scolds her. While he scolds her, he sticks his cock in her mouth and her love tunnel, sometimes pausing to add more weight to her nipple clamps.

Cherie DeVille

Meanwhile, in her room, Marica is trying her darnedest to figure out how to operate a landline, giving up when Siri fails to respond to her. She heads down the hall and peeks in on our punishment scene after hearing Cherie's cries. Tommy sees her and sends Cherie off to kick her out of the house. Hase begs for an alternative punishment other than banishment and gets taken over DeVille's knee and interrogated during a spanking. Right before the last of fifteen swats, Tommy walks in with Marica's cell phone in one hand and a chain in the other, offering her a choice to stay or go. She chooses to stay and immediately gets ball gagged and chained to the massive bedpost. Cherie immediately strips upon Tommy's order and starts licking Marica's hairy hole as Pistol taps his riding crop and flog across their torsos.

Cherie DeVille & Marica Hase

Tommy decides its time to put his pistol in some pussy and starts banging Hase while Cherie holds a vibrator to Marica's hole and coaxes him on. Tommy ungags the student so she can beg for more, her whimpers bordering on screams, Tommy using her braid as a rein. The next thing you know, the cutie is roped up and suspended from the ceiling, Pistol pumping away into her tiny ass, DeVille smacking her feet with a bunch of canes. Tommy fills the tiny tart's pussy with his fingers as he fucks her ass and Cherie zaps her with an electric prod over and over. Tommy takes over the prod, zapping everyone with it, including his own cock which makes his whole body wince.

Cherie DeVille & Marica Hase

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They move on to the ladies getting their breasts bound, Tommy fucking his wife while Marica squats on her gagged face. Cherie gets ungagged so she can humiliate Hase as Tommy slaps her cute little face. Marica's made to suck some cock and then tongue his ass deeply. Cherie forces Marica's head down on Tommy's dick, holding it there, Tommy subtly brushing Cherie's leg when he senses it's time for her to get some air and climb on his cock, Cherie again wielding the electric wand as Marica impales her ass on Tommy. She gives up the prod in exchange for a Hitachi on Marica's crotch, bringing her to a squealing, body-shaking orgasm. He moves Hase into doggie to finish himself off, blasting partially on his wife's face and down Marica's ass, Cherie sharing her reward through a sloppy spit exchange.

Scene 2: Amara Romani, Veronica Avluv, Ramon Nomar (Upper Floor 41579 - 2017)
We find Avluv strapped spread-eagled, standing in front of Romani, who is on all fours in a steel cage with sensitive body parts clothespinned to the bars. Ramon wastes no time before whipping into a twin-flog windmill against Veronica's ass, her hair flying in the wind. Amara has her tongue tied (literally) and is drooling on the cage floor. Ramon wants to make sure that Veronica is going to address that issue and whips her crotch until she squirts, pinching her lips closed until he decides she's ready to cum. She's forced to train her apprentice in the art of begging for cock and gets rewarded with a bit of BJ time.

Amara Romani

Romani gets her tongue unclipped so she can beg and moan as she gets zapped with a prod, Ramon flogging Veronica when he's not sticking his cock in her, making her drip all over the floor and cover her trainee in squirt. Ramon sticks his dick between the bars, Romani forced to reach for it, pulling the pins off her labia in the process. Ramon's okay with that, he puts pins on Veronica instead and fingers her ass. His finger gets replaced with his phallus, Avluv's bound boobs shaking as he bangs into her, moving between her ass and Amara's throat. Amara's on the verge of tears as Veronica removes her nipple clamps so she can back up on Ramon's rod. Veronica moves to the top of the cage, squirting all over Amara as her crotch gets flogged.

Amara Romani & Veronica Avluv

Out of the cage and bound on her back, Amara gets her ass reamed and tongued by her female costar while Ramon attends to tapping her clit with a crop and clothespinning her nipples. Once Veronica has all of her fingers in Romani's ass, Ramon squat fucks the now bound and gagged brunette. He decides it's ass fucking time and Veronica gets crotch licking duty during that. Veronica stands above Romani, holding a Hitachi to herself in a screaming squirting that drenches her trainee. Amara gets to squirt in Ramon's hand, Nomar making sure to toss it over their faces before adding a chrome dildo to the mix of Hitachi and dicking.

Amara Romani & Veronica Avluv

It becomes impossible to keep up with as Ramon starts shoving vibrators, dildos, his cock and more into every hole. The ladies wail continually as he moves things from one hole to another, the Hitachi ending up embedded in Amara's ass at one point. They move to a bed, where they get chained up and forced to throat his cock with abandon. It becomes a total mess when Amara plants her ass on Ramon's cock and starts gushing all over everything, Ramon quickly following that gush with his won all over their faces.
Scene 3: Anya Olsen, Phoenix Marie, Xander Corvus (Upper Floor 41214 - 2016)
Phoenix is Xander's widowed stepmom and Anya is his girlfriend. They are at "Mom's house" for the weekend but they have to leave because Anya isn't keen on San Francisco, even though Xander's inherited house (that his mom stays at) is massive and beautiful. Anya's not keen on the son/mother relationship either and gets put in her place when she suggests he call her Phoenix rather than mom. That place is on her knees, sucking his dick. She gets a good throat fucking, his belt around her neck and then across her ass as he takes her over his knee. She gets bound, gagged and fucked silly, with a cattle prod thrown in for good measure. Once she's learned her lesson, she gets left to finish packing up and Xander heads to Dad's study where his stepmom is waiting in stockings and a garter belt, making him a drink.

Anay Olsen

She expresses her distaste for Anya's extensive sub training period and gets throat-fucked to wash that distaste out of her mouth. Phoenix thinks Anya's in it for the money, a bitch, and will never make a good sub which seems to turn Xander on even more and he whips out the nip clamps while he inspects Marie's tonsils. He gives her a bit of a shagging bent over a desk and then has her yank her nipple clamps off while she bobs his knob.

Phoenix Marie

He's interested in more of her opinion as to what Anya should learn and inserts a butt plug into her and plugs it into a device that shocks her ass every time she talks. Then, he starts fucking her which is kind of hilarious because her complaints turn into "aww fuck...shit...fuck...mumble...fuck..." He kindly unplugs it after a bit and she agrees to train his sub if she can cum on his cock. He pulls it out finally, sticking it in her mouth and leaving her bound on a bench.

Later, he rejoins Anya who is complaining there's still so much packing left t do and that's when Phoenix joins them and she finds herself stripped down, roped up and being fucked from behind while Phoenix stretches her mouth open. Corvus has a cattle prod to up the ante to make sure Anya's on board with calling his mom "Mom". It takes quite a few zaps for her to agree but she finally succumbs, unfortunately, she also cums without permission and a cane group joins the party too. That gets her a good throat fucking while Mommy queries her about how much she wants to be part of the house, earning her own dicking in the process.

Phoenix Marie & Anya Olsen

Anya gets fucking schooled with canes, zaps, Hitachis, spankings, and more. Phoenix never lets up on her queries and demands of the new sub while Xander relentlessly jams his cock in and out of Anya. Things really get crazy when a second zapper joins the party, each of her teachers zapping at will. Xander delivers a rapid-fire zap volley from one ass cheek to the other, Anya breathless as he grabs them both by the hair to make sure they both understand who the fuck is in charge. That's when Anya gets to eat some box while Xander smacks his mom's feet and scolds her before ass fucking her and shoving his cock into Anya's mouth. Anya gets rewarded with a cowgirl ride while Mom shocks her randomly before taking a turn. Anya's looking cum drunk by the time Xander sprays her face while shooting on his mom's ass after a doggie drilling.

Final Thoughts: I liked it. It's a departure from most of the dark kink.com stuff I get to review that has pretty girls being pushed to their physical and mental limits in a dark dungeon with no penetration. Here, there's plenty of actual sex involved in the BDSM and it is between three people in each scene. Amara Romani is a favorite of mine and it was fun to watch her reactions and lack of ability to speak well during her post-scene interview, she had THAT much fun! Tommy Pistol plays an excellent asshat here although I kept waiting for him to break character and laugh at any moment. I'm sure he did but it was skillfully edited out. Phoenix and Xander did an excellent job of showing the BDSM newbie, Anya Olsen, the ropes so to speak. Veronica and Ramon were also great, Ramon really has that dual flog windmill thing down to a science! Cherie is always great, she's just a natural no matter what situation she gets put in. Here, she gets to discipline the cutie Marica Hase with Pistol. All in all, it's over 3 hours of good BDSM fun that is well-lit, which was new to me for the kink.com brand. As always, it's pricier than most porn titles so you'll have to factor that into your decision on whether to spring for the disc or just become a kink.com member and gorge on all of their killer content. If you aren't one for memberships but want to see some great performers in some great BDSM activities, this is your ticket. Buy this. I Recommend it. For those that think that popular mainstream series is a good look into the lifestyle, you'll be surprised what really can happen when serious players get down to business and the kink cameras roll.

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