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Whiteout 6

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 5/6/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Scene Selection menu of Whiteout6


I’ve dealt with Devil’s Film DVDs before so I know I’m in for detailed options and good box art design. That’s exactly what happened once Whiteout 6 was spinning in my DVD playing device. The menus are of advanced design with the proper animations keeping the screen busy. The detailed options come in the form of allowing the user to tweak certain perks like turning the audio on or off.  Other studios really don’t tinker with deep options like this so that that’s what I meant I familiar I’m with that Devil’s Film DVD quality. Viewers are greeted with these options on the Main Menu “Play Movie”, “Chapters” “Audio Setup”,  and “DVD Extras”.   If you go to the Audio Setup menu that’s where you’ll gain control into either turn the music on or off.  Accessing the DVD Extras menu offers you the options of viewing interviews or going straight to the pop shots depending on how your viewing habits are like. Photos are in this package of Extras as well as trailers advertising previous entries in the series.

Whiteout 6 main menu.

The well-designed box houses even more revealing marketing items for the buyer. The release date can be found on the back of the box amongst the lavishly designed collage with the film’s logo superimposed over organized screenshots. The heavy hue of purple hangs over the art direction of this box art. Returning to the front of the box where September Reign is surrounded by a gang of white male studs in purple undies, we ’ll notice an emblem advertising 4k support.  Once again going to the bottom back of the box we have all DVD features mentioned above displayed for the buyer. Albeit in a smaller font, it’s still there for prying eyes. 

Cast: Jenna Foxx, September Reign, Brad Knight, Filthy Rich, Jake Adams, Justin Hunt, Mark Zane, Nathan Bronson, Rion King
Directed By: Unknown
Number of Scenes: 2
Photo Gallery: Yes
Condoms: No
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 4 mins


The two scene system for a gangbang feature seems to be the safest way for a studio to market a DVD. Anything more than two girls may be a bit distracting to the viewer and would cost the studio more money because they’d most likely have to press more discs. I’ve seen it be done before where compilations have more than one gang bang scene on a two-disc collection at the sacrifice of video quality. But this isn’t a comp this is a full-on gang bang feature with an attached theme (IR) along with two girls that carry reputable followings. This DVD also carries 4K support.  So it’s not just a safe approach it’s the most sensible approach with these two gang bang scenes for Jenna Foxx and September Reign. I sense it's sold the way Devil’s Film intended it to be sold just like the sister series Blacked Out which adheres to the same formula.


Jenna Foxx's title splash.

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Hitting the “Play movie” selection will take you through a well-played intro showing you what you’re in for. The lavish logo splashes during the montage of hardcore sex which continues this feature's well-implemented art design. After that’s finished assuming you’re letting the DVD play through rather than selecting chapters, Jenna Foxx’s scene starts right up with her modeling her beauty soundly.  Wearing a teal lingerie two-piece she dances hypnotically for the camera. The striptease progresses as you’ll notice Jenna Foxx discard her bra and peel her thong down to her ankles until she is fully nude. All of this while still in the haze of her dance with sleazy music to guide her.  She’ll gaze into your soul through the screen as she continues the tease the camera.  The intro eventually fades into Jenna Foxx on a massage table lying flat on her stomach.

Hands on Jenna

Seven hands suddenly enter frame as they caress Jenna’s naked body while she lays on the massage table. Thus setting forth this gangbang filled with horny studs ready to tear into Jenna Fox’s sexy body.  The hands all covering almost every inch of her back as the male studs worship Jenna’s nude frame.  Even massaging her feet as Filthy Rich and Justin Hunt take those honors.  Jenna is flipped over like a pancake so the men can coat the frontal part of her body with oil as well. Giving love to her pussy and boobs is also on the agenda during Jenna’s body worship. The scene migrates to a room furnished with white couches where the male talent are scattered about waiting for Jenna Foxx to crawl towards them. She prowls around the room like a sex kitten caressing penises and running her hands across chests in this tease of hers. Jenna will also proceed to make out sensually with Brad Knight before she leads him to where the rest of the pack of penises has amassed. They will surround her and while still caressing her beautiful body as they disrobe their transparent underwear.

Once all the dicks are out Jenna Foxx will do some massaging of her own. Wrapping her hands around cocks to further erect them. The various male talent around her will also help themselves to slap their own beef sticks. Jenna goes right into the dick sucking like a true pro with a cock in each hand while her head is bobbing on one in her mouth. This begins the blow bang segment as Jenna Foxx is switching between the myriad of male members dangling in her face.  Trading off between the tips of the penises as saliva drips from Jenna Foxx’s lips. “There’s so many.”, Jenna whispers to herself as she juggles the hard cocks.  She then inquires “Which one of you will be the first to fuck me?”.

Jenna being worshiped.

Filthy Rich takes the honors of penetrating Jenna’s vag first.  With his lead, the humping and pumping of this gang bang are in full effect. Cocks are thrown into Jenna’s mouth while her vagina is fucked properly in missionary. “Can someone teabag me?”, Jenna Foxx politely asks. Her co-stars step up to her request accordingly as they dip their scrotums and penises into Jenna’s open mouth.  Both of Jenna Foxx’s hands are occupied with a solid phallus as she’s getting her face throated and her vagina pumped in this already action-packed gang bang.  The cowgirl position is very rotation heavy with one male performer going hard in anchoring vag while Jenna Foxx juggles cocks between her mouth. This is in a standard cheek-jiggling cowgirl session, mind you. This allows the male talent to rotate in and out of Jenna’s vagina as they hump away in rapid succession.

Jenna Foxx cum catching.

Jenna Foxx takes the lead herself even as she instructs Nate Bronson to lay on the ground so she can squat on his dick in her own rendition of reverse cowgirl. Other male talents rotate as Justin Hunt is laying down on the floor with his head on a pillow in this same position instituted by Jenna Foxx.  Out of this unique cowgirl riding the men surround Jenna Foxx as they spit roast her in doggy as one stud takes the pussy and the other takes her mouth. At one point in the scene when Jenna is laying on the armrest of the couch getting spit roasted you can see her almost falling a few times. It was a fun piece of evidence of the fun chemistry between the performers in this gang bang. As Jenna jumps to the ground she urges her co-talent to start summoning that seed to spill. The cum starts to fly as Jenna’s mouth is the main targeting location of the loads.  The mess leads all the way down her chest coating her tits with some of the nut seeping over her upper lips and near her nose in this cum-ridden climax. 



September Reign Title Tag

You’ll be caught by September’s alluring gaze at the top of this intro. She’s wearing a diadem of jewels complimented by shining necklaces around her neck. September’s light grey lingerie is removed almost immediately as her delicious titties are in full view now. Caressing her serene skin as she dances to the soft tranquil soundtrack advertising her solid frame during the course of the introductory tease. The next scene has September laying in beauty sleep on a large white bed as male studs slowly creep into view. A mass of hands reaches for September’s body to massage her with this pleasant awakening. Pussy fingering and titty massaging are what her acolytes aim at doing and they succeed. This all leads to a blow bang as the swordsmen unsheathe their erect blades for September to suck on.

September Sprawled Out.

This blow job feast of September’s takes place on the very large bed where the scene initially began and has everyone in this scene engaging in sexual activity on this very large piece of furniture.  The crew starts the vaginal insertion as September mounts in cowgirl.  Here she’ll also juggle cocks out of her mouth while getting pumped in cowgirl stance. The camera like in Jenna Foxx’s scene captures some nice overhead shots of the action I wish I knew who the director was to give them credit.  You’ll get the same camera view when September is laying on her back getting fucked in missionary. A spit roast is going down since September is getting fed a cock in her mouth while getting her vagina pounded out.

September being slammed off the side of the bed.

In what looks like a very difficult cowgirl session for September because of the “baby oil” she claims she is lead to yet another position change as September is hanging off the edge of the bed with her pussy out to be further slammed in a doggy style stance. The camera will swing around to reveal September ravaging cock with her mouth while being banged out. This saliva soaked session of cock slathering keeps the pace of this gang bang going well into other position changes. A dick drunk September Reign will be wailing all through the change up of cocks in her holes.  September returns to being encircled by cocks to suck on. They throw her around in more position changes while September keeps up with her duty of wrangling dick with her hands and mouth. The jizz-filled finale has various loads landing on different parts of September yet most of the targets will hit September Reign’s semen splattered smile.  

September's semen smile.



Whiteout 6 splash screen.

Not a single ounce of anal or a touch of a DP in this gang bang film. Yet as a collector who is biased to those types of sex positions I have to be respectable of both the performers who don’t engage in anal and also to the fans who prefer not to watch anal or DPs. In that respect, this DVD is recommendable as it contains all the proper elements of a DVD package. The picture quality is with that Devil’s Film Standard. The same studio that gives you extra options like tweaking the audio on or off with lavishly designed menus. The same studio that has a known line of gang bang films that demands loyalty from a paying fan base. Casual viewers will probably go after Jenna Foxx’s scene on the Devil’s Film VOD site but as a collector, I can easily sway any buyer into adding this into their viewing schedule. The replay value can be attributed to having a favorite performer who’s here in Whiteout 6’s gang bang glory. 

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