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Colors of Eden

Studio: Sinful XXX » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 6/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Feature

Directors:  n/a

Cast: Vanessa Decker; Cecilia; Lady Dee, Steve, Angelo, Thomas

Length: 92 minutes

Date of Production: December 27, 2017

Extras: none

Condoms: none


Audio/Video Quality: Technically not many a little shaking camera with a tilting issue once or twice, but a reoccurring theme of transitioning to any new position and close up action results in black screen moment. The flesh tone color fluctuates a bit at times, but that’ll be the least of the problems with the film.

Body of Review: Three random sex scenes made for couples.

Scene One:  Vanessa Decker and Steve


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The opening scene entitled Garden of Lust a play on the Garden of Eden, (though appears more as perhaps a romantic getaway) has music playing in the background, a soft jazz track, it starts with the couple standing gazing into each other’s eyes. They move over to a stone table and bench, Steve starts a series of gentle kisses on her shoulders and neck, before removing her clothes, soon enough Vanessa arches herself as Steve works his kisses up her inner thighs unhurried, then dribbles some champagne on her belly and wonderful tits, then licks it up. The music stops as to her their panting, Vanessa switches position onto her elbows and knees, allowing Steve to kiss her back before moving behind her to bury his face in her pussy and she reacts with deep sighs. A close-up occurs of Steve licking her swollen pussy lips and finger-fuck her deeply, tasting her fine juices. Before they switch position of him sitting and exchange a few more kisses as she lowers her body down and her mouth hungers to please and pleasure his needs and desires by sucking on his cock. She teases her tongue on his cockhead swirling and licking, while stroking his meat stick, before engulfing it all with her mouth, and repeating this action a few times. Occasionally Vanessa looks up at Steve, the action very much done at a close-up and she savors tasting his manhood and pre-cum. Then Steve has her lay back and he feasts on her pussy as she moans from his flickering tongue. Then fucking occurs on Vanessa’s back and side as she assists by playing with her clit. A few other positions occurred but a problem arises and its really stupid what the director or editor did to the scene. However, one thing about this opening scene is a major distraction, which comes from flashes of a black screen, seems related to switching of positions, or perhaps the switching of the camera position from wide-screen to close-up but not always at least 20 of them in a 30-minute segment.  


About to fade to black again - UGH

Scene Two:  Cecilia Scott and Angelo


This duo stars in Colorful Secret, again set outside at one hopes either a villa or romantic escape, sadly though the same issue from scene one occurs here, the switching to a black screen, while the nuisance ruins the moments of ecstasy and pleasure. I decided to focus on the number of times it occurs to get an accurate tally count for my enjoyment. The couple does a long kissing session while standing and feeling each other’s bodies before he kneels down to tongue her bare pussy for her quivering pleasure along with a gentle massage of her clit and pussy lips. Then a switch of position on her on her knees to stroke and suck his cock looking up at him (music stops finally god it was annoying).  Cecilia caressing his balls during her sucking session and continues stroking during another kissing session, after a lengthy (and dull) stroke by her she returns to suck. Then the customary switch to black (I’m keeping track) the get to switch a quick 69 and later she straddles his face while stroking his tool some more. Cecilia climbs on top of him and rides her fairly well, as Angelo pumps his cock into her with an even tempo. Nice fucking on a blanket with animal sounds echoing in the background, maybe the animal kingdom liked the action or enjoyed mating season too. The number of black screen moments = 68, UGH!


Scene Three:  Lady Dee and Thomas


Entitled Eden Within, once more another musical intro a bit of the 70s porno groove starts with Thomas giving her a pearl necklace (not that kind), they begin kissing while the animals of nature battle it out in the background (really noisy). A rain drops, then a bright flash and thunder the couple look up and confused before heading off to shelter, though Lady Dee does the quick walk with her dress top down, so her tits can get wet – oh how nice. By the way, at this moment 13-black screenshots I wonder how many by the end. The couple starts kissing again, and then Lady Dee lays on her back as Thomas kneels between her thighs for some pussy munching while a hard rainstorm echoes in the background and the pounding rain adds an unexpected essence to the scene. Lady Dee gives a very quick blowjob, before a fast 69 and grinding on Thomas’ cock for a deep panting and moaning good time. This scene contains some very questionable angles, poor decisions on who or what to focus on different times but does deliver on the term of extreme close-up a tad too much. Lady Dee tries to keep it all erotic but those damn black screen moments become quite bothersome.



There are some nice moments, but the damn switching to black screen ruins too much once maybe okay, but over 20 in the first 30-minutes (I wasn’t doing a tally), it’s too much, ruining the tempo and action. This “black screen” occurs often sometimes mere seconds apart. My advice skip this, the camera personnel needs to know how to work his equipment. The final two segments tallied a more accurate count of 101 black screen moments, dreadful.

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