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Breastfeeding The Babysitter

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/9/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Don Juan DeMarko

I begin my writing again with the XRCO awards fastly approaching and my voting being due even sooner. A writer’s work in this business never stops. I think a wonderful way to reach fans will be through the modern-day way of viewing scenes live from the most pristine websites in the adult industry. Ones exactly like Girlsway.com a website that has received many, many awards and accolades over the years and like a fine wine got better with age. Something I wanted to challenge myself with was to see a powerhouse of the industry, mixed with a sub-genre that I had always been curious on but never reported about. What two better things than Abella Danger and lactating lesbians. A fetish that I think many girl-girl fans know of, but few ever indulge in. It is a taboo still. Something that warrants curiosity but never talk, even in the biggest adult forums with fans. When I researched Abella’s co-star, the sexy, cute and adorable Aali Kali, my ticket was punched for a review. So, let’s see what makes this Abella Danger’s highest-rated Girlsway.com scene.

Aali Kali & Abella Danger 

Scene Duration: 43 Minutes, 38 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @Stillsbyalan

Release Date: March 3rd, 2018

Studio: Girlsway.com

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Fetish, Heavenly Breast Play, Intense Pussy Rubbing, Great Sexual Chemistry, Fingering, Lesbian Lust, Amazing Pussy Licking


Breastfeeding the Baby Sitter:

Starring: Abella Danger @Abella_Danger & Aali Kali @Aalikalixxx


The Reveal:

Aali Kali & Abella Danger

Now, any fan familiar with Girlsway knows that Alan loves amazing angles and he loves to make the mind of the viewer become part of the fantasy. We get to see something that I have seen as taboo for such a long time in the “vanilla” land outside the adult entertainment world for which we all reside. I found this view very sexy and a huge turn on. Aali, holy fucking shit sports fans, she may have the best fucking nipples in the business. You must see these amazing gifts of nature and yes, she wants you to get the up-close view. I have asked her personally. All joking aside, Aali is awesome as the Mom pumping, natural line direction, and great camera awareness. Why this matters to you? The scene looks real and feels real. The backdrop is amazing, and the camera work is flawless going from cool tight shots and brilliant fades. In steps Abella. My goodness, I do not get to review her work often, but she perfects her teenage character with every role. This one is far different from ones she has played, even with this company. Her outfit is sexy as hell and her body is looking better than ever. I mean that. Abella has the baddest booty among her age group in the industry, let us not bullshit each other here and the way she has it on display in this scene is vintage miss Danger. I love that they made her make-up a bit overdone. It fits the teenage babysitter character perfect. Why the fuck you should care? Once again, it brings realism to this scene.

Aali Kali & Abella Danger

Ok, I must gather myself. Abella is great. Her character is funny, cute and naive, essential in making this scene become something that critics of the genre may think is too much. I am laughing pretty damn hard as Abella asks the gorgeous Aali is she can try the breast milk that she has been endlessly pumping since minute one of this adventure. Aali is a skilled actor, you can tell and Abella, damn, she looks amazing. I mean she looks exactly what a fantasy should in this scenario. Her character goes from goofy to sexy in a flash. As she straddles Aali and the sex begins, you see the reveal come into full swing like a hurricane on the Florida shore. When those nipples pop out, you get that feeling something delicious is coming. Abella sexy derriere is the just the start. When those footsteps sound hard to lock the door, you better do the fucking same at your humble abode. Trust me.


The Sex:

Aali Kali & Abella Danger

Few performers and I mean few fucking performers worship tits like Abella Danger. She is a true lesbian. Yes, I indeed said it. This is something all fans see, and many do not speak up on, but this is the core of this fantasy. Two women who absolutely love being lesbians. Abella laps at her own hand as she licks up every drop coming from Aali’s breast. It is kinky as fuck and I guarantee you will be hot under the collar. Her facial expressions are pure gold. Aali’ what an addition to this scene and it is not just those heavenly nipples that are out of this world. Her cute mouth that gets so nervous throughout the scene. It may sound silly but that is the essential part of cuteness that helps sell this scene. The innocent mommy, that is as horny as the babysitter. Bravo to all the crew and actors, it is a fantasy that is flawlessly executed and presented.

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Aali Kali & Abella Danger 

This scene must come with a floor sign, slippery when wet. Not only will it make every female viewer come to attention it will the male audience as well. The scene is always wet, nasty and kinky. Seeing Aali move from left to right and showing that gorgeous body as Abella literally bathes in her breast milk is fucking sexy beyond belief. If you watch closely, she breaks character and smiles every time Abella squeezes her breast hard and laps up all the breast milk like creamy cum. This scene creates so much in the viewer's mind. That is the best part. This scene keeps your heart racing, so no matter how you like the action, fast or slow, you will have a heart attack when you hear the fucking door knock, trust me. You fucking rock Alan! Holy shit, that is how you make a scene. You see the characters come back to reality and as you whip the sweat from your brow, you see Abella with this cunning grin as you know the second part of this scene is just going to get hotter.


Part two of the sexual encounter moves to the bed. My, oh my, Alan’s strategically planned shots of seeing Aali’s side boob with a hungry Abella looking fierce with bedroom eyes is a work of art. Damn, those nipples will have you the fan begging for buttermilk. I shit you not! The chemistry these two have is wonderful. Aali becomes putty in Abella’s hand and this is a good thing. This is what will sell the scene. The theme is the horny teenage babysitter simply goes gaga with lust when she encounters the wonders that are Aali Kali and the scene delivers on many fronts. Abella puts herself in a situation that may seem awkward but she simply makes it something even more sexy than it is intended. When you see Abella eating pussy, in the most ferocious, delicious way possible and then added in with Aali’s lactating boobs from heaven going off like “Old Faithfull” you will be turned on. I do not care if you are a fan of this genre or not. Hell, I am a man who is the furthest thing from a fan of this still shoot and I was howling to the moon with Abella and Aali. When you add in Aali’s cuteness to the mix, this scene takes on something very alluring. Her voice is cute, her beautiful face is cute, her lips, her eyes and when she cums, it is just what you envisioned when you are standing next to that hot young soccer mom at the grocery store checkout. I know that is what I was thinking. I know what you are thinking, fucking pervert, yes, that is exactly what this scene is meant to do. Be something risqué and not the norm. The casting of this scene was spot on. To add to some technical aspects, the camera angle switches and editing keep the fans always in the mix. When you see Aali cum while spraying everywhere, it is simply adult cinema movie magic as it is meant to be. Some of the best highlights I will leave for you, but you must see this scene, dear reader. The part where Abella lets Aali spray milk all over her kitty will send your imagination once again into orbit. These ladies did a splendid job and focused on all their strengths while adding in some new extras never before seen, even in the genre.

Aali Kali & Abella Danger 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

Am I the only one who says, fucking finally, a scene that shows a young “mommy” aka a MILF. This was very cool to see. I am not hating on any older woman in this business. I love the older women in this business, they will tell you first hand. For Alan to create once again, something that is outside the box, I can not say enough. This fantasy is something that is for everyone. Yes, I mean everyone. The job of a critic is honesty and the truth is, I hate lactation. Believe you me, ask Bonnie Rotten how much I hate this genre and she will tell you first hand. A true production, it makes you want more. It makes you curious and yes, you can not turn away. That is what this scene is. Watching Abella create another hypersexual character to go along with her brilliant portfolio of teenage bad asses is amazing. Aali, boy this woman is onto something. When mixed with tight shots, her gorgeous girl next door body, you simply see a woman that we have all run into. Yes, we all like fucking Mom’s or else there would be no such things as a MILF category come XRCO or AVN for that matter. This is MILF for the new age and I really loved how they make a scene you can not look away from.

Aali Kali & Abella Danger 

All one can do is sit there and drool just as much as Abella’s character does with breast milk flowing at every angle of her gorgeous mouth. This is a scene that is sparking the members of the site to simply see that Alan and crew have ideas that seem to never stop. I honestly hope to always see this from Girlsway. It is adult entertainment at it’s most ultimate. It showcases that strong talent can make any fantasy come true. The bare bones truth of adult entertainment is that it is meant to spice up your love life. No matter if you are single, married, engaged, whatever. It is this type of scene that adds flavor to anything. That is what you call one hell of an ingredient. This scene should come with another label, “Just add Milk.” For this scene is a showcase of a young talent in Aali Kali who reminds me so much of the newly inducted XCRCO Hall of Famer Micky Lynn. Women whose cuteness is simply a fantasy come to life. One is a hall of famer, I wonder what is in store for this blond beauty to come. I want to see more. Ok, now, for Abella. For a woman who is cast as much as she is, it has to be hard to stay fresh. Like her, love her or hate her, Abella brings it every fucking time. She is showing signs of creating new aspects to her roles. Something that this critic really loves because she has depth, she has the look to be anything. When you add in roles like this, when you see that she can become sexy at any angle, that is what honestly creates a performer of the year win. It has nothing to do with sex appeal. Many women have that. Or how nasty you can get in camera. It is all about how well you create the fantasy, no matter the scenario and my goodness, Abella did one hell of a job here. I see why this is her highest-rated scene. One that is higher than her scene with August Ames now. That ladies and gentleman, says so much, it is beyond anything this writer can fathom.

-Don Juan



Don Juan DeMarko



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