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Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 5/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Try It


I have a crush on German TS star Bailey Paris. So, I've scoured the web looking for her scenes and, in doing so, happened across tsvirtuallovers.com. Since Bailey has four scenes on this site, I thought I'd give the site a whirl and I'm damned glad I did.


I must admit that this is my first experience with VR sex and I'm blown away. Although it takes a bit of "work" to participate in a VR sex scene, it is well worth the effort. Although some of you with VR experience may think I'm a bit naive, the first thing that went through my mind when I had VR sex with Bailey Paris was, "Oh my God, look at her breasts...and ass...and dick! They're in 3D!" I must admit that Bailey gave me a very rare hands-free orgasm during my cherry-breaking VR sex experience and I loved it.

There's another real benefit to VR sex...you have to wear a headset and that gear eliminates all distractions. I admit that I often multi-task while watching porn. However, the headset really immersed me in the sex and I focused my attention much more on my own pleasure than I normally do. It's an intense experience.

Here's what I went through to be able to have virtual sex with my girl Bailey Paris...and several other primarily European TS stars:

  • I joined the site. You can, too, at tsvirtuallovers.com.
  • I checked out the HELP page (see below) and I noted that I had to get a headset. (Please note that the image of the VRotica device on this page is misleading. I obtained one of the VRotica Headsets [I will review it in a forthcoming article] and you cannot use a tsvirtuallovers.com membership with it. Instead, you need to purchase individual scenes from VRotica. In addition, I could not find any transwomen scenes from tsvirtuallovers.com in the list of the VRotica's available scenes.)


  • After looking into the devices recommended by tsvirtuallovers.com, and since I'm new to VR porn, I decided to use my existing iPhone and get a Google Cardboard-compatible device to hold that phone. I purchased an extremely nice KAWOE VR headset from Amazon for less than $16.00. It's much nicer than the cardboard device shown in the image above. Here's what it looks like:


  • After waiting a couple of days for my headset to arrive (the longest couple of days ever!), I went back to tsvirtuallovers.com and found one of Bailey Paris' scenes (Soak With Me) and downloaded it to my computer. Note the Soak With Me page below. The page gives some overview of the scene and includes a preview of the two halves of the 3D image and a perspective selector (POV or Vouyer...both options are not available on each scene...Soak With Me only has POV perspective). If you select one of the perspective choices, a drop-down menu appears and you can select the device on which you want to experience the scene. In my case, I chose the 60-frames-per-second (FPS) smart-phone version. The files are large...Soak With Me in 60 FPS for my iPhone is 2.92 GB. You can also choose versions for the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Play Station VR. The scene pages also provides a few "teaser" pix that are composite images created from the two images that create the 3D effect.

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  • I then downloaded the FreeVRPlayer app for my iPhone from the App Store and installed it on my phone.
  • Back on my computer, I plugged by iPhone into a USB port and launched iTunes. I selected my phone's icon and then chose "File Sharing" from the toolbox. When the "File Sharing" window appeared, I selected FreeVRPlayer from the list of Apps and then used the "Add" button to upload the file to my phone.
  • After the file finished uploading to my phone, I plugged my earphones into the jack, inserted the phone into the KAWOE VR headset, clicked the play button, adjusted the lenses to fit my eyes, and was immersed into an experience in which Bailey Paris felt so real that I ultimately climaxed hands-free.
  • Subsequent scenes required me to download the file from the tsvirtuallovers.com, load them onto my phone with iTunes, and then place the phone into the KAWOE VR headset for intense pleasure. While watching the action unfold in almost-touchable 3D, you can move your head up to focus on the girl's face and breasts, down to watch yourself get fucked, left, or right. It's a pretty erotic experience.

The Site...Overview and Cost

  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): The site is cleanly and elegantly designed, as you can see from the screen captures I've included with this review.
  • Ease of Navigation: It's easy to find a model and her scenes. However, there is an odd "glitch" that I find a bit annoying and I hope that tsvirtuallovers.com fixes: If you check out a girl's scene page, not all of her scenes are visible on one page and, even more confusing, the primary (largest) image is not clickable...it does not take you to the scene represented by the image. This is a user-experience (UX) glitch that needs to be addressed.
  • Speed: Because the files are so large, it takes quite a while to download them to your computer and then a long time to transfer them to your phone.
  • Responsive Design: There really isn't a need for responsive design because you must interact with the tsvirtuallovers.com site using your desktop computer. You cannot download or watch the 3D VR porn scenes directly with your mobile device. The scenes must be transferred to the phone using, in my case, iTunes.
  • Content provided: Awesome 3D Virtual Reality sex scenes and a few "teaser" photos that accompany each scene.
  • Frequency of updates: Every other week. On May 10, 2018, the site had 47 scenes available to download.
  • Cost: In comparison to other sites, tsvirtuallovers.com is pricey...because the VR scenes are so involved that they must take forever to shoot and edit. Here's a look at the pricing structure if you buy using this link. Even though the prices are higher than, say, TransAngels, and you will have to invest some time (to download the files and copy to your phone or VR device) and money for hardware, I think that the 3D VR porn experience simply must be experienced. The shapeliness of the girls' bodies...especially their breasts and butts...will blow you away.


The Girls

This review is based upon my visits between 04/09/2018 and 05/10/2018.

The girls featured on tsvirtuallovers.com are primarily European transwomen. I adore several of them...including Bailey Paris, Kimber Lee, Mia Mafia, and Bianka Nascimiento. There's a screen capture below of the first of two pages of models featured on tsvirtuallovers.com.

Although these transwomen are awesome, I really wish that some of our American girls (Chanel Santini, Jonelle Brooks, Bailey Jay, Aubrey Kate, and Venus Lux (to name a few) were featured, too.




These comments are based upon my review of all of the scenes that feature Bailey ParisKimber LeeMia Mafia, and Bianka Nascimiento...a total of 14 scenes.

The image you see below is in two pieces...the left portion shows what the video looks like on your phone's screen without putting it into the headgear. Note that the two halves of the image are slightly different. So, when you view the two images using the headset, which directs each image to a different eye, the result is remarkable 3D. The 3D images are much taller and wider than you can see in the left screen capture...if you move your phone (or VR headset) up or down, left or right, you will see different angles. That's the VR portion of the experience. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to show the 3D experience. 

The FreeVRPlayer app has a composite function that allows you to merge both the left- and the right-eye images into one. The right half of the image below shows a composite image of approximately the same spot in the scene as the left- and right-eye images on the left side below. 

The beautiful butt you see belongs to Bianka Nascimiento.


  • Size (resolution): The resolution depends upon your headset. The Oculus Rift version is 3840 X 1920; Gear VR is 2880 X 1440; Plat Station VR is 2880 X 1440. Since I used my cell phone, the appropriate resolution is 1920 X 960. The cell phone version is available in both 30 frames per second (FPS) and 60 FPS. I used the 60 FPS. The file size, of course, is directly affected by the resolution. Some of the Oculus Rift files exceed 9 GB.
  • Downloadable? Yes.
  • Available as Video on Demand? No. You need to download the movies to your computer and then upload them to your phone or other device. 
  • Approximate length: The 14 videos I enjoyed while reviewing this site ranged in length from 16:25 to 40:32 with an average length of 26:02.
  • Storyline/acting: Yes. The girls do an excellent job of involving you in the POV scenes. Mia Mafia, who may be the most effective model on this site, does a particularly good job...even whispering erotic words into your ears.
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • TGirl/TGirl: Only as part of TGirl/TGirl/Boy threesomes.
    • Boy/TGirlYes
    • Group: Yes
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Overall, the makeup and wardrobe are reasonable, although I do think a bit more attention ought to have been paid to the girls' makeup in a couple of scenes.
  • Girl has orgasm during scene: Not all transwomen ejaculate. However, in almost all the 14 scenes I enjoyed, the girl does have an orgasm.
  • Compression artifacts: None that I noticed.
  • White balance/lighting: Very well done. Very natural lighting and white balance in every scene!
  • Camera angles/motions: In essence, the camera stays in one place. You move your head to change the angle of view and the motion of your head determines the camera motions. 
  • Audio: Oh...my...God! The sound is so amazing (and I don't have the world's best headphones). This is especially true when the girl bends down and whispers in your ears during POV scenes. They call the audio "binaural sound." I call it "dick stiffening."
  • Editing: They do their best to make seamless transitions between clips. But, you can notice them. Too bad that the entire experience cannot be filmed in one non-stop clip. 
  • Problems encountered: The only real problem that I faced is the time it takes to upload the scenes from my computer to my phone.
  • Screen shots of the action: The following three captures show three of my favorite girls...from, top to bottom, Bailey ParisKimber LeeMia Mafia. Note that each of the three images is from the same frame of the video. I simply moved my phone up or down, left or right, to show you the different angles available in the VR environment.





These comments are based upon my review of all of the scenes that feature Bailey ParisKimber LeeMia Mafia, and Bianka Nascimiento...a total of 14 scenes. The collages of photos shown below feature, in order from top to bottom, Bailey ParisKimber LeeMia Mafia.




  • Size (resolution): 2560 X 1495
  • Downloadable? One at a time (no zip function available)
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • TGirl/TGirl: Only as part of TGirl/TGirl/Boy threesomes.
    • Boy/TGirlYes
    • Group: Yes
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: Ten photos accompany each scene. 
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Overall, quite nice...as you can see from the images above. A little more attention could be paid to the make-up, however.
  • Photos of Orgasms included: Yes.
  • White balance/lighting: Excellent.
  • Problems encountered: For some reason, the photos change size and proportion when I adjusted the size of my browser window. That doesn't happen after the images are downloaded.


  • Preview of video/photoshoot content: Each of the scenes is accompanied by a paragraph or so of text that provides you with an overview of the scene. I've found the text to well describe the scenes.
  • Blogs: No. It's interesting, but there is not a feedback/comment function. However, you can rate each video on a one-star through five-star basis. 

Commentary and Recommendation

You may have gathered that I really enjoyed the 3D VR porn experience and the scenes that tsvirtuallovers.com offers--"Quality" score of 5). But, experiencing these scenes is both time consuming (downloading to your computer and uploading to your device--"Ease of Use" score of 3) and pricey (given the high cost of producing such immersive video as well as purchasing the gear that you'll need--"Value" score of 4). 

By way of advice to tsvirtuallovers.com, I recommend that the site do the following:

  • Remove all mention of the VRotica Headset on this site...or at least clarify the relationship between the site and VRotica (your membership in tsvirtuallovers.com does not work on the device and tsvirtuallovers.com scenes are not available on it, either.) Given the current site, the expectation by the customer is that the VRotica will work with a tsvirtuallovers.com membership.
  • Increase the number of photos. Include "pretty girl" images.
  • Increase the frequency of new posts. Once every two weeks...well, it's hard to justify remaining a member over the long term.
  • Pay more attention to the transwomens' make-up. They are women and need to appear as pretty as possible.

So, my advice to you is, if you have the gear you need, get a month's membership and try it. During that month, download and experience as many "adventures" as you can. And, if you love it as much as me, keep your membership active.

If you have never experienced 3D VR porn, and have a smart phone and about $50 to burn, get the KAWOE VR headset and a one-month membership and treat your vagina or penis to an incredible experience. 

In both cases, I recommend you Try It and then keep your membership if you like it. I think you'll be glad you did.



Dr. Jay

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