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Schoolgirls Like It Hard #4

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 5/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Hardcore

Date of Production: February 26, 2018

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Jenna Reid, Jennifer Jacobs, Dolly Leigh, Jasmine Callipygian, Chad White, Bruce Venture, Logan Pierce, Steve Holmes

Length: 2 Hours 4 Minutes

Extras: Schoolgirls Like It Hard 4 is loaded with extras. It features 23 minutes of candid backstage interviews with all four performers.

You’ll also find two bonus scenes from earlier Schoolgirls titles. There’s the instantly recognizable Tony Ribas and Aubrey Gold scene from the first Schoolgirls Like It Hard. I remember her electric orgasms from two years ago, and if you’re not familiar with the series, this is a good scene to catch.

The second bonus features Kiley Jay and Logan Pierce from Schoolgirls Like It Hard 2. It’s got more miniskirt action and a spectacular popshot from Pierce.

Pick your pleasure lets fans focus on their favorite sex act across the film, and then you’ve got the standard photo gallery and movie trailers. It’s pretty thorough and adds value to the overall product.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Everything is shot in HD and the sound quality is solid. There isn’t much music outside of the synth pad in the intro and outros to set the mood. Beyond that, it’s all well mastered moans and dirty talk. Turn it up!

Overview: Beautiful. Artistic. Inspired. These are not words typically associated with hardcore sex pornos. After all, this is a genre devoted to the gratuitous portrayal of intense sexual acts, right?  Well, that may be true if you have not spent much time with the works of Eddie Powell, a director with a penchant for flipping sexual and pornographic stereotypes on their head.

I’ll be the first to admit it. I am an art-porn snob. And yet there is something compelling in Powell’s visions of schoolgirl lust that will have you cheering the raw sexuality of this stellar lineup.

The story centers on four students with a less-than-wholesome infatuation with their teachers. They take it all the way, and with Powell’s cameras rolling, us voyeurs are to gain.

Scene One: Jenna Reid is quickly becoming a household name among porn connoisseurs. Or maybe my wife and I just can’t stop talking about her pornographic prowess. I’m not sure, so clearly more research is in order.

Reid plays the part of a schoolgirl with rough-sex fantasies, and none are more intense than her desires for vice principal Mr. White, played by Chad White.

Jenna Reid rides Chad White in reverse missionary

Typical of New Sensations Schoolgirl films, Jenna starts in a classic schoolgirl outfit that evokes Zappa-like imagery of Catholic Girls as she promptly goes down on Chad’s Chubby.

While Reid’s reactions to oral are inspired, it is her penetration that takes the cake, particularly the hard-fucking she takes with a Mia Malkovian arched back and breathy moans.

Watch for great reactions when she’s getting nailed in doggy. She’s full of smiles and spice as she looks back at Chad, and be sure to crank the speakers up. You don’t want to miss her riveting coos!

Chad turns up the heat

My favorite moment is when Chad goes dominant, throwing Reid onto her back. He’s just about to push his cock back inside, but noticing how close to the edge she is, stops short. As he rubs her clit, Reid’s body is aglow.

And then there’s that massive facial. Instead of cutting to the next scene like so many porns, Powell keeps the camera rolling long enough to capture gentle cocksucking that bespeaks the chemistry these two have on screen.

Scene Two: Dolly Leigh is in tears over her breakup. Her boyfriend ditched her because she wanted to have rough sex. The look on Logan Pierce’s face is priceless. As it turns out, his ex wasn’t into rough sex either. He makes his move and Leigh just looks at Logan like he is out of his mind. “You can’t be serious. You’re serious?”

"You can't be serious."

Her head hits the pillow, he smacks her ass and Leigh is instantly wet. I like how Eddie Powell takes it from this comical moment and shocks the viewer with a shock cut to sexuality in overdrive. It’s like going full throttle in a Corvette downtown just as the light turns green. This one really slams you back in your seat.

Not one to lay back and get banged, Dolly athletically fucks Pierce through a variety of positions, and it makes sense. She’s the one who just got dumped for her desire to have rough sex. Clearly she was the dom in her last relationship. Logan thinks he’s taking advantage of this little student, but he has no idea what he’s in store for. Sure, he gets his fair share of time in the driver’s seat, but he’s basically Dolly’s fuck toy.

Big smiles from Dolly

We’ve established that the sex is hot, but I want to know what kind of teacher Logan Pierce is supposed to be living in that sort of house. All the wide shots reveal a spacious and well decorated home that seems beyond the means of teachers in California. Maybe he’s a computer science professor with a consulting business on the side.

Watch for Logan’s throat lunges--he basically pops his dick in and out of her mouth with speed. It looks fantastic. There’s also the bit where Dolly creams up to reveal a drizzle of her juice down the side of Logan’s dick.

Scene Three: Covergirl Jennifer Jacobs exploits sex-crazed professor Steve Holmes by misbehaving in class in the hopes of receiving his form of discipline.

Power dynamics are in play with Jacobs as the submissive. Jennifer has that girl-next-door face and plays the schoolgirl role well. You can almost see her as the young girl just coming into her sexuality. She’s not quite confident to go out and get some on her own terms, so she’s using this professor to get her fix and explore her own kinks under his guidance.

Jennifer Jacobs experienced a vibrator assisted orgasm

She’d never be comfortable using sex toys, or deep throating, or suggesting any of these other fun things with a partner. But with Professor Holmes, she doesn’t have to ask.

It’s a clever scene, but it also has some of the most picturesque moments in the entire DVD. There’s the first orgasm where Jacobs is fully dressed with a vibe tucked into her panties. A lot of eroticism happens in the mind, and the focus on her face titillates.

Holmes is both gentle and firm as he directs her through the action. He takes her phone and makes little Snaps--a nice touch that anchors the scene into the current generation.

Jennifer's body gyrates

Any Schoolgirls highlight reel has got to include Jennifer Jacobs cumming mid-scene. It’s so good. Her body gyrates uncontrollably, she screams, it's hot. She cums twice and it’s enough to get Holmes to break character and give a great smile as he watches this inspiring moment unfold before his eyes.

Scene Four: Jasmine Callipygian is a real treat! She’s a camgirl with very little real porn experience, but you wouldn’t know that watching this scene. Let me explain.

Callipygian brings a raw and uninhibited sense of lust and sexual excitement. Ever the showman, she knows how to use her body in such a way to build suspense in the mind’s eye. Positioning, eye contact and her reactions to each of Bruce Venture’s sexual acts is well beyond her experience level.

Jasmine Callipygian biting her lip

Think about it. Studios commonly drop a newcomer scene into the end of the DVD, and often they turn out to be sadly skippable. But from the moment Callipygian is onscreen, you just know it’s something special.

Callipygian is gifted with extraordinarily luscious, thick labia that complement Venture’s sizeable shaft swimmingly. And Venture does a fine job of showcasing her juicy bits in all manners of oral--that elastic snap when he pulls and lets go. It’s very nice.

While we’re on the subject or oral, shall we talk about Jasmine’s deep throat 69? That’s Bruce Venture’s thick dick--not a trivial matter!

What makes this scene shine though is the chemistry between these two. They fuck just like a real couple building to such a release for each.

Bruce Venture prepares for more oral

Final Thoughts: Eddie Powell makes hardcore sex fantasies fun and accessible in this outstanding porno. Schoolgirls Like It Hard 4 offers four solid scenes that all stand out for their own unique reasons.

Each scene stands alone with minimal plot loosely related to the schoolgirl theme. As such, it’s basically an all sex feature.

If you’re looking for plot, move along. You won’t find any specialty sex acts, like DP’s or anal either. Just lots of rough oral and vaginal intercourse. It’s pretty vanilla, but the scenes are artfully shot, expertly performed and highly memorable.

Schoolgirls goes above and beyond with rich DVD extras including interviews and bonus scenes. This adds value to the DVD and makes it worth the purchase price.

This is a wonderful film that stands up well in the ongoing Schoolgirls legacy. I Highly Recommend Schoolgirls Like It Hard 4.

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