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Consoling My Stepsister

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/14/18

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If there is one thing a critic loves seeing, and I think every XXX fan does as well, it is the return of performer who sets the screen on fire with a company that also produces some of the best scenes and films in the industry. Tiffany Watson, her Girlsway scenes are all the stuff that pure fantasy is made of. How her 2016 scene with Gina Valentina did not win award after award was one of the biggest travesties this writer has ever seen. Stills by Alan’s mixture of letting Tiffany break loose in her patented kinky ways and his angles that showcase a performers ability to bend and stretch not just her body but the viewers' imaginations, was something that to me, is what porn should be made of. Now, with gorgeous new hair color and a few more years of nastiness and lust under her belt, I really wanted to see what this duo was going to do. Nina North, since 2015, it simply gets better and better for this beauty. Her scenes with Girsway simply show a love for women. A real love for women. I think far too often; the wrong type of pairings kill a scene before it even is viewed. Never giving it a chance to reach the fans that spend money in this business to have their dreams come alive. Tiffany and Nina together, I simply had to see if this pairing would live up to the hype that these amazing ladies produce with just a smile.

Tiffany Watson & Nina North 

Scene Duration: 43 Minutes, 21 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan

Website/Company: Girlsway.com

Release Date: April 5th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Teen & Teen, Heavenly Kissing, Pussy Rubbing to Climax, Long Tongues, Small Amount of Dialogue, Toys, Scissoring/Tribbing, Cumming

Consoling My Stepsister:

Starring: Tiffany Watson and Nina North

Tiffany Watson & Nina North The Reveal:

The acting skills of Tiffany grow every year. Her sale of the scorned lover being stood up is genuine. It is the addition of her body languages and facial expressions that add a little depth to start the scene. As always, when you see this babe on screen, she always has her hair done, her nails are spot on, her attire is beyond sexy and fitting. Now what this means to you porn fans, this is a woman who sees the part she is playing, does her end to match up something she thinks will blow your fucking mind as a fan and shows up on set with her part ready to go and primed for the make-up chair. Her ways always noticable, and it makes the fantasy that much better. Oh, how I love a performer who invests in her craft. I have said this many times about Tiffany, she eats, sleeps and breathes the business. When Nina enters the scene looking like a million fucking dollars twice over, you instantly get that feeling you are in for a treat. Two performers like this see the fact they are going to fuck and fuck in ways that will leave you lying in a puddle of sweat and ladies and gents, that is what you want to spend your hard earned money on.

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The two performers are cast perfectly. Tiffany, she is the definition of cutie-pie. I mean she is simply the cutest fucking performer in all the business in my opinion. To me, that is one of the most difficult looks to achieve in the adult industry. It is a combination of innocence and passion that few have ever been able to pull off. She reminds me so much porn legends Micky Lynn and Debi Diamond with her ferocious sex style and ability to melt your heart all in the same moment. Nina North, good god, what a beauty. She has that Sports Illustrated bikini model look that is as breathtaking as a sunrise, mixed with cuteness that is also rare on it's own. Her attire is knock your fucking socks off hot. Leaving little to the imagination, but giving you a reason to wait for the reveal. The build-up to that first kiss is simply amazing. The dialogue is not too long, and the girls add so much to this with their ever growing lust that starts with touches to the thighs and works its way into some very light but sexy kissing. The tongue action is sizzling. Tiffany, she is a woman who can set you into overdrive with just a kiss and when you see Nina give and get with that long tongue of Tiffany’s the temperature goes up a degree each second as Tiffany tells Nina she wants to remove her dress. This is one of the best intro I have seen this year. The acting is wonderful, the cute teen theme is no where to be seen but it is felt. The women's attire is dazzling. The build has you panting for more and that is exactly what the reveal should be.

Tiffany Watson & Nina North 

The Sex:

The shot that display’s Nina amazing side boob, while Tiffany looks into her eyes and she sucks on her left nipple may do you under right there porn fans. I will forewarn you, this scene has so many peaks that it may take more than a few instances to get through this scene. I love how Alan put the women’s kissing at the forefront. The camera angels that explore the ladies’ perfect bodies and sexy undergarments is what everyone came to see. It is like the build-up to any great movie. You get to see what you came for, not a bunch of bullshit that is only glanced at and then the director takes you on a false ride that you never intended to take.

Tiffany Watson & Nina North

Every second of action matches the stills perfectly on the website. When you see long tongues and pussies getting lapped all over in a still, that is what you see minutes of in the scene. Just like the stills I used in this review, when you see Tiffany vivaciously sucking a hard nipple on the left, that is what you get. The combination of the tit sucking and pussy play is one hell of a combo from each girl. Additionally, the camera angles that showcase Nina’s gorgeous bum and Tiffany’s A-List perfect boobs and a rare up-close shot of her tattoo while she licks and sucks is spectacular. The one thing I have to say about this scene, is when a production grabs me and not many can suck me in for prolonged periods of time, as I write my reviews as I watch. You loose all track of time and the fantasy becomes your world, an escape it was intended. That is the reason everyone watches porn. The instant that the girls flick their long tongues and Tiffany showcases why she is truly the most underrated pussy eater in the business your minding or reality becomes more distant. I love the fact that Tiffany never eats a pussy the same way twice on film. I honestly always look for her kinky side to bust loose, for she a true vixen in every way when it comes to this business, but she lets her long tongue and looks into Nina’s eyes do a lot of the talking in terms of changing things up, but keeping that patented Tiffany style kink in the scene. It is not overboard and I have not seen that from Tiffany a lot. That shows range and the fact she can do many style scenes. More Tiffany Watson is never a terrible thing. The clit licking is scorching and I love how Alan keeps the viewer right up close to the action. It is truly something to behold. When you see her take Nina to climax with that beautiful blue nail polish and just the tip of her index finger, it is something that will have you thinking your room became a sauna in the blink of an eye. The way that Allen shows the little things once again makes this scene magic. The shot of Nina gripping the bed, the camera moving to a wider angle to show Tiffany’s sexy panties, it creates something more than the viewer expects.

Tiffany Watson & Nina North The action continues to flow as Nina takes her turn. My goodness, Nina’s tongue skills are amazing. This woman needs to be cast in more sessions where she gets to lick on some gorgeous kitties, because she adds steam of her own to this scene and that says a lot when you have Tiffany Watson on the receiving end who simply will have you begging for mercy once she puts her legs almost over her head from the start of Nina's turn to play. Damn, it is almost like her lesbian calling card and I do not care how many times you have seen it, it is just yummy to watch every single time. I don’t know how Tiffany does it, well I kind of do, it is simply a passion for this business that is far deeper than most fans will ever know. Nina’s long tongue, lashing amd lapping one of the most gorgeous pussies in the business is a five-course meal served all at once to the viewer. When you see each girl squirm and moan, it is the definition of teen cuteness. These two women play the part well, so if your thing is watching two young teen hotties get it on in an elegant, yet nasty way. This is the scene for you. Nina North, boy does she have potential in this business. I sensed a tad bit of reserved action in the scene in the start, but it is nothing that hinders the fantasy. She more than makes up for it with her long tongue and the way she strokes Tiffany pussy and clit hard with it. When the Hitachi comes into play, all bets are off sports fans. It is so rare that toy play gets any type of liking from fans. I get why, but once again, when you have two sexpots like this who have command of their floor when they are taking turns pleasuring each other, your interest will be peaked. Is your curiosity worth the look? You tell me, when you see Alan’s camera quickly pan up when you see Nina cum and that white creaminess begins to trickle down her asshole. The sound effects of wet splashing are amazing as the Hitachi zooms around Nina's hot box. This is how you bring toys into a girl/girl scene the right way. Then you see Alan take you right smack back into the center of the action, where you see up-close shots of Nina’s dripping wet pussy and Tiffany’s spit running everywhere. Damn, I am going need a fucking cold shower after this review just thinking about it while I edit. Then Tiffany comes in with that long tongue again and starts teasing her clit. Ok, I must stop. This is getting crazy. You need to see this fucking scene. Yes, it is that hot. The hottest I have seen so far in my tour of the Girlsway network in 2018. The scene has it all folks and I do mean it all. I do not wish to cut it short but you have to see a scene like this yourself. The pretty pictures I have included will tell you exactly what the rest of te story inclueds and one thing I will tell you, better have your day planned out when viewing this scene.

Tiffany Watson & Nina North 

Don Juan’s Final Thoughts:

Ok, the big seller is the realism. When you Tiffany’s kitty pulsating while she is down on all fours with a Hitachi, that is as real as it gets in this business. When you see Nina cum, look at her eyes, she is fucking cumming. Porn fans, this is what you should always hold to a standard when you view lesbian cinema. The way that Alan let the girls go with the flow was amazing. This scene has something for every girl/girl fan. Yes, I fucking mean everyone from couples to just plain old perverts, just like me. The action is soft, sensual, yet has a kick. It is not boring lesbian sex where two babes are brought down a notch to meet a director’s vision. This is compensation and delivery on many ends. The up-close shots are beyond fantastic and thank you for that Alan. I do not know why the industry has shied away from these up-close pussy shots but is wonderful seeing people like Alan bring back something that every modern porn fan will love and that every veteran fan misses more than anything. Nina North, she is coming to be one of the yummiest sexpots in the business. Her casting was spot on. This is one of the cutest fucking pairings in the history of the business and girl/girl. This scene gets XCritic Pick because it is the perfect teen lesbian scene but also how it shows different sides of all people associated from Tiffany and Nina, to Alan and the production team. Also, you must give the highest honor to a lesbian scene that has such amazing toy play. The way these women cum and cum again is heavenly to watch and the ultimate of fantasies. Now, last but not least is the star, the amazing Tiffany Watson. Good God, this is every man’s fantasy and when you see her screaming with passion as she orgasms from the Hitachi with her flawless ass in the air, you will see why I say the things I do. Her nails are always gorgeous. Her pussy is always perfectly trimmed and her skin looks as radiant as a morning sky. That is Tiffany Watson. You want asses in the seats in anything, you fucking sign her and put a camera right in front of her, the masses will follow trust. Bravo to Allen and team for bringing her back. This scene is something every girl/girl fan must own, especially the teen fans. I think when you see a performer show another side as Tiffany does here, all while still paying homage to her die-hard fans, you get a sense that you are seeing the true beginning of a step that few performers ever take. Tiffany has now shown she has begun the next step that takes a woman in this business from porn star, to the realms of super star. The next step after that is one that only legends take and what I will tell you right here, right now readers, Tiffany, she is simply ready to begin that journey and this scene tells you why.

-Don Juan

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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