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Teach Me to Twerk

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Young, beautiful, short and sweet. That is what WebYoung is all about. Stills by Alan has the reigns on this scene Momma Mia does the videography look amazing. You are welcomed with Chloe Cherry’s amazing booty twerking in ultra-slow motion, with this hypnotic beat simply flowing with that gorgeous derriere. This is Chloe’s month. The Girlsway Girl of the Month is no stranger to amazing scenes and some of the steamiest sex you will see from a woman who came up through the Florida porn scene. Nia Nacci. This new starlet has one of the most amazing looks in the business. She can play the teen character as well as the women that pick up the teenage cuties. It is not quite older woman or MILF and I do not mean that as an insult. She can simply become many; many characters and I was very excited to see what this beauty can do. Once again, hats off to everyone at Girlsway who made Chloe this month’s feature. She has deserved the recognition for a very long time. The mixture of these ladies’ spells curiosity because I think a lot of people are getting used to simply seeing Chloe take on a new role and line up to see her do her thing. Nia with that amazing body, how, I simply had to indulge in this scene. Which you can call that good marketing and site design if you wish, or simply the girls' ability to spark something within each fan. So let’s see if this scene if GOTM worthy shall we.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Scene Duration: 25 Minutes, 14 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway/WebYoung

Release Date: May 18th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Teen, Minimal Dialogue, Interracial, Face Sitting, Tribbing, Ass Licking

Chloe Cherry & Nia Nacci 

Teach Me to Twerk

Starring: Chloe Cherry @ChloeCherryXXX and Nia Nacci @NiaNaccixxx


The Reveal:

Chloe Cherry & Nia Nacci

Ok, we will point out some obviousness right away. First, the sound is a bit off. The acoustics, in the beginning, can be a bit jarring if you listen to your porn as I do with headphones full blast. Also, you can tell in and out that they tried as hard as they could to conceal a little redness on Chloe’s nose. It is something you will notice throughout the scene just because of her gorgeous milky skin tone. It takes a bit away from the start of the fantasy, making it hard to draw you in from the start. Nia, my lord, what a fucking body. Hard as that thing in trousers after watching this scene, this beauties body is just amazing. I love the fact that Alan paired a very natural beauty with this hard-edged fit model. It is a very, very enticing combination. One that makes you want to keep watching. The dialogue is short, it is simply the ladies finding out that the other loves women too.

I think in all honesty; the women sell this scene nicely with minimal dialogue. So, this will fit both style of porn fans, ones who love set-up and people who only want to get to the fucking. Chloe Cherry is simply the definition of cuteness in this scene. Her nails are rad as fuck, her hair and smile are exactly what you envision when you are picking out what scene to watch on the Girlsway.com network and you come across this scene. Chloe’s ability to honestly become this teenage hottie who has a nasty streak a mile wide is her bread and butter right now believe you me, business is going to get only better from this blond hottie. Once again, to toot Nia’s horn, she simply has a body you can not wait to see come out behind the clothes. She is feminine and tone for all you readers who think a fit body is bad. When you add up all these small but massively essential elements to the scene, you are simply going to begging for mother fucking buttermilk.

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Chloe Cherry & Nia Nacci 

The Sex:


The necklace, the nail polish, that hair, and lipstick. They come to life on screen in such vibrant ways as the sex begins. Nia, she is an amazing tit sucker. Directors, please, get this woman sucking more boobies, she is one that will bring every fan to their knees. Chloe is a woman who you simply want to see dominated and the way Nia starts things off with passion is incredible. The theme is that want to see Chloe’s ass get out of those shorts, and Alan does one amazing job bringing that to the fans. The camera angle that showcases Chloe sit on Nia’s face is amazing. The edits to show that sideways view is once again five-star cinema. As you see Chloe begin to purr as she sits on Nia’s face, any newbie to miss Cherry’s work will be in Valhalla. She was one of the best purrs of all the sexy sirens in this business. Oh, it is delicious to hear. This music to your ears is simply what takes this scene to another level instantly. Add in, Nia is one amazing pussy eater. When you see her stick her tongue in that perfect kitty of miss Cherry, wow, once again, I dare you to try and get up and walk around without fainting after seeing that.

 Chloe Cherry & Nia Nacci

To explore the beauty of a performers body a bit more, especially when it is one of the biggest sellers of this scene. Nia, she is simply beyond words. Her kitty is clean shaven, and I mean, you know damn well when a woman knows how to moisturize and how to take care of her skin. Ugh, she was one of the most gorgeous pussies in the adult industry. So, when you have the Girlsway Girl of the Month licking it clean, you get a wonderful piece of adult cinema. That amazing asshole is just too gorgeous to describe. Get your fucking ass in gear and check this babe’s work out yourself to see for yourself. Nia adds so much to this scene. I was impressed. She brings along this cool, sexy vibe that only a confident woman can bring. As this new starlet gains more and more experience. I see something that I see few adult actors have, period. The ability to sell a scene without a lot of noise. Simply deep, passionate mons, the licking of lips and eye contact. That is so rare for a new starlet to be camera friendly in so many ways this stage in her career. The big bonus is watching a scene like this multiple times, which you will want to do so you can catch things you miss the first time, like Chloe tongue fuck Nia, as she literally rides her tongue like a cock. Pretty steamy. Also, catching the fact that the girls take turns tribbing. Not done too often in cinema XXX fans.

Chloe Cherry & Nia Nacci 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

When you add up the good, it far outweighs the bad. One of the most amazing shots is as the sex winds down and it shows Nia a little sweaty while she brushes her hair to the side as Chloe sticks that long tongue deep down her slit and asshole, the views is spectacular. It is art come to life. Motion pictures indeed. I think as the scene goes on, you fall deeper into the spell of these two lovely ladies. This scene is short and to the point at every level. They are not fucking around. Well, they are but the scene is not rushed, nor does it come out looking phony. That is what takes this scene to the realm of must-see. As the scene goes on, hair and make-up get some brownie points and some for keeping the fantasy alive in many ways. Hair and make-up never get the credit they deserve. I am guilty of doing it with my own people. The magic they create is so valuable. I am not talking in terms you think, I am talking about Nia’s amazing eyeshadow and liner. I am talking Chloe amazing lips. This was a bang-up job form the Girlsway team. Add in, a lot of it is the performers too. Chloe’s socks, Chloe’s bracelet, they all play a huge part in making this scene amazing. Chloe, my goodness, what a stunner. Girl next door if I have ever seen one. For this critic, Nia, she simply stole the show. Oh, her oral skills are already top notch. The fact she can be sensual and make a scene sexy as fuck. Now that is simply amazing. With a perfect ten body added with a face that simply can sell anything in the modeling world, I really am anxious to see more of her and I guarantee you will if this beauty keeps making scenes like this. This scene fit the playbill from cover to cover and at the beginning of this review, I said to myself, can Chloe show me why she Girlsway, Girl of the Month. She sure fucking did, with a mother fucking bullet. To show what a performer is in so many ways, that is what creates superstars in this business. A model who goes to any lengths to complete a scene, to me that is just beyond words, as is this scene.

 - Don "Muthfuckin" Juan

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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