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Rotten To The Core

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 5/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Spotlight, Squirting, Orgy


Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Dahlia Sky, Electra Blue, Seth Gamble, Derrick Pierce, Bill Bailey, Jordan Ash, Karlo Karrera, Marco Banderas, Tony Martinez, Toni Ribas

Directors: Bonnie Rotten, Keiran Lee, Robby D., Jakodema

Release Date: March 13, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 40 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Photo Gallery and Web Access


Overview: Digital Playground has compiled six great scenes of one of their dirtiest and rawest superstars ever, Bonnie Rotten. This beautifully inked squirting queen is all about no holds barred fucking, doing whatever it takes to give the audience a great show. I wouldn't call this the VERY best of her work, but if you're new to her it's a great taste of what this incredibly sexy, very flexible and energetic, totally uninhibited girl can do.


Scene One: “Sisters Of Anarchy” with Seth Gamble


Directed by Bonnie this is from her great parody of the biker TV show Sons Of Anarchy. We start off Seth and Bonnie making out when Bonnie throws Seth to the couch and starts sucking his cock. She gags and slurps on his cock, giving him slobbery head before getting him nice and hard. He pushes her back and eats her pussy for a second before sticking it in and fucking her missionary. He works his cock in and out of her and within a minute or two her pussy is gushing like a fountain, shooting a stream across the the room.


He sticks his dick back in her and pounds her pussy making her cum two more times. She licks up her juices off of the table before cleaning Seth's cock with her mouth. Bonnie then climbs up and rides him reverse cowgirl, sliding her now drenched pussy up and down on his cock. Seth starts fucking her from underneath until she shoots another stream of juice across the room. Bonnie then bends over the table and Seth fucks her doggy. First he fucks her pussy until she tells him to fuck her ass. Seth obliges, Bonnie scrambling over the the couch and spreads her asshole for him. He pounds away at her ass giving her several assgasms.


Bonnie then flips over and Seth fucks her missionary until she squirts again. He makes her shoot twice before getting behind her and spooning her. With one leg hike up Bonnie's pussy is slammed by Seth, making her squirt multiple times until he starts fucking her ass, Bonnie sticking all four fingers in and clutching her pussy until she explodes in another fountain of juice. He sticks it back into her pussy and fucks her missionary some more, his cock making her squirt several more times before Seth shoots his load on Bonnie's face. And with Seth's jizz running down the side of her mouth Bonnie rubs her pussy for one more squirt. Incredibly hot scene from the bad girl of porn.


Scene Two: “Hot Chicks Big Fangs” with Bill Bailey


In this dark scene from the Keiran Lee directed vampire flick, Bonnie has Bill on a bed. She pulls his cock out of his pants and starts sucking it, giving him terrific head gagging and slobbering on it. He takes off her spike studded bra and she starts titty fucking him before climbing up and sitting on his face. She rubs her pussy while he tongues her asshole and she grabs him by his hair and pushes his tongue in and out of her ass. She then sits on his cock and bounces on it until he starts fucking her from underneath making her squirt.


He holds her legs together making her pussy tighter as he slams it up inside of her. She tells him to fuck her harder as she grabs his balls and he pistons his cock in and out of her soaked pussy. They fuck each other in unison and Bonnie convulses on his cock. She then gets on all fours and Bill licks Bonnie's juices off of her pussy and ass before sticking it in and fucking her doggy style. She stands on her head and Bill fingers her pussy until she cums again before Bonnie climbs up and rides his cock cowgirl style. She slams her ass up and down on his cock and tells him to open his mouth as she shoots a stream of juice onto his face. She keeps riding him having several more intense screaming orgasms and rubbing her pussy for more waterworks before flipping over and letting Bill fuck her missionary. He tongues Bonnie's asshole and Bonnie furiously rubs her pussy until she squirting again and Bill t-bones her.


She squirts again and she licks her juices off of her boot while Bill licks it off of her asshole. He pins her down and fucks her from behind, slamming his cock in and out of her until she's screaming again and then Bonnie flips over and Bill fucks her missionary some more. He makes her cum again and then they go into a 69 where she swallows his cock down to the balls. She gives him slobbery sloppy head while she grinds her pussy on Bill's face when she climbs up and rides his cock again. They give her pussy a real workout as she rubs her clit while he fucks her from underneath. She bounces on his cock side saddle and then they roll over and he spoons her from behind. She rubs her clit as he fucks her pussy making her squirt once more at the same time as Bill shoots his stream of cum on her face.


Scene Three: “Erotico 1” with Jordan Ash


This short shower scene starts off right in the action with Bonnie giving Jordan head. She circles the head of his cock around her mouth before sucking and gagging on it before he picks her up and fucks her standing, bounding her up and down on his dick. She cums on his cock and then goes back to sucking it before she stands up and he fucks her ballerina style from behind. Showing off her flexibility Bonnie bends her leg up to give us a great view of Jordan's cock as it fucks her pussy. She cums a couple of times and then Jordan lays down and Bonnie rides his cock. Her pussy slides up and down on his cock until she squirts. She keeps riding it some more, grinding her pussy on his dick and then sucking her juices off. She stands back up and bends her leg back again in another ballerina style fuck sequence before Jordan shoots his load in her mouth.


Scene Four: “The Shortcut” with Karlo Karrera


Another short scene shot outside what looks like an old country store. Bonnie and Karlo are making out when they remove Bonnie's top to reveal her magnificent tatted tits. Karlo lays Bonnie on a large wooden chest and removes her cutoffs so he can eat her pussy. He licks her just for a second before taking his cock out and fucking Bonnie missionary on the chest. She cums on his cock and Bonnie sucks her juices off before bending over the chest and letting Karlo fuck her from behind. He fucks her pussy until she squirts on his cock and then he sticks it back in and he fucks her until she squirts some more, her juices shooting out like a fire hose. He then fucks her some more from behind until he shoots his load on her ass.


Scene Five: “Lock And Load” with Derrick Pierce


In this beautifully filmed scene by Jakodema, Bonnie, dressed in a black leather top and mini skirt, and Derrick are making out before Bonnie undoes his belt and throws it across the room. Once his pants are down Bonnie starts sucking his cock giving some exquisite head before she's on her back and Derrick is eating her pussy. Before long Bonnie is orgasming in his mouth he picks her up and fucks her missionary on a couch.


He grabs her by her hair and pounds his cock in and out of her pussy until squirts, with endless streams of juice shooting out of her pussy. He sticks his cock back in and keeps pounding giving her multiple orgasms. Bonnie then gets on all fours and Derrick fucks her doggy style, slamming her pussy with his cock until she's shooting another endless amount of juice from her pussy. He fucks her some more and she cleans his cock with her mouth, looking at us in the camera as her mouth slurps up all of her juice. She then climbs up and sits on his cock, grinding his cock deep inside of her pussy before she starts bouncing on it. She then spins around and rides him regular cowgirl, bouncing her ass on his cock until she jumps off and Derrick shoots his jizz in her mouth and on her face, Bonnie draining his balls with her mouth as she rubs her pussy again for another squirt.


Scene Six: “Sisters Of Anarchy” with Dahlia Sky, Electra Blue, Marco Banderas, Tony Martinez, Toni Ribas


In this fantastic final orgy scene from Sisters Of Anarchy, Bonnie, Dahlia and Electra fuck Marco, Tony and Toni in a biker/strip bar. There's a lot going on so I'll just mainly center on Bonnie and the lucky fellas she fucks. The three girls start grinding on the guys, Bonnie concentrating on Marco. While Electra sucks on Tony's cock, Bonnie wastes no time after her clothes are off and starts fucking Marco doggy style. He pounds her pussy while Electra starts riding Tony and then Bonnie sucks Marco's dick and spits on Dahlia's pussy as it slides up and down Toni's cock. Bonnie deepthroats Marco and gives him slobbery head before moistening up her asshole with her spit and anally riding Marco's cock. While all three girls are riding their guys (Bonnie is the only one being ass fucked) Dahlia reaches over and rubs Bonnie's pussy driving Bonnie crazy. Bonnie squirts a stream of juice, making one girl at the bar's jaw drop, she screams for Marco to keep fucking her as Electra fists her pussy making her cum again.


Bonnie jumps off of Marco's cock and pulls him to the other couch where she gets on all fours and Marco fucks her doggy style. The other girls copy her and soon they're also being fucked from behind. Bonnie then makes Marco lay down and she climbs up on him and rides his cock. She bounces her pussy up and down on his cock and then gets Electra to eat her pussy as Marco fucks her from behind. As Toni teabags Bonnie, Marco keeps fucking Electra doggy while Electra eats Bonnie's pussy while Tony is still fucking Dahlia doggy style. Bonnie then spins around and lets Toni fuck her missionary while Marco spoons Electra from behind while she and Bonnie make out. Bonnie has a screaming orgasm on Toni's cock as he buries it deep inside her pussy and shoots another stream of juice while Electra sucks her cum off of Marco's cock. Bonnie then climbs up and rides Toni's cock, working up some spit and letting it dribble onto his cock. She then raises up and lowers her ass down sticking his cock up her asshole. After a shot of the Dahlia and Electra riding Marco and Tony, we see Bonnie sucking and slobbering on Toni's dick.


She then goes over to Electra and Marco and pyramids on top of Electra while Toni fucks Bonnie's pussy. Bonnie then climbs off and Toni fucks her from behind while the other two girls keep riding their guys. After sucking on Toni's dick Bonnie goes over and starts sucking on Marco. She then climbs up and lowers her ass down on his cock and lets him ass fuck her until she's squirts again. She then lowers her pussy down on him and he fucks her until she squirts again. He then starts fucking her missionary and he pounds her pussy until she cums again. Bonnie then goes over and grabs the Tony and Toni's cocks and masturbates them until they shoot their loads in all three girls mouths. Marco then comes over and cums in Bonnie's mouth and the three girls snowball all of the jizz between them.


Final Thoughts: When Bonnie Rotten started in the business in 2012 she was a true pioneer bridging the gap between alt-porn and mainstream. Her incredible sexiness coupled with her amazing screen presence and pure inhibition are what make her the star she is today and accepted by so many fans. Bonnie, who just recently became Brazzers newest contract performer, has such an exemplary work history of exceptional films. That's why I believe Digital Playground could have picked just a few better scenes. I for one would have selected something from the Rambo XX Parody, but that's just me. This is still a very good collection and I Highly Recommend it.

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