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Accidental Like, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 5/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I think no performer is off to a faster start in 2018 than Gina Valentina. Penthouse Pet of the Year and honestly the front-runner for performer of the year 2018 in my opinion. Miss Valentina, I think is beginning to truly see the potential that every drooling fan saw from the start with this industry. Karlee Grey, good gawd. That booty is nothing to compared to her amazing skills as an actor. Ok, maybe it is because she has one of the most bad ass booties in the business, who are we kidding here. When I began this review and saw Craven’s name as the director, I simply got my motherfucking popcorn ready because this is what you call high-end pornography people. Amazing eyes, and stories, mixed with sinful babes who honestly are the best at taking you to dreamland. Does Girlsway have a second consecutive XCritic Pick here already, let us find out porn fans.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Scene Duration: 32 Minutes, 19 Seconds

Director: Craven Moorhead @BadBoyCraven

Studio: Girlsway/WebYoung

Release Date: May 11, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Teen, Super Star Pairings, Intense Fingering, Bush, Squirting, Ass Licking, Face Sitting, Tribbing, Chemistry, Long and Wet Kissing

Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina 

The Accidental Like

Starring: Karlee Grey @karleegreyxxx and Gina Valentina @GValentinaxxx

The Reveal:

Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina

If you have ever dated a hypersexual woman you instantly see the appeal of Gina Valentina when it comes to her appetite for sex and how she satisfies it. I do not know if this beauty is a hypersexual being but the one thing I can say is that she does the best job in business becoming one on camera. This opening shows a side of her I do not get to see often, her acting. Truth is, most things reviewed of Gina are purely based on her sexual hunger and hey, why not, this is fucking porn right?

Seeing her playing this character and give seven minutes of great intro, dialogue and build-up are splendid.

She has a future in this business that honestly can bypass every legend there is if she continues this growth as an actor. Sex does start in the brain after all. Gina defies convention, the lack of shellac on her nails and have them still looking gorgeous as fuck says it all dear readers.

Gina has always been this way and for veteran fan or newbie this means you are in for a treat that is sweeter than sweet. Now, from the pièce de résistance, Karlee Grey. Flawless set-up every step of the way. This woman could create magic in any setting.

She is given a bit older look compared to some other work I have seen of hers and she does an amazing job as the horny student who gets all wet and steamy once Gina likes a “social media” photo my accident while rubbing one out and what porn fan cannot relate to that? Brilliant fucking story people. I mean that. Fantasies that fans actually have. That is how you make porn.

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Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina

Craven does such an excellent job of switching angles fast. Editing team takes you on a ride but it is not at blinding speed, so you are left in the action and your mind does not wander. Oh, it is pure fucking heaven watching Gina stammer as she tries to not look at Karlee’s cleavage while she is getting seduced. Improv, planned, they girls fucking rock it and you will be enticed beyond belief. Craven, the fact that you did not have Karlee show her perfect ten ass she gets out of her shorts to “show off” her lingerie to Gina is genius. It avoids the biggest porn cliché there is. Also, hot damn, it makes the reveal that much better with the side angles and moving shots that do not zoom in on that amazing booty. Oh, when the kissing starts, you might as well cancel your dinner plans, or if you are with you girl, just stay in and get hot and steamy curled up with this scene. This scene gentleman, it will get your woman’s panties wet in a heartbeat because this is porn women love.

Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina

The Sex:

Once again, to see that Gina is a little reserve with her character is amazing. Ugh, it adds so much and keeps her die-hard fans hungry. For newbies barely discovering Gina, yes indeed, this woman loves what she does and usually cannot go wrong with any of her work. Karlee’s nipples are rock hard as her top comes off, an instant sign for fans that this scene is just going to get steamier, trust me. The slow-paced tit sucking is amazing to start. Truthfully, no performer drops her garments better than Karlee Grey. Honestly, I simply am dying to see her stage show now beyond belief. The scene has domination and what fan does not love that? Karlee is fingering her hard and quick, not really trying to tickle her g-spot as much as she is simply trying to fuck her hard. Wow, it is just what you want to see with these two superstars. The distance shot is amazing. Watching Karlee’s perfect ass sway back and forth and that hot of creamy cum dripping down Gina’s slit as Karlee gives her a taste is scorching fucking hot.

Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina Gina, she is one of the top fucking pussy lickers this business has ever seen. Fast or slow, high temp or casual as can be, you will be melted like butter when you see this woman eat pussy. Oh, it is a sight to see. Karlee is the perfect counterpart to receive. This was such a significant role to see Gina in. It is not that usual fast-paced, blinding action. Yes, by that I do also mean that you maybe be watching this scene so many times to see the multiple ways and times these women add in some true to life kink onscreen that you may indeed go blind if you catch my drift. I don’t give a shit if you are a man or a woman, this scene will set your undergarments ablaze. As Karlee literally climax’s in Gina’s mouth, you truly see how real this scene is. Karlee and that beyond gorgeous kisser. It is a staple of this industry. It is why so many choose her for so many styles of dominant roles. One aspect that just dawned on me is the fact that her facial expressions may be some of the most relatable to in the business for fans. She is the essence of that hot girl you took home from the library and banged, the best part being that incredible body that emerges from the clothes and, that look of deep passion in her eyes, mouth, and words when she is being pleased that simply sends you to memory lane as a fan. I had been trying to put my finger on what those aspects are that Karlee brings to the table and like this scene, you discover more greatness with her every new scene and film.

Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina

With each gasp of air by Karlee and each long tongue stroke by Gina, you begin to realize you are witnessing what could be perfection. You see Gina get in a stance to really chow down and Karlee, when you see her body quiver and she screams in passion, that is when you discover it is now Monday and you must head into work because it took the weekend to get through this scene. Oh, Karlee is the scream queen. A scream that is the furthest things from annoying and the cherry on top of everyone’s fantasy. The chemistry in this scene is what truly creates the magic within the scene. You don’t get those little tidbits like cum dripping down Gina’s pussy, or her squeezing Karlee hand firm as she licks her unless there is chemistry. Gina allows her nastiness to come out to please the fans and herself of course. Those foot arching orgasms are plentiful in this scene, times twenty. The action is continuous throughout. This is either flawless editing or they literally never stopped the scene. The girls just keep on going to the next sexy position, with a wet kiss waiting for the other at each stop. This is what “dream pairings” are all about.

Karlee Grey and Gina Valentina 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

Gina Valentina showing why she is Penthouse Pet of the Year. Karlee Grey putting on yet another five-star performance. Mix that in with the way Craven perfectly lights up the set along with his unique shots that are as unconventional as it gets to the true porn fan and you have a recipe for must-see cinema. I was simply glued to the screen to see the different aspect of Gina’s performance. Karlee’s amazing acting ability is something that this industry will never forget. Her ways of pure lust mixed with true acting ability remind me so much of Marilyn Chambers and Nina Hartley. Her beauty is to die for, then you see the trivial things take place that she does so well. Only women with true performance capability can capture a viewer’s imagination with their clothes on, then have the ability to continually drive them wild with just their bra, panties and a little bit of dirty talk. Craven, once again, the man has true vision. He is a man who loves what he does, and he does them so well. The fresh perspectives and camera views keep any fan peaked with interest always. Gina, this beauty is going to go to places that I think few women ever go in entertainment. To say she has spunk like the late Anna Malle is an understatement. She does honestly have something that keeps fans, producers, and directors coming back for more and trust me on this one, it is time, money and effort well spent. This woman is gold. This scene is a must own, you must make this apart of your collection and yes, I will say this, joining girlsway.com simply to see this scene is well worth the payment. A scene like this, I said it earlier, you will watch repeatedly. Prepare to have the rewind button worn out or your screen damaged from consistent touching because this, in all honesty, is the award-worthy girl/girl scene. The first I have honestly viewed of 2018

- Don "Muthafukin" Juan

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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