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Watching My Hotwife 3

Studio: New Sensations » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/23/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Couples, Cuckolds, Hotwife, Wives, Voyeurism

Director: Eddie Powell


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Cast: Elena Koshka, Mercedes Carrera, Mona Wales, Andi Rye, James Deen, Lucas Frost, Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes

Date of Release: January 29, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Menu-Selectable Trailers, Pick Your Pleasure, Fantasy Lingerie, Company Info, BTS 33:23 minutes

Bonus Scene: Alison Tyler & Michael Vegas "Watching My Hotwife" 35:33 minutes

Alison Tyler

Bonus Scene: Riley Reid & Mark Wood "Watching My Hotwife 2" 34:52 minutes

Riley Reid

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent. Keep your volume control handy as there are dirty talk and dialog that happen at one level but you'll want to kick things down a notch when the ladies get rolling!

Overview: Eddie Powell helms the latest installment of this series that has been on hiatus for a few years. If you're a fan of the hotwife genre or a fan of cuckolding then you'll definitely want to add this to your stash. If eye contact in porn is important to you, then look no further. Andi, Elena, Mercedes, and Mona all have it in spades here for both their costars and the viewer.

Scene 1: Andi Rye & Steve Holmes

AVN Hall of Famer, Steve Holmes, talks to the viewer directly as he enjoys a hot beverage. Industry newcomer, Andi Rye, pops into the frame (literally) in the foreground, excited that the day she's been waiting for is finally here! It's quite an effective technique to grab your attention as Holmes collars the cute brunette up and places her in his chair, exposing her pert nipples and whacking them with a leash.

Andi Rye

Steve enjoys her mouth with his own and then enjoys it on his manhood. After licking her face, he licks her crack, Andi addressing the viewer directly about his tongue being in her asshole and how much rougher he is than her husband. Steve also turns to the camera occasionally and addresses "the husband". With some deft finger manipulations, Steve brings his little playtoy to orgasm and then forces her throat onto his shaft. Another finger-induced orgasm is up next, Steve cramming his wet fingers deep into her mouth so she can taste herself before letting her enjoy licking his anus.

Andi Rye

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Her eyes grow big as she sits on his hard-on, bouncing for a bit before she has a squirting orgasm all over him and cleans it off with her mouth. Climbing back into cowgirl, she narrates as Holmes crams his fingers into her ass hole. She stares directly into the camera as he stretches her hole wide, her narration continuing until she seems to choke on her own saliva for a moment. Once she's recovered from that, she starts bouncing high and hard, Steve slapping at her tiny tits. He flips her into missionary, snacks between her thighs and then sticks his cock in her, his fingers also joining in. She winces as he does that and I swore she was going to yell 'CUT' or 'RED' or some other safe word but nope. She ends up gushing like a volcano. It seems to work for Steve as he stands up and shoots a massive load all over her face and sits back down to enjoy his beverage as they address the viewer together.

Scene 2: Elena Koshka & Toni Ribas

Elena's lying in bed, her face filling the frame as she whispers to the viewer, Toni's hand reaching around her slowly as he stirs from his slumber. She thought he was great last night and wants him to fuck her like that again. She nibbles his rod for a bit while he works her to a squirting O and lapping it up with tongue before making it happen again and sliding his cock inside of her as she stares at the camera and narrates.

Elena Koshka

The camera trains on their faces in closeup in between wide shots which is a refreshing change of pace for frequent porn viewers. Keep your volume handy for when she has another gushing before rolling into reverse cowgirl to do it again. Her locks bounce to and fro as their bodies slap together, the camera tilting up and down her body, her eyes rarely straying from lens center. After a good ride, Toni takes some time to carefully reposition her in doggie for optimal viewing, gathering her hair up into a ponytail as he slams into her, smacking her ass in both directions much to her delight.

Elena Koshka

They take a break from body slamming and she does a lust-filled slurp and jerk, Toni's eyes smiling as he looks into the camera before fingering her to another gush and then plowing into her. Her hips are fluid as she bucks to meet his thrusts while he grips her tits and then her waist to bring her another eruption that she follows up with a footjob. They are both breaking into a sweat by the time he rolls into a modified spooning that she turns into a balls deep blowjob that has her eyes watering. They tumble through about 10 more positions, Elena constantly squirting before a final slurp and jerk bring him to a laughing finish and she lies back down for some shuteye.

Scene 3: Mona Wales & Lucas Frost

Mona's doing a dirty-mouthed voiceover narration as she gets dressed for her present, Lucas Frost. He's waiting on the couch, which is where she joins him in her lingerie as she speaks to the viewer. Her eyes are quickly reddened and watery as she goes down on him, slobber streams stringing down as she lifts her head. Lucas stands to play pattycake with her pussy and she rewards him by stuffing his balls into her mouth.

Mona Wales

She turns her head, steadying it on lens center as she goes for a sensual, narrated rodeo ride which has Frost yanking her hair and diddling her butt hole. She pumps like a machine on his manhood and then he throws her off to taste her. He does a good job downtown, she starts to look a bit worn out by the time he starts pistoning back into her while gripping her throat.

Mona Wales

Her triangular patch is displayed nicely as she lies atop him, their bodies thrusting in unison, her eyes unwavering from the camera except for when she squirts in orgasmic bliss. They move to the floor where she gets a deep doggie drilling, part two of which goes down on the couch with his foot on her face. The fucking is fervent and it leads to Lucas blasting his load in a series of squirts most of which fly right over her head.

Scene 4: Mercedes Carrera & James Deen

Mercedes and her hubby have invited James over so Hubs can watch their tryst go down. It's almost LOL funny when Deen turns to the camera and says "I've never done anything like that with people watching". In fact, you can almost see him break character before he agrees to do it and moves his wine glass far away before exploring Carrera with his fingers and tongue.

Mercedes Carrera

It has taken me awhile to warm up to Mercedes' new hair color but I've seen so many scenes with it now that it seems normal and I like it. Just like the car with the same name as her last, she purrs like a kitten and then roars to life at the drop of a dime. She's a whirlwind as she rubs and bobs on Deen's dong. She has the thinnest tan line atop her ass cheeks as she rides, her thick booty bouncing, her eyes smoldering as she stares at the viewer.

Mercedes Carrera

Deen's eyes lock on hers pretty much throughout the entire scene as their romp goes from one position to another, his skin tone contrasting nicely with hers as the two pros enjoy each other. When Mercedes' head slips down during doggie, James grabs her arm and says "up up up up", his directorial instincts obviously kicking in. After his blastoff, Mercedes makes sure to run her fingers through whatever didn't make it into her mouth.  

Final Thoughts: Whew. I really wasn't expecting the fourth wall to be completely broken down like that. I thought I had reviewed this series in the past but it turns out I haven't. I've reviewed many other titles from New Sensations that cover the "hotwife" genre but apparently not this one where they really play up the cuckolding aspect. Normally, if a performer breaks the fourth wall more than occasionally, it irks me but here it works really well! The fact that it is intentionally shot from the POV of "the husband" somewhere in the room is a different twist on the genre in general and all of the performers seem to really embrace that idea while embracing one another in multiple positions while romping hardcore.

As expected, Eddie Powell carries out his directorial vision well and I think fans of the hotwife genre will appreciate the New Sensations return to this series after a hiatus. The four scenes cover over 2 hours and the bonus scenes add another hour on top of that. Toss in a good BTS segment, and the famous "pick your pleasure" viewing option and there's just nothing to not like about this disc. All of the performers are great both from an acting standpoint and a sexual standpoint. Cover girl, Andi Rye, was new to me and there were moments when I thought she might have bitten off more than she could chew but she proved me wrong and I think fans are going to put her on the radar quickly! This is one for your collection, folks! Highly Recommended.

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