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Jerk For Her

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment » Review by Randy N Chastity » Review Date: 5/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: kink, FemDomme, divine bitches, dirty talk, humiliation, pegging, bdsm, spitting, cfnm, tickling

Director: unknown

Cast: Ms. Savannah

Length: 1 hour

Date of Release:  unknown

Extras: None, zip, zilch.

Condoms: just on the dildo

Audio/Video Quality: The disc played great on my MacBook Pro. The movie is Letterboxed.

Overview: Although you should not judge a book by its cover, in this case, the first impression one gets is that this is a very amateur production from 5 years ago. The back of the DVD case has some mini pictures of one scene. They list their web site with a watermark on the movie. The movie starts right up and the first words on the screen say, "The End". The Lady on the screen is shot POV, looking up at Her, like She is the Domme, but She is wearing a big collar, which is the typical attire for a submissive. She is talking about how Domme She is to submissive men. Less talking and more action.

I am a sub, slave, cuckold, locked in chastity by my Mistress. So, I'm curious how hard I can get from different types of fetish porn. Spoiler Alert: the only time I got hard was when She talked about locking Her sub in chastity and then didn't. What a cock tease.

Scene One: The scene starts with us crawling to Her to worship at Her Feet. She is wearing thigh high latex boots and a body suit that shows Her erect nipples. She goes into great detail to have us lick and kiss Her boots. She also spends most of the time talking. Explaining every detail about what She will do and how we can better serve Her. It was 9 minutes long and a great build up if you like a Lady talking. The problem was that She soon ran out of original ideas and the script became a bit predictable.

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Scene two: A naked, muscled boi on his knees and wearing only a hood and Mistress in latex and a strap on open the scene. She sits down and invites him suck Her cock while the camera allows us to take in Her intoxicating beauty, down to Her spiked, high heel shoes. He says he has never sucked cock, while She tells him to suck and please Her. In the end, he doesn't suck Her cock. Not a very good Domme.

She then has him stand up to show off his big, shaved and cut cock. She then ties his nuts to display them. Then, She handcuffs his hands behind his back. She playfully slaps his back, ass and balls. All this time, She keeps talking about making him like to be fucked in the ass and suck cock. She then spits in his ass threatens to peg him. This is the first of many times where the lube She uses is Her spit.

She slides a condom on Her fake cock and has him first lick and then suck it. During the scene, he keeps making mistakes and She keeps punishing him. For a present of his good behavior, She lets him kiss Her ass. She then frees his hands and works on his ass. This was followed by having him crawl around the spanking bench while She would kick his balls with Her spiked shoes.

Scene Three: For his good behavior in taking his punishment, Mistress rewarded him by allowing him to lie down on the floor while She would step on him with Her stilettos and had him suck Her shoes. Then he got into position for more cock sucking while She stroked and slapped his cock to tease him and told him before he gets locked up for the night, She'll put him in chastity. She keeps telling him not to get hard and not to touch himself. Which causes him to get hard and touch himself throughout the scene. She tells him to stay still as She will leave to change and bring back the chastity. This would have been awesome, to watch his big cock get locked in a small cage. She doesn't do either. The scene just ends.

Scene Four: He now has his wrists and ankles tied to a bench. She keeps tapping his cock and getting it harder. Then She pulls out a mini flogger and starts slapping him. One slap for one stroke. Then She gives him slaps on his sensitive balls and allows him to stroke himself. She keeps slapping him till he begins leaking. She then finds out he is ticklish and has fun with his toes. She does some other tease with a pin wheel and attaching a mouse trap to his cock. She threatens to lock him in chastity for a year (which would be awesome), but doesn't. She tells him to stroke his cock and faster, or She will get bored, but looking at his head bob, it looks more like he was getting bored.

She then attaches a pump to his cock to tease him. She then has him suck a dildo, tell him to play with his ass in his shower while She stroked his cock.

Final Thoughts: Overall it is an OK movie if you are into overacting Domme/sub play. It is a lot of talking, about 55 minutes, which means the last 5 minutes were the best. Not only was She quiet, but Her body and facial expressions, along with Her whispers to him, were the best. Unfortunately, he did not cum a lot. So the money shot was ho hum. Not only that but numerous times they missed opportunities. They need to have a guy who looks more like a sub and not a Dom. This guy is just to toned to be believable that he is a worthless sub. They should change Her clothes and the set more. I want to see Dommes at work, She did very little.

My rating: Pass it.

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