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Mama Sutra

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 5/28/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Family Roleplay


Cast: Mona Wales, Allie Eve Knox, Ashley Fires, Lyra Law, Reagan Foxx, Eliza Jane, Cherie Deville, Mia Malkova

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: March 9, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 17 min.

Extras: 2 trailers


Overview: In the latest collection of fan suggested vignettes from the Girlsway off-shoot Mommy's Girl, Allie Eve Knox misses her alone time with step mom Mona Wales. But when Mona kisses her she gets more than she bargains for. Lyra Law discovers her step mom Ashley Fires has been sniffing and masturbating with her panties and sets a trap to catch her. Eliza Jane tries to ward off her step mom Regan Foxx's advances, but Reagan is VERY persistent. And Mia Malkova is being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex. When she confides in step mom Cherie Deville for advice, Cherie shows her some Kama Sutra positions first hand. It's yet another great collection from Mommy's Girl with a fantastic cast all under the skilled eye of the great Stills By Alan.


Scene One: “Obsession With My Step Mom's Clothes” starring Mona Wales and Allie Eve Knox


We start with Allie Eve Knox talking to her friend on the phone and becomes jealoous of all of the time she spends with her mom. So Allie asks her step mom Mona for a shopping day, just the two of them. Unfortunately Mona is too busy and has to work. Disappointed Allie goes through Mona's closet and tries on her clothes. We get the sense that Allie has an unhealthy obsession with Mona as she talks to herself about how she is neglecting her and how she could do her job while we hear the voices in her head with every article she tries on. Suddenly Mona catches her and says they need to talk. Mona tells Allie she needs to grow up and be less of a mommy's girl. They hug and Mona relates about the things they used to do, like dressing her and giving her baths. But now that she's an adult they can do other things, more MATURE things, and they start kissing. Allie tries to resist, but Mona is persistent and soon they're naked, Allie laying in Mona's arms like a baby and sucking on her nipples. Mona then starts licking Allie's tits and soon Allie is on her back with Mona between her legs. She sweetly and passionately eats Allie's pussy, Allie rubbing her clit as Mona flicks her tongue on her cunt. Mona then slides her finger in and out of Allie's pussy making her cum, crying, “MOMMY” the whole time.


They kiss for a little and then they 69, Mona riding Allie's face while she rubs and laps up her pussy juice. Allie circles Mona's pussy with her tongue and soon she cumming after giving Allie another orgasm with her mouth. Mona then climbs up in between Allies legs and they start tribbing. Mona pounds her pussy against Allie's and before long they're both cumming simultaneously. Great scene. I really like the sensuous interplay between Mona and Allie.


Scene Two: “The Panty Trap” starring Lyra Law and Ashley Fires


This fun scene opens with Ashley sunbathing topless by the pool and masturbating. Inside her step daughter Lyra is doing the laundry and finds a collection of her panties and a dildo on Ashley's bed. Putting two and two together she realizes Ashley is masturbating with them and decides to set a trap to catch her. She leaves a pile of her panties on the bed and when Ashely comes in Lyra asks her if she could wash them while she goes to her friend's house. Ashley agrees and when she sees them on the bed she sniffs them and rubs them on her tits and pussy.


Lyra sneaks back into the house and listens to Ashley outside the door. Telling herself she should get to have some fun too Lyra takes off her shorts and rubs her pussy. The two are now masturbating, Ashley furiously rubbing her pussy with Lyra's panties in her mouth, while Lyra drops to the floor and rubs her clit. When Ashley hears her outside she catches her and tells her she isn't too old to be spanked. Ashley then pulls Lyra inside and throws her over her lap, smacking her bare ass. Lyra calls her a weirdo, even though she's starting to enjoy the spanking and writhes on Ashley's lap as Ashley grabs her tits. Ashely then starts rubbing Lyra's moistening pussy while she kisses her neck and nibbles her ear. Eventually Lyra is kissing Ashley back and the two are both fetishing her panties while sucking each others tits and rubbing each others pussy.


Soon Lyra is on her back and Ashley is licking her clit while stuffing a pair of panties in her pussy. Ashley then climbs up and the two start tribbing, grinding their pussies together until they're both cumming on each other. Ashley then climbs up and sits on Lyra's face, Lyra rubbing her pussy while she laps up Ashley's. Ashley then climbs off and Lyra starts eating her out, licking her clit before fingerbanging her to orgasm. Lyra then climbs up and they trib just a little before Lyra lays down and Ashley licks her asshole from behind. With her tongue firmly planted in Lyra's ass Ashley rubs Lyra's pussy and fists her with two fingers until she cums. Ashely then gets on her knees and Lyra starts licking her asshole, running her tongue all the way from the asshole to her pussy before sticking a pair of panties in her pussy and making her cum with her tongue and fingers.


They then start scissoring, Ashley holding a pair of panties up onto Lyra's face and Lyra licking Ashley's foot, and then Lyra climbs up and rides Ashley's face. Ashley sucks on Lyra's clit while she rubs her pussy and Lyra grinds her pussy on Ashley's tongue bringing herself to another orgasm. They make out a little bit and then Lyra lays on her stomach while Ashley buries her face in her ass, jiggling her cheeks on her face. Lyra then flips over and they start tribbing again, rubbing their pussies together until they have yet another orgasm. Ashley then falls back and Lyra goes down on her pussy, tongue fucking her bringing Ashley to one more orgasm. This is a very fun, energetic light fetish scene I really enjoyed, especially with the winning chemistry between Ashley and Lyra.


Scene Three: “The Pact” starring Reagan Foxx and Eliza Jane


This scene has one of my favorite mature performers today, the beautiful and incredibly sexy Reagan Foxx. She and very cute newcomer Eliza Jane play a step mother and daughter who can't keep their hands off of each other, even though they've agreed to a pact to not pursue their indulgences. Well, Reagan's longing for Eliza's touch is too much, and one night while Eliza is trying to study for finals, Reagan comes into her room and tells her she needs to take a break. Knowing what Reagan is up to Eliza tries to resist, reminding Reagan of their pact. But Reagan is way too persistent. She takes off her robe and bra and continues to seduce Eliza, breaking down her resistance with every kiss and caress. Eliza feels Reagan's amazing mature tits, but still continues to fight her desires until eventually her pants and panties are off and Reagan is munching on her teenage pussy. Reagan is the queen when it comes to sapphic sensuousness, so tenderly and lovingly licking and sucking on another woman's pussy, while looking up at her with those beautiful crystal blue eyes. Her mouth makes love to Eliza's pussy, bringing it to the height of pleasure until eventually Eliza explodes in Reagan's mouth in a truly beautiful orgasm.


Eliza remarks how incredible that was and then Reagan climbs up and starts bumping her pussy against Eliza's. Eliza tells her she wants to taste her pussy, so Reagan makes Eliza suck on her nipple and then she sits on her face. Reagan reaches back and rubs Eliza's pussy until Eliza's tongue makes Reagan cum in a truly intense silent orgasm. Reagan kisses her juices off of Eliza's mouth before getting between her legs and tribbing one more time. She grinds her clit up against Eliza's until they're both cumming on each other's pussies. A very sensuous and seductive scene with a fantastic performance from Reagan Foxx.


Scene Four: “Mama Sutra” starring Cherie Deville and Mia Malkova


In the closing titular scene virginal Mia Malkova is being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex. When she confides in her oh so beautiful step mom Cherie Deville of her inexperience, Cherie pulls out a copy of the Kama Sutra and tells her she can practice on her. At first Mia thinks it's a little weird, but Cherie convinces her that if she wants to please her man the best way is learn a few positions. So they both strip naked and Mia first climbs up onto Cherie and starts rubbing her pussy on hers. Cherie starts sucking on Mia's nipple which makes Mia get more and more into it. Soon she's sitting back and Cherie is between her legs, going down on her sweet pussy.


The feeling of Cherie's mouth as she devours her pussy drives Mia crazy, and in a few minutes she's cumming. Cherie wants to see what Mia has learned so she sits back and lets Mia go down on her. Mia flicks her tongue over Cherie's clit, rubbing her own pussy and engulfing Cherie's with her mouth until Cherie has a most intense orgasm.  They make out a little bit, licking their juices off of each other's mouths, and Cherie nuzzles Mia's tits before she gets between Mia's legs and grinds her pussy against Mia's. With Mia's legs high in the air Cherie sits on Mia's pussy and rubs her clit against her's. The gorgeous sight of Cherie's perfect ass as gyrates on top of Mia's clit is so beautifully captured by Stills By Alan.


Soon Mia is cumming again and they move to the next position which involves Mia standing and bending over backward as Cherie eats her pussy. Now I'll tell ya, watching the very flexible Mia Malkova bending over completely backward nearly broke MY back, but it's still VERY interesting to watch. Mia has a couple of orgasms from Cherie's mouth and soon their tribbing again, Cherie laying across Mia's body as her clit rubs against hers. Mia then pins her legs back behind her head and Cherie goes down on her once more, licking and fingerbanging her to orgasm before Mia climbs up and tribs Cherie, pounding her clit against her's until they're both having one last tremendous orgasm.


Final Thoughts: I swear I hate always sounding like a broken record in my praise of Girlsway and Mommy's Girl releases. And this one is no exception. The performances are so top notch. Allie Eve Knox as the step daughter obsessed not only in her mom's clothes but with her mom as well, the fun interplay between Lyra Law and Ashley Fires, the always amazing and drop dead sexy Reagan Foxx giving her sweet innocent step daughter Eliza Jane her first lesbian orgasm in the most beautiful and sensuous sequence on the disc, and the equally sexy and beautiful Cherie Deville teaching the incredibly talented actress in her own right Mia Malkova the sexual ways of love, all make this a great addition to any adult library. Again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but once again I Highly Recommend this great Mommy's Girl release.

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