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Doctor's Orders

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/29/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 53 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Feature; 18+ Teens;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead

Cast: Elena Koshka, Aubrey Sinclair, Donnie Rock, Danny Mountain

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Trailers for A Mother’s Choice, The Allowance; Photo Slideshow


Doctor’s Orders is an interesting two-scene feature flick with some enjoyable sex scenes that I recommend. Although this movie only has two scenes, there is a lot of dialogue between the characters, building up the storyline and tension before the fucking begins. The two scenes have their own titles. The first is called Doctor’s Orders starring Elena Koshka and Donnie Rock and the second scene is The Charitable Man starring Aubrey Sinclair and Danny Mountain. In the first scene, Elena gets her hymen broken by an online doctor. When her mother finds out, she reports the whole incident to the police. It seems Elena is still a virgin and plans to have sex with her boyfriend over the weekend. She looks up doctor Donnie online to get birth control pills, but once she gets to his office, he convinces her she needs a pussy exam and she needs his cock to break her hymen before she can get on the pill. Donnie fucks the unsuspecting virgin, bringing her new sensations all over her body then he shots a big load of cum in her cunt, filling it up with a warm creampie. In the Charitable Man, the homeless Aubrey gets a helping hand from Danny Mountain who picks her up off the street and offers to help her. He takes her back to his house and gets her cleaned up. He offers her food, clothes, and money, but only if she allows him to fuck her virgin pussy. Aubrey finds herself in the same situation that led to her being homeless in the first place. Donnie fucks her and fills her with a big load of cum, encouraging her to push it out of her pussy. He gets dressed and leaves, promising to be back tomorrow with the money and clothes he promised.

Scene 1:  Elena Koshka and Donnie Rock

When the movie begins, Elena’s mother is at the police station, reporting her daughter’s doctor Donnie. It seems Elena is ready to have sex with her boyfriend and she decides to go see doctor Donnie about getting on the pill. She doesn’t tell her parents about this. She keeps it a secret. The last thing she wants to do is get pregnant. She finds doctor Donnie online, makes an appointment, and sneaks out of the house. Her mother regrets that they never talked to Elena about sex. She tells the police if only they had, none of this would have happened.

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The scene picks up when Elena is in Donnie’s office. She tells him she wants to get on the pill to help her with the cramps that she’s having. Doctor Donnie knows this can’t be true because the pill won’t stop the cramps. He asks Elena to tell him the truth about why she’s really here. Elena tells him the truth. She’s a virgin and she’s ready to have sex with her boyfriend, but she doesn’t want to get pregnant. Donnie explains that he has to examine her body first before putting her on the pill. Elena gets naked and lies on the table while Donnie assures her that she’s in a safe place. Donnie gloves and oils his fingers and starts fingering her pussy, telling her that her hymen is still there and in order to put her on the pill, it must be broken. Elena has heard of it, but she doesn’t know too much about it. Donnie spreads her pussy lips open and starts fingering her clit, sending new sensations through Elena’s body. “It feels kind of good,” she tells Donnie, but she wonders if this is normal. He tells her it’s very normal to feel this way. Elena is enjoying the feeling now and her pussy has gotten wet. He takes the gloves off and continues to finger fuck her, making her feel good. Elena tells him to do whatever he needs to do to take care of breaking her hymen. “I can take your virginity here in this office,” Donnie tells her and “no one will ever know,” he says. “Whatever you need to do,” she tells him. Donnie positions her near the edge of the bed and tells her to open her legs. He walks up and penetrates her virgin pussy, confirming that she’s all right with this. His thrusts are slow but deep, opening and stretching her pussy.

“You hit the spot,” Elena tells him as he pumps her tight twat. He turns her into standing doggy next with a leg up over the bed and fucks her. “I think you’re starting to like this,” he says. “Oh doctor,” Elena screams. “Something is happening,” she shouts. Donnie tells her that he may have just broken her hymen. He starts drilling her cunt even more and it’s feeling better and better to her. They fuck reverse cowgirl style until she cums then she sucks his cock. After more doggy and missionary, Donnie eats Elena’s wet pussy then gets her in doggy on the table again. He pounds her cunt, pumping her harder and faster. He fucks her until he blows a big load in her virgin pussy. When he pulls out his sperm shoots out of her cunt. “Thank you so much for breaking my hymen,” Elena tells him. Donnie gives her a bottle of pills and tells her to have a good time with her boyfriend. Donnie second guesses himself, wondering why he did this again. He promised himself he would never do this again. He pulls open a drawer and reaches for a gun.

Scene 2: Aubrey Sinclair and Danny Mountain

The name of this scene is The Charitable Man. When it begins, we find Aubrey homeless. She digs through dumpsters looking for food and she even pisses in the street. She’s down on her luck, sleeping on newspapers and cardboard, begging for spare change. One day, Danny drives up and sees Aubrey on the side of the road. He offers to help her out, give her a hot shower, get her cleaned up and prepare some food for her. He drives her over to what appears to be his house. Once inside, the filthy Aubrey looks at herself in the mirror then steps into the shower to get washed up. She cleans up and steps into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. Danny asks her about her situation. She has been through a whole lot from moving in with a much older man and being kicked out of her parents’ house. Her car was totaled after a bad wreck and she lost her job because she couldn’t get to work. Her boyfriend took care of her but kept asking her to do things she wasn’t comfortable with. He eventually kicks her out of his house and leaves her to fend for herself. Danny tries to comfort her and explains that he’s so sorry for everything she’s been through.

He talks about how successful he’s been buying homes all over the world, and he offers to help her in any way he can. He tells her she can stay in the house for a week or two until she gets on her feet. Aubrey is so excited. Danny tells her she can stay as long as she has sex with him. Aubrey tries to leave, but Danny tells her he’ll give her money and clothes, and a roof over her head if she gives him her virginity. Aubrey agrees to the deal, and as soon as she does, Danny throws her onto the bed missionary style and fucks her virgin pussy, telling her that she’s going to give him her cherry.  He pulls out and beats her cunt with his cock then continues to fuck it. He pulls out then fucks her throat, making her dribble and drool all over his shaft.

She bounces up and down on it cowgirl style while he talks dirty to her, spanking her ass.  He makes her taste her pussy off his cock then turns her around into reverse cowgirl position and guides her up and down on his cock. He spoon fucks her homeless pussy and chokes her, making her scream. He drills her twat doggy style then fucks her in missionary position until he pops, filling her up with cum. He pulls out and watches her push his spunk out, leaving her with a dripping creampie. “You’re not a virgin anymore,” he tells her. Danny is finished with her now and promises to be back tomorrow with the money and clothes and everything they agreed on.

Final Thoughts:

You will only find two scenes in the feature flick Doctor’s Orders directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead, but it’s an interesting movie that I recommend. The sex scenes are enjoyable but so is the dialogue, and there is a lot of it. Both stories are fully fleshed out, telling the story in scene one of a young virgin in search of birth control pills who gets her hymen broken on the doctor’s table and her pussy filled with cum. Now, she’s ready to fuck her boyfriend for the first time this weekend. That scene stars Elena Koshka and Donnie Rock. In the second scene starring Aubrey Sinclair and Danny Mountain, Aubrey is homeless and gets a helping hand from Danny. Once he gets her cleaned up back at his house, he offers her his hard dick, cutting her a deal where she can stay in his place if she allows him to fuck her virgin pussy. He pumps her cunt and fills it up with a creampie then leaves her, promising to return with clothes and money. A lot of directing and great acting went into these scenes given the heavy storyline and visuals. Luckily, the sex is great too.

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