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Tattooed Girls 2

Studio: James Deen Productions » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 5/30/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: Gonzo, Tattoo, Alt Girls

Director: James Deen


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Cast: Tana Lea, Luna Lovely, Vivienne Wynter, Kelsi Lynn, James Deen

Length: 3 hours 1 minutes

Date of Release: January 26, 2018

Extras: Cumshots, Trailers

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Video suffers from constant lighting variations. Flesh tones change from moment to moment. I rode my brightness/contrast/gamma corrections quite a bit. Audio is okay, you can hear their banter.

Overview: James Deen films himself talking with and having sex with Kelsi Lynn, Luna Lovely, Tana Lea, and Vivienne Wynter. That's pretty much the whole thing. If you are a regular porn viewer this contains nothing you haven't seen him do before.

Scene 1: Kelsi Lynn & James Deen

A dimly-lit post-coital interview has our duo discussing fast food breakfast items, Kelsi's tattoos, and James' appreciation of her naked body along with her sexual skills. This gets her excited and soon she's sucking Deen's limp dick, bringing it to rigidity quickly and inviting him to fuck her again. A couple of strokes in, Deen does some furniture rearranging to get a better camera angle and just starts hammering her.

Kelsi Lynn

They tumble through the usual positions, the action captured from a static shot as the camera lies nearby. During her cowgirl ride, she starts talking about sausage muffins again and asks for some water, leaning back to grab a bottle while her irde continues. James has never had a sausage muffin but he does enjoy her muffin after she enjoys his breakfast link. Bending her in half, he hammers her in missionary, bringing himself to blastoff, Kelsi catching it in her mouth and nose.

Kelsi Lynn

The sex is hard and fast, both appearing to have a good time for the second time that day (or night) but the lighting is suboptimal, rendering flesh tones inaccurately from moment to moment. The single static camera angle, as many readers know, is definitely not my cup of tea, nor is the shakycam when James picks it up.

Scene 2: Luna Lovely & James Deen

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The pair are discussing cats and dogs living together and then switch to discussing Luna's underage infatuation with BDSM scenes which causes Deen to break the fourth wall and tell anyone underage to quit watching his scenes right now. After a bit more BDSM discussion, the pair share some kisses which turns into a BJ. The head bobbing morphs into a hair-yanking doggie drilling and a throat fucking, Luna telling him to use her how he pleases.

Luna Lovely

One thing is for certain, if you utter those words to James, he's going to do just that and starts to manhandle her around, his hips continually thrusting into hers. He slows his tempo while they share some kisses but goes right back to hammering and yanking her into different positions, one of which allows his tongue access to her ass. She starts to look a bit dick drunk as they roll into a modified spooning, screams of 'thank yooou" as it becomes a reverse cowgirl as her prayers begin. She pauses for a moment to remove her shirt and to seemingly locate an annoying stray hair that is on her body. A final bout of fast and furious pumping leads her orgasm, James grabbing the camera Balir Witch-style to capture her face and his own finale that sprays her torso.

Luna Lovely

The lighting is much better in this scene but the camera seems to be placed beneath an AC vent, the wind noise audible consistently throughout the scene.

Scene 3: Tana Lea & James Deen

Our scene opens with James in a parking garage, waiting on Tana to come unlock the security gate and stairwell door to lead him up to her apartment. They discuss where they should have sex as a dog continually whines in the background. She mentions there's a basement but James thinks she should just yank her pants off right now and starts fucking her right there as she bends over the bed. Standing up, she grinds her hips into his and he resumes his pounding. They start to go to the basement but James decides to munch box for a moment and then hump her some more, even lifting her in the air for some action.

Tana Lea

They head down to the laundry room where Tana mentions she should have brought quarters so they could turn on the dryer. They do it in the laundry room for a minute and then traipse around the hallways looking for other random locations but end up back at her place where he fucks her against the wall and she fucks him back as he sits on the floor. Finally, it's back to the bed for a number of positions that result in him cumming all over the floor and her.

Tana Lea

This scene flip flops between dark hallways and brightly lit rooms where the sex actually happens. Even though Deen films Tana's lovely ass in the hallways, that definitely could have been edited down.

Scene 4: Vivienne Wynter & James Deen

Vivienne peels off her jacket as she banters with James about how long it's been since they saw each other and how long it's been since she had cock. That could be true, since she has only managed to rack up 12 titles in 6 years of porn production. He questions it though, since she is bruised up but she explains she's a submissive that gets spanked a lot. She shows off her new tits  and gets down to blowing him. The Vegas Strip is visible in the picture window as they move to the leather chaise after getting nude.

Vivienne Wynter

Flesh tones get altered in the room lighting as they go at each other, licking, sucking, and fucking. They start on the chaise but move to a table which looks like it could use some bolts and screws tightened down. At one point her foot is precariously close to kicking over the camera, or so it appears. It's back to the chaise and then the floor as she begs for more, James gladly obliging. Once again, the table comes into play as he bends her over, one hand on her bruises and the other yanking her hair. A quick slap to the camera repositions it so they can fall back onto a chair before reengaging on the table, Vivienne constantly begging for more.  Grabbing the camera, Deen moves to a dark corner which she crawls over to while asking him to cum in her mouth. He complies with that request.

Vivienne Wynter

The lighting really sucks in this scene but the pair seemed to have fun. He promises tomorrow will have lighting and a cameraman. Too bad that scene isn't on the disc.

Cover vs. Content: Fail. The front cover advertises 5 girls but only 4 are on the disc.

Final Thoughts: Most discerning viewers can easily Skip It. The lighting varies from moment to moment, the camera work is non-existent to rough and even though there are two editors credited (including Deen himself) there's a lot of stuff that could have easily been relegated to the cutting room floor. Fans of James Deen's familiar brand of filming himself having sex with people he obviously is intimately familiar with may want to check this out on a scene by scene basis but I can assure you that you have seen way better scenes with him and starlets in general.

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