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Showcases: Brandi Love - 2 Scenes in 1

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/1/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

On paper, this is like getting hyped for the super bowl, or a prize fight that everyone and their neighbor will be ordering on pay-per-view just to see all the competitors in action, no matter who wins. Brandi Love, Jenna Sativa, and Nicole Aniston. It does not get better than this in terms of lesbian pairings. Brandi, in all honesty, she may go down as the greatest performer who has ever graced the screen that lies within your pocket, or atop your mantle. This woman creates fantasy, keeps it new and fresh and always and I mean always gives her fans their money's worth. Jenna Sativa, a woman who honestly, with all she has accomplished in her career so far, may go down as the greatest girl-girl performer as well. Sharing space with the like of Janine Lindemulder and Felecia. Nicole Aniston, a woman, whose beauty simply set the bar high since she entered the business. Showcasing a type of raw sensuality that can only be described as one of a kind and a beauty that has no bounds. This scene, it is what every girl-girl fan has ever wanted to see in a threesome. Like the build-up to a heavyweight super fight, you always knew this day would come. Now, to see if this is going to be Ali-Frazier or Tyson-Douglas. Let’s get ready to rumble porn fans, one thing I will tell from just the stills gallery, you better have your fluid levels checked before taking part in this event.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Scene Duration: 42 Minutes, 43 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @StillsByAlan

Written and Cast by: Brandi Love

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: February 8th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Super Star Pairing, MILF on Teen, Heavenly Kissing, Fingering, Two Scenes in One, Office Lesbians, Big Tits, Hairy Pussy, Ass Licking, 69, Superb XXX Sound Effects, Dirty Talk, MILF on MILF

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa 

Showcases: Brandi Love, February 2018

Starring: Brandi Love @Brandi_Love Jenna Sativa @JennaSativa and Nicole Aniston @XNicoleAnistonX


The Reveal:

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa The excitement for true porn fans is seeing Brandi write and cast. It is a look into the dirty mind of a porn star and what fantasies she has lying within. Oh, Jenna looks so beautiful. The hair, the lipstick, yes, it is safe to say, dirty thoughts will be dancing in your head from the start. The lighting is wonderful. Not bright and overbearing as the still gallery might indicate at first glance with all that white. It is smooth and sensual. Good gawd, Jenna is such a great speaker, her lines are flawless all while giving you that impression of the young maiden about to be seduced and taken advantage of in a way that only Brandi Love can. Brandi look is sexy as can be always, when you see her rise and tease the audience with her cleavage peeking out to reveal this sexy bra that you just know will be just as hot to see come off as it is to see what is underneath. That is Brandi’s magic and always will be. The action begins within five minutes of the scenes start. Let us pause for just a bit. Honestly to look at what truly makes the start to this scene vintage Brandi. It is not that is lacks depth or acting. The hardest thing to do in porn is hook your audience in a glamour scene in just a few seconds. Brandi uses her one of a kind style mixed with Jenna’s appeal as simply the sexiest girl/girl performer on the planet. The ladies speak with body language and some honesty. I can only imagine how true the line rang out in Jenna’s head when she was shooting, of how big a fan of Brandi’s she is. That is the appeal of Brandi Love. She is your favorite porn star’s, favorite porn star. Everyone I have ever run into wants to work with Brandi and when they get on screen with her, that cat comes out of the bag to purr in seconds of every scene she is in. This is one of the quickest jumps to action I have ever seen but that is smart direction. These two have a set of appetites that few can match in this industry and my goodness fans. I seriously doubt you will make it ten minutes into this scene without screaming mercy and having to catch your breathe.


The Sex:

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa 

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Brandi lets it be known from the start, she is going to dominate Jenna and I love how their first kiss is so deep it smears Jenna’s lipstick all over. Talk about lipstick lesbians, these two redefine the term. Jenna’s body is a perfect ten as is her makeup. The undergarments are so-so but we all came to see the clothes fly off, let us not fool each other here. The camera angels move around and start with a POV shot that is on the top of the list of every fans wish list. Yes, porn fans indeed have those two and I do not know a red-blooded male or female who has not dreamed about seeing that angle. Your wish is what they make come true. I really love how Alan again let his performers go for broke. Watching Brandi and suck Jenna’s sweet slit with her hair in the way of the audience’s view is so kinky and beyond erotic. The pussy sucking noises are all we need anyway. That is a key part of the fantasy once again, that every fan has wanted to see. The first take just keeps on going. The kissing is second to none. Brandi Love is the best fucking kisser in the business. One thing that is simply a marvel and will go down in porn lore, like Debi Diamond’s orgasmic convulsing, or Anna Malle’s eyes rolling back into her head during orgasm is Brandi’s long tongue during a girl/girl kiss. It is what legends are made from. To see Jenna match her intensity is cool as hell. I love watching Jenna crawl on all fours under the table to devour Brandi’s pussy. With each sexy hip sway, you know you are getting closer and closer to something that is going to be unforgettable.

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa 

Brandi’s body is shown at every angle, giving her die-hard fans exactly what they paid the price of admission for. Seeing those panties come off that perfect ten ass it is like watching Jordan’s or LeBron’s fadeaway in the Finals, … a thing of beauty every fucking time and it is always money. I love how Brandi puts on a bit more casual look. Her heels are a tad more standard than normal and I think that really adds to the fantasy if her playing the boss dominating her employee. It should be Jenna in the sexy stylish heels and she is wearing just that. Oh my goodness, kudos to the ladies and fucking wardrobe no matter how it was attained. This scene has a delicious, more sensual slow start to it compared to most other scenes Brandi has done. There are few things in porn as scrumptious and appetite filling as watching Brandi lick any woman’s pussy. When you combine that with the Female Performer of the Year going cross-eyed due to what I believe is a real-life fantasy coming true, it is you, the XXX fan who gets to reap the reward. The camera work, the lighting, it is heaven served on a plate, with a side of pussy juice to act like hot butter to pour all over your popcorn. This is XXX magic. This is a combo that rivals some of the biggest pairings in porn history. It is right up there with Jenna and Brianna, Nina and Porsche. It is exactly what you have been dreaming about since both ladies were available to shoot together. Now one way I will describe Brandi Love’s lesbian performances is; poetry in motion. It is something you know is coming. There are little mannerisms that you wait to see. They are done at key moments in every girl/girl scene. It is not only her numbers that show how much this is anticipated, it is the rate to which her fans keep coming back again and again. Oh, the pussy sucking, licking and tongue fucking will have you looking like Jenna Sativa as she orgasms after part one is through. Jenna Sativa, she shows her range by being that submissive and this is a scene that I would put up against any boy/girl, for it has just as much aggression and attraction and of course appeal. Twenty minutes flies by in this scene because you are taken away to a land of lesbian fantasy. After Jenna and Brandi are through with you, you will be lucky if you remembered were you parked your fucking car!

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa 

Part Two: Brandi Love and Nicole Aniston


The Reveal:

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa 

The scene resets as the most beautiful eyes in the industry walk through the door and into your wet dream, or should I say Brandi’s since she wrote the scene. Nicole has a look far sexier than Meg Foster in her prime with those stunning eyes of hers. The office attire, the hair, she looks like she was prepared just for the fans as a desert to this five-star meal that is Brandi’s showcase. The audio is crisp. Enough to hear a pin drop but not enough to blow out your fucking eardrums if you are listening as the director intended in full, mother fucking HD. As the fantasy takes shape, Brandi is licking her chops from second one. Ugh, my favorite Brandi mannerism if you can even call it that. The camera pans back and you see two of the greatest, sculpted bodies in the history of porn ready to go blow for blow. Nicole, she brings in that performance play element. That candid look at an actress who you know is dolled up beyond belief and will do everything your dirty little mind is thinking.

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa You ever seen that episode of The Simpsons where Bart goes apeshit because school is canceled, and he kisses the fucking dog? Well, that will be you when you see Brandi reverses her role as the dominant. Something you do not see done very often with Brandi in this style, with this dashing of a beauty. Yes, we have seen it before, even here on Girlsway. But this build up. It fucking grabs you by the boo-boo in one fail swoop. Seeing those pretty pink panties pulled to side and Nicole smiling as she begins to dominate Brandi is something out of left field, at least for me it was, and it is magnificent. The angel that shows the matching nails and the POV shot of Nicole spreading her lips for a hungry Brandi is vintage Brandi again with a twist. Oh, it is so sexy to see Brandi take on a little bit older woman in this second half. Experience is such a great part of lesbian cinema and this is double your pleasure.


The Sex. Part Two:


With every movement, the scene gets better. With each kiss and angle, the fans mind stays glued to the action and their imagination is dazzled by teasing done to absolute perfection. A rare and yummy Brandi POV shot tells you that this scene has everything. Once again, it is Brandi in a reverse role, like the one you see her in the Editors Choice Scene with Carter Cruise. This is how Girlway.com fans wanted to see Brandi and Alan gives it to them. This scene really goes from camera to camera as you see Brandi’s facial expression and dirty mouth add some extra zip to the erotica. Nicole, what can you say about her chiseled, amazing body. One of the only women in the industry that can match it in this writer’s opinion is Mrs. Love. Pleasure overload part two and some. Alan showcases each woman’s amazing bodies the way that I think each woman wanted. Not in terms of how a model looks on camera alone but also, how they will showcase their own assets as they play with each other. Call it performance at it’s best, teamwork by veteran entertainers, the bottom line is that spells orgasm in every language known to mankind for the viewers at home. As Nicole literally licks circles around Brandi, or should I say around her clit, the action begins to become legend. Ok, you ask, what does that mean? It simply tells the weary fan looking to buy, that this is what XXX got its reputation from. This is what the term erotica is defined by. Five-star cinema does not give this showcase justice. This is in a league of its own. Being as Brandi is an ass woman, the scene once again goes where you envision it.

Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa 

Let’s just say this XXX fans, many of you have waited to hear a female say this to Brandi in all her years of taking on superstar after superstar in a girl/girl romp, then be prepared to have five sultry words turn every porn fan into a Brandi Love Regular. “Fuck me with your tongue” has been something I know her lifelong faithful have waited patiently to hear a few times in big-time roles like this over the last few years. Combined with an ass like Nicole’s and her willingness to show her passion to devour Brandi with her words, it is another angle in this scene that delivers in ways that go above and beyond. This scene has the feel of a fucking film. That is all I can say, you will want to go back. Finish your viewing, your writing, anything because the fantasy is exactly what you envisioned it to be. It is that thirst that makes Brandi who and what she is in this business. What a casting job. What a way to give the fans what they want. From every aspect, this is one of Brandi’s greatest performances. Her lines are executed the best I have ever seen and that says a lot of a woman who can improv with any legend in this business. I cannot wait to see what this woman has in store next and once again, the supporting cast and the crew they make this scene beyond picture perfect and award-worthy.

 Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston & Jenna Sativa

Don Juan’s Final Thought:


I think the mixture of reality and performance is something perfectly balanced in this scene. The long takes, the steamy side bits. Watch for little bonus quirks like Brandi’s wet finger leaving a trail of cum across Brandi’s leg as she fingers her with tip of her fingers. Isn’t it amazing to watch Brandi truthfully tease her so she does not cum. If you look close again, you will see Jenna’s leg tense up quick and then Brandi lay off the throttle to make her beg for mercy without words. That is lesbian fucking pornography ladies and germs. Brandi is opening her personal diary to her fans with this piece of award-worthy film. This is by far my leader for girl/girl scene of the year so far. This is Brandi telling you the fan that she too dreams of licking Jenna Sativa’s sweet pussy and loves older, sexy, hard bodies women just as much as you do. In an age where XXX stars sometimes ridicule their fans into becoming critics and not in a  good way, Brandi shows you why she is on top. It is that ability she has to make a scene hers. To give and take but to also prove to you her sass, her sweetness and most obvious, her love for the business is as real and as genuine as can be. Oh, I was truly thinking this may turn into a yarn every time I see a Brandi Love scene. It is not because I am not a fan, hell fucking no. It is because we as fans, writers, directors, performers believe that if someone who has been doing this as long as Brandi cannot stay fresh and in demand as the superstar to be that is stepping into an agency as we speak in Los Angeles for her first evaluation. Brandi proves us wrong every time and holy fucking shit, it has never felt so good to be proven so wrong. This is an XCritic pick times fifty. This is Brandi Love telling you that 2018 may be here biggest year in term of sizzle and spice. One thing I will say, I am pissed that it took me until June to see this scene. This is something that deserves all the praise and admiration. This is must own cinema. If you only watch one Girlsway.come scene my fellow pervs, make sure it is this one.


-Don Juan





"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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