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Battle of the Asses 7

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 6/5/18

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The main menu on the disc.


This is a very clean box design for many reasons and one of these reasons is the beautiful booty image of Alexis Texas taking the majority of the shot. She’s arching that legendary booty over the “Battle of the Asses 7” logo polarized by that solid white background that most Elegant Angel titles proudly brandish. Another element of “cleanliness” is there are no hardcore sex shots on the front of this box.  The clean design continues as the cast list is clearly written under the logo of the film.  Alexis Texas gets the cover girl title obviously and has her credit at the top of the box. The director is pointed out on the bottom of the box under the list of female stars.  Battle of the Asses 7 is directed by Dreadneck with a proper director given to him with bold font.

The Extras Menu in Bota7

Flipping the box over gives you the real hardcore pictures taken from the features itself to advertise the action on the disc. All four performers have small screenshots in a collage with Ivy Lebelle having a dominant shot of her in reverse cowgirl anal with her panties in her mouth. The logo of the film is stylishly laid next to this picture of Ivy Lebelle centralized on the back of the box.  The legal jargon will fill out the bottom rounding out Elegant Angel’s adherence to their simplistic yet effective design. Various forms of Hip Hop music will be the soundtrack as you are guided to menus with scene breakdowns and extras. Speaking of breakdowns if you go to the scene selection menu you have each performer’s scene broken down into “Intro”, “Oral”, “Sex”,  and “Cum”.  More options like this will keep viewers spinning the disc longer as they browse.

Cast: Adriana Maya, Amilia Onyx, Ivy Lebelle, Alexis Texas, James Deen, Markus Dupree
Directed By: Dreadneck
Condoms: No
Behind The Scenes: Yes
Photo Galleries: Yes
Approx. Run Time:  2 hours and 4 mins


The warm feeling excitement every time I see that bright white cover with a model I’m enamored by is all too familiar when it comes to Elegant Angel’s presentations. Just you and the girl no flashy box art design to lure you in because chances are you are already on board for Battle of the Asses 7 for that favorite porn girl too. Girls that have huge draws is what this prestigious line of booty banging is all about. Bottom line: Elegant uses their flagship butt series properly by equipping them with the best booties in the business. In this outing, you’ll find a collection of veteran booty mixed up with the proper dosage of new talent. Beautiful girls like Adriana Maya will be found here with her amazing posterior to back her up in the anal venture with James Deen. Amilia Onyx has a chance to grab some new fans with this feature carrying the magnetic powerhouse Alexis Texas in it's cast.


Markus and Alexis in heated passion.

The usual gonzo intro entails for Alexis Texas to be modeling a wonderfully laced outfit with stockings and a bra. She’s modeling her beauty next to a brick wall with the alluring hip-hop music swaying in the background. Seeing this beautiful woman age in this industry like fine wine is exciting to see since I appreciate all that Alexis Texas has done for the booty trade. She’s now made her home as an Elegant Angel contract star while still conducting that booty mastery that paved the way for so many porn girls today. Well now here she is today tearing into Markus Dupree’s dick in this rapid oral session that cues right after Alexis’ enticing intro-tease with her booty being doused with milk. The pure energy is strong with these two performers once the scene starts. You’ll notice this as the rapid pace of the scene starts with Alexis Texas in a fiery rage as she sucks Markus Dupree’s piece. They’ll fly into missionary sex to start the fucking on a couch.

Milk all over Alexis Texas' ass.

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Alexis flips over into doggy to allow Markus to rail her in that setup. All of these camera views compliment the bodacious booty of Alexis Texas. A seasoned booty that porn fans know all too well will get pounded properly in various positions in this high paced sex scene.  Alexis’ ass looks good in all angles especially when Markus is cradling it in the standing missionary fucking position. It was hard to keep track of this scene but I appreciated the blazing intensity of both these performers together.  When Alexis Texas starts to ride Markus’ dick in reverse cowgirl she really gets into her dirty talk. The phrases of filth that come from Alexis Texas’ mouth really get Markus Dupree going as she rides ferociously on his dong.  Markus will then rip his dick out from the pussy to eject his searing seed into Alexis Texas’ agape mouth. 


Dick Slurp with Adriana Maya

If you let the DVD play through Adriana Maya’s scene comes up next and it starts off with her outside in the bright sun twerking. You’ll get camera angles of this beauty’s booty shaking as the glory of the LA shines upon her thick ass cakes.  This brief little tease is all you need as the start of the sex immediately ensues as soon as James Deen steps into view to caress his co-star. Adriana Maya will have James Deen face deep between her legs in no time. This is happening as she’s now laying on a couch indoors. It doesn’t take long for James Deen to take that ass. It happens while Adriana Maya is on her back in missionary. He’ll profusely hump her in this position before she gets flipped over into doggy for some hole filling.

Adriana's huge ass

When Adriana is riding James Deen in anal reverse cowgirl is where the action was truly shining. Both performers were in heated passion as the ass pounding proceeded with their bodies locked. Some close up shots of Deen’s dick penetrating Adriana’s ass is instituted during the furious fuck sessions.  They’ll attempt some gaping but it’s not as graphic as you’d see in other anal focused features. Next Adriana will have her legs behind her head while on her back. This is a brilliant position to see a big booty especially when it’s about to get fucked open by a thrusting dick. Adriana will get some supreme sucks in before she sits down in cowgirl on James Deen’s dick.  He’ll hole travel from ass to vagina then peel Adriana’s legs behind her legs again as she’s placed on her back to get ass fucked.  Taking liberties between her asshole and pussy as he fucks her open furthering the hotness in this anal scene. Thorough humps are seen as James will drop down dick. The dong sauce is ejected onto Adriana Maya's pretty smile to cap off the scorching scene. 


Ivy's gorgeous smile

The beauty of Ivy Lebelle is instantaneously noticeable. Ivy is just another reason why you should pay attention to all these up and coming porn girls since she is destined for greatness. The blazing hottie is wearing a neon green bikini bottom with white fishnet swimsuit over it. The basic gonzo formula is adhered to with Ivy dazzlingly dancing to the sensual music guiding her moves.  She’ll pull up a thong to give herself a wedgy so her cheeks spill out. The elegant dance is designed to lure in an already aroused viewer as Ivy Lebelle’s gorgeous allure augments with each move. The fishnet outfit is lifted up to drop her boobs out to be jiggled. Her hypnotic stare only helping as well as the outfit she is adorning that wraps around her flawless frame. Her pure skin is decorated with artwork in the form of tattoos for this luscious alt babe’s look. Ivy’s tease was all too brief I wish it were it a bit longer as a viewer. A little bit more focus on oil play during a longer intro would have done Ivy’s sexy body justice for a proper intro. 

cumfart seepage with Ivy

Markus Dupree hones right in on Ivy’s ass as he stuffs his face in it as soon as he steps into frame. Inhaling her greatness before he decides to prod and poke his penis into it. Just like Adriana Maya’s scene expect a lot of butt pounding but in this scene, there are definitely more gapes. It’s almost hard to keep up with Markus Dupree’s passionate intensity.  But if you do you’re rewarded with a doggy anal reaming where both bodies bang into each other in the name of anal grace. The missionary segment where Ivy was anally plowed brought forth some close-up shots of the penetration. Markus just brings out the best in all the girls he works with. It’s almost a sure-fire scorcher if the man is working with your favorite porn starlet in a scene.  The ass pounding is brought to a slimy climax thanks to an anal creampie brought forth by Markus Dupree’s thrusting semen launcher.  


Deen and Onyx in embrace.

This porcelain skinned starlet is pretty new to me. I’ve only seen her in one other feature for another studio yet she’s a perfect fit here. Constantly being coupled with booty queens in casts is something I noticed about Amelia Onyx and that’s great for a newcomer’s career. She’s the last scene if the DVD is playing through all of the scenes sequentially.  A fully black skin-tight ensemble is what Amilia is adorning. Her see-through nylon tight-suit has a small opening to allow access to her pussy in this erotic costume. A very gothic look for this fair-skinned babe with wickedly cool tattoos advertised on her body. The music is whirly with its hip-hop nature to match the hypnotic wagging of Amilia’s creamy white butt. Again another short intro that leads into some rather sensual  kissing and embracing between her and James Deen who is the male talent.

Eye contact during oral for Amilia.

As the two bury faces into each other James Deen will proceed to grab a handful of Amilia’s titty during the foreplay. James Deen will finger Amilia’s pussy for a bit before she arches over to stuff his cock down her throat. While keeping the outfit on she’ll mount James Deen in cowgirl. This will cause James to rip it open as he starts to pump her pussy.  After that little rocking cowgirl segment James Deen will have his face buried deep in Amilia’s vagina again as he munches on it. Time to plow her in a spooning position as her new booty hangs off the couch to get fucked in the pussy.  By the time the two are in reverse cowgirl together the scene is in full porno peak with the chemistry bubbling between the two. James Deen will continually plug Amilia Onyx’s pussy in various positions like the said reverse cowgirl positioning. Oral sequences are thrown betwixt the fucking sequences until James Deen is finally ready to blast his semen load all over Amilia’s Onyx’s ass cheeks. 


Title splash of the film.

So if you've been around the booty game for a bit you're familiar with the directors like William H Nutsack who's known for that signature style that started at Elegant Angel. That style where a shining booty dances on your TV screen while soaked in clear liquid oil. This aptly describes what the Big Wet Asses series is and to me, the Battle of the Asses line has complimented this series (for years). Yet with this entry, I feel something has changed yet it isn't a staunch deviation of the formula but it's definitely something I sensed. First off, the cover doesn't have the two girls outfitted in boxing gear. Seeing Ivy Lebelle and Alexis Texas standing next to each other on the box art would have been preferred. This is a slight nuance to most but it's glaring to a collector like me.

The next change I noticed was the curtailed intros and lack of oil during the teases. I do understand that this is more of Big Wet Asses territory but again I've always viewed this series as a compliment to the BWA line of ass movies. Elegant Angel films that focused on booty pairings and anal is what Battle of the Asses always represented to me. This DVD is evenly divided between two vaginal only scenes and two anal focused scenes. Ivy Lebelle and Adriana Maya are the anal ventures. While Alexis Texas and Amilia Onyx are the pussy only scenes. This is just fine especially for casual viewers but I couldn't help but think back to one of the best anal scenes from the past era of the booty culture: Katja Kassin's Battle of the Asses scene with Mike Stefano. It isn't a comparison but it's a great way to see where the series came from. That's why I have to say go to elegantangel.com and watch some of those legendary booty cuts On Demand to get a first-hand look at ass history.

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