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Red Heads Always Win

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Ultimate Gingers is where this scene originates from. What I saw when I came across this film in the sea of press releases for new films on the XCritic site, was a production that had variety and star power that I had never seen before from ArchAngel. There were stars from many agencies, with a variety of looks and sexual passions. When you combine Maddy O’Reilly and Alexa Nova within the same film set, magic and wonder are going to happen in a flash. Redheaded fireball Alexa Nova has been a woman whose growth in this business simply never stops. I count my lucky stqrs daily, that I got to interview this babe her rookie year in the industry. Since then, all I have seen is a woman who has touched every genre of the business with her fire, sex appeal and charm. Now, as she joins the ranks of the ArchAngels I simply had to see how Mime Freak was going to use her. I know he had been dying to work with her for quite some time and one thing I will tell you about this beauty, she loves what she does. Her charisma and sexual hunger are as real as it gets XXX fans. Now, for the sake of being fair to our readers, performance is far different than your normal sexual encounter, we all know that. What I wanted to find out was if this beauty can transfer her real-life passion to her alter ego and dazzle the fans in ways they never knew possible. Let’s find out, shall we?

Don Juan DeMarko 

Scene Duration: 32 Minutes, 29 Seconds

Director: Mime Freak @MimeFreak

Studio: ArchAngel Film: Ultimate Gingers

Release Date: May 18th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Boy/Girl, Interracial, Red Headed Theme, Heavenly Blow Job, Flexible Positions, Realistic Sex, Female Aggression and Fucking, Twerking

Alexa Nova 

Red Heads Always Win

Starring: Alexa Nova @msevilalexanova and Nat TurnHer @NatTurnher

The Reveal:

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If you have ever seen this beauty on YouTube, heard her on a Pod Cast or even just watched her films, you know that she is one of the best interviews in the business. As she sits down with the director and opens up about who she is, why she loves what she does and most important, shows the audience sass that she is world famous for in the best of ways. The interview is sexy and sweet. This is what every man pictures the girl next door saying and looking like when talking about things so candidly. You will actually hear Mime Freak tell Alexa that he tried to book talent for this movie and none fit the criteria for this movie like she did. Do you want to see what porn directors dream about? You are about to partake in one of their fantasies. See, I tell every single fan in this business, every person within it is a fan like them. They all have things that they dream about too. Now what this translates to, is that miss Nova is going to get nasty, I can tell you this, just by the way that she is tossing her hair side to side and how she is always smiling, she is itching to make the scene come to life. That is what this interview is. You see two lovers of the business, getting down and showing you why they love it. Porn fans, this is what you want to spend your money and time on and this is how you know a flick is going to be good. A little insight from this critic to use as you may that is a always a fail safe when selecting good porn and finding out what is worth taking home before you punch in your credit card number.

Alexa Nova As Alexa sets the fantasy in motion, you get to see one of the most tone, sexy bodies in the business. Alexa, she has the sexiest fucking hips in the adult industry. Trust me, after watching them walk down those steps in the intro, the only thought running through your brain is that of a daydream in which you are having them wrapped around your head. Oh, she looks so gorgeous. Her supermodel hairstyle looks so flawless and sexy. It fits her like a glove. Alexa is that link to the modeling world and performer who has that true supermodel look. A look very, very few can pull off in this industry. Think of Karen Elson, except way fucking hotter and you get to see this babe get naked. If that isn’t a win-win in the fan world, I do not know what the fuck is. As always, Mime Freak has a mix of an amazing score to go with the performer's every movement. Alexa’s dance of seduction is immaculate. She moves without hesitance. Her background as a dancer shows how quickly she can put her assets on display for her fans. You will be drooling in a heartbeat just as quickly dear readers.

There are absolutely zero flaws on this babe’s beautiful canvas. I mean her nipples, her booty, her lips, her makeup, her nails. The camera gets close and does not even reveal one chip in her paint scheme on her finger nails. From top to bottom, the camera takes you on a tour of her curves and you will enjoy every second of the ride. As the director teases you and shows you a bit of what to expect, you see Alexa’s grin telling you to be patient. This beauties’ body language skills have improved so much since her first year. She is a seductress to the max. Oh, her growth as a sultry siren shows in her song that is written and spoken all over her body and her eyes, which culminate all those gestures into a stare that will have you stiff in more ways than one.

The Sex:

Alexa Nova

Right before stud Nat TurnHer walks into the room, Alexa tells you what she needs and once again ladies and gents, you have no idea how much this little red-headed ball of fire is telling you the truth. Nat is that chiseled piece of man you want to see go along with this scene. As Alexa shallows his manhood hole, you see no miss in her stride, or should I say stroke. I mean this woman can suck a huge cock without any aspect of pain or bad reflex. Oh, that is just sexy as can be. When you see her swallow him whole, then take a gaze into the fourth wall to say hello to you, you will see her eyes are a little teary. A sign they did not stop shooting and that she indeed enjoys what is happening. Aggressive sex is not my cup of tea, but when you have a red-headed ball of fire that makes every second of pain transform into pure pleasure for herself and her audience, now that is porn at it’s best XXX viewers. As the scene cuts to a wider shot, we see Alexa has no panties on and that the ride is about to get even bumpier in the best of ways for this Ultimate Ginger.Alexa Nova and Nat TurnHer Finally, a male pussy eater extraordinaire!  Nat, he shows off some amazing pussy licking skills. If this is your forte, you will be treated to amazing acoustics which makes each pussy licking smack sound incredible. Alexa is getting turned on big time and one thing I will say about this cutie pie, she has the most gorgeous fucking kitty in the world of fantasy. I shit you not, when you see it at a standstill, her pussy looks just like a butterfly. If that is not enough to keep your boat above water that perhaps her amazing stretching ability will. Alexa moves into standard and stretch positions with ease and a smile. There is a brief stop in the action which is the only hindrance I see in this scene despite some problems with lighting a touch as they resume the scene. Alexa, her facial expressions, her body movement and gyrations, that is simply not just a woman who is loving the scene but is the ultimate of performance. She simply adds true to life expressions. If I could sum it all up, Alexa is exactly what was meant when the age-old phrase is spouted that the “quiet” girls are always the freaks in the sack. Her look, her charming voice, whimpers and dirty talk, they all become something that makes this scene shine. Let’s just say this my fellow pervs, she is fucking him just as much as he is fucking her. Just watch her grab her ass and slam her pussy onto his meaty member as he fights back with even harder thrusts. Now that is what you call sex ladies and gentlemen.

Alexa Nova and Nat TurnHer The just the fact that she jumps up to lick her pussy juice off Nat’s pulsating pussy pounder, shows how much nastiness and kink is apart of this beauties repertoire. She seems always ready for more in this scene. It is that amazing sexual appetite that keeps you watching this scene. It is something that I think truly showcases her to the fullest extent as a XXX performer. Bravo for letting her do what she does best Mime Freak. You want to see a motherfucking porn star people? Then watch Alexa suck Nat’s dick with no hands. A skill that very, very few people possess in the fucking world, let alone in adult films. Oh, we have seen performers do this yes, but to do it while going from one angle to the next on the fly, to keep her partner going, that is mother fucking impressive, and it is one hell of a steamy looking visual to watch his cock grow as she stuffs it down her throat and then gets mouth fucked. Once again, you need to see it to believe it and she does it with ease and happiness once again. Talent and passion and we have not even got to the true fucking yet. Alexa wants that cock hard and she jumps right onto Nat’s throbbing member. Oh, my goodness, an alpha female who fucks you back. Take notes XXX fans, this is a real woman. The one that throws you down and just fucks the hell out of you until there is not one ounce of fluid left in your body. I once again loved how the director let the scene flow. This scene is truly one of a kind in the ArchAngel Library. One that I honestly think the fans need to see whenever they make a visit and pay the price of admission on website or buy the full DVD.

Alexa Nova 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

The only thing that kept this from being an XCritic Pick was that there were a few camera issues as well as some lighting. Besides that, this scene was amazing. Truly one of a kind in this film. Alexa Nova’s style is what sells this scene. Any XXX fan wants something that is out of the ordinary and my goodness, this woman simply has a style like no other porn star. She is aggressive yet subtle, so no matter if you like a woman dominated or you want to see the woman dominate, she does both in very different ways that fans will see in this film. To see a performer, get better and better with each scene, that is something that grows a fan base and not just that, has the die-hards wanting more. Alexa is at every end of the spectrum in this scene and she completes the scene flawlessly. There is not one kink in her armor, just a little kink to her sexual appetite, which is what you fucking want to always see in a performer no matter if you are a producer or just a fan. Perverts, this is a highly recommended scene. One of the best within the ArchAngel Library. I can not wait t see more Alexa Nova.

- Don Juan

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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