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One Taste is All it Takes

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/4/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Kendra Lust. What can you say about this woman? It has been two years almost since we have seen her grace the halls of a Girlsway.com presentation. Kendra Lust, I know if she were here, she would be the first to tell you, “good things cum to those who wait.” Kendra, she is a living legend. A woman who honestly has been apart this business since longer than anyone would think. She ranks up there with other legends as Nina Hartley, Shayla LaVeaux and many others who were on the stage, creating their alter-egos before any of us could even even afford a smart phone. Lena Paul, she is a unique performer who will honestly go down as the same if she keeps up her unique style of entertainment, booking and living the life. Lena, she is a new breed of performer. You must honestly re-write the way that new starlets make a splash in the industry with Lena Paul. There was almost no hesitance, or learning curve. The woman arrived on the scene hungry to get started and to see casting jobs like this, I see perhaps even more greatness in year two for this beauty. Stills by Alan honestly brings you two of the busiest ladies in the business. As far as marketing goes, this is a cannot miss on paper. Now, the substance of the scene, let’s see just how well three of the most amazing creators in the business can come together for you, the XXX fan.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Scene Duration: 36 Minutes, 8 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @StillsByAlan

Studio: Girlsway/MommysGirl

Release Date: June 2nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Older/Younger, MILF, Big Tits, Amazing Acting, Panty Sniffing, Dirty Talk, Face Sitting, Real Orgasms, Pussy Grinding, Amazing Chemistry, Realistic Sex

Kendra Lust and Lena Paul

One Taste is All It Takes

Starring: Kendra Lust @KendraLust and Lena Paul @lenaisapeach

Story Inspired by Girlsway.com member: GTILover1

The Reveal:

How fucking cool is it to have your story become true to life fantasy? Now that is fucking hands on and a devotion to one’s fans. Never have I seen any studio reward their fans like Girlsway.com does. Seeing Kendra’s amazing body is a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you. These two posses amazing acting skills and create a true chemistry as step-mother and daughter. Lena, she is the goods in this business. She changes her voice tone, she makes you believe she is that bratty ass teen daughter you simply want to see get her what for. Kendra, Momma-Mia! She creates that sexy MILF look like no one else can in this business. There are many, many older women with sex appeal but none possess her unique look. It is the seller in this scene for damn sure.

Kendra Lust and Lena Paul

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Lena Paul from the start steals the show like she does every scene. She transforms from innocent teen, to pervert in a split second and it is believable and kind of cool to watch. This is a fantasy every person has, I do not give a shit who you are, or what your kink is. Lena and her amazing curves. I do not care what anyone says, that is what you call a mother fucking woman. She looks so stunning in just light make-up and jeans with a t-shirt. Bravo Alan, she can sell a lawn mower in Antarctica with her acting abilities alone and he allows that to be the showcase. Trust me my fellow pervs, she will make you think naughty things when she starts smelling her fingers after she has touched Kendra’s kitty with a forcible swoop. The cinematography is straight out of your favorite television show. Done with precise change and editing. Watching Lena crawl on all fours and come into the side shot is cool as fuck. Especially when she is about to start sniffing some undergarments. Lena Paul, the way she mixes comedy, with true dramatic improv, it is amazing to see some from this new of a talent in this business. When you see that Kendra is right there watching as she honestly shows this side of a character that every fan can relate to, the scene just blossoms and unfolds like clockwork into the sex. This is one of the best fucking intros to a scene by an actor this year. Kendra, upon her return to the mix, she gets naked in a flash, giving you that vibe that you simply can not pinpoint, you are wondering if the character is in fantasy or reality. Five-star set-up because these ladies make you loose track of time.

Kendra Lust The Sex:

Kendra Lust and Lena Paul In case you did not know, few can seduce an audience like Kendra Lust. She honestly talks to the fans with leg movements, eye contact, and side to side hip swaying. When you see her legs spin and settle into position for a hungry Lena to chow down upon, you may want to stay seated because you will not even be able to get up and walk, even if your life depends on it. You see this true appetite that emerges from Lena and Kendra as she glides her pussy lips over Lena’s mouth in a tease that is simply XXX magic, it is what creates a world all of its own. I think that when Lena showcases her tongue skills you may forget what city you are in. The way that both women suck you into their encounter, it is spellbinding. The eye contact, the tongue, the cum, I simply do not see a flaw in either ladies game. Kendra has those soft whimpers of passion that may be a bit low toned, but you know are beyond explosive when you see how much cum is on Lena’s mouth before the audience is sent to another angle. The action is steamy. When Kendra takes control, she gives you the foundation of what the Lust Army was founded upon, this raw sexual drive where she has Lena do her bidding without saying a word. The way her bra comes off says it all.Kendra Lust and Lena Paul 

Kendra, with her hard tongue thrusts and commanding pussy licking skills, she takes back the spotlight that I think some fans don’t know she never lost in the first place. As you see Alan and crew move around in order to bring you Lena purring and Kendra eating rug in a manner that is fit for a king, you see just how much Kendra loves what she does. I must say, it has been a while since I have seen Kendra perform and I will tell you, she has not lost a step. Lena’s chest, arms and neck get so flush with blood rushing to her head during orgasm. What this means to the less experienced population of XXX fans, she is really cumming and she is cumming fucking hard. A reason why I recommend afternoon sex, or hell, sex period in the daylight. Any-who, getting back to the story, this type of lesbian sex is reality with a dash of fantasy. If your thing is quivering knees, shivering thighs, then this is your fucking scene. The gasps of air are fucking amazing. The more experienced readers would now have their girlfriends asking to have their hair pulled or their air cut off as they cum. But, alas, this is porn and truthfully, this show is a feast for the perverted soul. I guarantee that the sex will have you talking in tongues because of how fucking badass these babes get down. Kendra’s hypnosis begins with her movement that is as a work of art. Each shift of her leg puts her asshole on display. A dedicated performer, always innovative in the sack, that is what you can count on from Kendra Lust. The up-close shots are spliced so well into this scene. The true five-star aspect of production is the distance shots. They are spicy with a big dash of silk that absolutely adds to the realism of the scene. The face sitting is the crème de la crème of the scene with shots of cum beading from Lena’s mouth to Kendra’s wet kitty. Fans, I simply can not spoil any more of this scene for you. All I can say is that this is everything that you want in a lesbian scene. These two create something that will just bring you to your knees in a flash. Both women are flush with passion. When you hear Lena say she is going to make Kendra’s face her throne, ugh, you turn into a pile of goo in a millisecond. The pussy grinding gets a lot of attention at the end and slows the pace down just a bit. Never once though does it bring you out of the fantasy. Honestly to sum up this scene. It is a glimpse of greatness. It is Lena showing that she is a serious fucking contender for performer of the year. When you can go blow for blow with Kendra Lust and make the scene as sexy as they do. My goodness, that is lesbian cinema done to perfection. Capable of going against anything in the business. What a show!

Kendra Lust and Lena Paul Don Juans’s Bottom Line:

You know, the acting in an adult film is always overlooked, always. It is expected to be shitty. Hey, let’s be honest, most did not pay to see the color of the lady’s nails, or the camera angles that are unique. But, the truth of what you did pay to see, whether you believe it or not is production. A creation of fantasy that must be believable or you simply will walk away to the next scene. Lena Paul, she is fucking star. Not only does she stay in character the whole time, maintaining this innocent teen bombshell motif to the point where you simply do not even notice, it has become this subliminal message that is broadcast loud and clear that this is nasty, kinky, sexy and a tad taboo mixed with your absolute delight that you get to witness it. Oh, she dazzles your every sense, she honestly makes you forget you are watching porn and turns everyone into a voyeur. Kendra Lust. She shows she still has it and my goodness, does Lena compliment her every strength. Kendra is simply this people, money. She delivers every time. Look at the attention she pays to her tan, her skin, her body. That is what Kendra brings to the table every time. It is the basics of what make a porn star go from starter to veteran, super start to legend. This scene will have you tapping out as if you were in the octagon, looking to simply catch your breathe. This was one hell of a return and I see that the Girlsway.com fans have been downloading and viewing this one by the droves. The truth of Kendra Lust and what she does in this business is, if it is not broke, do not fix it. She is at a level just like Nina Hartley was at the same age of her career. So, can you honestly say that you would tell Nina Hartley in her prime to not show off her ass? Then I honestly suggest that when you watch this scene and gaze upon Kendra’s return, watch it from the stand point it was intended to be seen from. As a look into a passion so deep, that each an every time, even in the same light, it is something to line up for.

- Don Juan

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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