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My First Interracial Vol. 11

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/5/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 16 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: All Sex; Interracial; 18+ Teens; Big Cocks

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD      

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Evelyn Claire with Haley Reed, Daisy Stone, Lily Love, Jason Brown, Flash Brown, Jax Slayher

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Chock full of debut interracial sex performances, My First Interracial Vol. 11 is the latest in the hot IR series from multi-award-winning director Greg Lansky. Shot impeccably, this movie features DVD cover girl Evelyn Claire in an arousing IR debut with her boyfriend’s big dick roommate Jason Brown. Evelyn has been longing to have her pussy satisfied and Jason fills a void in her tight, wet pussy that her boyfriend never could. Also enjoying their IR debut in this flick are Haley Reed, Daisy Stone, and Lily Love. There’s no shortage of big black dick in Jason, Flash Brown, and Jax Slayher serving up the pussy-stretching meat that these dick-starved starlets need. I highly recommend this movie. The best fuck of the flick is Evelyn’s opening scene with Jason and Daisy’s closing scene with Jason, too. The performances are a turn on and the camera angles and production add more heat to each scene.

Scene 1:  Evelyn Claire and Jason Brown

Evelyn has been having the same fantasy over and over again, and she has been masturbating to it. Today is different, however. She’s going to make her fantasy a reality and it involves getting a hold of Jason’s big cock. He’s her boyfriend’s roommate, and one day when it’s just the two of them at the house, Evelyn sneaks into Jason’s bedroom while he’s asleep and strokes his cock until he wakes up. When Jason wakes up, she tells him it’s time they do something about all the flirting that’s been happening between the two of them. “It will be our little secret,” Evelyn says as she kisses him. She puts his hard prick in her mouth and sucks it, even licking his shaft. Her fantasy develops further, playing out with his huge dick at the center of it. Evelyn slurps on his dick while looking intensely into his eyes. “I knew you had a big cock, but I didn’t think it would be this big,” she says. After lying on her stomach and getting her face fucked and her tongue whacked by Jason’s pleasure pipe, Evelyn begs him to slam his cock in her pussy. She starts by riding his pipe cowgirl style, commenting on how big it is stretching her tiny little pussy out.

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The more Jason pumps Evelyn’s cunt, the wetter it gets, creaming all over his cock. “That’s what you wanted,” Jason asks her while he spanks her ass and guides her up and down on his dick. She climbs off and sucks his cock, tasting her pussy off it then she rides it reverse cowgirl style until she cums. There are great close-up shots of Evelyn’s pussy being stretched as Jason drills it from behind doggy style, making her feel every inch of his dick. She lies on her stomach and takes an onslaught of dick in downward doggy, cumming all over it and screaming in ecstasy. “Make me cum again,” Evelyn moans out. Jason slams her twat in overdrive, keeping Evelyn screaming in pleasure. “It’s like a never-ending dick,” she says when he starts fucking her pussy missionary style. Evelyn keeps cumming, squeezing his cock with her cunt. Jason pulls out and cums all over her face and in her mouth. Evelyn smiles and swallows, looking up and him in amazement. “Wow, that was awesome,” she tells him while sucking his cock.

Scene 2: Lily Love and Jax Slayher

Lily has always wanted to be a sports reporter, but breaking into the industry is hard, especially for women. Her big break is here. She has the chance to interview Jax, the legendary champion boxer. She has a great time meeting and interviewing him, and after a few drinks, she can’t hold her emotions back any longer. She leans in and kisses him while rubbing her hands all over his dick, watching it get hard in his pants. They stand up and get passionate, kissing each other like a sex-starved couple. Jax drops his pants and Lily drops to her knees, eagerly and greedily sucking his big dick. “Your cock fills up my mouth,” she tells him. Lily jerks his dick in and out of her mouth with both hands, spitting all over it. She opens wide and takes a face fucking from Jax that makes her gag. It’s time to fuck and Lily is excited about being banged by a boxer. She wraps her pussy around his dick cowgirl style, telling him she wants to feel every inch of it.

Lily rides his dick nice and slow at first, taking it all inside her. Jax changes the pace and starts slamming her twat hard and fast, making her moan in pleasure. “Yes, fill that little pussy up,” she tells him as her cunt creams all over his shaft. After an intense cowgirl rodeo that leaves Lily’s pussy stretched out, she climbs off and sucks his dick before riding it reverse cowgirl style. She starts the ride off slowly at first then starts bouncing up and down on his dick faster and faster, closes her eyes in total pleasure. “Yes, fill me up with that big dick,” she tells him. Lily reaches her pleasure point, cumming all over partner’s prick after a hard round of reverse cowgirl riding. She tastes her cum off his cock then bends over on all fours for more fucking. Jax pumps her twat doggy style, pleasing the ambitious Lily. “Bury your cock in my pussy, baby,” she tells him. They get into body-slamming action when Jax annihilates Lily’s cunt in intense downward doggy. She rides him reverse cowgirl style, this time lying on her stomach and giving him a great view of her ass while she bounces up and down on his prick. Lily cums all over his dick again then tastes his cock before kneeling down and begging him to shoot his load all over her. Jax pops on her face and in her mouth, blasting her with his hot load.

Scene 3: Haley Reed and Flash Brown

Haley has been dating her boyfriend Jake, but he just doesn’t please her. Whenever they have sex, she has to pretend to cum. Whenever Jake’s friend Flash visits, he always flirts with Haley and she likes it. The unsatisfied Haley decides to take things into her own hands by following through on the flirting. When her boyfriend leaves her and Flash alone in the house, she visits him in the bedroom, kisses him, and tells him she has wanted to fuck him for so long. Flash wants to fuck her too, and once he confirms her boyfriend is gone, he shows her how much he wants her. They kiss and strip down, getting comfortable with each other. Haley marvels at the size of Flash’s dick in her hand as she jerks it back and forth. She doesn’t know if his big dick is going to fit inside her little twat. Flash assures her that it will. Haley starts by trying to make it fit in her mouth. She sucks it and tries to deep throat it, but she can’t fit it all the way down her throat. Flash thrust his pipe to the back of Haley’s throat, making her gag on his dick.

Haley makes a sloppy mess of his cock, covering it in spit before following him into bed for more dick gorging. “Stroke it with both hands and squeeze it,” Flash tells Haley. She does what he says while stuffing it down her throat, gagging on it. “You ready for this dick,” Flash asks her. She’s ready and takes it cowgirl style at first. It’s so big, Haley has to work it inside her cunt slowly. She bounces up and down on it until she has worked it deep inside her. Flash helps her bouncing up and down on his pole, giving her intense pleasure. “Ride that dick, baby,” he tells her. Haley’s wet pussy has covered his cock in cream. She tastes it all when she sucks him off. Haley rides him cowgirl style in another round that starts her pussy creaming again. Doggy style comes next and Haley cums from the pussy drilling she takes. Flash pounds her tight little hole, making her grip the sheets and scream out in pleasure. He pounds her until she squirts all over the bed. After sucking his cock, she goes for a reverse cowgirl ride that fills her cunt again and sends her into orgasm. “Your dick is so fucking big,” she yells out, just as she realizes her boyfriend Jake is watching them. Seeing him watch her turns her on even more and she slams herself up and down on Flash’s prick and cums again. It feels so good to her, she cums another time, sending her eyes rolling back into her head. She drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide just as Flash shoots a wad of cum down her throat. She blows bubbles with his load then swallows it before sucking his dick.

Scene 4: Daisy Stone and Jason Brown

Daisy is fed up with boys. The last 10 dates she’s been on have been disasters. The guys just can’t keep up and she is tired of being disappointed. Just when she thought there was no more hope for her and boys, her neighbor Jason invites her in for a drink. Daisy has seen tons of girls go in and out of Jason’s place and they all seem to be very happy. As she’s having a drink with him, she warms up to his charm, allowing him to kiss her. He tells her that he’s never had a complaint from a girl yet. Daisy smiles then helps him out of his pants, revealing his huge dangling dick. She bends over doggy style on the couch to suck him off, telling him how much bigger his cock is than her boyfriend’s. “I want to see you choke on it,” Jason tells Daisy. She sets out to swallow as much of his dick as possible, jerking it in and out of her mouth with both hands, then licking it up and down the shaft.

She tries to take more inches of his dick down her throat when she gets skull fucked while lying on her stomach. It can’t all fit in her mouth and the further Jason thrust’s in her mouth, the more she gags. He pulls out and beats her tongue with his cock then bangs her throat some more. “Come sit on this dick,” he orders her. Daisy starts moaning almost immediately as she rides his prick cowgirl style. He grabs her ass cheeks and guides her up and down on his pole. Daisy loves the feeling. “Fuck me harder,” she says. Jason pumps her pussy, sending every inch of his big cock deep inside her. We’re treated to some great camera angles of Daisy’s big cock cowgirl ride that fills her tight pussy up. She gets a spanking next while Jason drills her doggy style. “Your dick is so big,” Daisy screams right before cumming all over it. The downward doggy in Daisy’s cunt is a pleasure to watch as we get an extreme close-up of her cunt being stuffed by Jason’s big black cock. Daisy hosts Jason’s cock missionary style, spreading her legs open wide and fingering her clit while he pumps her pussy. “Cum all over my face,” she begs him. Jason pulls out and shoots his thick load in her mouth. Daisy sucks the cum off his cock then tells him to come over more often.

Final Thoughts:

DVD cover girl Evelyn Claire gets stuffed full of big black cock in her IR debut in the flick My First Interracial Vol. 11. Watching her pussy get pounded and stretched by cock contributor Jason Brown is a turn on. These two develop great chemistry and Evelyn’s wet pussy wraps Jason’s big dick, covering it in cream each time she cums. Black cock craving starlet Daisy Stone also gets her pussy stuffed by Jason’s pipe and it’s a turn on to watch. The close-ups on the downward doggy are sensational as Daisy’s quivering cunt gets drilled. I highly recommend this movie which also features the IR debuts of Haley Reed and Lily Love. These girls are sent into ecstasy after a thrilling ride on the big hard dicks of Flash Brown and Jax Slayher. Lansky keeps this series fresh and thrilling with great sex, on-scene chemistry, and sensational production quality.

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