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Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/6/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The VRotica Headset: 21st Century Porn

I recently had my first foray into virtual reality porn when I immersed myself in--and wrote a review of--the TS Virtual Lovers site. I really enjoyed the experience, especially the three-dimensional breasts, butts, vaginas, and penises. To experience the VR and 3D effects, I used my iPhone and placed it into a KAWOE VR headset. The experience was pretty awesome, but I thought it was a bit time consuming and cumbersome to set up. So, I decided to look into devices that are specifically designed for viewing VR content.

The devices for which TS Virtual Lovers prepares its content include the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, the Playstation VR, and the Samsung Gear VR. All these are quite pricey and would have required me to buy a PC computer (I'm a Mac guy) or a Playstation device. Just by way of example, oculus.com indicates that the Oculus device costs $399, but you need an Oculus-Ready PC. The recommended PCs that are featured on oculus.com cost a minimum of $799 up to a maximum of $2,099. So, indulging my penis' desire for 3D VR porn using the Oculus would have cost a minimum of $1,200 up to $2,500. Although my penis usually gets what it wants, that's just to pricey for me.

Enter the VRotica. By clicking this VRotica link, you can buy a very functional and easy-to-use VR headset that is dedicated only to porn and requires no special computer (see the image below). Yes, you'll need a computer to log-on to the VRotica site to pay for your content (they use a "credits" system...buy so many credits and spend them by selecting videos that are previewed within the headset itself). But, once you establish your account, all the VRotica headset needs is WiFi. It's a really elegant and hassle-free to give your penis (or your vagina, since there's lots of girl's POV content available) the tender loving stimulation it deserves.

VRotica Headset

  • Headset Cost: Using this VRotica link, you can buy the VRotica headset for €199 (which, on June 6, 2018, was $234.14) plus €24.90 ($29.30) shipping. That's a total of $263.44 for a very nice porn 3D VR solution. That's about 1/3 of the cheapest Oculus solution.
  • Content Cost: The headset comes with a few free scenarios for you to enjoy. In addition, when you initially buy your headset, you can purchase bundles of four scenarios for €19.99-€24.99 ($23.52-$29.40). Then, to get additional content, you have pay for "credits," which cost €10 per 10 credits ($11.77). Once these credits are available in your account, you can buy additional scenarios within the VRotica headset for between 6 - 10 credits. You can also use your VRotica account to purchase subscriptions. Four videos per month cost 24.99 monthly ($29.40) while 10 videos per month costs €49.99 ($58.82).

The Initial Experience

Once you receive your VRotica headset, open the exterior packaging and you'll be treated to almost as nice of an experience as opening a new Apple product. I've you've ever opened an Apple box, you know how, well, sensuous the feeling is. The experience of opening the VRotica was almost as nice. In fact, on a tactile range of 0-10 (0 being a cereal box and 10 being an iPhone box) the VRotica is an 8 or 9. The box is beautiful and feels so nice! Below is a photo I shot of my package.


Inside the box, you'll find the headset (nicely nestled in foam) along with a good set of ear buds, three head straps, a USB cable that is used to charge the device, and a lens cleaning cloth.

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Here's the process you'll use to get your device up and running.

  1. Plug the VRotica headset in to a USB charger (not included) and let it charge for a couple of hours (I didn't do this step and the initial charge of the battery didn't last long enough to get through my first VR porn scenario). According to the folks at VRotica, the battery charge length depends upon the brightness level you choose. They say that the battery can last up to four hours.
  2. Attach the head straps.
  3. Turn on the VRotica headset using the power button.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the buttons on the periphery of the device so you can use them after you put on the headset. Most important are the recenter button, the OK button, and the back button. There are also volume up and down buttons as well as focus and pupil adjustments.
  5. Plug the ear buds into the headphone jack.
  6. Put the ear buds in your ears, put the headset on, and click the recenter button. This causes the center of the scenario to be directly in front of you. You'll be immediately blown away by the "home" page.
  7. Set the focus and pupil adjusters to match your eyes. I am very nearsighted and have astigmatism. I was able to use the VRotica headset's adjustments to comfortably match my eyesight without using my glasses. To me, this is a big deal.
  8. Get used to the interface. It's really kind of cool. There's a white dot that functions as a cursor in the center of the screen. You move your head until the cursor is over whatever you want to select and then click the OK button with your right hand.
  9. Click "Let's Get Jiggly." 
  10. An interative menu appears. It has the following choices:
    1. Genres
      1. Show all
      2. Gay
      3. Lesbian
      4. Trans
      5. Male POV
      6. Female POV
      7. Voyuer
    2. Main Menu
      1. Featured 
      2. Popular
      3. Newest
      4. Free
      5. Publishers
      6. Library
  11. Select "Free" and then pick one of the free videos to enjoy.
  12. Connect your VRotica headset to WiFi. At this point, the headset gives you a unique code that you'll use to set up your account (next step).
  13. Visit www.vroticaheadset.com and set up an account by following the online instructions. You must do this to use your headset to download additional content. 
  14. After setting up your account, and buying credits, you'll be able to download scenarios offered by several major studios (see screen capture of the participating studios below). Just navigate to any of the "Main Menu" functions mentioned in #10 above, filter as desired with the genres choices, and select the scene you want. Click on the preview to download it.



The Scenarios

The sex scenarios are pretty amazing. Although most of the scenes the studios publish are in the guy's or girl's point-of-view (POV), there are some Voyeur scenes too. VRotica does not create the content...participating studios do. So, the actual content you experience will depend on what you select to buy.

The VRotica headset has 32 GB of storage. So, depending upon the length of the scenarios you select, the device will hold up to 20 videos.

You'll find that both the video and the audio are extremely well done...at least in the scenarios I enjoyed. You'll feel like you are actually in the setting...especially if it is a POV scene. Particulary nice, in my opinion, are the group scenes (see the collages below).

Although there's really no way to give you the full 3D VR experience in this review, I've included some photos of the boy/girl, trans, and group scenarios I watched from several studios. Take a look at the exquisite bodies, hot scenarios, and excellent production values found in these collages.

















My Recommendations to You

I really like this device.

  1. It's elegant and simple to use;
  2. Being emerged in highly erotica 3D VR scenarios within the VRotica headset is something that I find very fulfilling. I think you will, too.
  3. Although the VRotica headset is expensive, it is much less expensive than other VR headset solutions I investigated. If you want to participate in 3D VR porn at a level exceeding the use of your phone in a headset such as the KAWOE VR headset, this is by far the best and most cost effective way to do it.
  4. I highly recommend the VRotica headset.

My Recommendations to VRotica

Although this is a very nice device as it stands, I offer the folks at VRotica the following suggestions for future models:

  1. Please include a battery indicator that can be seen while watching a scenario. There IS a battery indicator on the home page, but I've had the headset die twice in the middle of a scene because I wasn't aware the battery was depleted.
  2. Please include somewhere an indication of how full the memory is. I've had situations where I tried to download a scenario and the memory was full. I understand that there is not infinite storage space. But, please let the user know when the memory is nearing capacity.
  3. Please move the headphone jack. Since it is right in the middle of the bottom of the headset, the cable brushes against my face and that's a bit disconcerting.

Dr. Jay

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