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Green Card Mom

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/13/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

When you see a woman of beauty take on another form of it, it indicates one thing. Dedication. New talent has come and gone throughout the years of this great business and never and I mean never have I seen a tongue that is as wicked as Alina Lopez possess. Lord, all fucking mighty, it is meaty, long and honestly, when fans and critics speak of the pit falls of lesbian erotica, they do not factor in gems of the film world that feature something along the lines like this that is every bit as sexy as watching a man’s pulsating member, penetrate a performer’s slit, like the way Alina does with her heavenly pussy licker, or fucker I should say on her fellow ladies. But, before we get into that, we must talk about Mercedes 2018 so far. Every film has been role, after role of amazing sex mixed with dialogue that is sensual story done right. To see Mercedes back in action with Girlsway, it is showing that this is by far going to be a year were I honestly foresee gold in her future. Mommy’s Girl is honestly one of the highest rated parts of the Girlsway network. It is not just the sexy older women that create such pandemonium among fans. It is superb casting, exceptional stories and performers that are hungry to make an impact in this business. Christie Stevens is an addition that I think is not only going to bring out the best in Mercedes but will also be something gives fans the ability to see this young star in the making Alina Lopez do what fans foresee in their fantasies.

Don Juan DeMarko 

Scene Duration: 42 Minutes, 17 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @StillsByAlan

Studio: Girlsway/Mommy’s Girl

Date of Release: April 17th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Comedic Story, Teen Versus MILF, Lesbian Threesome, Big Titis, Face Sitting, Older/Younger, Ass Licking, Dirty Talk, Scissoring, Pussy Sharing

Mercdes Carrera, Alina Lopes and Christie Stevens 

Green Card Mom

Starring: Mercedes Carerra @TheMercedesXXX Alina Lopez @ItsAlinaLopez and Christie Stevens @iluvchristie


The Reveal:

Mercdes Carrera, Alina Lopes and Christie Stevens

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Ok, no fucking bullshit, how many of you thought that Alan was going to cast Mercedes as the “Mommy” needing the green card? It is the genius that is Alan. It makes you see Mercedes ability to sell the scene even more as the woman marrying to get her “business partner” across the border. Alina, looks amazing. The fact that she has on something covering almost everything is such a tease to the imagination for any porn fan. Christie, what a fucking babe. Good God, these are two of the hottest MILFS in the business. Mercedes you can tell has redefined her look in a way that goes beyond her blond locks. Her body is hard and as yummy as can be. We all know that she is know for that bodacious booty for her, but to see so much looking that much better, it is just beyond delicious. Speaking of mouth watering dishes, if you have never seen Alina Lopez, what better time to get acquainted with her than now. Alina, she posses a tongue that is delish and delectable at the same time. In the spirit of not getting too far ahead of myself, we need to look at her from another angle. Her look is something special. She posses that look of youth, obviously but she also has a drive that I have not seen since Gina Valentina. Her size is what speaks to the masses, her frame is just beyond model-esque and she has the ability to get her lines out correctly. Never stopping the fun of the fantasy. Alina steals the show from the start and the ten-minute intro seems like second with how all the girls gel and get things rolling.

Mercdes Carrera, Alina Lopes and Christie Stevens 

The story is cheesy, funny and something deep down everyone likes. This is the stories that porn was built on. It has never failed to mix sex with humor. It melts you more into the mood of the scene. No matter if it is the cheesy Canadian accent, or the truly funny wat Mercedes is fumbling all over the place, the viewer will have a smile on their face before they have sweat build up on their brow. Christie is cute as can be. Having Alina be the snotty, stubborn ass who becomes the kinky participant is a very nice touch. He character is in her looks and her eyes. Oh, her make-up looks flawless as can be. As things move slowly into the sex and I mean that in the best way possible, you will once again not believe that almost twelve minutes goes by before the temperature rises in the room. Showcasing true performers and when you See Alina bring out her amazing bust, this scene is going to become something you never expected it to be.


The Sex:

Mercdes Carrera, Alina Lopes and Christie Stevens 

Alina, her breasts are stunning. Her lips are pouty, and her figure once again catches you eye at every level. Mercedes has simply added a flavor I have never seen before. When the breast play begins you see not just Christie’s amazing bust, but you see Mercedes add some zip to her lesbian encounter. The action is slow, the kissing soft again. Now, once again, I must give credit to Alan for doing the trivial things that matter. Any photographer will tell you he hates seeing the marks that undergarments leave on a model but they way he shows them on Alina’s amazing body is just that touch of realism that keeps you watching. The set-up goes hand in had with the ultimate fantasy title being bestowed upon this scene. The ladies get into the sex with something that is story telling mixed with fantasy in the best way possible. Mercedes makes her character believable and when Alina gets involved the sex starts a forest fire.

Mercdes Carrera, Alina Lopes and Christie Stevens 

That tongue. My God, that tongue. Even if you were to just start the scene on that moment where Alina licks Christie pussy with pressure and poise, you will be transported to the land of kink that few young starlets can take you to. She has a touch of aggression as she lets her tongue become the focus of the first encounter. Porn fans, this sexy young starlet has attitude and sass. You can tell with her determined stares and furious pace to which she fingers Christie. As the girls move from one position to the next, most times the third performer is lost in the mix. Not in this scene. You see Mercedes shred her garments in the most alluring fashion. Teasing the camera as pulls her dress around her knees showing off that world-famous booty. There is a lot going on but not so much that it overwhelms you or makes the action seemed staged. You will see Christie chowing down on Alina’s wet slit as Mercedes gets herself comfortable to really jump into the action. The POV shot is great, Christie’s smile and eyes are in such vivid focus for the audience. There is just something about watching a lesbian look into the other girl’s eyes that just does it for so many of us. This is some steamy scenery right here, topped only by the moans and purrs of each girl.

Alexis Texas, James Deen and Angela White 

One of the best girlsway.com shots and segments is watching the three lick each other. Christie sitting on Mercedes face and Alina getting fingered and licked in one of the most dazzling POV shots. These women create true fantasy. Alina, my goodness, she has potential beyond belief in this industry. Her entire body is a perfect ten, from her kitty to her eyes. I truly enjoyed seeing Mercedes as the woman bringing together all the action. It is those little things that make this scene shine. When she goes down on Christie, then licks Alina’s ass, she sneaks in to every angle and shot, keeping her characters hunger as the focus of the fantasy. The mark of a true great scene is that it has highs and lows and keeps you interested. By the time the scene ends you are going from ultra-sensitive to ultra-kink. You go from fast to slow and the pace is gradually reached every time. One of the hottest moments is when Alina is shared by both babes. The women do not go overboard, and it ends in this climax of aggression that is not forced. I think you need to have that type of view where peaks and valleys are accented and descended to honestly keep a porn fan interested. This is Girlsway.com magic and I think that Alan and team are aiming once again to create something the fans have never seen. I have not seen these performers uses like this before and it was exhilarating every step of the way.

Mercdes Carrera, Alina Lopes and Christie Stevens 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:


The story indicates that Christie will be the focus, but the scene stealer is indeed Alina Lopez. When you watch her aggression paired with her young model sass, it creates that type of lesbian cuisine that looks as good as it tastes. Her tongue will become the stuff of porn lore, you mark my word. I see that tongue sliding up slits and down throbbing members in ways that have never been filmed. It is that model beauty that makes her so appealing. She is a director’s dream because she can create anything that a director has come to mind. Some would say that Alina is exactly what the industry has become today in terms of young, hot girls who have an appetite for sex that is as raunchy as it is sexy. To that I will agree with a bit. What I do agree with, is that some critics and industry personal have said that these beautiful starlets like Alina also bring forth this raw type of modeling that has never been seen at this industry and with that I whole heartily agree. Speaking of models, we cannot forget about the statuesque beauty who draws us into the fantasy and connects all the dots, Mercedes Carrera. This former model is finally being used in these glamorous style shoots that showcase more than the baddest bootie in the business. She is finally being given a few that showcases her dedication to her craft and all she does. I would honestly say just from one glance she has shaved off fifteen pounds. She looks in the best shape of her life. She has that hard look that screams older woman with confidence. Seeing her honestly create humor and confusion is very cool to see. She does it with ease and she does not miss a beat. She is the person that makes this scene come together, especially with Christie. Now, what I mean by that is that Mercedes gives direction to make the threesome work. Christie becomes the receive of some much heavenly oral and the way that she sticks with the flow is amazing. That smile is epic, her honest lack of fear shows on camera, I hope she gets more ac ting roles because she honestly can keep up when given the challenge. This is a thorw back to some of the best older/younger pairings. It reminds me of Vintage films by Wes Emerson, showing older woman doing what they do best and younger talent who have a future and want to go far in this business, not just collect a pay check. This is a must see scene for those film lovers who want to be dazzled with words before they are dazzled with the flesh.

-Don Juan

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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