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Family Cuckolds, The

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by Randy N Chastity » Review Date: 6/13/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: kink, FemDomme, divine bitches, dirty talk, humiliation, cuckold, spitting, cfnm, tattoo, incest, pregnant

Director: JW Ties

Cast: Lauren Phillips, Tucker Stevens, Stefania Mafra, Lux Lisbon, JW Ties, Dick Dastard, John Cash, Miles Striker, Derek ForReal

Length: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Date of Release: Aug., 11, 2017

Extras: The main title allows you to play the video or look at select scenes of the various cast members. Poorly designed since once you go to the sub menu to select a cast member, there is no easy way to play the video. So, you have to go back to the beginning of the disc and first look at the warning screen.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The disc played ok on my MacBook Pro, but the sound was a bit soft. The movie is not really Letterboxed, it is formatted to have a black border between the movie and the edge of the screen. There was also a bonus scene created by the backup camera as the original footage from the main camera was lost.

Overview: Although you should not judge a book by its cover, in this case, the first impression one gets is that this is a very amateur production from 5 years ago. The back of the DVD case has some mini pictures of the scenes.

I am a sub, slave, cuckold, locked in chastity by my Mistress. So, I'm curious how hard I can get from different types of fetish porn. Spoiler Alert: In 2 minutes I was rock hard in my tiny chastity cage.

Scene One: Stefania Mafra The scene starts with us meeting the characters: dad, barefoot and pregnant daughter and her surprise husband named Dick. She then explains that her husband likes to watch her fuck her dad. This seems an interesting arrangement to start a movie about family cuckolds. Dad then drops his shorts and his daughter starts sucking his small, soft cock. Soon she took off her top and got his dick rock hard. Although the husband was in the scene, he pretty much just sat there and watched. She then stripped and sat on dad's lap in a reverse cow girl position, so her dad could watch her ass move and the camera could see her breasts shake while she fingered herself and guided dad's cock in her pussy. Another good aspect was not a lot of talking, just heavy breathing and moaning from the daughter while fucking her dad.

Soon dad took more of a lead and had his daughter lay down to continue fucking her in different positions. Unfortunately, dad can't keep an erection, so there is a lot of downtime with the daughter looking bored and giving him a hand job. She then sits back down on her dad to resume fucking. She says it feels good to have him cum in her pussy, but we never see it. She then tells her husband, that she is not carrying his baby, but her dad's baby. The scene ends with the husband saying this is a weird family.

Scene two: Stefania Mafra The husband and wife go and sit on a bed and talk about his feelings in watching her have sex with her dad and raising a baby that is not his. He then asks if he could have sex with her and she says no. All he can do is watch. He begs and she agrees to give him a hand job. So he drops his pants to do a CFNM scene with her teasing his cock with a hand job while telling him that he can watch her fuck her dad and sometimes he can even jerk off. Again, the scene improves when she stops talking, just wish she did not look so bored. He has a nice, hard cock. She tells him not to cum, which causes him to cum which makes her mad. She then leaves him with a cock covered in cum.

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Scene Three: Tucker Stevens The scene opens with her and her husband playing a friendly game of pool with her father in law. Her husband was tired and went to bed, while dad instructed his daughter on how to improve her pool skills. There is a lot of lame dialogue trying to make double entendres. They keep finding reasons to touch each other and rub their bodies against each other. She comments on how much better her dad is at being a teacher for her than her husband. Soon, dad is fondling her breasts through her blouse. He takes off her top and plays with her breasts through her bra. His attention is short as he then hikes up her blue jean skirt and eats her ass while fingering her pussy. She then takes off her bra and drops to her knees so that she can slide dad's cock out of his shorts and give him a wet blow job and hand job. She is good at deep throating. Dad then helps his daughter onto the pool table and fucks her shaved pussy. Her legs are spread wide and she keeps asking to be fucked over and over. She has a lot of fun shaking her small breasts and nice ass. They then do a version of doggy style while he uses her breasts and hips for support. Dad then lays down on the pool table while his daughter sits on his hard cock and bounces. The entire sex scene is her moaning and trying to catch her breath. Dad then rolls her on her side so he can continue fucking her. The best part is her pert, little, erect nipples bouncing. Dad then ends the scene by jerking off on her pussy. But, she then says not to tell her husband about the private 1 on 1 practice. By not including the son, either watching or hearing about the sex, it changes the scene from a cuckold experience to a scene of two consenting adults having an affair.

Scene Four: Tucker Stevens She is doing dishes in a nightgown and her father in law comes down and rubs his body against hers. She says to be carful as her husband will find out, but soon, she is on her knees giving her dad's cock a thorough cleaning with her mouth and hand. She hikes up her flimsy piece of clothing, props up her leg on the counter and takes her dad's cock in her fertile pussy. For someone trying to keep it quiet so her husband does not hear, she is soon screaming at the top of her lungs about how good it feels. She then lays on the glass kitchen table and takes a proper fucking. She keeps talking about how good it feels to get fucked like this. She says she wants every single drop, he pulls out as he thinks he hears something while she cups her hand over her pussy to keep the cum inside.

Scene Five: Tucker Stevens She is still on her back, on the glass table, in her nightgown when her husband shows up. He asks what she is doing and she says she wanted to do something special for his breakfast. Her husband then gets on his knees and starts eating her pussy. She keeps giggling while he comments on how delicious she is.

Scene Six: Tucker Stevens She is on the bed wearing only a bra and panties joined by her father in law. Dad asks if she is sure she wants to do this and she says sure, her husband is out of the house. They both agree how naughty she is and soon she is taking off her bra to show off her fantastic nipples. He soon is rubbing her pussy through the thin panties while she shows how flexible she is by spreading her legs. She starts rubbing his cock and teases it awake. She starts with a slow hand job and then slides her panties off, gets on her knees and starts giving him a mouth watering blow job. She then climbs on top of him to sit on his cock and slide it in her pussy. While she is bouncing on his cock, she keeps making sure daddy is happy. As the pace picks up, we get a treat of watching her ass jiggle. He then fucks her doggy style while she screams out for daddy to keep fucking her. Soon, he cums inside of her and they crawl into bed and cuddle up his naked body around hers.

Scene Seven: Tucker Stevens Her husband comes home and finds her and his dad naked in the bed. He is upset and says he is leaving. The scene changes with the wife now dressed in very short blue jean shorts and top with the husband taking a suitcase out of the house. She is explaining that she could fuck dad in front of her husband or maybe some other pleasures. Like she could give her husband a hand job. So he sits down on the couch while she says he is a good sport to let her continue fucking his dad. They take off his pants and she uses some lube to rub in his soft cock. She comments on how her husband is just like his dad. Soon she gets on her knees and lifts her top to give her husband a peak of her breasts. She then explains that all her husband will get is a hand job and she will continue fucking his dad. She then explains that being her husband, he will do as he is told. She then gives him a long, slow hand job. He cums and she rubs it into his cock. It was a great scene, but it would have been better if they had given her a wedding ring to wear.

Scene Eight: Lux Lisbon The scene opens up with dad making a couch into a bed for his daughter. He is in pajamas and she is a nightgown with no panties. She is complaining about how her husband is always going out to party. Dad is trying to give advice about what she can do to spice up her marriage and in the process, she discovers her dad has a hard cock hidden away. She continues rubbing his cock and she fishes it out so she can give him a blow job. He then plays with her pussy while she deep throat's him. She then sits on his hard cock and bounces while her dad is pulling her top aside and playing with her nipples. He then tells her to turn around and she gets into a reverse cow girl. Dad is a Dom. He holds his daughter's hands behind her back and then tells her to take off her dress. She shows some beautiful breasts and nipples. He then gets her into a doggy style so that he can grab her ass and fuck her hard and fast. He then cums in her unprotected pussy and then share a pillow on the bed: she is naked and he is fully dressed. The scene ends with a drop of cum leaking out of her pussy. The scene continues with her in bed and her husband entering to say he was wrong. He pulls the blanket back to find his naked wife with her dad. He screams and calls her a slut while she calls him an asshole. He wonders if this is real as they are married. The scene ends. Again, not so much a cuckold scene as an incest one.

Scene Nine: Lauren Phillips This is a bonus scene as this was saved and pieced together from a secondary camera after footage was deleted from the main camera. The scene opens up with her using her bare legs (she is in panties and a sports bra) to give her father in law a foot job while her husband is watching the game. Soon her husband is asleep, so daddy has his hands on her and takes her breasts out to suck and play with while she continues to play with his cock. They are talking, but it is very faint as this camera was just to get wide angle shots. She then takes out his cock and gives him a blow job. She then takes off her panties, sits on his lap and rides him while her husband continues to sleep. Again, as this is the extra camera, you can see the camera lady enter the scene to get a close up of her bouncing ass. Then daddy lays her on her back, she spreads her legs and they continue fucking while the husband sleeps and the camera lady continues shooting. She then wakes up her husband tells him he fell asleep.

Scene Ten: Lauren Phillips She is telling daddy that her husband will be out and they can play. He is dressed and she is in half bra and panties. She has him lay on his back and put on a blindfold. Again, this is the extra camera as you can see the camera lady in the scene. She starts teasing him by running her hands over his clothes. This escalates to her taking off her bra to smoother and feed him her ample boobs. He is sucking on one breast while she is tugging on the other. She then unbuttons his shorts and pulls out his cock to give it a proper blow job. She is really good at it as she does not use her hands. She then gets completely nude and rides him reverse cowgirl. Soon her husband arrives and is told to watch and enjoy as they continue fucking. She tells her husband in explicit detail what she is feeling. They get on their sides and continue fucking. She moans non stop while her daddy leaves his cum in her pussy. She then tells her husband to lick up his dad's cum and they kiss and share a snowball. She ends by saying that is all he has to do to make her happy.

Final Thoughts: It would have been an excellent cuckold film, except for the lack of extras and missing scene. Sometimes they dilute the concept of a cuckold, which gives the film a lack of focus. The ladies are hot & sexy and the lame dialogue is kept to a minimum.

My rating: Recommend

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