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Lady Boss: The Research Assistant

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/15/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

What could be better than this at every level? Model debut, curvaceous Female Performer of the Year, actors extraordinare, in ways that simply make you work up a fever with just a single thought of their performances. Memories of bliss that stay with you just as long as those during a real-life sexual encounter. What a way to make a debut on a site that prides itself on sets that are filled with long hours, that go into the early morning, with feats of excellence rewarded with trophy after trophy for the painstaking hours that are put in from editor, to the marketing team. This scene was coming out early 2018 as AVN was gaining steam and no one had yet known that Angela was going to be cleaning house and setting records with her 2017 for the XXX record books. During this time, I had wondered what was taking Girlsway so long to cast such a dynamic new talent as Whitey Wright. An actress who is a true fucking actress, but when I see who and what this scene is paired up with for the young superstar in the making, it truly makes me see why good things do “cum” to those who wait.


Scene Duration: 43 Minutes, 3 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @StillsByAlan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: January 14th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Office Sex, Model Debut, Big Tits, Role Playing, Ass Licking, Female Domination, Face Sitting, Intense Fingering, Intense Female Orgasms.

Angela White and Whitney Wright

Lady Boss: The Research Assistant

Starring: Angela White @AngelaWhite and Whitney Wright @whitneywrightx

The Reveal:

The eyes, the ability to make the forth wall truly be non-existent, it is all seen and done with the most incredible force all within the first three minutes of this scene. Miss Wright creates a world that the fans ease into like a glove with how well she can act. The benchmark of a true model, is how she can make any piece of clothing sell. Whitney’s attire, on any other women, is simply not that flattering but her butt, her hips, her stunning physique, it makes you simply want to buy the attire if you are a female and take it off with ease and anxiousness if you are a male. OK, I can see the ladies wanting to take it off that stunning body as well. The close-up shots serve as a real-life eight by ten and her skin, it is blemish free and does not have that rosy complexion, like the one that shows up from a night of partying like a porn star the night before. Her eyes are not bloodshot and in disarray. Most fans will bypass seeing this in some films because they love the stars they follow, but to see a model who looks like she got to sleep early the night before, took care of her skin, it makes the scene go up a notch in terms of stars and quality as well as the rate of your blood pressure. The fantasy and story, it is alive and thriving, ready to take you to a place you will not want to return from. It had me floating, because it is a group effort to create such marvel and it does take dedication to create such an opening but more than that, it takes passion.

Angela White and Whitney Wright

The Story goes, Whitney has created a medical breakthrough and she is trying to cue Angela in on the findings. As the scene moves forward. The bust of the baddest babe on the planet greets you. Her make-up is perfection. Done a bit over the top. Not in a bad way either. Angela has that look of the slutty office babe, who you know you can fool around with at work if your game is up to the challenge of the seductress. From the first camera pan, Angela makes you want to fast forward to the sex because you know these two are going to devour each other by just their skills as actors but you cannot. You will be smiling, frozen with passion and curiosity, waiting to see how things unfold.

The story is wonderful, but the girls are remarkable beyond belief. Whitney and Angela are funny as hell as they bounce around from serious, to comedic boss and intimidated employee. I mean, we all know where this story is going to go but these two, they add a freshness. Believe it or not, I honestly got the sense Inspector Clouseau was abroad as this intro carries on, but Peter Sellers never looked this fucking good I will tell you that much. Speaking of something “pink” you will become a bead of hot candle wax as the flame gets hotter and hotter as the sex becomes more forthcoming. Whitney must show her boss the medication works and what you get to see is a seduction that goes beyond words. This is not MILF versus Teen or any bullshit like that. It is porn superstar in the making taking on a living XXX icon and if the set-up is this good, draw your fucking ice bath now, because you will need to find some way to cool down once this bad boy is complete.

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The Sex:

Angela White and Whitney Wright Angela White, good fucking gawd that woman knows how to be aggressive and get as nasty as can be with that touch of elegance that makes you beg for mercy. She “is a doctor after all.” Best fucking line in porn history right there. Also, this type of sexy symbiotic connection that she has with her fans to engage in their previsions without hesitation, it is something that makes Angela, Angela. When you see her smell Whitney’s pussy, I don’t give a shit if you admit it or not, that is exactly what you would have done with the show Whitney is putting on. Her body looks amazing beyond belief and when she puts her leg up in this candid POV shot, your legs will be wiggling with shivers just as quickly as Whitney's is. The artistry is all around in this scene and I mean in one of the best fucking ways. The wide shot of Angela tonguing Whitney’s kitty, with her panties around her right ankle, is exactly what the doctor ordered. As the action moves to an even tighter view in more ways than one, we see just how perfect this starlets body is. The camera takes you close but not too close, keeping that sexiness and glamor in the scene. When you see Whitney take part and suck on the most stunning natural breasts in the business, you might as well call in late to work for you are going to see how this one unfolds fuck the clock on the wall, your adrenaline simply will not let you deviate.Angela White and Whitney Wright 

Angela and that body. My God, what is it like to see a real woman, a real model in this business? There are no words for it. Her naturally amazing bust might as well be bronzed and enshrined in the XRCO Hall of Fame just like those boys do it over in Canton Ohio. Whitney plays the part of the now lust filled test subject. Oh, my goodness, her attention to grooming is beyond stunning. Ok that came out like a true candy ass didn’t it? Truth is, seeing two models who pay attention to their skin, shave and lather with care, it shows on screen. It makes a lot more possible in both the mind of the director and the audience. When Whitney leans in to pull Angela’s panties aside, look out, you may wake up in the land down under because this part of the scene may leave you cum drunk and comatose yourself. Angela’s aggression is like no other female performer. She can truthfully take you to a place few can in this industry. The ass licking, the fingering, they are all as real and deep as can be. When you see Whitney, fingers covered in cum leaving streaks of pearly yumminess on her inner thigh, you do not get a feeling of nastiness, not in a vulgar way one bit. That is the amazing way that Angela has changed the way we see a female performer. It is glamour porn mixed with pure filth and we love every second of it. I can not compare it to another scene, or her to another performer because such a thing does not exist and has never existed in the history of porn. Marilyn Chambers is the closest in my opinion. You want to know how much this scene is enjoyed on every level? Look at the amount of cum dripping down Whitney’s ass as she sits on Angela’s face. She is in that "state" of orgasm, where she probably did not know what state she was in after Angela fingered her with no mercy but a touch that is defined only as "White Bliss." This is what perfection is all about. This scene never let’s go. Whitney, she plays right into Angela’s hand and the honest way she creates steamy sex with miss White, is something that you only see once in a blue moon in this business.

Angela White and Whitney Wright Don Juan’s Final Thought:

Whitney is a true superstar in the making. She honestly possesses skills far ahead of her years and she is just getting started. I have not seen a model debut with this much passion in a very long time. The true attributes to a steamy scene, are watching how many takes are involved. Now, Alan is a movie genius and his cuts to create angles are so hard to pick up for anyone, even someone who has edited films. It is that true professionalism and master craftsmanship that makes this scene become something so much more, especially when you have these two paired. It is not enough that Whitney has so much cum dripping down her pussy you see Angela gob that pearly sweetness into her palm and Whitney laps it up with pleasure. It is one of the sexiest parts of a scene in film history, yes. But as you willl see, that by scenes end Whitney’s makeup is completely gone and both ladies have been in the same position a few times, it dawns on you that this is real sex. This is a true sexual encounter. This just the thing that porn legends are made from. This is what porn fans deserve from girl/girl cinema. They need to have something fresh and something that does not sell the veteran fans short, who love the interaction and acting. The way that this scene unfolds, I see why Whitney was the June 2018 Girlsway.com Girl of the Month. She has such a bright future. Angela White, she is looking as if she may make another run at performer of the year, for if this how she started out 2018, imagine where things are at, at it’s half-way point? This may be the hottest girl/girl scene of 2018 so far. It just amazes me that these two stars could create this type of magic. It is true, good things "cum" to all those who wait. Bravo!

 -Don Juan

 Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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